Round and round the sticks they go,

Where she shall land,

Nobody knows.

The land of quiet dim and grim,

Where a statue maliciously grins.

Taunt and jibe,

The people do and more,

As they edge closer, closer,

Upon the floor.

And as the once seductress strums,

He is no more.

LMH © 3/12/2016

heckenmccrory  asked:

Hong Kong, Prague, Tel Aviv!

Hong Kong: What is your earliest childhood memory?
This one’s hard because I have very few memories earlier than 10th or 11th grade. Idk why but earlier than 8th I remember next to nothing?? I remember vaguely sitting on the floor with a kitty my mom saved and then adopted who was v sick and runty. We named him Small Fry and he would sit on my lap while we fed him his medicine so I guess that’s probably the earliest one I can remember without prompting!! 

Prague: What is your favorite season?
Winter (-:

Tel Aviv: What is your favorite thing about your family?
Wow i love this one. I love a lot about my family. Probably their silliness. My mom is very quiet and introverted and sad, but if you get close to her she’s a big ole dork and loves to talk and is very open minded. She is a poorly-disguised badass (covered in tattoos, is in a band, and rode motorcycles when she was younger) who can’t say no to animals that need rescuing. My dad is such a people person, always late to the joke, and insists on talking (like having legit one-sided conversations!!) to all our pets because he thinks it makes them happy. My brother(s) are the best. I have one blood brother and the other is brother by association cuz I’ve known him nearly his entire life and he’s just always been a big part of mine. Ryan is v reserved and critical, but always gives me hugs when im sad and is an incredible artist and could be a stand up comic. Sammy is moody and judgmental on the outside but a big softy on the inside, he has a lot of feelings he pretends don’t exist, and is unapologetically himself always. We have so many inside jokes and sing in shitty voices on purpose in the car and talk in fake accents to each other all the time around the house and nobody bats an eyelash. I just love them a lot and am v grateful can you tell 😭😭

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An open letter to the girl I loved, but didn't understand

First let me say I’m sorry. I didn’t understand. And I’ll admit, after you left I hated you. Better yet, I hated what I felt for you all because I didn’t understand. You see, I was mistaken. I believed I was the only one who got hurt. I thought that because you weren’t clinging on to the tiles of a bathroom floor at four in the morning, eyeliner making you reminiscent to Lexa from The 100, you were perfectly fine. I’m sorry, I was wrong. I didn’t understand then, but I get it now. It took me awhile to understand and I can’t say that I fully comprehend it all just yet, but I’m getting there. For a moment, let’s walk down memory lane, albeit painful, I think you’ll see like I did that it all fits together like a puzzle. Do you remember the first time you ever told me you loved me? You said the three little words I’d been waiting what seemed like lifetimes to hear…then you had a panic attack. I wish I understood then that it ran that deep for you. Maybe if I had known then the end wouldn’t t have been so hellish for me. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand. Truthfully speaking every time I imagined the girl that broke your heart, I’d imagined her heartless. I’d imagined you crying your beautiful brown eyes out over a girl who definitely didn’t deserve you. And when I imagined that I knew I could treat you better, I knew I’d walk through fire if it’d keep the smile on your face. I’ll admit I was naive. I lived in the wonderful world of make believe and fairy tales because that’s what i wanted to give you. I’m sorry I didn’t realize when it ran that deep that a fairy tale was an impossibility. You live and you learn though, right? I’m sorry. For so long I painted you the enemy because I thought if I could hate you, I could make it through this. I was wrong. The more I made dumb decisions and spoke of you out of spite to my best friend, the more I battled myself. All it brought was the realization that all that hate was ill placed. All it served for was a bite in the ass and a painful reminder that I couldn’t hate you, my heart, my soul, my mindset isn’t wired that way. All it proved to show was there was no place in my heart where I didn’t want to love you. And that’s where the realization struck that although I’d been blaming you, I’d been blaming her, I’d been blaming myself; the blame game wasn’t going to get me anywhere. The blame game wasn’t going to fix me and it surely wasn’t going to bring you back. And when the next girl said those three little words to me, it all came crashing down when I watched her wait in agony for words I couldn’t bring myself to say. Waiting for confirmation of a feeling I think I might have forgotten. I can’t love her, just like you couldn’t love me. And now I know. Now I get it. I can’t be the person she wants me to be and it hurts me that I’m hurting her. I get it now. I’m sorry. Nowhere in my sadness did I think you were hurting too. And although these words you’ll probably never hear, somehow I hope you know that I’m still rooting for you. I’m still hoping someday, someone can give you everything I wanted to. Someday you won’t be hurting anymore. I’m sorry, I understand.

It’s not my normal style of music, but it touched me, from eric clapton, about his son conor clapton which died on march 20th 1991, as he was 4 years old, he fell out of the window of 53th floor in New York cause his nanny didn’t pay attention for 2 seconds, but accidents happen, RIP Conor Clapton.

I hate straight clubs. All the dudes trying to dance up on me and my girl or trying to get us to fuck each other on the dance floor so they can watch or trying to get in between us to join or trying to take us home or get us to take them home or touching us without our consent and all the girls shoving into us or giving us the death glare like we’re only doing it for attention to get these fuckboys to notice us…. I’ll stick to the gay clubs thank you very much, where the guys will ask you for a second of your time so they can tell you how cute you and your partner are or dance with you for no reason other than everyone is having a great time or compliment your outfit and the girls are just cheering each other on and looking out for each other and not giving a fuck what anyone else is doing unless they’re having so much goddamn fun they have to go join. You can get pissy and say I’m “hating on the straights” or whatever, but I’d just much rather be in a place where I feel safe and comfortable and I’m actually able to enjoy myself, surrounded by people who all want exactly the same thing

What the caster on your rolling chair looks like when you’ve been sewing for your whole life and never bother to remedy the situation. My chair doesn’t really roll anymore, it just scrapes across the floor. 😉 #sewinglife

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Hands him the pot that had of course, 'accidentally' fallen to the floor, gaze cast downwards, heavy shadows eclipsing that normally bright visage... a deep breath, and suddenly, his teeth grit, hard, fists clenched as the rubber youth raised teary-eyes up toward his chef. "... I'M SORRY I COULDN'T PROTECT TH' CITY, SANJI." Like that was why the blond would be upset, and not the sandal-prints all over the sink.

❣;; @shukkou

The pot was snatched away, reflective surface smudged and dented thanks to the rubber man’s playing. A deep, irritated leer bounced back at the cook when he glanced down at the warped metal, upper lip twitching and and a single, visible vein throbbing in his jaw. It didn’t matter the reason; NO ONE was meant to mess with his kitchen utensils. They were his precious tools. Their value didn’t come close to that of his hands, but he cherished his pots and pans.

WHY do you have this? What were you doing in my kitchen?!” Tears or no tears, Sanji was too peeved to care that this ‘city’ hadn’t been protected. Considering they were miles from a real island, he could only assume that the city was fake, and that he had been PLAYING in the kitchen.

Destruction of personal properly, trespassing and causing emotional distress — did Luffy want to add another offense to the already growing list?

Growling behind his teeth and grabbing Luffy by his face, he dragged his numbskull captain back into the kitchen. The mess caught his eyes first, but what really made his blood boil was the gross smattering of prints staining his sink and the counter around it. The dented pot was set aside carefully, but Luffy wasn’t treated so kindly.

The rubber-man’s nose was pressed to the sink’s cool surface, Sanji’s hovering an inch or so away. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

♡Come live with me in the sea said she,
down on the ocean floor
And I’ll show you a million wondrous things
That you’ve never seen before ♡

He felt horrible.

He hadn’t actually gotten to experience what being drunk was like, so what was this growing stomach pain? Was it just guilt, maybe it was, Spike couldn’t believe he attempted to do something so selfish, the pain in his guts continued to grow the following morning, the stress, the self harming, the paranoia of more people finding out what he did all of it was rising.

Several bad thoughts were coming to him as he walks through the castle, he feels lightheaded, he’s not even looking at the direction he’s walking, which is why he fell down the stairs, each did actual damage, the crystal surface of the castle was hard enought to actually cause harm despite his dragon scales, when he landed he attempted to get up, shivering but couldn’t as he suddenly threw up on the floor.

He then collapsed on the castle floor, crying and unconcious

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"Playpen, stroller, high chair, diaper bag, cooler, floor bumpers, eating mat... I think we're ready to go visiting!" ( for stefanie from caroline )

new parents ask memes || accepting

   ❝ I think we were ready by diaper bag, but alright. Let’s go before you try to pack anything else. ❞

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Soonseok it bro

falls asleep on the couch: Soonyoung, he’s always choreographing and perfecting his moves in order to show the boys so its not uncommon to find Soonyoung sprawled out and Seokmin in the middle of their bed.

makes friends with the neighbors: Seokmin! He’s not called a happy virus for nothing, and who wouldn’t want to be friends with the human version of sunshine?

is the adventurous eater: they both are!

hogs the covers at night: Seokmin! He doesn’t mean too but he doesn’t complain when Soonyoung pulls him closer in order to get some heat from the blankets. 

forgets to do the dishes: Soonyoung! He gets distracted easily. 

tries to surprise their partner more often: they both try to do surprise date nights when their schedules would allow it.

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: they both do! when Mingyu visits he’s left with their messes, it reminds him of when they all shared a dorm long ago.

stays up til 2 AM reading: Seokmin!

sings in the shower: they both do but it’s when Seokmin sings that the neighbors from the fifth floor complain. 

takes the selfies: Seokmin!

plans date night: Soonyoung!