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Akashi, Kise and Kuroko and their small, awkward, clumsy af and cute s/o (aka mirai from knk I love her??) who trips over nothing and falls down the moment they take their eyes off her like mirai from knk? Like what would he do!! Thaaaanks

AKASHI: Hearing the thump behind him, he quickly turned around to see you flopped face-first on the ground. He blinked at you, “Are you alright?” This had happened too many times that Akashi had grown accustomed to it. The first time, he nearly had a heart attack. But now, he was just amused whenever this happened. He closed his book and held out his hand, “Need help?”

KISE: Good Lord, the first time it happened, Kise near fainted on the spot. These days, whenever he heard you drop to the ground and tripping over everything, he’d instantly put you on his back and ignore your complaints that this happened too often. He just liked carrying you around because you were so adorable. 

KUROKO: A sigh instantly escaped his lips when he saw you stumble down the stairs. His hand was quick to snatch you up and draw you close. “Be careful,” he whispered, smiling warmly down at you. “Are you okay?” You nodded shyly at him and mumbled an apology. “It’s fine, just don’t get hurt, okay.”

1. The mind is restless, unsteady, hard to guard, hard to control. The wise one makes it straight, like a fletcher straightens an arrow.
2. Like a fish out of water, cast on dry ground, this mind flops around trying to escape the realm of bedevilment.
3. The mind is mercurial, hard to restrain, alighting where it wishes. It is good to master this mind; a disciplined mind bring happiness.
—  The Dhammapada, translated by Thomas Cleary
Bubble Kisses

Fandom: Tales of Zestiria
Pairing: Sorey/Mikleo
Word Count: 2,679

prompt:  how about Sorey stealing a kiss from Mikleo while they’re in the water bubble?

AN: for @shippy-things​! I hope you like it :D

An inhuman scream tore its way out of the Scylla’s throat as the hellion fell to the ground. It writhed in agony under the pure-white flames of purification, the malevolence being burned away. It took only a few moments for the final spark to fade away into nothingness, leaving only the glistening body of a fish flopping around on the ground.

Mikleo sighed and gripped his staff, quickly swinging it upward to conjure a small sphere of water around the fish. He maneuvered the orb towards one of the many rivers in Lefay, gently setting it down and allowing it to make contact with the water before it dispersed. The orb popped like a bubble, leaving the fish to flop for a brief moment in mid-air until gravity finally dragged it down to its new home. The corners of Mikleo’s lips curved up into a smile, but they were yanked down into a grimace as he felt the familiar tip of an umbrella prod impatiently at his back.

“Hurry up, Touchy-feeleo.” Edna ordered, “There’s more of those creepy eye things up ahead.“

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