floppy ears

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( Chara suddenly glomped on Asriel's back ) Hey Azzy! Long time, no see! ( They lean over to Asriel's face, They had been turned into a monster like Asriel ) You like the floppy ears? I prefer my squishy snout! ( They boop their own snootle )

Oh howdy Chara
*He chuckled*
How come you’re a goat monster now, sibling??


With great power comes great… floppy ear?

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Oh my god this pibble.

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They’re coming!


“Say hi to Precious!!  She is a sweet little girl that was rescued from Roswell Animal Control.  She is good with dogs and cats.  Good with kids.  Rather shy.  Loves to cuddle.  Is a regular snuggle bug!!  She likes to be with her people and prances around and scratches at your leg when she wants up.  She is a really good girl.  We think she is an applehead chihuahua and dachsund mix.”