floppy hump

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If you’re running Chrome or Firefox, you can get the Hola Extension in Google or Firefox store. Just google…

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Tunnelbear.com for you Mac users.

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Expat Shield works for me: http://www.expatshield.com/

Now I’ve got Hola on the Mac and Tunnelbear on the iPhone.  Thanks to you, Stephen Fry can once again tuck me into bed, like the adorable father figure he is. 

When I got my computer back in August I decided to name it “TARDIS” and I made the user account name “Floppy Hump” instead of my actual name. 

I’ve been sending a lot of documents back and forth lately to other people (both professors and students) and I only just realized that if they see the document info, they will see that the author is “Floppy Hump”. What a shocker that must be.