Flora by Adrienne Rozzi. Acrylic paint and gold leaf on salvaged door. // Poison Apple Printshop

Flora stands upon the world, the landscape thaws and the plant kingdom blossoms. She is a sacred lady embodying springtime and bringing rejuvenating energy. Flora was originally a Sabine goddess who was adopted by the Roman empire and given a place in the polytheistic pantheon of ancient Rome. She is the goddess of flowers, fertility, sexuality, and vegetation and it was she who first spread seeds across the monochrome earth to bring about a rainbow of plant life. So mesmerizing was her beauty that Zephyrus, the West Wind, chased her and wrapped her in his breezes, making her his bride.
      Flora’s festival, Floralia, lasts for six days from April 28th to May 3rd. She was worshipped around this time to help ensure her favor and encourage the fertility of the crops, livestock, and people. Flower garlands were hung on doors as flower crowns topped the heads of many festivalgoers. Images of Flora were decorated and carried in processions to blossoming trees where festivities would continue. At one point hares and goats were released into an arena to be hunted. It was believed that the sexually active animals symbolized fertility and would thus bring abundance through their sacrifice. Floralia is the earliest account of Mayday-like traditions. These traditions slowly spread with the growing of the Roman Empire and soon new springtime festivals were developed in different lands that found their roots in Flora’s festival.
      In this depiction of Flora she wears a crown of hawthorne blossoms, sacred to springtime because they were one of the first trees to bloom and signify the changing season. She holds yellow roses and olive blossoms as she stands atop the world, more roses and cherry blossoms growing at her feet. Among her golden markings are symbols for fertility, fire, water, earth, the star, and the wheel. Water and fire (a symbol of the sun) are both necessary in fertilizing the earth and bringing about new life. Above her head is the alchemical symbol of fire. Although Floralia was not necessarily a fire festival it remains the spark which inspired other springtime festivals including Mayday and Beltaine.

The finished #ink on the Sri Lankan Flower Vase. If my research is correct then everything in this drawing is #endemic to #SriLanka , including the #vase ! This country is so beautiful and here I’ve tried to capture the plethora of flora it possesses. Sri Lanka means ‘revered land’ and this #illustration is my display of reverence!
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i want the world to pause

ever since i was little,
i wanted to be a tree

so i could water the flowers with my tears all made up of self pity

so i could use my leaves like my hands to try and inconspicuously hide every part of myself that i don’t like

so the flowers i water would drown from my self pity and grow taller and taller until they would be tall enough to talk and comfort me

so i could grow vines and grab all the people who have left me and hold them and their memories forever
and carry them like baggage full of stress and grief but i could let go whenever i wanted

so i’d never have to feed myself
because i always forget

so i can plant my roots somewhere one day and never have to get up and leave

so i can absorb the entire world as slowly and as quietly and as calmly as i want

so my branches will naturally intertwine with any neighbor of mine and i wouldn’t be a bother to them

ever since i was little,
i wanted to be a tree.