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Doesn’t Taako cast magic jar in taz at some point? I feel like that’s happened.

yeah my dude, he does for the arms outstretched bit!  the spell isn’t supposed to work the way he used it, but dm griffin goes by rule of cool, which is OK in my book.  (it is also gonna work different in my fic because RULE OF COOL.)

my fic happens before that!  he’s only level 8, so he can’t do it yet, as it turns out.

Every fucking day I wake up like why am I like this, why can’t I be happy in my own body, why can’t I like wearing dresses and makeup and showing skin, why can’t I make friends with girls when I tried it so many times through church groups, school clubs, professional organizations, even a sorority, why do I have to be LGBT when I work in STEM where people don’t feel like they can be open about who they are, why did I have to discover this now when I’m also transitioning from school into a job as if life isn’t stressful enough, why can’t I just stay as I am instead of taking drugs for the rest of my life with unknown long term consequences and making myself susceptible to possible harassment and discrimination? Why does being myself have to be so hard

Why does being myself have to be so hard
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I posted “This Wasted Ring” up on AO3, finally reorganized things so that ‘same universe’ fics are put together in a series. 

The only POV so far from Mr 7th Floor himself.


look i know there have been a lot of selfies lately but my makeup is very fun right now so OBVIOUSLY i’m going to share it with ALL of social media


I am endlessly amazed by y’all who continue to support this blog. 

Who knew 300 people love Kuwabara? It seems unheard of, really! I’m glad to be proven wrong, and that he DOES have fans and they are OUT THERE!

Meanwhile, I’m creating fandom survey to see what kind of fans we have here in fandom! And it’s going to be cool coz I am going to show pictures of the results (yes, lovely wonderful pie graphs and stuff like that) so stay tuned for that. I hope you all will spread the word because I think it’s fascinating.

I hope to continue to bring y’all more content featuring this wonderful guy. 

Thank you for supporting the blog!