Alright, well, let’s begin this with humongous THANK YOU. I say this as honestly, earnestly, and emphatically as possible because, wow, I struggle to find any words beyond “I am speechless”. You’re all putting my poor heart through the ringer, congrats.

But in all seriousness I have never been treated to such a pleasant surprise as this. Both playing Undertale and joining its RP community has made me so thoroughly happy in just a short month ( less than that, actually ) and it really feels too good to be true that such a fantastic game has an even more wonderful fandom. You’re all so kind, creative, and supportive; why are so many of you following me I don’t get it?? Pflkdsjfslkd. I just hope that I’m doing Frisk justice so far ( and not sounding like a total goof as I write this ) among the many other A+ muns who roleplay the character. If we already RP together, know I’m loving every minute, and if we haven’t yet, well I plan to stick around so we can fix that. On to the giveaway

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 When their writing credits were snatched by Iggy Azalea. Poor Little Mix.

Fᴀʟsᴇ Pʀᴇᴛᴇɴsᴇs || Closed RP

@bananacycleduelist || continued from here

Yuuri lets out a sigh of relief when he finds the duel disk has brought him to an empty storage room in Academia’s main building, one that hasn’t been used in a while, judging by all the dust. He dusts off the front of his coat with one hand before looking over his shoulder to check on the condition of his… partner. Oh, how he wish that word could be “prisoner” instead - but alas, since Yuugo came willingly it’s not exactly the same.

Already, Yuuri’s mind is racing as he comes up with excuses scenarios to explain, should anyone question him. “He can provide useful information about Synchro Dimension” or “do you see his face this guy could be a threat” or “the Professor requested it”. Any of those will work just so long as…

“Don’t open your goddamned mouth once we start walking, and we should be fine. No promises, though.” He glares at his Synchro counterpart as he adjusts his outfit, still trying to make himself look more presentable before opening the door of the storage room. If he knew where this room was, then maybe he could make a mad dash back to his own quarters and switch clothes? No, that’s too much effort and he doesn’t want to drag Yuugo along with him. Ugh.

“Are you ready yet?”