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Britney spears, she flopped 2016 and her songs arent helping. Katy perry's new era is bad, her rise and chained to R sales are bad. Lorde new songs doesnt appeal to the public so its dropping on charts and sales. Nicki minaj songs arent doing well, it dropped pretty quick from charts, ariana grande new songs arent doing well in terms of single sales. 2017 is the year where mainstream artist either flips or flops. High percentage of females will flop the way i see it and camila im worried

but did they promote those songs? 

i feel like the moon

is spinning off into outer space without you

the universe an empty place without you

Zayn is the kind of flop that dominates the news throughout 2016. He’s the kind of flop that begins and starts the year with major hits. He’s the kind of flop who gets awards and certifications. He’s the kind of flop with whom influential and successful and interesting artists want to work. He’s the kind of flop that dropped 27 songs, wrote a book, deigned a shoe collection and became designer for Versace. He’s flopping so hard people feel the need to talk about how hard he’s flopping. He’s the kind of flop we should all aspire to be. 


AXODUS - Hold on ft. Key of SHINee

imagine being a spoiled brat white girl trying to break into The Rap Game in 2012 only to become a laughing stock for months, but then everyone forgets about you,.. except for some geeks who decide to make your viral flop “hit” the team song of their international gay tv conspiracy… because of a surreal fanvid from 2012

Random Encounter (Dream Land Boss Mix)
Random Encounter (Dream Land Boss Mix)

WIP for the music meant for random encounter in a fanmade Kirby RPG. It’s a re-arrangement/mash-up of sorts of the Rainbow Curse remix and its original. The two songs flip-flopping slightly extends such a short tune and it makes it a great tune to hear for somewhat quick turn-based RPG battles. The intro already heavily reminds me of a certain Mario & Luigi RPG soundtrack.


The 60th Eurovision is just over a month away

So its a good time for everyone to educate themselves on the best bits of the contest’s history before it returns

Like the most important winners ever

The Russian Grannies

Don’t forget that Eurovison is the reason ABBA became famous

Then there was the time Ukraine absolutely lost its mind

The time Ireland lost its mind to an even greater extent and entered a puppet turkey

Frankly choose any British entry from the last 15 years and you’ll see the United Kingdom lost its mind long ago

There were the Greek fishermen singing about whisky

The Romanian man affectionally dubbed ‘gay opera dracula’

Iceland once entered a song that should have been the most obnoxious thing ever but was actually really darn catchy

That Turkish ship

After this song flopped the Czech Republic never entered again (though they are returning this year!)

And France sung a song entirely about moustaches

But its not all insanity, there are actually some genuinely beautiful songs sometimes - like Norway’s Alexander Rybak and his violin

This slower, genuinely beautiful song from the Netherlands

And of course, there is the Queen of Europe herself

Eurovison everyone