10 Reasons why Amon Koutarou is most likely Floppy

I made one of these a while ago but I decided to created an updated one with all the new evidence from Tokyo Ghoul RE Chapter 41.

1. Foreshadowing Drawing

Way back in Chapter 124 of Tokyo Ghoul Ishida drew the picture on the left as a chapter cover. This picture looks very similar to images of Floppy we have seen such as the one on the right. A large cloaked figure holding a staff.

2. Wrong Time, Wrong Place

 Amon was obviously there the day Takizawa was taken by Tatara and like Takizawa his body was suggested to never have been found. This suggests that he too was taken for Kanou’s Artifical Half-Ghoul trials.

3. Unfinished business

Eto approached and talked to Amon under the guise of Takatski Sen to start revealing the idea that the CCG was up to no good. Amon started investigating this but never got to figure out everything in the first series so he’s probably going to come back to finish the job in TG:RE.

4. Interesting Subject

Even before Eto went to meet Amon Kanou. and Eto showed an interest in Amon. Kanou talked  about what an interesting “subject” he was, and Eto called him interesting on multiple occasions. At this time Eto and Kanou may have already been making a mental “shopping list for“ Ghoul investigators. (Tatara may have even been specifically heading towards Amon to retrieve him when Takizawa and some of the others were also captured).

5. The Right Eye

Amon is shown with his right eye conspicuously hidden or injured several times in the first manga which would make sense if this was foreshadowing to him becoming an artificial half-ghoul with a right eye kakugan.

6. Amon’s “Father” 

Amon’s “Father” Donato Porpora mentioned that Haise should chase a certain ghoul he was interested in as a “key” to his memory. This ghoul appeared to be Floppy. Donato’s interest would make sense if they were his “son” Amon.

Also like Amon’s suspicions about the CCG Amon’s relationship with his “Father” was also left unresolved along with his feelings for his old friend Harima, as of the end of the first series he still can’t reconcile with the fact that Donato didn’t kill him or the fact that he still somewhat cares about the ghoul who murdered the other children of the orphanage was raised in. There are so many parts built up in his character arc that haven’t been resolved it would be strange if Amon didn’t return.

7. Fighting Stance.

 Amon and Floppy’s fighting stance is very similar, both are rooted in planting both feet firmly in the same positions and exerting a powerful swing.

8. Wound Patterns

Both the Kaneki’s wounds on the left and the wounds caused by Floppy on the right both in their placement and in the parallel nature of the drawings. This Suggests that they may have been cause by the same person.

9. The Warped Hand 

In the beginning when Ayato is having a discussion with Eto the Auction she tells him to “finish off” Floppy if Ayato’s group see’s him or Floppy’s possible group. Ayato mutters under his breathe “Finish? You already did that?” This plus the fact that he is named “Floppy” makes it seem like he is defective in some way or simply a flop or failure.

When we see Floppy we get a view of a warped right hand missing 2 fingers. This doesn’t make much sense because unless a ghoul had a genetic malformation the fingers would heal back. Unless of course there was an issue with their healing. Amon in particular had a devastating injury to his right arm that could fall victim to such a phenomenon.

10.  Armor

Even though there is some difference in texture Floppy appears to be wearing armor that looks suspiciously like Amon’s Arata armor.

sousukesxbluexeyes asked:

How do we know for sure that Amon is Floppy?

For starters, there’s this post that explains how we know Amon is a one-eyed ghoul now. I recommend reading that first before continuing with this post.

That aside, in chapter 12 of :re, Donato mentions an individual that will be important to unlocking Sasaki’s memories. Based on the silhouette and the person’s significance to Sasaki and Donato, Donato is most likely talking about Amon.

Later in chapter 15, Eto asks Ayato to “finish Floppy” if he comes to the auction. This is the first mention of Floppy.

On the next page, Hinami is analyzing audio recordings from Torso’s taxi talking about Floppy, or a ghoul using a badge to act as a ghoul investigator.

(As a side note, when Hinami mentions “Floppy”, she actually says “Floppy-tachi” which implies that Floppy is with a group.)

The next time Floppy appears is in the aftermath of the Auction raid in chapter 31, when he kills the scattering Aogiri members, and one of the dying members calls out his name:

The quinque is similar to the one Amon is holding above in chapter 12. Plus Floppy mentions the name “Yasuhisa”, the last name of the twins whom Amon knew from the CCG Academy. There’s a high chance that either Kurona or both her and Nashiro are working with Amon as a part of Floppy’s group, since he had a special relationship with them.

And lastly, doesn’t that cloak and profile look familiar? (TG chapter 124)

Okay but, what the hell is up with Floppy’s hand?

Has Ishida been screwing around with us again and it’s not Amon but some ghoul born with missing fingers?

Or did Floppy’s “floppiness” affect his ability to heal properly? (and that’s one of the reasons he needs the armor).

Or did Amon’s missing arm just grow back weird?

dragonkale asked:

When they talk about Takeomi killing a ghoul with his bare hands, they say the first since Amon Koutaro. What does that mean? Did Amon ever kill a ghoul without a quinque

I’ll have to get back to you on whether or not Amon killed a ghoul with his bare hands in the manga, I don’t think they specifically showed that instance. But we do know that Amon was extremely strong for a human. Remember when Kaneki hit him and it was like hitting a brick wall.

I have a feeling that announcing that Amon did kill a ghoul with his bare hands is a build up to Amon being revealed as “Floppy”.

“Floppy” suggests there is some deficiency with the ghoul. Ayato also said when he was told to take them out when he saw him, “finish him? You guys already did that.”

Both would make sense if he was missing a kagune, Ayato would think, “He can’t hunt he’s dead anyway.” 

Floppy was able to defeat Aogiri ghouls escaping in this chapter, and there was mention of canibalism but not RC fluid at the scene (which is highly suspicious). If it was Amon with his ability to defeat ghouls with his bare hands this would make sense.

My favorite part of tokyo ghoul

Is the fact that Amon and Kaneki both wanted to protect what was important to them. They were similar in a lot of ways. They wanted to understand eachother and wished not to fight. But the issue was Kaneki was a Ghoul and Amon a CCG officer. But now after a time skip and the start of :RE Kaneki is Haise and a CCG officer and Amon is (probably, hopefully) floppy, a rouge and possibly a ghoul himself. I wonder what will happen when they inevitably clash again.

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 41

I have to say so far, this chapter is the best one of this arc (for me), and that’s saying alot! Of course, most of the ‘awesomeness’ was due to the fight scenes (and man did Mutsuki improve! I have a feeling that he probably ate the bodies left in the Auction which is why he’s able to use his Kagune now) and–

OMG is that Amon/Floppy??


And of course, aside from old favourite characters coming back (why oh why did you leave so quickly Amon? Just what are you planning…) I have to say I’ve gotten a new favourite character–

Hakatori! (Please don’t die)

(Who, by the way, is so androgynous that I shall be using the pronoun ‘they’ until gender is revealed. Although another one of the Aogiri thugs called them ‘him’, Imperial scans have been known for mistranslating things, plus I haven’t seen the chinese scans and I don’t read Jap so I’ll just take that with a grain of salt.)

This chapter revealed that Hakatori is a Bikaku and wields 3 tails. However, one little something caught my eye:

But they consume a lot more energy compared to the usual Bikaku” 

What does that even mean? Does it imply that they have more than one kakuhou? (Compared with Mutsuki, who only has one ‘tail’), hence why using it is more energy draining? But Miza also has 3 tails, and seemingly doesn’t show the same disadvantage? Ishida, how do you do Biology in Tg again?? 

(Anyhow, I digress. Ghouls using quinques are amazing so I’ll let that slide for now).

Another thing I would like to point out is how similar Hakatori is to Tatara (of course, being Tatara’s direct subordinate probably has something to do with it)

1. They both have a Bikaku Rc type. (Pretty self explanatory there). Although i’m not entirely sure if Tatara can wield more than one tail; we’ll have to wait and see.

2. If you look at this screenshot:

Hakatori’s overall language “Damage from fighting? How pathetic of you two” is totally something I could imagine Tatara saying. Adding on, Tatara and Hakatori both sport high collared uniforms, with a ‘wave like’ design under the collar (though granted, Hakatori’s design looks more geometric).

Finally, this chapter showed one unexpected character coming back–Eto! 

I’m not entirely sure who Eto is referring to in this scene (could be Amon/Floppy, Kanae, the Aogiri thugs, or the Quinx) but I’ll place my bets and say she’s talking about the Quinx. Obviously, they have improved their fighting skills during the timeskip, which Eto seems pretty happy about? It seems like she’s got another plan up her sleeve…which of course, never bodes well. Is she testing them and their capabilities, so she’ll better know how to ‘break them’? My suspicious senses are tingling…

Another key thing I would like to add: In this panel when Urie finds Sasaki fighting Naki’s subordinates by himself, he has this face:

Which obviously shows his disbelief and surprise at Sasaki’s strength. Personally, I also view that he shows a hint of jealousy in this scene, as in previous chapters Ishida mentioned how envious he was of his leader’s strength, and how Urie would do anything to match it.

Note how Ishida reuses the symbolism of the lizard/gecko being eaten (in this case, the geko refers to Yamori, Naki and Naki’s subordinates, who are obviously being beaten by Haise. However, it seems as if Haise’s symbol has changed from that of a centipede to a snake).

This scene supports my point that Urie has become even more jealous of Sasaki’s skill. When Haise ask if everyone is alright, Ishida only shows ellipsis coming out of Urie’s mouth, so we don’t really know what he’s thinking. But considering his track record, I don’t suppose he’s thinking of anything good…

Oh yeah, one final thing to add: Tsukiyama comes back and Re! (in an obvious paralell to TG) but now he seems…desperate? And I dare say…tired?

Well, he certainly looks less healthy than he did before. Perhaps being rejected by Haise has something to do with it?

And that’s it, I’m afraid. Ishida does love leaving his chapters on a cliffhanger, afterall. Hopefully the next chapter will pick up the pace of the arc…can’t wait fr next week!

edjoshi asked:

Who do you think is the person who saved Saiko? Amon or...... Uhmm Arata?

Amon wearing Arata armour, I’m guessing. 

Though Arata being Floppy is an interesting possibility. I mean, say if Arata is alive and escaped the CCG, it’d explain why the CCG are talking about a substitute for Arata and why the CCG would be concerned about Floppy (and also why Ayato seemed angry about Eto asking him to finish Floppy).