finally this monster is finished. i spent several days just trying to get the line art finished not because it was hard, but i was just being so painfully sluggish. and it took another couple days and lots of flopping between my old and decrepit version of photoshop, and then sai, to get the lighting tweaks correct.

there’s still some stuff i’m not perfectly satisfied with, but given that i NEVER do environments or mood lighting, i’m happy. so please enjoy this contribution of mine to the ship of our hearts TTwTT9

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What if Sidon was cursed for being too nice? (If that makes sense.) Like the fairy or whatever that cursed him told him he had to win love without bring overly kind or friendly?

ok so

I tried thinking about it and thought up of something. Mipha is still alive btw

King Dorephan is gonna be like evil (he’s not really but for the sake of the au he’s gonna. Not really evil just kinda greedy and selfish). Sidon’s mom gets sick and eventually passes away. Mipha was so distraught at the thought of having to just live with her father so she ran away but left Sidon some kind words saying she will come back again but to make sure he keeps his innocence. But his dad still kinda influenced him as he grew up getting pretty greedy and selfish himself(still kind but not in the biggest gestures) and the whole thing with the old lady and the rose happens and who’s the old lady

it’s Mipha

she saw what he did to Sidon so tells him “Our father has corrupted your innocence and I am filled with regret for leaving you behind. With a heavy heart I do this to you so you learn the ways of kindness once again. Until you find someone who you love and they love you in return the spell will be broken”

Mipha doesn’t think it through either erasing peoples memories of the castle and stuff. Sidon is left with sadness and grief in his heart knowing his sister did this to him. He wonders why and everyday beats himself up about it (he doesn’t hate her tho)

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Which flops are gay?

Maya Hayes dates a womens rugby player from Penn State

Kailen Sheridan dates a womens soccer player from University of Louisville

Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr are a thing for sure

Tasha Kai is the ultimate gay flop and her boo lives in Hawaii

Leah Galton 

Kelley O’Hara

These are the for sure ones… people try to say Kimmy and Raque are a thing but I’m not buying it just yet. Taylor Lytle, Erica Skroski, Erin Simon, Mandy Freeman, Domi Richardson all have boyfriends. Everyone else is up in there. 

If you’re a Sky Blue fan and haven’t watched Rachel Bretons videos. You’re missing out

(Sadly she’s not playing this season. The vids start NWSL season 2016, they do get a little longer as time goes on.)

Pt. 1 

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