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Send Me a Number To Sing~

Send me a number and I’ll sing (part of) a song that fits the ask!

1. An Underrated Musical - I’ll sing a song from a musical I think is underrated.
2. An Overrated Musical - I’ll pick a song from a musical I think is overrated.
3. A Happy Musical - I’ll sing a song from a musical that makes me happy.
4. A Sad Musical - I’ll pick a song from a musical that is hella sad.
5. A Musical Flop - I’ll pick a song from a musical that flopped.
6. A Long-Running Musical - I’ll pick a song from a musical on this list.
7. Favorite Composer or Lyricist - I’ll pick a song by my favorite composer/lyricist!
8. Off-Broadway Show - I’ll pick a song from a show that started off-broadway.
9. Love > Hate - I’ll pick a song from a musical I USED to love, but now hate.
10. Hate > Hate - I’ll pick a song from a musical I have always hated. Go ahead, torture me.
11. Guilty Pleasure - I’ll pick a musical theater song that is my guilty pleasure.
12. Leading Player - I’ll pick a song sung by the Lead in a musical.
13. Featured Player - I’ll pick a song sung by a Featured role in a musical.
14. Ensemble - I’ll pick a group song from a musical.
15. Disappointment - I’ll pick a song from a musical I thought would be awesome, but disappointed me.
16. From a Movie - I’ll pick a song from a musical movie.
17. Adaptation - I’ll pick a song from a musical that was adapted from a book, movie, or anything else.
18. Robbed! - I’ll pick a song from a musical I think was robbed of a Tony.
19. It Changed Me - I’ll pick a song from a musical that had a profound impact on my life.
20. Last I Listened To - I’ll sing whichever musical song I last listened to.
21. Starring… Me! - I’ll sing a song from a musical I’ve been IN.
22. Dream Role - I’ll sing a song from a dream role of mine.
23. Genderbend - I’ll sing a song originally done by the opposite sex.
24. Best… Book - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best book.
25. Best… Choreography - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best choreography.
26. Best… Set - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best set design.
27. Best… Costumes - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best costumes.
28. Best… Revival - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has had the best revival.
29. Best… Musical - I’ll sing a song from MY favorite musical of all time.
30. Asker’s Choice - I’ll sing a song from a musical you choose.

Which girl group should you stan based on your sign?

Aries: Girls Girls (여자 여자). With powerful choreos and strong rappers and vocalists who can whistle, these rookies are out for the tough girl crush concept. (Check out self titled track Girls Girls and Juicy Secret).

Taurus: Berry Good. Talent gone unnoticed. The members are always up to something, whether it’s recording a cover or posting videos on instagram. All around vocal group. (Check out Don’t Believe and My First Love).

Gemini: LOONA. Future girl group that’s promoting differently. Every month, a new member is revealed with a solo music video. All the existing members have been announced with different concepts. (Check out Vivid).

Cancer: Spica. This powerhouse girl group has been struggling recently and might be disbanding soon. The members are beautiful and powerhouse vocals. (Check out Tonight and Secret Time).

Leo: Sistar. Are they disbanding this year? Not with all the hype they’ve been getting the past few months (hopefully). This girl group has recently put out an lgbt+ friendly mv and are known for their aesthetically pleasing concepts. (Check out One More Day and I Like That).

Virgo: Cosmic Girls (WJSN). Rookies who have risen to the top of the charts. These girls have power vocalists as well as an incredible rapper and great dancers. Their music videos are cute and visually pleasing. (Check out Secret and I Wish and Catch Me).

Libra: Wonder Girls. Underrated and different. These girls have brought their own style into the kpop industry with slower songs and a few summery bops. (Check out Like This, I Feel You)

Scorpio: Brave Girls. These girls have taken different concepts and made them their own. They have an outstanding rapper as well as good visuals and a powerful vocalist. They are often compared to AOA. Super underrated. (Check out Deepened, High Heels, Don’t Meet).

Sagittarius: EXID. These five girls are always there for each other and support each other through everything. They arguably have the best rapper in the kpop industry as well as the best vocalist. Their visuals are also amazing. They have sexy and weird concepts. (Check out Cream, Don’t Wanna Drive, Hot Pink).

Capricorn: AOA. These girls have taken different styles over the years and grown as a group to the top of the charts. Unfortunately, a tiny scandal has made their Korean fans salty enough to make their new songs/album flop. (Aoa deserve better). The members love each other and are constantly expressing their gratitude to their fans. (Check out Excuse Me, One Thing, Still Falls the Rain).

Aquarius: Oh My Girl. Cute girly concept with choreos that’ll break your legs. (Trust me, I’m learning Windy Day and I think my knee is on backwards). They have a powerful rapper that everyone wants to see on Unpretty Rapstar. All the members have A+ visuals and all of the girls are strong vocalists. Deserve everything. (Check out One Step Two Steps, I Found Love, Closer) (Also look at the freaking choreos for One Step Two Steps and Windy Day).

Pisces: Gfriend. Their concept is cute with quick choreos (not as hard as Oh My Girl’s but this group takes 2nd place). They are often torn down because they have no visuals (okay but have you guys seen Sowon and literally the rest of the girls?). They have a powerful vocalist and their MR’s are perfect. (Check out Rough, Gone with the Wind, White).

The 60th Eurovision is just over a month away

So its a good time for everyone to educate themselves on the best bits of the contest’s history before it returns

Like the most important winners ever

The Russian Grannies

Don’t forget that Eurovison is the reason ABBA became famous

Then there was the time Ukraine absolutely lost its mind

The time Ireland lost its mind to an even greater extent and entered a puppet turkey

Frankly choose any British entry from the last 15 years and you’ll see the United Kingdom lost its mind long ago

There were the Greek fishermen singing about whisky

The Romanian man affectionally dubbed ‘gay opera dracula’

Iceland once entered a song that should have been the most obnoxious thing ever but was actually really darn catchy

That Turkish ship

After this song flopped the Czech Republic never entered again (though they are returning this year!)

And France sung a song entirely about moustaches

But its not all insanity, there are actually some genuinely beautiful songs sometimes - like Norway’s Alexander Rybak and his violin

This slower, genuinely beautiful song from the Netherlands

And of course, there is the Queen of Europe herself

Eurovison everyone


Summer Moodboards🌼

Hey guys! I have my last exam tomorrow so I figured that since I have a bit of free time before I go away I could do some mood board requests :)

To get one:

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3. Send in an ask with:

🌹: the colour you want

🍀: what character/person/book/song/movie you would like me to do

Please don’t let this flop