flopping and flailing

Shitty Until Dawn headcannon post (Boys Adition)

-Mike is horrible with kids. He literally has a panic attack when one looks at him.

-Matt and Josh always end up playing dress up with small children

-Mike will literally stop walking just to pet a dog

-Chris will nearly break his neck just to help the elderly

-Josh is the one to triple dog dare someone to stick their tongue to a pole when it snows

-Matt builds the perfect snowman

-Chris likes to flop in the snow and flail around

-Mike will tackle people into the snow and shove snow into their shirt

-Chris is amazing at making hot chocolate

-Matt sneezes like a puppy and all the guys tease him for it

-When in the car, the boys sing the lyrics to ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’

-The boys do the fluffy bunny challenge to see who gets the last cup of hot chocolate


-They all end up sprawled out on the floor with Winter Soldier playing in the background

Girls Adition

I’m headed to bed but

bleh I wanna. Apologize to kinda everyone but especially my friends.

Recently I’ve hit one of those lows where socially I’m just exhausted by really minor things. Which leads to me barely talking to people throughout the day beyond short bursts most of the time. I promise all of you that I’m not doing it on purpose but I also realize that me tucking myself into my shell and going poof for days on end can really fucking suck for people that actually want to talk to me and be around me. And I’m really sorry if I’ve made any of you guys feel ignored or like I’m annoyed or irritated by you in some way.

It’s not something that lasts long, thankfully. I think this particular spell came about because of college starting up again and that I have to get back to a more normal schedule. Anxiety making my head do weird bullshit and whatnot. Hopefully it’ll die off in the next day or so but until then. Yeah. I’m really sorry I’ve been pretty nonresponsive.