Why can’t I hold you in the street? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor? Why can’t I say that I’m in love? Why can’t I shout it from the rooftops? I wish that it could be like that, cause I’m yours.
—  Little Mix; Secret Love Song

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Samantha Markle‏ @SamanthaMGrant @StephInSuburbia @Change every family has its share of questionable so a petition against my sister is ridiculous

Hello Sam, that you should take up with whoever started that  in the UK, not tumblr, we were tipped off by someone from twitter who brought it to us, it’ a legit petition site if they get 100k signatures than it has to go to parliament floor for debate, it’s government. Why have jumped back on board with your sister? wondering?

Even if your problems are your sandwich fell to the floor today, I’ll listen. I’ll listen if your struggling with yourself, because even if I’ve been struggling. I can’t trust anyone with my feelings anymore, but everyone else. I believe they deserve the utmost attention and that is what brings me joy.

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Margaery & Elijah for the ship meme.

Send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • Who is a night owl: Elijah is awful with it. Margaery tends to go and drag him to bed
  • Who is a morning person: Elijah. who needs sleep even though you’re not even a vampire here
  • Are they cuddlers: yuuup
  • Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Margy is a v cute lil spoon
  • What is their favourite sleeping position: turned to each other. because terrible needy people
  • Who steals all the blankets: Margaery Tyrell.
  • What they wear to bed: suits.
  • Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Elijah may think his t-shirt looks great on her, but he also thinks that t-shirt will look better on the floor
  • Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Sarah. In between the two of them. it’s adorable.
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Elijah has his days but he tries not to wake her up, okay?
  • Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Margaery
  • Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: Margaery always starts. not that anyone’s complaining
Essential Oils Day 2

I just opened almost all of the oils and doused my bf in then since he is having some pain. My oldest walked in and was asking what the heck was going on. He said the smell takes the pain away. Diesel, our dog, refused to come near us. Matthew said the dog was freaking out because he was laying on the floor. OMG so very funny. We are definitely feeling better. Matthew keeps calling me a hippie!

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"You summoned, Boss-man?" Winry asked, her tone taunting as she leaned herself against the doorway with her arms crossed and her head tilted to rest against it as well. She was wearing what Martel had been nice enough to get for her once she adapted to being in the devil's nest, as well as what Greed had given her. A skin tight tank top, a pain of leather short-shorts, combat boots, a leather sleeveless jacket that almost compliment greed's own, && a thin black lace collar around her neck.

“ did i call for you? “ he asked, looking up at the young girl. two of his whores were draped against his lap, and they glared at her for interupting. “ shit, yeah. had somethin’ for you. found it on my last outing. “ the room he claimed as his was messier than hell, junk and shit strewed everywhere on the floor.

“ it’s on the dresser, under the jacket. “

he points lazily, watching her. under the jacket is a rather fine toolbox, with several finely crafted tools.

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Daisy falls asleep on the floor a lot while pregnant and Elric is so used to it that he knows when she's gonna do it. Smol and Josh take the opportunity to poke the belly.

//‘kids don’t poke the belly’ 'why not, it’s squishy’ 'just don’t do it’

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What is with people shitting everywhere? I work at a grocery store and weekly I get complaints about the bathrooms that we wash 6 times a day. It's horrible. Some will shit on the floor, or the seat. But more often than not it looks like they just pull down their pants, bend over and explode it all over the walls and everything.

When you flooring still isn’t quite done, and you still don’t have furniture… you sit on your steps in the mean time. I have found in my first month of what I would consider more minimalism, I have become very happy. Happiness by having less, and putting more gratitude into experiences. Living in your fifth wheel isn’t always easy, but I am loving it, and for right now, it is the best life for me.

i got ready for the bar and i look so cute and my body decided to hate me and now im laying on the floor cramping and its like :-( i just wanted to go dance with sav under some purple lights

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☆ - Knocking on their door at 3AM.

Mira had doozed off in her chair, reading a book long before the gentle knock stirred her.  In a sleepy haze, the songstress pushed from the chair and padded across the wooden floor of her cottage.  A fist came up to rub at her eye as a yawn passed from betwixt her lips.  

Opening the door slightly, she peeked through to peer at the woman standing there, brow lofting upwards as she still tried to wake completely up,  “Hello…?”  came her soft sing-songy voice.  “Can I help you?” 

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#day6 of #newbeeyogi is a #spinaltwist

I would have gone for the spinal twist on the floor but it is almost impossible to set my phone up for a good angle. Anyways, how do you guys ease into this? I felt like a convoluting worm lol

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I was watching tv at the sala when my younger sibling, Gab, came home from school.

As soon as he entered the sala, I asked him, “How was school?”. He sat near me and says, “Oh, same as always.” I look at him and saw his uniform are untidy and dirty. 

“If mom saw your uniform, she is going to be mad at you again. Go change your clothes.” I said.

“Oh yeah, right.” He then stand and went hurriedly at his bedroom at the 2nd floor. “I almost forgot!,” Gab shouted from the 2nd floor. “Paulo’s brother gave me your book! He said that it is the book Paulo borrowed from you!” 

“Give it to me after you changed your clothes!” I said. 

The book Paulo borrowed to me was my favorite book, “Miss Peregrin’s Home For Peculiar Children”. We exchanged books last year and I have his three books. We failed to returned each other’s book because we became busy.

I became impulsive when I learned Paulo returned my book. I checked my messenger and look if he has new message from me. None. The last message from our conversation was his.

I turned off the tv and went to Gab’s bedroom. I knock at the door twice before gab opened it.

“What?” He asked.

“The book.”

“Oh right.” He get his bag and snatched the book from inside. Then he gave it to me.

I went to my bedroom afterwards. I miss this book so I thought of rereading some pages. I lie down in bed and opened the book. As soon as I opened it, I saw a white envelope tucked between the pages.

“Oh yeah, I forgot again. There’s was an envelope tucked at the book.” I was suprised when I saw Gab at my door. “Do you know how to knock?” I said and he smiles. 

“Is there something you forgot to tell me?”


“Then go and close my door.”

I open the white envelope and saw a letter written at a yellow paper.

Dear Denisse,

I always thought our story would become a book someday, written by us. I thought we will grow and become old together just like our favorite books. But I guess that’s impossible to happen now. For all I know our story will just become a memory someday and eventually they will all be forgotten by time. Forgotten by us. One day we won’t remember any of the things that happened between us. We will forget all the happy moments we shared. We will forget the kiss and hugged. We will forget everything.

I don’t want to forget about those to be honest, but I need to. You made me want to do it. After you read this, burn this paper and pretend you never read this.

Loving you always,

5 Bedrooms Luxury Villa Canggu Area

This is 5 Bedrooms Freehold Villa Located in Tumbak Bayuh Pererenan Canggu.

Villa consist of 5 Bedrooms, all bedroom are in the top floor, all the bedroom facing the balcony and from balcony you can see see beautiful view of the rice field and the Mountain. Each Bedroom has luxury bathroom. In the top floor also there is empty space where you can put the long chair for relax have a massage in the afternoon time and enjoy the atmosphere of Bali.

This Villa completed by modern high quality kitchen European standard, make people would feel enjoy to spent their time for cook. Beside has modern kitchen, this villa has dining room next to the kitchen facing garden and swimming pool outside, this make people can enjoy their breakfast,lunch and dinner in their dining table.

There is close Living room that you can use it as a reading room as well, its facing the pool with nice interior design, also has open living room with view facing the garden, close to the pool there is also lazy area where you can lay down, have a drink and enjoy the rice field view from this place.

This villa also has maid room, storage and has garage space for 2 car and few bike. For access this villa has 3 meters private paving road and its make this villa have more privacy.

There is 2 Unit Villa for sale, this one in the picture is the new one, just finish construction 2016.

Price :
USD 695,000 (rate March 21th 2017)

For more info please call/wa :
Maya +62878 78959228

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