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Part four to the poly marauders? It'll really good!

Back again! As always, TW for very likely NSFW.

Bold @80s-addict 

Normal is me!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

- Making fun of each other’s middle names.

-  “Orion?!” You, Remus and James say in unison.

-  “Yes, that’s my middle name,” Sirius grits out through his teeth.

-  “ORION?!” The three of you repeat, a little louder this time, before bursting into laughter and falling over each other on the couch. 

- “Yes. You’ve known my middle name for years, I don’t know why you all are finding it so funny all of a sudden. It’s a Black tradition to name the son after the father in some manner. Bullshit, really.” Sirius replies rather coolly, although you can all see the vain on the side of his head peeking out. 

-  Remus, James and you burst out into a fresh wave of laughter, you resting your head on Remus’s shoulder, James flopped out and flailing on your laps.

- “Y-yeah, well, James’ middle name is Fleamont!” Sirius sputters. The three of you jump up at once, James falling to the floor as you and Remus shout “FLEAMONT?!” in unison before roaring with another round of laugher (Sirius joins in because it’s a funny name and James just fell flat on his ass).

- “Well, the Blacks aren’t the only ones to do the whole ‘name the son after the father’ type thing, you assholes! It’s not my fault!” James lobs up from his position in the floor (he seems determined not to move until the focus is moved from him). 

- You’ve resumed your spot leaning against Remus, both of you shaking with laughter,  as Sirius is still by the kitchen counter across the room, doubled over and barking his own laugh. 

- (James realizes it might be a while until he gets up if he sticks to his earlier sentiments, so he tries directing the attention away from himself.) “Hey, Remus’ middle name is funny, too!” 

- “John,” you start, but are interrupted with a fresh wave of giggles. “John,” you start again, “Is not a funny middle name.” 

-“She’s right, mate,” Sirius adds.

- “Really, James?” Remus replies.

- “O-Okay, but Y/M/N is funny, too!” James tries. (It’s more of a last-ditch effort than he’d care to admit, but his pride is on the line.

- “No, it’s not. It’s cute is what it is,” Remus answers, before turning to look at you, “Just like the person!” He boops you on the nose and you’re left blushing and still fighting the giggles, while Remus smiles at you. 

-“Yeah, it really is cute—AWWWW LOOK AT THAT, PRONGS! THEY’RE SO CUUUUTE!” Sirius starts, before seeing you and Remus smiling at each other in the couch. 

- You and Remus are left blushing even harder at Sirius’ words. He’s always telling you two how cute you are. (You both think it’s because he likes seeing the two of you blush).

- “Yeah, whatever.” James grumbles, hoisting himself up from the floor. (Okay, you two are really cute, but he refuses to admit that now after you all so ruthlessly wounded his pride).

- James starts to stomp off as the remainder of you share a look and Sirius grabs him. “But Prongsy, look! Aren’t they adorable?!” 

- You and Remus turn to each other and try to be as obnoxious as possible, batting your eyes, giving goofy grins, and lots of little touches. 

- “See? So cute!” Sirius coos as he restrains a struggling James.

- “Fine, YES, cute! Can I go now?” James bites out. 

- “I think not.” Sirius replies, before springing into action. 

- “Pads, no-what-I-STOP!” Yells a very distraught James as Sirius carries him over and tosses him in between you and Remus on the couch, where you each grab an arm and start kissing his face, neck, arms, anywhere you can reach while Sirius climbs onto his lap and joins in.

- It doesn’t seem to be enough, so Sirius gives you each a look and you start attacking James with tickles (he’s very ticklish and it’s a dangerous game if he’s not restrained).

- “FINE, FINE, MERCY, UNCLE, I GIVE, STOOOOOP!!” James cries through his laugher, “I GIVE!” 

- “Will you stop being grumpy?” You ask. 

- “YES!” James shouts. 

- “Will you admit names don’t matter?” Remus replies.

- “FINE!” James cries. 

- “Will you admit your middle name is worse than mine?” Sirius cheekily asks.

- “NEVER!” James shouts 

- “SIRIUS!” You and Remus shout, “NO!”

-But before you can stop them, James takes advantage of your loosened grip and tackles Sirius to the floor,  and the two engage in a tickle fight, rolling around and knocking a great many of things over. 

- “This is bad,” You say. 

- “Yeah,” Remus replies, “Too bad it’s all your fault,” he says with a michevious glint in his eyes.

- “Oh, no you don’t! You’re the one who brought it up!” You cry as you leap and pin him to the couch, starting in with tickles of your own. 

- “Please, you’re the one who always wants to know the meaning of names! It’s your fault!” Remus manages through a fit if giggles before flipping your positions, pinning you to the couch and tickling you. 

- The evening ends with the four if you breathless, disheveled, and the living room in ruins.

- “Dinner?” You ask. 

- James grins (oh no). “Last one to the kitchen has to clean up!” He shouts before running off, shoving Sirius in the process.

- Remus is a little shit and I’m living for it tbh

- He’d be like “Can I help, you honey?” In the most sticky sweet voice ever and then ruffle your hair and boop your nose and give you little kisses just to annoy the others (esp James)

- (not that he doesn’t love you or show affection, it’s just so much fun to play it up and be as sappy as possible) 

-(you and Sirius often join in because when you’re not pranking together, you’re trying to annoy each other, and that’s love)

- Marauders + relaxing: 

- Sirius: You’re the only one Sirius lets touch his hair. If he’s upset, or just needs to relax, he’ll find you and wait until you see him, then lay with his head in your lap. You’ll talk about anything and nothing at all as you run your fingers through his hair and eventually feel the tension slip from his body. As he drifts off to sleep, he grabs your hand and kisses your wrist, murmuring a “Thanks, Darling. Love you.” 

- James: When James is stressed, you can usually find him working with his hands. Tinkering with things, trying to put them back together; Anything to keep his hands (and by proxy mind) busy. You’ll stumble upon him at 3 am with the toaster in shambles, and ask what’s wrong. As he continues to work, he’ll fill you in on what’s been bothering him, and by the end, the toaster is back together and so is your boyfriend. He’ll lead you back to bed with an arm around your waist and a kiss to your temple (“Thanks, Love. What would I do without you?”/“Hmmm…crash and burn.”/“I…true.”)

- Remus: When Remus is stressed, you’ll find him as you usually do: reading. The only indication that anything is wrong is the way he turns the pages. Gone are the soft, gentle strokes that usually take him further into a book; in their place are rushed, frantic flips that show he’s just barely holding on. You can see the tension in his hands and jaw. Those times, you sit by him, gently remove the book (taking care to mark his place), and pull him to you, quietly coaxing him to open up (“What’s wrong, Love?”). He’ll tell you about whatever is bothering him while you rest his head on your shoulder (and rub soothing strokes through his hair), while you patiently listen and offer suggestions. Once he feels better, he rises up, kisses your forehead, and thanks you (“You really are the best. Love you, Sweetheart.”) and picks up where he left off in his book (he grabs your hand without looking up as you make to leave with a small smile on his face - you pick up your own book and sit and read with him).

 You: (Sirius): When you’re stressed, he finds you. You never know how he does it, but he always finds you when you’re about to go over the brink. He’ll pull you away from whatever you’re doing, put your head on his chest, and hold you while patting your head (“Hush, Love. It’s alright. I’m here. I’ve got you. Tell me what’s wrong.”) He’ll hold you until he can’t anymore (because he’s made you laugh so hard you can’t hold still). (“Better?”/*Wiping tears as a stray giggle escapes* “Yeah. Thanks, Pads.”/“Anytime, Love.” *Pecks your lips*) 

- (James): James is not the best at reading emotions (unless they’re extreme; that boy is painfully oblivious), so it takes him a while to figure out you’re upset. He tries to be there for you, even if he doesn’t understand why you’re upset. He’ll find you sitting on the couch, staring into space, and sit down next to you, putting his arm over your shoulder and resting his head on yours. (“Wanna talk about it?”/“No, not really.”/“I’ll be here when you do.” *He kisses your temple*/*Sniffling* “Thanks. I love you, Prongs.”/“I know. Ouch!”/*Playful hit to his shoulder* “Arse”.) 

- (Remus): This smooth motherfucker reads emotions like the Daily Prophet. He knows you’re upset before you do sometimes. He’ll sit down next to you and ask you what the matter is (“What’s wrong, Love?”/“Nothing. Why?”/“You just seemed upset about that letter is all. Want to talk about it?”/“But I wasn’t…oh. Yes, I would. First of all…”) and talk it over with you, holding your hand and running soothing circles into it all the while. He’ll pull you to him, putting your head on his shoulder, (“It’s alright, Love. Let it out.”) and wipe any stray tears with his thumbs before placing kisses in their wake. (“It’ll be okay, Dear. Not to worry. I’m here. I’ll take care of you.”/*Stray sniffle* “Thank you, Moony.”/“Not a problem. I’ll always take care of you, Love. Always.”)

- It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing if one of your boys needs comforting, everything gets droppded until they’re feeling better.

- If one of you or all of you are sick, it’s a cuddle pile.

- Usually Remus gets every sickness going around, especially in winter, because of his furry little problem, so you, Prongs and Pads do everything you can to make him feel better.

- This involves chocolate, blankets, cuddles, books, and a pouty Remus who won’t let you kiss him because he doesn’t want anyone to get sick.

- None of you listen so really, you all end up sick.

- Someone like Lily or Alice would end up coming over to take care of you all. 

- Remus was the first to get sick so he’s the first to get better, looking exhausted and already with a few grey hairs at the age of 20, and he helps the girls look after you all.

- When the three of you are  better, you thank him with cuddles and anything else he wants, namely chocolate and books.

- When he tells you that he just wants those things, James rolls his eyes with a fond, “Nothing ever changes, does it?”

- You all ignore the looming threat of war hanging above your heads.

- James reads the Daily Prophet every morning, looking more tired than he did the day before, his glasses slumped halfway down his nose and his hair messier than usual from how often his fingers have ran through it from stress.

- Sirius’ beautiful eyes are now shadowed by bags so heavy under his exhaustion that they have bags, too.

- Remus’ clothes hang off him mrore than they ever have before, unable to eat under the stress or war, and still you try to hold everything all together.

- You are the glue of the Marauders now.

- Peter had gone missing months before, straight after graduating from Seveventh year, and there were rumours that he’d gone on to be a Death Eater

- The gap he left in the group made you wonder just what had happened to make sweet Peter Pettigrew go on to be a Death Eater.

- You end up in cuddle piles each night now, one or more of you crying from worry, stress, exhaustion, and the others trying to soothe the affected person and themselves.

- It doesn’t always work.

- Arguments happen more and more now, each of you lashing out and projecting your inner turmoils onto those you love.

- Remus is affected the most as he’s able to pick up on more than the others do because of his lycanthropy.

- But soon, the war is over and done with, and the four of you find yourselves in a group hug, bloodied, covered in mud, clothes tattered and torn, but alive and well.

- Voldemort has been vanquished and the Wizarding World can be at peace again.

Harry Potter: @bingewatchingmylifegoby @sky-the-llama @chloeolivialuce @ll-kirra-ll @miyakokurono @cardboard-box-of-stuff@heyjess-marie

Not So Boring Ride [Prompto,Gladiolus/Noctis]

A/N: So…. I captured this screenshot while I was playing *I mean look at that Godly Gladio*, and a fic was born in my head. I guess that’s how trash people like me go through life,, ripppp xD So yehh, UNASKED FOR FFXV TICKLES INCOMING!

Summary: The gang is on their way to Lestallum and Noctis is bored. His friends are happy to help him with that.

Word Count: 1265

“Relax, Noctis. Lestallum will be quite the ride,” Ignis told the young prince, glancing at him through the rearview. 

“So long. I’m bored,” Noctis muttered, sitting on top of the back of the car as he looked around. After hours and hours long of endless car rides during their adventure, even the beautiful view was starting to bore him.

“Just play some King’s Knight, Noct. I’m playing too,” Prompto said, not looking up from his game. Noctis stared at the backs of his friends’ heads and sighed. He then looked at Gladiolus next to him. Was he… sleeping?

“Gladio. He’s so…” Noctis wasn’t sure what he was trying to say actually. He hopped back down onto the back seat and leaned over the sleeping bodyguard.

“So what?” Prompto asked. Noctis frowned, looking at his sleeping friend from up close. He looked so calm and peaceful. Noctis’ eyes then slowly traveled down to Gladiolus’ bare chest.

“So naked,” he said, and Prompto choked on a laugh. 

“What!?” he said, putting away his game and turning around to see Noctis drag a finger down a very manly chest.

“What are you doooing?” he asked, but Noctis wiggled his fingers curiously. 

“Pervy Noct. Gladio’s not ticklish, he has told you many times,” Prompto said, leaning his head on his seat as he watched them with a smile on his face.

“But what if he –” Noctis’ eyes suddenly widened when amber eyes snapped open, and his hand that was just about to test the sensitivity of that bare skin near his underarm, it got caught in Gladiolus’ tight grasp.

Huwah!” Noctis found himself pinned into his seat with his back against the side of the car, and he looked up at Gladiolus’ sinister smirk.

“I was awake the whole time. Now that’s enough playing around, Mr. touchy prince,” his attacker said, and while he kept a tight hold of Noctis’ arm, his other hand clawed at his side.

“NAYy- wehehey!” Noctis knew he didn’t make any sense, and he flopped and flailed around helplessly as he was tickled by a vengeful Gladiolus.

“You just could’ve told me you wanted to get tickled,” the bodyguard said with an evil smile, squeezing and pinching the prince’s sensitive side.

“Thahahat’s not - no wahay stop! Wait! Nohoho! G-get your behemoth-weight off me!” he laughed, but Gladiolus did not move one bit, neither did he react to the weak insult.

“It’s what you get for playing with fire Noct,” Ignis scolded calmly, and Prompto laughed playfully and leaned over the front seats. He went for a successful dive and caught one of Noctis’ legs under his knee, pulling up his leg up over the front seat.

“Nohoho wait! Promptohoho! Gla- Gladio!” Noctis laughed when both friends teamed up on him. Pinning his leg over the front seat, Prompto could easily tickle the back of his knee and squeeze his calf. 

Gladiolus released Noctis’ arm so he could tickle him with both his large hands. One still attacking his side and ribs, and the other making use of Prompto’s move by clawing at the sensitive flesh of his thighs.

“Now you’re not bored anymore huh Noct?” Prompto giggled, and he began to take off his boot. Noctis’ eyes widened and he giggled even more in anticipation. Not his foot!

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A/N: Okay so first of all, this is trash. I’m not saying that because I’m insecure or something, just hear me out. Someone once told me that you gotta keep making content even if inspiration hasn’t struck. And seeing as old me used to only write when I heard a really good song or something, I decided to change that.

So yes, it has all the correct grammar and punctuation, (I think) but it’s not much of a one shot per se. Enjoy some Yukio love my friends.

Pairing; Yukio x Reader

Warnings: None ;)

Words: 557

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Shitty Until Dawn headcannon post (Boys Adition)

-Mike is horrible with kids. He literally has a panic attack when one looks at him.

-Matt and Josh always end up playing dress up with small children

-Mike will literally stop walking just to pet a dog

-Chris will nearly break his neck just to help the elderly

-Josh is the one to triple dog dare someone to stick their tongue to a pole when it snows

-Matt builds the perfect snowman

-Chris likes to flop in the snow and flail around

-Mike will tackle people into the snow and shove snow into their shirt

-Chris is amazing at making hot chocolate

-Matt sneezes like a puppy and all the guys tease him for it

-When in the car, the boys sing the lyrics to ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’

-The boys do the fluffy bunny challenge to see who gets the last cup of hot chocolate


-They all end up sprawled out on the floor with Winter Soldier playing in the background

Girls Adition

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I live within the path of hurricane Irma (I didn't have to evacuate, thank goodness) but I'm really sad right now. Could I please have some headcanons for Soundwave and his symbionts? Thank you.

Ravage will, in fact, play with laser pointers. Only in private, and only when he’s feeling energetic, but he will. Rumble and Frenzy are not allowed to hold the pointer, though, because they like to get him wound up and then lead him to run into things. 

When Ravage was a tiny kitten, Soundwave would wrestle the tiny predator with his data-cables, after wrapping cloth or silicone around the parts in use to protect from tiny claws. They no longer do this because Ravage is too strong, but Ravage still automatically flops over and starts flailing at the air if he’s relaxed and something cable-shaped is wiggled over him. Pieces of thick hose will do the trick. 

Rumble and Frenzy like to get involved in Decepticon parties, especially the parts that involve boasting about one’s interface partners, and are protected from even the boldest opportunists by the silent threat of what Soundwave will do to anyone who harms them. No matter how drunk they are, they are going back to their quarters, and only back to their quarters, unless they decide otherwise. And Soundwave will still come scoop them up if they get drunk enough to be particularly stupid.

The twins tried to wrestle approximately everything when they were young, so Soundwave made them an ‘opponent’ out of a bundle of tubing, tied into something like a bulky pom-pom, that they could wrestle until they were exhausted without bothering anyone else. If he had to keep them occupied for an especially long time, he would hide small energon treats among the pieces of tubing, which would cause them to wrestle the toy in search of more until they were tired enough to just fall asleep.

Laserbeak is Soundwave’s oldest (followed by Ravage, then the twins), and he really didn’t know what to do with her for years. She didn’t mind, though, she didn’t know what to do either. They get along great, always have, but Soundwave was very confused when she was first born because he didn’t know what to do with a symbiote. Nor did he know what it felt like to birth a symbiote, which was extremely confusing at the time, and made Megaton incredibly concerned when his loyal friend started dripping fluid from his lower chassis. 

As a tiny, flat sparkling, Laserbeak couldn’t fly well, so she skittered around on her pointed legs most of the time. She looked like a little diamond with optics. Strangely enough, she absolutely adored being thrown like a frisbee, even though she staggered in crooked circles for quite some time afterwards due to getting dizzy. Soundwave was baffled by every aspect of this, but obliged her, albeit narrowing their bond considerably so he didn’t feel the wooziness. 

Soundwave and all the symbiotes have all seen each other in various states of nudity, including as armor-free as is possible for each frametype. Some of this is incidental, some of it is intentional- there’s no point in them being shy around each other. 

The symbiotes (especially the twins) tend to chat about their interface partners whenever possible. Soundwave doesn’t actively participate, but he listens if requested- he likes hearing that his little ones have been enjoying themselves. Even if the twins get very graphic and make him wonder where they learned to do these things. 

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“Hey, can you get me the sugar from the top shelf? … Come on, trust me, I won’t tickle you!” this reminds me of chuuya and dazai bc chuuya is short and can't reach things. could you maybe do a short drabble with soukoku? :>c

Another DOMESTIC/FLUFFY TICKLING STARTERS -fic!This is actually my first time writing for Soukoku<3 

I think they’re cute and I actually have one more prompt for them on my list, I just need to get more into this ship I think, which I will, starting by writing this lil’ drabble! Thnx @ticklygiggles for inspiring me as always psfhdgf*_*

Hope it doesn’t suck too bad XD -takes place when they were still Port Mafia-partners<3 I changed the plot around a bit since I thought the prompt sentence was a typical Dazai-thing to say!

Word Count: 537

“Hey, can you get me the sugar from the top shelf? … Come on, trust me, I won’t tickle you!” 

Chuuya growled and watched his partner with the angriest glare of angry glares. They were making a coffee stop at one of the headquarters’ mini kitchens, and apparently it was time to be childishly teased about his height again.

“Fuck you, Dazai. You know I can’t reach it. Do it yourself,” Chuuya snapped, and Dazai chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. 

“If you can’t get me the sugar I’m afraid I’ll have to tickle you though,” he teased, and he poked Chuuya’s side, eliciting an adorable and uncharacteristic eep! from him. 

Chuuya closed his eyes in annoyance and sighed. The little canteen was too small for a fight- with just one kitchen counter and a coffee machine. 

However, Dazai could easily tickle the hell out of him and having known him for a while now, Chuuya was sure he was doomed right now anyway since there was no way Dazai was serious about not tickling him. Still, least he could do was un-doom himself as much as possible and do as Dazai wanted.

Fine,” he snarled, and he stood on his tiptoes and reached for the sugar. He could barely reach it, but leaning forward a bit more and standing even higher on his tiptoes, he was getting there. Meanwhile, his entire body was tingling in anticipation. 

He glared at Dazai from the corner of his eyes and noticed that mischievous smirk of his as he watched how Chuuya struggled to reach the sugar.

“You’re so tiny, Chuuya,” Dazai sang.

“I hate you,” Chuuya hissed breathlessly, but he almost managed to grab the sugar and he swore he’d make sure to punch Dazai in the face afterwards. 

“You’re almost there,” Dazai said, looking his partner’s stretched out body up and down with that horrible smirk as if he was scanning where to tickle first. Chuuya had to be quick! 

“Got it!” Chuuya’s fingers closed around the tiny bowl and a proud little feeling overwhelmed him. The delight got shattered in an instant though, because the moment he had the sugar bowl in his hand, Dazai’s fingers danced up and down his exposed sides and ribs like he had anticipated. 

A horrifying shriek escaped Chuuya’s lips as he pulled his arm back real fast, throwing the sugar across the room by accident.

“I’m sure you were able to predict as much, weren’t you?” Dazai asked calmly while he kept digging his fingers in the shorter guy’s sides and ribs, causing him to flop and flail around like crazy. 

“HWahaha I’ll fu-fucking kihill youuu!” Chuuya cursed through his hysterical laughter, but no more threats could make it past his lips since another series of snorts and giggles followed.

“Not before I kill you.” And pinning Chuuya’s flailing body against the kitchen counter, Dazai was sure not to miss a single spot that could make his little partner go mad. 

Chuuya whined through his laughter and cursed all he could, but yep, he was pretty much doomed to suffer from Dazai’s well-known guilty pleasure of tickling the hell out of him. Just another day in their lives as Port Mafia partners.

She had shoved him in the river the first time she met him.  He had only been a bald boy then, with a big straw hat to cover his head.  She’d called him stupid, and shoved him and he’d fallen backwards and gotten thoroughly soaked and she’d had to bite back laughter.  She hadn’t known he was a prince.  Princes weren't bald and they certainly weren't stupid.  Everyone knew that.

He’s stupid now, too.  Still stupid, rather.  The same stupid.  That sort of stupid that comes when your heart’s too big–bigger than your head at least.  And Egg…he doesn’t go by Egg anymore.  He’s got hair now, so he’s not so much an egg-head as he had been when his hat had fallen off and begun floating downstream and he’d flopped and flailed after it while Betha had laughed at him.  He’s taller than she is now.  She’d been taller than he’d been when she’d shoved him in the river, but that’s how children are at that age.  There’s that window her mother’s always going on about where girls spring up before boys do.  She’d met Egg during that window.  But Aegon stands taller than she does, and he’s still stupid, even if he has hair and a beard now, and he’s twice as stubborn as he’d been when she’d met him first.

She likes that he’s stubborn.  She likes that he raises his eyebrows at her, and crosses his arms, and that he smiles when she does the same.  She likes that he doesn’t let her wriggle out of replying the way everyone else does because everyone else learned years ago that sometimes Betha’s just stubborn and so you just let her do what she wants.  If Aegon doesn’t know that, he’s stupid, or maybe he doesn’t care, which still makes him stupid.  But she likes him stupid.  She likes that he doesn’t care how stupid he is, and that his eyes seem to glow when he looks at her.

Meet me by the river where we first met.  Come away with me, Betha.  He’d said it and she’d nearly laughed, because if her father heard, it wouldn’t matter if he was a Targaryen Prince (so far from the throne it hardly mattered, if you thought about it for long enough), her father would string him up in the godswood.  But he’d meant it.  He’d been stubborn and stupid about it and her breath had caught in her throat, and she hadn’t said a word, and he hadn’t said a word and when she’d laid in bed that night, all she could think was this time it wouldn’t be like Melissa and the last Aegon, because he didn’t want it to be that way and besides even if he did she wouldn’t let it be and she always got her way.

So before dawn, she sneaks out her window and meets him by the river.  And, for good measure, gives him a good shove into the water before diving in next to him, laughing.

If You Wanna Be My Lover (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by sassyelf-mage

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 1,375

Warning: Swearing

Request: Hey whats up people I love your writings they are amazing and so are u<3 I have some request, could you please do a buckyxreader were he’s pretty misterious around the team but reader discovers he secretly likes the spice girls or some 90s boyband and he make her promise not to tell everyone bUt tony finds out while spyin on winter soldier’s ipod and bucky gets mad at reader cause he thinks SHE told stark? I think that be fun 

A/N - <3

James Buchanan Barnes was a hard man to get along with. He was quiet, observant and strange. The only person he really seemed to get along with was Steve and that was only when he actually left his room. You often wondered what he did in there all day, once you actually caught a sight of the room as he entered through the door after gaining food; the room was simple, meaning the only piece of technology you could actually recognise was an iPod. 

You wanted to know Bucky on a more personal level and not just as work acquaintances after all a team needed to bond in order to work well.

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kid mycroft facts

  • he loves literature. his favorite is pride and prejudice but he tells everyone his favorite is war and peace. 
  • he’s got a lot of emotions but he doesn’t cry. he’s not outwardly dramatic like that. he feels it in his chest a lot of times.
  • mastered the art of the eye roll
  • doesn’t flop onto furniture or flail around when he’s upset. instead, everything he does gets more perfect. he closes cabinets really quietly and accidentally organizes the silverware drawer when he goes to get a spoon
  • cardigans
  • he loves to spend time with his mom and they watch films together on the weekends
  • knows a surprising amount about china’s han dynasty

Summary: Fortunately for Michael, Ray can convince him of practically anything.  

Warnings: Adult language. Explicit sexual content. General bad writing all over the place.

Word Count: 4,000+

Notes: I bit the bullet. I wrote smut. Yup yup. Late night post because apparently I can only write if its ridiculously late. Early morning post? 3 am post. Unbeta’d becuase I have no friends. Bad because I’m not a good writer. I’m no Bunce or Brattyloser or whatever, but I tried!


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so where be all the teen wolf merfolk fics where

  • derek is a hermit crab merman and has a pretty rough and tumbled shell but he’s just been looking for the right shell to share with another merman
  • derek is a squid merman and when he blushes he squirts ink and disappears into the inky darkness
  • stiles is a pufferfish merman who’s puffy cheeks love krill fries 
  • stiles is a starfish merman who belly flops arms flailing every which way when he falls asleep in the coral reef


Look at the mess you’ve made. Here’s some more lake house AU. Part one here.


Bags having been abandoned on the porch, Annabeth sprinted down the grass toward the sandy beach. A rush of something coursed through her mind, something wild and young.

She had half a thought to throw her arms around him, hold him tight - but another something held her back.

She stopped a pace away and wedged her sneakers into the sand, as if grounding herself.

Percy, in her memory had always been shorter than she was, but that wasn’t the case anymore. There he stood, in his blue boardshorts, barefoot. Lean and solid now that he was actually there in front of her, rather than a haze in her mind’s eye. He had really grown into his limbs too, but still slouched like he hadn’t yet realized it. His smile was the same though, that was for certain.

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