Coming tomorrow. 👀 in the meantime I’ll just be swimming thru my floordrobe trying to find outfits fo splendour #stressed 🎵

Helping my sister pack:
“Have you started yet?” “Yeah I’m nearly done I think [points to mound of crumpled clothes on floor mixed in with dirty floordrobe garments]”
“Do you have tights?” “No”
“Do you have a bra?” “Well I’m wearing one now that I’ll also wear to go in, won’t that be enough?” “…”
“Do you have pants?” “…shit I didn’t think of that, where are you getting all these ideas from?”


This summer, housemates H and E moved out (H got married, and continues using her former part of the room for her wedding gifts).  I had been using E’s erstwhile room to sort out all my papers and notes (getting rid of some 3 or 4 pounds of it), but then that room needed to be clear so L could move in yesternight. 

The stacks of returned papers/binders mixed in with the mess of clothing and wedding gifts and Petoskey stone photography project I was working on until it got to be distressing.  So last night I put in my headphones and worked at putting stuff away for 2 45s.  The papers aren’t put away yet (I’m hoping to work on them tonight), but so many other things are now!

OK. Tell me to head into the floordrobe tomorrow with some black bin bags and sort everything into keep and get rid of.

Maybe I’ll find my tshirt if I do that.

My New Bag

Now some of you may think that when you get a new bag, it simply means another place to horde stuff. Or another hanger is needed. Or another place in the floordrobe. However, when I got a new bag two weeks ago, it meant I had to go on a shopping spree to fill my new possession with amazing new things.

Here is my little beaut:

And here is my bag-fill list (in order of me pulling stuff out):

Body Shop Hemp Lip Balm
L’Oreal Men Expert 96H Deodorant
Schwarzkopf Got2Be Glued Hairspray
Business cards
Witch Blemish Stick
Colgate electric toothbrush (just in case)
Colgate Max White One toothpaste (also just in case)
L'Oreal Men All-in-1 Moisturiser
L'Oreal Hydra Electric Ice Cool face wash
E-cig charger
Carex hand sanitizer
A decent pen
A decent pad
A few decent coffee and tea sachets

Pack wisely,young Cubs!

I genuinely don’t know how I lived the way I did before in my room like I used to have a full blown floordrobe, dishes and water bottles everywhere and just all sorts of crap and now I think my room is filthy if I have maybe an empty cup on my desk from this mornings tea and yesterday’s jeans on the floor like???

Sit and Save: Amazon vs. Thrift Shop

I saved about $160 thanks to my usual favorite: the local thrift store.

I have been talking about getting my husband a valet chair. What is a valet chair? Simply put, it’s a place for men to put their stuff. Since my husband typically falls into a “floordrobe” habit (new term), I was trying to find a way for him to have a place to put his clothing - thereby leaving the floor free and clear. Therefore, chair valet or valet chair. The valet is the male member of the household who - in the ‘olden days’ - would help the master of the house dress himself. Think Downtown Abbey.
The valet job has become obsolete - I think.  In its stead we have the valet chair - well, we all know that what probably really happened was that after the valet left, the chair was there, catching the clothes being flung around by the gentleman of the house. 
A valet chair has a place to hang clothes, a shirt bar, and a little shelf or “pocket” for men to drop their rings, watch, etc. It’s quite handy and if you have the room, it can be quite charming. 
I was so serious about this that I researched the least expensive valet chair on on Amazon, which lists at $180 and my lovely free Prime shipping. I thought. Okay. One day. I’m going to splurge on this…

Then … while at the local Salvation Army… I saw this lovely cast off-….

No, way. Yes, way.It doesn’t have the drawer as shown in the picture and the design is slightly different, but for most purposes, it does its job - keeps clothes off the floor and my hubby can throw his lighter into that “pocket” versus losing it “somewhere in the house”.  I am happy today.
Adulting *and panicking*
  • Adults:somehow always have nice rooms?? Like do you own clothes???
  • Me trying adult:clothes stuffed in closet or on the floor
  • I have a floordrobe
  • *panicking*
  • Adults:find time to keep house clean??
  • What are you????
  • Me trying adult:oh I found a thing of oreos under my bed I wonder if they're still good
  • nO
  • *panicking*
  • Adults:have a system for washing clothes??
  • Okay seriously, hOW do you know where all the other sock pairs are???
  • Me trying adult:wHERE THE fRICK FRACK ARE MY SOX
  • *panicking*