katnipster-deactivated20120609  asked:

do you use any custom brushes for your lineart? can you recommend anything? all of my lineart is all squiggly and I really don't know how to improve it.

hey there c: um, first of all i use software called paint tool sai to draw everything, so all the screenshots i’ll post to answer this question will be from that.

i just use the box standard round brushes at the moment. here’s what the brushes i use for lineart look like, and the settings that correspond to each.

as far as squiggly lines go, sai has this wonderful thing called the stabilizer at the top of the program that pretty much ‘irons out all the creases’ in your lines. the higher you set it, the more it will take control and minimize squiggles. it kind of lags out the higher you set it, just as a fore-warning. the settings like s-1 up to s-5 and stuff are especially good at making lines less wobbly.