flopsam and jetsam


Back now .

  ok so sorry to all as Ive been away a fair bit of late but the Summer is now over and its back to work proper .

But did manage to sneak a day down on the coast scavenging and found a stash of the usual suspects of old copper coins and shipwrecked boat nails and a hoard of lead fishing  weights and ammo useful in a few of my projects  .

Also 2 unusual items the first a signet ring with either DM or MD initials and a quite odd possibly brass thing which may be some form of broach or perhaps a Military buckle ???


Another Flotsam kiridashi .

 Again scavenged from the Jurassic Coast ,a manky rusty mild steel bar converted into a simple but highly organic textured cutter.

As per usual the blade was etched in a copper ferric solution and I love the textures so much that felt it realy didn’t warrant a wrap for the handle  but will be making up a sheath for it .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


The One ring !

Out and about on the Jurassic coast again today looking for scrap metal and copper boat nails for projects when we came across a little gully full of copper nails , maritime brass screws ,a few pancaked bullets , a couple of copper coins and this rather pleasant Celtic looking ring .

I gave it a very gentle clean up and it appears to be silver but no hallmarks. .


One of the items I found yesterday in the Flotsam & Jetsam was this lovely wooden pipe bowl .

 I’ve no idea to the age of this pipe but can well imagine a poor old Sea-Dog cursing Neptune as he accidentally dropped it over the side of his boat .

The brier wood is amazingly well preserved if not a little sandblasted by the recent storms and it seems a little sea critter made its home in the bowl but had long vacated .

 The plan is to dry it out , re oil and then make a new stem for it so will post up some pictures as and when its completed .


Some recent finds on the Jurassic coast .

 I love scavenging on the beach as you just never know what oddities are going to be washed up .

Recent finds include a load more spent rounds including a lot more of the Victorian era lead Minnie rounds some 7.62 and WW2 .45.

 Also came across these 2 characters after a recent storm .I have no idea on what the second one was ,perhaps some chicken or stuffed bird toy ?