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Calling all trans people!

You wanna see some good fucking representation?

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American Horror Story Hotel. I’m fucking serious.

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You see this gal?

This Gal ain’t like the other gals™. She’s trans.


Even tho it’s portrayed by a cis male actor, a.) it’s in keeping with the recycling of cast with different stories each series b.) they already use two transgender actors to play either cis/ trans characters c.) it’s SO respectfully done it feels like a fucking gift from cis people straight to the hearts of its trans fans.

But I digress. 


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None of this ‘I’m trans so I have to present as stereotypically as possible to conform to societal expectations’ BULLSHIT. 

Nah Nah Nah

This girl is who she is, her gender identity is female and her gender expression is fucking FABULOUS. She has her own style and interpretation of what it means to be a woman and it’s fucking FANTASTIC.

Key lines:

“And I have a floppy appendage between my legs which means I can’t wear pencil skirts”

She is not afraid of who she is. She is not ashamed of who she is. She knows she’s trans. She knows other people can ‘tell’. She dgAF.

Liz. Fucking. Taylor.

And YEAH she has a ‘coming out’ backstory. 


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This incredibly sympathetic (and currently upset) character get’s comforted by the Goddess we have seen above. (Note the word ‘Goddess’).

She apologises for not having spoken to Liz for the last 20 years bc ‘all she sees is questions’ and she doesn’t want to offend. SOUND LIKE ANY CIS PEOPLE YOU KNOW??? (Tell them to watch this it’ll explain everything)

Key lines:

“I’m not homophobic.”

Liz: “I’m not gay.” (She likes dudes.)

So they show her backstory- trying on dresses for the first time and your heart will break for her to see her so happy prancing around her room. But this isn’t your average Trans Backstory™, you know why?

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They wheel her in- snooping on our girl, scaring the shit ouster her and Liz, she’s terrified. She’s been caught. She’s expecting transphobia to Tear Her Ass Apart.. Then this happens.




She repeatedly tells Liz (Also names her- ‘MY BB’ you will cry) that she’s a Goddess repeatedly, and helps our home girl get lit, get fabulous and go get what she deserves.

Is there the classic ‘transphobic men being crude and homophobic and transphobic and abusive’ trope?

Yeah :((((…

SYKE! It’s only for ten seconds and then you know what happens to those douchebags????

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Yeah I guess that’s cool lmao but does she get a healthy relationship”


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Now- OK that boy is a DICKKKKKK. But not to her. Never to her. He head over heels in puppy love with our gal.

And she’s in love with him. And they are adorable and happy and… well, no spoilers.

Key lines:

‘Y’know, ‘cos I’m not gay or anything….” (I wondered why this character kept affirming that he was straight earlier in the series)

Liz: “You’re not gay when you’re with me. I’m a girl. A hetero girl”

YES AHS spoon-feed the cis audience members! Fucking acknowledge the struggles of trans folk and have happy endings for them! Fuckign DO IT.

No spoilers for later in the series, and this only touches on HALF the things that are awesome about this character (the trans thing is a plot line maybe twice? The rest of it is all her)

But do you need more reasons?

No I’m not, trans folk. Go check it out.


Hey @gallusrostromegalus here is Mio so far! They’re a bit bigger than the suggested size but it makes them really perfect for hugging- their arms even splay out like theyre offering a hug c: their legs arent floppy though, let me know if you’d like me to change this.

*Mio is gallus’s OC and as such no Mios will be made for sale without their explicit permission, but I am open for commissions for canon characters or your own ocs! Please send me an ask or email me at jellyfishstrings@gmail.com for a quote ^^


In my EpileptiCon 2017 announcement post (link), I mentioned that I would provide some incentive to participate in the festivities. Well, here it is:

 This is an Epilepsy Care Package! It is designed to help you recover from seizure activity. Before I get to the contest rules, let’s talk about what’s inside.

A fuzzy sherpa throw blanket.  This is a 60" x 80" sherpa throw blanket made by Bedsure. It has a five-star rating on Amazon and one of the reviews suggested that a unicorn may have pooped it out, it is that nice. This blanket will cover your snuggle-up needs following a random neuron dance party.

A heating pad. A standard 12" x 24" electric heating pad. It is not luxurious like the blanket, but it is a workhorse, and it will provide you with the heat you need to soothe your aches and pains.

A stuffed animal. You may be thinking, “I am an adult. I pay bills and watch R-rated films and have no need of stuffed toys.” Well, maybe that’s true, but sometimes you need something to hang onto, and I think this toy sloth will do the job.  It has a firmly-stuffed body and head with floppy arms and legs. It does not have claws like a real sloth. That would not be cuddly. It will provide you, the person with epilepsy, with some small comfort in your hour of need.

Fuzzy socks. Personally I feel that comfort clothing is vital when recovering from seizures. I assume you have that covered already, but I doubt you have fuzzy socks. These are pretty rad. The leopard print will probably not help you recover from seizures in any tangible way, but who knows? Perhaps the absurdity will cheer you up.

A sleeping mask. @thetwitchylife suggested this to me. Sleeping off a seizure is usually the straightest avenue to recovery, but it’s not always dark and quiet when you need it to be. This mask has a four-star rating over 9700 reviews on Amazon and comes with earplugs, so I feel pretty good about it.

Leaf water packets. Do you like tea? I don’t. But @captainfantasticspastic insists that this Traditional Medicine brand “Nighty Night” caffeine-free tea is a great help to her when recovering from seizures. And I took her word for it.

Protein bars. Gluten-free and four in number. Two are peanut butter, and two are chocolate. I had to go into the hippie store for these. I had never been in the hippie store before; I normally buy highly-processed and probably-mostly-sawdust food from large retailers. So I was a little lost amongst all the organic soy products and whatnot in the hippie store. But a nice guy named Bryce helped me out and directed me to these protein bars, which will help restore your strength following a seizure. Bryce told me that his mom has epilepsy, and he was pretty stoked on the idea of an epilepsy care package, so I trust his professional judgement concerning gluten-free protein bars.

A pillbox fob. Pictured atop the sleeping mask box. I use one of these to carry around my emergency anticonvulsants with me wherever I go. This one is water-resistant with a rubber seal. You can unscrew it, drop your pill(s) in there with a little padding (I use a little tissue), and you go. Carrying some spare meds around with you in a small, discrete container will reduce the chances that you wind up somewhere without your pills when you need them. There is an x-factor here: just knowing that they are always on hand is reassuring in times of trouble.

A small notepad. I honestly did not intend to include a notepad in an epilepsy care package, but for some reason it came with the fob, so I’m passing it on to you. It has a picture of Totoro on it. I don’t know why that is, either. I guess you could write a note that says “DON’T CALL AN AMBULANCE YOU FUCKSTICK” and tape it to your forehead if circumstances that call for such an action should arise, but that’s up to you.

Toys. I am including two “mystery bags” that I found in the toy aisle at the pharmacy. You may not be a fan of Mario or Lego Batman, but opening up a surprise gift is one of life’s little joys. Save these for those bleak moments when you regain consciousness after a tonic-clonic or stumble home after a day of clusters.


Let me be perfectly clear about something: this giveaway is not about getting notes or increasing my follower count. Reblogging/liking this post or following me are entirely unnecessary, and won’t do anything to help you win this staggering bounty of tools for seizure recovery. But If you have friends on Tumblr who have epilepsy, do give them a shout for me.

I have one objective here, and that is to increase the epilepsy community’s participation in EpileptiCon 2017. That being said, I am treating my giveaway like a raffle. Here’s what to do:

1. Have epilepsy. This contest is exclusively for people who have epilepsy.

The able-bodied are not qualified. However, we’re on the honor system here, because I will not for one second ask for proof of a diagnosis because that would be creepy and intrusive no matter the circumstances.

Understand this: I sold hours of my life to an employer who seems hellbent on owning every spoon I have to give to be able to buy this stuff, because I desperately want to give people who have epilepsy something just for them to be excited about. I want us to be able to have fun together for just ONE week. So if you do not have epilepsy, sit this one out.

2. Make posts here on Tumblr that pertain to epilepsy.

Tell stories, draw comics, lash out in a furious burst of rage, write a poem, shitpost every ridiculous epilepsy-related idea that pops into your head. If you need ideas for what to do, I will be providing suggestions daily.

3. Tag your posts with #epilepticon.

I will also watch #epilepticon2017, and the other epilepsy-related tags. You can also tag my url. If you don’t want to have it on your blog, for one reason or another, submit your post to myself or @thetwitchylife, who cofounded EpileptiCon with me. The bottom line is that I need to see it one way or another!

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Tag your post with a number between 1 and 1000.

You can make as many posts as you like with a different number on each one.

I have already decided on a winning number. Whoever guesses closest to the number will win. In the event of a tie, the win will go to whoever guessed first. Every epilepsy post you make will increase your chances of winning.

EpileptiCon 2017 begins on November 1st, and runs for a week.  At the conclusion of EpileptiCon on Wednesday, November 8th, I will identify the winner. Bear in mind that winning the EpileptiCon 2017 Giveaway does mean that you will have to provide me, an Internet stranger, with a mailing address. If you’re not comfortable with that, I hope you will participate anyway, just for fun.

I hope to see at least a modest amount of participation, because as you might have noticed, all this stuff is purple, as that is the official color of epilepsy awareness. But guess what? I fucking HATE purple. I am not keeping this stuff for myself. So take it off my hands, won’t you?

All boxed up and ready to go!

Tagging the other epilepsy blogs to spread the word:

@thetwitchylife @captainfantasticspastic @epilepsysupport @the-seizure-blog


“Patches is just about as cute as they come! He is recovering from a minor skin condition but that doesn’t slow him down. Patches enjoys going for walks, he knows a few basic commands, and he’s ready to find a new best friend. Patches appears to be friendly with other dogs but we are still learning if he is good with cats.”

The most recent Rick I finished and have already sent off to his new home! This one took me a good while to complete due to his new hair pattern and the jacket lining… but I wanted him to be the most accurate Rick… ever. I think I did pretty good. :) He’s also got some teddy bear joints in his arms that let them move up and down as well as the normal wired arms and hands so he’s totally fun and posable as normal. His legs are floppy tho, but I love his legs being floppy, they are so much fun. He can do a fun little noodley dance. I’ll have to make a video with the other Rick I still have. 

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Ehehe...Rfa members and how they cuddle Mc 💙

This is cute, thank you! <3


  • he’s floppy. like arms and legs everywhere he’s a mess
  • also he drools when he sleeps so usually his head isnt on mc
  • but his arms and usually a leg are on top of them
  • and also sometimes mc will pet his hair til he falls asleep
  • they usually end up making out tbh


  • he’s sometimes the little spoon and sometimes the big spoon. hes a switch.
  • when hes the big spoon hes super careful and tries not to breathe directly on mc so he doesnt wake them up
  • and hes careful of every movement
  • but when hes the little spoon he just doesnt care and will wiggle his butt all night to get comfortable tbh
  • seven loves kisses so mc would give him little kisses on the forehead and such


  • she usually cuddles when watching movies
  • she has her arm around mc and they’re all wrapped up together with hot tea or cocoa
  • mc will rub her back sometimes when they’re like that because jaehee is Stress
  • they would lay like that the whole time
  • sometimes mc will lay their head in jaehees lap and fall asleep like that
  • jaehee loves it


  • he’s the guy to lay there and stare sappily into mc’s eyes while they cuddle
  • laying facing each other with their legs all tangled up is his favorite because then he has easy access to their face so he can kiss it
  • and also stare at it and trace it and if mc has freckles he’d definitely kiss all of them at least once.
  • if not twice. or three times.


  • little spoon all the way
  • and he’s a wiggler too. he will wiggle and scoot around until he is completely settled because hes a puppy
  • also he loves having his hair pet so he’d actually push his head into mc’s hand sometimes and have them pet him


  • he has night terrors so he’ll often sleep with his head on MC’s chest to listen to their heartbeat til he fell asleep
  • and he’d hold their hand too because hes a sweetie let him live
  • he loves cuddling. he’s always down to cuddle and even when they can’t, he’s almost always somehow touching mc. hand holding or an arm around their waist.


Elizabeth 3rd

  • if she likes mc she’ll curl up on their lap for hours
  • she loves under the chin scratchings ok and also behind the ear
  • and if they aren’t paying enough attention to her royal majesty she’ll rub their face and paw at them until they do
  • mc usually just laughs and goes along with it

I hope you like it … ! <3 This was fun to do.

Sunday Somber

My living room is dark, but I can feel
the decorations watching me. The metal
lion piggy bank. The teapot with no eyes.
The overpriced clay bull that you begged
me to let you buy. The clown with the
floppy legs keeps time.

His eyes shift
with each stroke
of my pen.

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It's like I've forgotten how to write. I'm creating the most simple sentences and it's really getting on my nerves. Any help?

//I think you have a variant of a writer’s block and what you need is to continue writing, without deleting anything. Create a new document if you think you don’t like the direction your writing is taking, but you might not know if you like the first version better.

If it’s inspiration that you’re lacking, I have found a few activities to help me:

  • Describing a picture, twice. The first time, I be as plain as I can. As an example, take a picture of a simple brown puppy. It would read: Brown, dog, four legs, floppy ears, brown eyes, black nose. The second time I describe it, it would be more! Such as: This puppy is tilting its head and its eyes seek the treat in your hand, glinting with impatience. 
  • You know the famous “Baby Shoes: for sale, never worn” by Ernest Hemingway? It’s a six word story with emotional depth. Challenge yourself by creating a few of these.
  • Create imagery. When you’re writing, make sure that you or your readers can imagine clearly what you’re going for. 
  • Lastly; practice! Continue writing, even if it makes you angry, beause you’re not going to improve otherwise. If you let yourself go without writing for too long, you start to forget where you wanted to take it and how to get there.

Hopefully this helps!


Thank you so much, hibana!!! Your letter arrived safely and I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH! Your drawings are so So SO ADORABLE! How do you even? Seriously! 1 cm!! Is you a wizard!?!? And yes everyone here is hiding under piles and piles of blankets since it’s many degrees below freezing outside. I was also very happy to see that we both have the same floppy leg eren plushie XD! I hope you stay warm and have a happy new year!!!! <3<3<3 Thank you~~<3

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GD is not at Teddy's party? My suspicions are right then. He must have flown to Singapore to personally drag Seungri back to Korea.

I can see it now: Seungri, kicking back at a hotel poolside in Singapore, slurping at one of those fancy cocktails with little umbrellas in them - and then suddenly a goat-screech ricochets across the pool.

Seungri looks up and there is his worst nightmare, mullet and all, sprinting as fast towards him as those floppy goat-legs will allow.


Seungri vaults over a deck chair and makes a run for it, but trips over his flip-flops. Jiyong makes a flying leap and tackles his middle but due to the impossibly large size difference, he only hangs off Seungri’s waist as the maknae sprints around the pool, trying to throw him off. Jiyong screeches all the while, his words juddering with every slap of Seungri’s flip-flops against poolside.










Eventually (a long, long while later) Seungri runs out of breath and they both fall into the pool. Jiyong untwists his hyperflexible arms, grabs him by the ear, and drags him out.

Jiyong keeps Seungri’s wrist zip-tied to the seat arm the whole private-jet flight back to Korea, and sends every incriminating picture he has of Seungri on his phone to TOP, by way of punishment.

Seungri wisely keeps his mouth shut.