Abandoned work: Otayuri fic

This was meant to be a 5 Times Otabek Kissed Yuri and the 1 Time Yuri Kissed Him fic, but I’ve been such a slouch in the writing department lately. I doubt I’ll ever finish it, although you never know!. 

I decided to post the first part (”forehead kiss”), which can stand on its own, so here y’all go:


“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Yuri mumbles into the thing he’s lying on. He’s almost positive he’s still in the bathroom stall, so it might be the toilet seat. With his luck it’s the floor. It doesn’t matter, not when it’s so cool against his burning cheek that it’s completely worth every strain of hepatitis he’s getting from it. “I’m here to win a gold medal and fight crime.”

“Yakov is looking for you.”

“Tell him I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Victor and Katsuki are looking for you, too.”

“Tell them I’m dead.”

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love the tiles in the shower
9 Reasons We Still Watch The Wizard of Oz 75 Years Later The Wizard of Oz Judy Garland Actor Class More

Master bathroom with glass walk in shower large gray tiles on floor gray cabis mosaic tile backsplash yaminidesigns llc

Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Candle Better writeup than many Looks good due to heatsink used A Thermoelectric generator powered by a tealight It started as an experiment of how much power I could get from one candle But I liked the idea and it worked really well so I built this electricmechanical ornament I did not use a high temperature TEGmodule but instead a cheap TECmodule That can still handle 200 degrees Celsius which is good enough

love the tiles in the shower
Gone Phishing

A sinking sun drained the last dredges of cotton candy pink and golden yellow tints from the sky, leaving navy blue as deep as the ocean floor in it’s wake. That’s the poetic way to describe it, Luciano thought to himself as he dragged his gaze away from the window of the plane. Picking up the manila envelope from his chair side table, he opened it, flipping through its’ pages with a curious quickness. He stopped at a passage that lay above the image of a woman, warm smile tempered by sharp brown eyes that betrayed the image of a simple shop owner.

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Hey guys it's my 21st bday this weekend and I spontaneously decided to go to San Fran if anyone down to grab drinks/let me and my best friend crash on your floor message me pls!
National Arts Centre lifts curtain on $110.5M reno

The first phase of the National Arts Centre’s $110.5-million renovation was on display Wednesday in a sneak preview of what’s expected to open to the public on Canada Day.

The national theatre's newly renovated Elgin Street entrance, relocated box office and main floor of the north atrium will be open for public tours on July 1.

In the fall of 2017 the second floor of the north atrium will open, as well as the transformed Fourth Stage. In February 2018, the NAC will open the expanded Panorama Room, a 600-seat venue for large events that overlooks the Rideau Canal.

Here’s a peek at some of the new features that were on display Wednesday.

With the hoarding along the sidewalk removed, the National Arts Centre is almost ready for its big reveal. The signature architectural feature of the NAC is the 20-metre high Kipnes Lantern, at centre, which will act as a digital display for the theatre.

The new entrance from Elgin Street replaces brutalist concrete with a more welcoming glass facade. The glass around the entrance and the rest of the exterior cost $15.7 million, making it the single most expensive part of the project.

A view of the north atrium, facing west. Work is still being done to complete the Elgin Street entrance, at centre, for Canada Day. A coffee shop is expected in the space to the right. The second floor of the north atrium will open to the public in the fall.

The north atrium, looking east, from the Elgin Street entrance. To the right is the NAC’s original exterior wall.

Doors were cut into the old structure, leading visitors from the enclosed north atrium to the NAC’s main foyer.

The north atrium makes use of not only glass, but also wood, in contrast with the concrete of the original structure. But Diamond Schmitt Architects tried to capture the triangle and hexagon patterns of the original design with new materials.

The Peace Tower of Parliament Hill, as well as Confederation Square and East Block are visible from inside the north atrium of the renovated National Arts Centre.

The glass exterior of the NAC’s north atrium can be seen from Elgin Street looking south.

From the Elgin Street entrance, visitors can take stairs to the left and descend to the relocated box office.

The relocated box office for the NAC. To the right is an exit to the lower level of the main NAC foyer.

A big selling point for theatregoers: newly renovated washrooms. The refurbishment has nearly tripled the number of toilets available to patrons.

The stone tile floor of the renovated spaces reinforces the prevalent patterns of the building’s original design.

Canadian architect Donald Schmitt explains the design of the renovated space, and the desire to make the NAC more open and welcoming to the public.

5 things tag

I found this because of @zachparises thank

five things in my bag: drivers license, wallet, sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses
five things in my bedroom: Wonder Woman poster, lots of plants, big-ass mirror, dog toys that my dog has abandoned, dirty laundry
five things i want to do in life: meet my Favorite Person™(Scott Darling), go to college in Colorado, live in Ireland for a time, get over my fear of singing alone on stage, learn to ice skate
five things that i’m currently into: hockey (as you could all probably tell LMAO), lorde’s new album, biking with my dog, being on the floor, the killers
five things on my to-do list: finish gold award, get more hours for work, clean my damn room, wash my face, go to sleep at a reasonable time

I tag whoever wants to do this

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yard work for kids give them their own little garden to work in while you work in the yard They would love this

My own little story of overing the fear of getting lost via Funky Junk Interiors More

Simoni croch Conjunto de croch para bebe

Like new! Umgee beautiful, colorful, floral print halter top maxi. Golden yellow, blue, green and dark red. Lined to just above knee and then sheer shell to floor. Size Small. Bust 16"across flat. Length 59".
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Grenfell Tower resident who tried to rescue neighbours from top floor died of multiple injuries, inquest told 

A man who tried to rescue his neighbours in Grenfell Tower died after suffering multiple injuries consistent with a fall, an inquest was told.

Mohamed Amied Neda, who lived on the 23rd floor, was reported missing after the building in Ladbroke Grove, west London was engulfed in flames in the early hours of June 14.

Several other members of his family are also understood to have been severely injured, the Mirror reported.

Mr Neda’s nephew, Zia Popal, posted on Facebook “He was on the top floor of the building trying to help (people) and went missing since.”

Three of Mr Neda’s family who attended the inquest were praised by Dr Fiona Wilcox, the coroner.

“I’m impressed with your dignity,” she said.

According to the latest official figures, 80 people died in the blaze and hundreds of others have been left homeless.

Mr Neda’s inquest was one of seven opened and adjourned by Dr Wilcox until an internal hearing on July 12.

Dr Wilcox added that the inquests are expected to be suspending in order for the police investigation and public inquiry to continue.

the bar was closed and most of the staff was gone. it was p a s t two in the morning and he had just f i n i s h e d moping up the floor from spilled drinks and food that all the drunk people seemed to have little regard for; not to mention he had drunk with a few regulars so he was a a little wasted ( tipsy at best ) he did good to not get to wasted while working today. he strolled his way to the back where the person he always seems to try to flirt with was. he always seems  hug them or touch them in places a boss shouldn’t.  they hadn’t been working for him that long, but he liked them more than some of his other staff. when they were turned around he crept up behind them and wrapped his arms around there waist; leaning his chin on their shoulder.  almost done ?? 

m/f/nb   inappropriate contact ( this will be a little taboo. kuhn is a little wasted BUT he will back off. please read my rules ) 

“76, 77,” Yang huffed, dropping her body slowly to the ground and pushing herself up right before she would hit the floor. “78… 79…”

“Come on Yang, you got this,” Blake encouraged her. She took a sip from her tea as her eyes skimmed the 136th page of her novel for the third time. It was hard to concentrate in this position.

“Easy,” a huff as Yang’s body dipped down again,“for you… To say…” She stopped for a second, holding perfectly still. “When you’re the one on top.” Her lilac eyes tried to catch a glimpse of the black haired beauty sitting on her back. 

Blake glanced over the edge of her book and smirked in triumph, though she didn’t know what for. 

Yang easily mirrored it. “How about we switch around later?” 

Blake smacked her shoulder with her book. “Get to 200 and then we’ll talk,” she replied. 

A cracking pair...

I’ve just finished not one, but TWO new albums. Better yet, LP #14 is well on the way (think more broken transmission than conventional vaporwave), and I’m already planning something very different for a further project… Specifically, you can expect a mash-up where Noam Chomsky “toasts” over the works of Igor Stravinsky. SRSLY. Proper straight, four-to-the-floor Hooked on Classics biz. Oh, and to the person who recently downloaded five of my recent titles? THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!