Carmen Lopez ♫ Twenty-five ♫ Occupation: Bartender/Dancer ♫ Status: In a Relationship (Elwood Hudson)

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After leaving Shorewood, it didn’t take Carmen very long to realize where she’d wanted to go. In fact, it took her no time at all. New York had always been where she wanted to live and this was no different. Leaving Shorewood behind her, she moved into a loft in the city, looking for everywhere and anywhere to get her name out. She sang in subway stations, street corners and even the tiniest of coffee shops but her name still wasn’t getting out there. 

Carmen soon found her stage and it definitely wasn’t expected in the least. Straight out of her favorite movie, Coyote Ugly was definitely as it seemed: dirty and scary, especially so some innocent Jersey girl. But her innocence had some sort of appeal and after learning how to tend bar and dance on the bar without kicking men in the face, she was hired. Her voice was loved by many, although she sincerely doubted they were looking at her talent and moreso probably the tight blouse she was wearing.

But every night, she got a guy to go home to. And no, not just her dog either. After all the time they’d spent being just friends, Elwood and Carmen finally ended up in a relationship. And to their satisfaction, it worked really well. Carmen was finally able to have a healthy relationship, one which she was happy in and the man she loved wasn’t treating her like a piece of crap. She enjoyed seeing him go off to work everyday, happy he was doing something that he loved. She loved that he was happy and in turn, she was finally happy with her life.

With her parents, it was different. After what happened with Rico and Carmen, she never thought of them as her parents anymore. Instead, her aunt Lucia became a surrogate mother. She lived in the city so the two often caught lunch together and Carmen watched over her cousins even. It worked out well, well enough at least so that she wasn’t as bitter. She realized the bad of the situation and even though it hurt her to be like that with her parents, at least she had someone.

With Alex, it was a 180. Carmen would often call Alex to complain about her day, talk about rude customers or just listen to her go on about some weird space jumble. But in all reality, they were still close. As close as you could be for being so far away. Every once and a while, and at least twice a year, Carmen would make a trip to Alex’s place, and stay with her little sister for a few days. It made her happy to see her sister so happy and it especially made her happy that their sisterhood hadn’t been ruined by their parents.

All in all, Carmen was happy. She finally got the guy, she was a close as could be with her family, and she actually liked her job. She still sent CD’S out where she could and played gigs on her days off, hoping one day that some awesome record executive would come around and find her, finally realize her talent and sign her. But for now, this was actually okay.

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