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Nicorey being targeted? Great!

But Polly being targeted would be 100x better. I can’t stand his misogyny any more. He literally has no reason to “clip” Z. She’s loyal af to him and would always be a number for him. Strategically it makes no sense. And don’t even get me started on his obsession with Day. Leave our chocolate drops alone, you freak!


✌🏻️🌹❤️ if it’s the two of us, everything will be alright;; the chance of us meeting each other is a present from god ❤️🌹✌🏻️

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Earlier today James ratted everything Da'Vonne said about Nicole to the other guys and Paulie told Victor he believed that the Nicole stuff was bullshit but the Da'Vonne stuff was 100% true… does it have anything to do with the Da'Vonne is black and he sees her as shady and that he has literally only targetted PoC? It’s more likely to be than you think!

anonymous asked:

The feeling when youtube keeps having Dr.Strange in the corner. Marvel paid for this to happen. No one would care about it otherwise because DC is owning everyone else's ass. They cant let it build steam naturally because they know no one cares.

Marvel is very clearly paying for this. Theyre honestly suffering from not releasing the spidey footage and are trying to use dr strange to keep the momentum up which is the worst idea considering even diehard mcu fans dont want it. Its so sad really, Im REALLY curious to see how the movie will do….I mean I think it has like….6 mil views now? while the ww and jl ones have twice that? and they released around the samme time ish. yikes yikes yiiiikes. :D