Coming tomorrow. 👀 in the meantime I’ll just be swimming thru my floordrobe trying to find outfits fo splendour #stressed 🎵

  • Shaun is going away for ~business~ stuffs for a few days (to a coding convention which I think is neat as) so we did a big clean up of his room and now he no longer has a floordrobe. 
  • I got blood test results back and I’m low on vitamin D. I have to start taking 4 little sunshine pills a day and have a follow up blood test in November. 
  • Bought a tee that says support your local girl gang for $5 (I was looking for a coat and got distracted, shhh). I got one that was a little big because baggy t-shirts = comfy t-shirts. 
  • My search for a nice coat has yet to be successful. 

Helping my sister pack:
“Have you started yet?” “Yeah I’m nearly done I think [points to mound of crumpled clothes on floor mixed in with dirty floordrobe garments]”
“Do you have tights?” “No”
“Do you have a bra?” “Well I’m wearing one now that I’ll also wear to go in, won’t that be enough?” “…”
“Do you have pants?” “…shit I didn’t think of that, where are you getting all these ideas from?”


This summer, housemates H and E moved out (H got married, and continues using her former part of the room for her wedding gifts).  I had been using E’s erstwhile room to sort out all my papers and notes (getting rid of some 3 or 4 pounds of it), but then that room needed to be clear so L could move in yesternight. 

The stacks of returned papers/binders mixed in with the mess of clothing and wedding gifts and Petoskey stone photography project I was working on until it got to be distressing.  So last night I put in my headphones and worked at putting stuff away for 2 45s.  The papers aren’t put away yet (I’m hoping to work on them tonight), but so many other things are now!

OK. Tell me to head into the floordrobe tomorrow with some black bin bags and sort everything into keep and get rid of.

Maybe I’ll find my tshirt if I do that.

Q&A With Home Sorted!

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My New Bag

Now some of you may think that when you get a new bag, it simply means another place to horde stuff. Or another hanger is needed. Or another place in the floordrobe. However, when I got a new bag two weeks ago, it meant I had to go on a shopping spree to fill my new possession with amazing new things.

Here is my little beaut:

And here is my bag-fill list (in order of me pulling stuff out):

Body Shop Hemp Lip Balm
L’Oreal Men Expert 96H Deodorant
Schwarzkopf Got2Be Glued Hairspray
Business cards
Witch Blemish Stick
Colgate electric toothbrush (just in case)
Colgate Max White One toothpaste (also just in case)
L'Oreal Men All-in-1 Moisturiser
L'Oreal Hydra Electric Ice Cool face wash
E-cig charger
Carex hand sanitizer
A decent pen
A decent pad
A few decent coffee and tea sachets

Pack wisely,young Cubs!