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Is there any particular reason simulated physics in games usually feels so floaty/bouncy? Floppy ragdolls, swords sliding down hills, table settings prone to pop off the table, it just seems really difficult for physics in games to be made to feel right. What's up with that?

Mostly it’s because physics simulation is just an approximation, and that physical objects moving in reality have a whole lot more properties than the approximations can handle.

If you’ve ever taken a physics class in school, you must have noticed that the material tends to do things to simplify, such as assuming that the objects are in a vacuum, or that the velocity is applied instantaneously, and so on. These all serve to simplify the equations for the sake of teaching a principle. Real world physics are extremely complicated. There’s air resistance, friction, qualities of the materials that are involved, objects touching objects touching objects, and so forth and so on. There is also no cap on computing power for the real world to run at a high frame rate.

When a sword slides down a hill in a game, it’s because there’s some kind of gravity being applied to the object on an angled surface. Most game physics simulations just take basic properties into account like mass, various forces, and the (basic) properties of the material it’s on. We make approximations such that most visible things don’t behave super weirdly. Our physics simulation formulas are often incomplete - they work most of the time, but under the right conditions, for example, falling objects can steadily increase in their acceleration. This is why, in Skyrim (sometimes), objects falling and bouncing down a hill can get launched off into space - it’s because their physics simulation didn’t account for all of the factors at play in that situation.

Most of the issues stem from simplifications and assumptions we make to ensure that the physics simulation isn’t so complicated that it affects the frame rate. If you remember my old [Corpse Volcano story], there was always a noticeable performance hitch when I shot the bodies because there were suddenly dozens of physics objects (corpses) all exerting force on each other at the same time. I suspect that, as processing power improves, physics simulation will also continue to improve. We devs get more annoyed about the weird physics artifacts that we see than you do, because we are the ones who spend our time trying to make it look right to begin with.

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Well, I was not expecting to get this finished so soon, but I here are some more warframe sketches. No refs used (of course) and I could explain some things, but it would involve alternate universe stuff and second dream spoilers, so…I guess all I will say is that the Nekros is named Chicken, and in the timeframe of this doodle he is 90% floppy ragdoll and White Christmas doesn’t understand why he won’t move. (Chicken is perfectly fine, just…very floppy.)

And, it is hard to tell, but White Christmas is supposed to be holding a void key in his maw in the bottom right doodle. The human-looking fellow is named Joss, and he likes to breed kubrows.

Also, kubrow breeding = lots of doggie toys. Doggie toys + close proximity to mentally developing monsterframes = oh no Xmas please don’t put those in your mouth dear god why

This pregnancy body pillow is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m going to cry.

Okay, off to sleep cocooned in comfort with two extra floppy ragdoll cats and @softgrantaire for company. Night, all!

Stolen Part 4

Sister Winchester - Stolen Part 4

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister Reader

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye colour

Word Count: 1889

Summary: Sam and Dean find the house in which you were imprisoned in, now raging in fire. Sam panics and can only draw only one conclusion to witnessing the third house fire involving a female family member of his . Dean is terrified of the fact that he could be losing both of his siblings tonight as Sam is taken down by an unknown body. Meanwhile you are internally fighting against the control of the demons blood. 

A/N: So firstly, this one is kinda longer one but hopefully you will like it due to Sam and Dean finally finding their sister. Secondly thank you again to all followers and those who have noted my work. Feeling so loved right now. I don’t know if i’ll leave the story here or continue it at Bobby’s house. I will probably leave it unless you guys want me to continue it then I am happy to do so. So it is really up to you guys xx

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Sam opened the door of the Impala whilst it skidded to a halt on the dirt driveway. The moonlight hit the bonnet of Baby and reflected onto Dean’s worried face as Sam quickly removed his seat belt.  The ancient farm house with dry splintered wood was erupting into flames. The fire lit up the paddock around the house in an orange and red tinged light.

Sam knew this was the place of his dream. He also remembered you were shackled in the basement. Sam knew if you were in the basement still, you were a goner, but he continued to run towards the house.  
Dean was gobsmacked when he stepped out of Baby and recognised the house from when he use to have the same reoccurring dreams as Sam. Whilst taking in the scene, Dean hadn’t noticed Sam had already started to sprint to the house. A chill ran up his spine as he saw his brother get smaller and smaller in the distance.

Sammy no!” Dean yelled as he chased after Sam towards the burning house.

The roof caved in which made embers erupt into the air. The light sparks floated down like fresh snow in December and started small spot fires which Sam was now dodging. The heat of the house was overwhelming and his lungs heaved in the surrounding smoke.  

“Y/N!… Y/N!” Sam yelled into the night hoping for you to return the call. The situation was so similar when you were stolen in the first place. Instead of running up and down the vacant highway, Sam was now running towards a burning house.

His mind started to put the story together and it was all too familiar. He knew the Yellow eyed demon had you, you were a beloved female member of the Winchesters like Mum and Jess. Now Sam was in front of the third house fire of his life. He could only draw one conclusion that you were stuck to the ceiling and screaming. What was he going to find? Could he even help you if you were in there?

Y/N!” Sammy called out again as his fear crept up into his broken voice.

Sammy she’s not here. She’s not here Sammy!.. Don’t you dare run into that house!” Dean was about 15 paces behind Sam and was terrified of him running into the burning house seeing now it was starting to sway like jenga tower. But Sam was to fixated on saving you. He couldn’t let this happen again. He couldn’t let your reoccurring nightmare come to life. Not to his precious sister. He wanted to hold you like he use to after these nightmares. Calm you down as you wept in his arms. He wanted you back with him where you belonged. He wanted you to come home.

Sam was metres from the door, his arms outstretched to open it. The house was creaking in objection to its destruction and the old timbers were almost burnt through. Suddenly an unknown body came running from the darkness and swept Sam to the ground by grabbing and pushing him to the ground. An explosion boomed from the house as shattered glass flew overhead the pair and littered the surrounding field. Dean saw the explosion and Sam falling to the ground and thought he was hit with the glass shrapnel. Dean’s worst nightmare was coming to life. For all he knew, he could be losing both siblings tonight.

Sam was dazed after smacking his head on the ground and a ringing was now present in his ears. His eyes fluttered open to see his sister’s face floating above him. He was in shock; from the explosion and from the fact you were alive. He was so grateful that you pushed him out of the way. He was going to thankyou when you opened your mouth first,  

I thought I was done with you, asshole.” You spat. The voice Sam heard was had a hint of the past you still present but Dean was right you had changed. Especially seeing that you were pinning Sam to the ground. You pulled a familiar knife from your back pocket and dangled it in front of his face. Sam was stunned by your hostility and hate. It was like you didn’t recognise him, your own brother. That really hurt Sam. He recognised the knife to be the one which was stolen from him a couple months back whilst on a hunt. He was wondering how it came into your possession and also trying to figure out how to not set you off. He took too long because now you suddenly clasped the knife in your hand and swung your arm back. You were aiming straight for Sam’s eye when you deliberately stabbed the hard earth instead, inches besides Sam’s face. Sam stared wide-eyed at the fact he was inches away from his own death by the hands of his sister. What worried him more than the knife next to his head was the black eyes which now featured instead of the beautiful Y/E/C ones he was familiar with.

How dare you take my brothers form” You barked bringing Sam out of his thoughts and into reality. You then swung your fist down hard on Sammy’s face.

How dare you take his knife. How dare you touch him in the first place!” you bought a second hard hit to Sam’s bewildered face. Sam didn’t know what you were talking about. The two punches had made him even more hazy in the head then before. But he did manage to get his word in finally, before you could get another hit in, ,

It’s me…Y/N. The real me… your brother …Sam. You told me to find you and I have. I’m so sorry we took so long… I couldn’t find you before the last dream… I love you so much… I’m so sorry, Y/N” he breathed

Sam saw your mind process what he was saying and you believed him. You realised the mistake you were making and your eyes turned back to their Y/E/C shade that Sammy loved.

Sammy?.. Is that really you? You heard me when I called?.. What happened to your face?”, Sam nodded and smiled at you letting out a sigh of relief. Your body softened and you were getting off pinning Sam. You were worried about who had hit him in the face when a running Dean knocked you off Sam.

Now you were the one being pinned down. You were threatened. You were vulnerable. Your heart pumped as you remembered all those times in which you were pinned in one of your trainings. Instinct kicked in and the black veil returned as you fought against Dean’s hold. You looked up at Dean with your black angry eyes and teeth bared. You looked at him with such hate, this was hard for Dean as he realised what you had become.

You again? Why do I have to kill you both twice!” You were thrashing and kicking, making Dean’s job very difficult, physically and emotionally.
It was like you were two different people. Once the demon blood took over, you completely forgot about realising Sam wasn’t a Shape Shifter. Now you were furious knowing you hadn’t finished the job in the basement.
Why did they have to be so cruel? Why did they have to poke you in open wounds? Why did they not die in the first place! Dean seeing the black eyes, quickly pulled out a canister of holy water from his back pocket and poured it on your head thinking you were possessed. Of course it was more complicated than that, so you squirmed and winced in pain as the holy water steamed off your face. Your conflicting egos started to fight each other to obtain the total power over your body and mind. This caused your body to go into melt down as your heart couldn’t keep up with the strain of the internal attack. Then your heart finally gave in. You stopped thrashing then and your muscles relaxed and your eyes rolled back into your skull. Your struggle was over; you were floppy like a ragdoll and unresponsive.

Y/N?” Dean’s rough voice shook as he tried to wake you like he did with Sam this morning.  

Y/N, sweetheart, wake up…c’mon hunny it’s time to wake up now… c’mon wakeup…I’m so sorry… wake up Y/N.” Dean’s was pleading as he continued to shake you. Hot tears fell down his unshaven cheeks and fell on your resting body below. He felt this was his fault because he poured the holy water on you sending you into this state.

Dean? What’s wrong?..Dean?”, Sam crawled over to you and Dean and was in shock at your now unresponsive body. Surely it was only minutes ago you were pinning him strongly to the ground. He stretched out his hand and swept the sweat drenched hair from your forehead.

They were so close he thought, so close to having you back. Sam, saw you come back to your old self as your Y/E/C eyes returned. Now you were gone, your heart gave out only hours into your freedom and only minutes of being reunited with your brothers. Your brothers, the reason you kept pushing when the rest of the world didn’t give a damn. Your brothers were your light and this pushed you to not give in now, you knew you had to return to them. In you dwindling mind the reaper was approaching, but you could hear Sam’s sobbing voice, “Come find us little sis, come find us, please come back to us Y/N”. So, you followed what Sam commanded and left the reaper’s company.

Next thing you knew you were taking huge gasps of air as your breathing returned in a stuttering form. Dean looked down in shock at your resurrected body was now rolling to the side and letting a black bile spew out. When the coughing fit was over and your stomach drained of your last meal, you flopped back and the black veil was lifted from you.

Your vision swayed as your two brothers came into focus. They were in disbelief and were unsure on what happened or what to expect from you now.

You found me”, you choked out and saw your two brothers smiling back down at you. They knew it was the real you talking this time, they were so relieved.

Yeah that’s right sis, we found you. C’mon let’s go home” Dean answered smiling and lifted you from the ground and carried you across the paddocks, bridal style. Your unexpected lightness was a reminder of how much care and guidance the pair of brothers would need to give you so you could return to your normal self. But for now, they had you back and that’s more than they thought possible. Sam sat in the back of the Impala to keep an eye on you, he was terrified you were going to disappear again. You rested your head-on Sam’s lap as he draped his jacket over you to keep you warm. He couldn’t believe he had you again finally. As you slept at peace he couldn’t take his eyes off you still. Dean watched the pair of you in the back, as he drove towards Bobby’s house under the watch of the full moon. The nightmare was finally over.

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22!! “dating advice #1: you don’t look at anyone other than me” with stevextony

Here we go!

“Steve, look at me. Steve!”

Steve jerked his attention back to Bucky. “I don’t know if this is a good idea, Buck.”

Bucky rolled his eyes and bit into his croissant, scattering crumbs all over the table. “Dating advice #1, Steve: you don’t look at anyone other than me.”

“We’re not actually dating, Buck.”

“He don’t know that.” Bucky’s eyes flitted briefly over Steve’s shoulder and then he grinned, brushing crumbs off his lips with a thumb and forefinger. He took a loud sip of his coffee, still smiling at Steve over the lip of the cup.

“Seeing me with you is going to give him the wrong idea,” Steve protested. “Well, I mean I’m always with you, but not with you, with you.” He flinched at all the flaky pastry bits going everywhere. Bucky’s mom would have popped him on the back of the head for those kind of table manners. Uncaring, Bucky tore the remains of croissant apart, peeling the layers away and dropping them into his mouth like oversized noodles.


“What?” Bucky winked at him. “Trust me, the sloppy boyfriend who barely notices you is the best way to get him jealous.”  

“I don’t want him jealous,” Steve hissed. “I just want him to notice that I exist.”

“You asked for my help,” Bucky reminded him, taking another noisy sip of his coffee. “I’m helping.” He checked his phone for the time, pushed his hair behind his ears and sucked down the rest of his coffee. “I need to go to class. You stay here and draw or whatever. Try to be cute.”

“Jesus, Bucky!” Steve felt his cheeks heating up and Bucky smiled at him.

“Just like that,” Bucky said with a wink. He pushed away from the table, leaned over, and kissed Steve on the cheek. Steve glared at him and suppressed an urge to reach up and wipe the kiss away. Bucky was having fun and just grinned as he slung his messenger bag over his shoulder. He ruffled Steve’s hair on the way past and called out, “See ya’ later, babe.”

Steve groaned, very quietly, and thought about hiding under his table. The café was the next thing to empty, well after the afternoon rush and before the evening crowd started to filter in for the open mic. It was one of his favorite places to tuck himself into a corner and disappear, and because of his best friend (who meant well, but was basically a dick), he might have to run away and never show his face there again.

Before he could make up his mind about tucking tail and running, Darcy bustled over to his table with a wet rag and an empty tray. “What are you doing?” she hissed at him, making a show of wiping off the table. She checked over her shoulder for her manager and climbed into Bucky’s vacated chair. “Are you nuts?”

“It wasn’t my idea!” Steve whispered back. He probably looked frantic. He felt frantic. “Oh, God, I should just leave and never come back, right? Move to Mexico and learn how to surf.”

Darcy snorted. “Sweetheart, I love you, but no. Try Canada. It’s closer. And there’s less surfing.”

Steve stuck his tongue at her.

“Seriously, though, what are you trying to do? He’s going to think you’re taken and back off.”

“Back off of what?” Steve asked incredulously. “I’ve never even talked to him. Bucky thought it might make it him jealous.” Other than giving his order and some quick banter at the counter that Steve had never been brave enough to try taking away from the counter, they’d barely exchanged three words since Steve started coming to the cafe. 

Boys, oh my god. This is why I am a lesbian, I swear to Christ, I can’t handle your shit. Just ask him for his number.”

“I’m a total stranger,” Steve protested. “I can’t just. Why would he just give his phone number to a stranger?”

She gave him a pitying look. “Steve. You’ve sat at this table almost every day for the last year. You are not a stranger.”

“Might as well be,” Steve muttered. He kicked his heel at the footrest of his tall stool, glaring faintly over the edge of the table at the floor. Bucky had to tuck his knees up against the underside of the table in these stools, and he spread out like a floppy ragdoll in the normal chairs. Steve could sit in perfect typist position in the stool if he wanted to.

“Listen, you idiot,” Darcy said after a pause to consider him, “Tony seems like he’s a big dog, but really he’s just that one Chihuahua that barks at everything and runs away from blowing leaves. He likes you. He created a drink just for you. Just stop being stupid and go ask for his number, because he’s probably moping in the walk-in right now, and you wouldn’t want him to get hypothermic, right? Of course not. You go up to the counter, I’ll go get him from the back.”

“He created a drink for me?” Steve asked, dumbfounded.

“Sweetie. You’re so freaking cute. You didn’t notice that your seriously random drink order has actually been on the menu for the last three months?”

Steve squinted up at it. He hadn’t looked at the menu since the first time he’d told Tony that he was lactose intolerant and ordered a chai latte with almond milk and honey, which Tony delivered with a stick of fresh cinnamon and extra cup of strong black tea for him to mix how he liked. And there it was, right in the middle of the chalkboard in red and blue letters – The Captain America. Steve felt his cheeks flush for the second time, but it felt really good.

“You really think he’d give me his number?”

“Steven Rogers, that man would probably quit his job right now to go on a date with you this exact instant,” Darcy said, rolling her eyes. She opened her mouth to continue, but her manager appeared at the counter. Eric lifted an eyebrow at her, and she slid out of her stool, giving him a bright grin. “Seriously, if you show up with that pretty boy BFF of yours again, I will accidentally on purpose dump a whole pitcher of cold water in your lap.” She gave him a big, toothy smile, and moved to the next table to wipe it down.

Tony appeared from the back a few minutes later. Steve had been pep-talking himself since Darcy had taken off, but he froze in his seat, playing around with his empty glass while he covertly watched Tony wiping down the counter and stacking up newly washed glasses. Sucking in a deep breath, he slid out of his stood, smoothed his shirt down, and marched up to the counter.

Tony cast a glance around as if looking for someone to save him, but he stepped up to the register and plastered a smile on his face. “What can I get for you?” he asked pleasantly without a trace of his usual humor or banter.

“A Captain America,” Steve said, and then added, “And your phone number.” The words dropped out of his mouth way more confidently (and loudly) than he’d expected. Tony just stared at him, his mouth hanging open and eyebrows slowly climbing up his forehead. “If that’s okay?” Steve tacked on when the silence had stretched too long.

“About bloody time,” Eric muttered from behind Tony. He rolled his head and made a gesture with one hand. “Take a break.”

“Um. Okay?” Tony said, darting a glance over at Steve and then to the drink station.

“Make the drinks, go on break,” Eric said firmly, taking Tony by the shoulders and steering him to the drink station. “On the house,” he said to Steve. “Just this one time,” he added pointing a finger at him.

Steve made a weak protest, but Eric wasn’t having it. He turned away from the register and retreated into the back, muttering under his breath. Steve looked helpless over his shoulder to see Darcy giving him an enthusiastic double thumbs up. He thought he managed to give her a smile. Tony came around the counter a moment later with a tray carrying Steve’s usual order and a tall paper cup of coffee. Darcy passed him on her way behind the counter, sticking her tongue out at him as he went, and Steve numbly followed his long-time crush over to his table.

They sat across from each other in nervous silence for several seconds.

“So they guy you were here with…?” Tony asked finally.

“Not my boyfriend,” Steve reassured him. “Definitely not. Best friend, but not. We’re not dating. Really. That was just… let’s forget that even happened, okay?”

Tony gave him a smile that quickly bloomed from uncertain to his usual rakish grin. “You were trying to get my attention,” he guessed finally.

“Not my idea,” Steve said sourly.

Tony laughed. “Well, something worked,” he said, taking a judicious sip of his coffee, “So tell your friend thanks for me.”

Steve’s heart was fluttering hard in his chest, and he couldn’t keep the stupid smile off his face. “Okay.”

Darcy was getting a bouquet of flowers. Bucky was probably getting a swift kick, but maybe a beer too.

“My shift is up at five,” Tony said. “Have any plans this evening?”

“None at all,” Steve said, maybe a little too quickly. “But maybe we could… catch a movie?”

Tony grinned. “Sounds like a date.”