Nicki meeting 1D

Nicki: *walks into studio* Helloo. Nice to finally meet you guys!

Harry: Pleasure to meet you Onika *kisses her hand*

Nicki: Uhhh *laughs*

Liam: Erm, anyway, thank you so much for working with us! Did you like the track so far?

Nicki: Yeah, it’s dope! I fell in love with the beat on the first listen.

Louis: You hear that Liam? Dope! We’re proppa gangsters like! *throws up west side signs* 

Niall: I’m good at te twerkin’ ting too Nicki, like in yer video! *starts shaking his non existent ass* I can show you more later. *winks*

Nicki: Bhahahahahahhaha!!!

Liam:  Oh god…


So I was tagged by bestnightmare97 to do the six selfie challenge. I don’t really talk a lot of selfies by myself so most of these are with my friends LOL. I tag camrenyo camrenlove13 cu-cum-blr n0rmani coffeecabello fifth-harming-me fifth—harmony beyonceari 5hdevotee and anybody else who wants to do it so DO IT! or don’t but it’d be really cool if you did :)