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Flop This Way Ball - Tri-state Area and Los Angeles

Not all of you know this, as the mainstream media is trying to hide this from you, but Lady Gaga has already cancelled one show of her North American tour: 

The show in Atlantic City, NJ, scheduled to March 2nd, has been cancelled. Right now, only Yahoo! Sports is talking about it - and that is because they are discussing about a sports event that was re-scheduled because of the Gaga concert that now is NOT going to happen anyway. 

Do you have any idea of how alarming this is?

Atlantic City is in the Tri-state area. It’s like two hours from New York in a bus. It’s a casino town. And not even that was enough to make the Born This Way Ball a success in that city. Ticket sales were so poor and so low, that they cancelled the entire thing.

It is truly alarming when you cannot sell out a show in NJ, in a casino town like Atlantic City, a couple of hours away from NYC. But that is not a surprise. Lady Gaga’s tour is suffering so much, that not even her Los Angeles shows were sold out.

Even the Los Angeles Times, which published a positive review of her show in the city, couldn’t lie about it:

Unlike her last visit to Staples, in 2011, Sunday’s gig didn’t feel packed to the rafters. (At press time, tickets for Monday’s show were still available).

When you cannot sell out a show in NYC, Atlantic City, or LA; you know you’re in deep trouble. Those are high profile cities. She failed to sell out both of her shows in Los Angeles (as reviews attest). What will happen in NYC and Atlantic City’s bigger sister, Las Vegas (also, a high profile city and a casino town)?

[Lady Gaga performing to a not-so-packed Staples Center, Los Angeles, January 20th] 

Little monsters are desperately saying Lady Gaga “moved” her Atlantic City show to a different venue, to Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA.

Seriously. They are actually saying that this was just a change of venues.

Yeah, sure… Lady Gaga  simply changed venues to accomodate more people, right?

So she moved the show to a completely different city and state, over four hours away from Atlantic City.

No, my beloved little monsters. That was no change of venues to accomodate more people. That was simply a show being cancelled, and another one being added on the same day as a cover up.

Had the ticket sales for her show in Atlantic City been successful, she would not have cancelled it at all. Lady Gaga would have either rearranged dates, or simply added the PA show to one of the several free days she has in between shows in late February / early March - just like Madonna did: 

Madonna pushed back the day of her concert in Rio, so she could add a second show in Medellin, Colombia. Madonna rearranged dates to perform more shows. That’s NOT what Lady Gaga did.  Lady Gaga cancelled one show due to low ticket sales, and scheduled another on the same day as an excuse.

You can check all the free dates Lady Gaga has in between shows that could have accomodated both. Including between her performances in Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC. But the problem was not “not having free days” to add a new show, the problem was POOR TICKET SALES.

Deal with it.


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