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▤ (Because who doesn't need fluffy stuff )

send one for my muse’s reaction to your muse…
▤ = falling asleep on them .

It was no surprise that Rose would’ve dozed on the couch during a movie marathon with the gems (and a few guests, of course), but what had ended up as a surprise was waking up to finding the room empty. Food was still here and there on the floor, the credits and theme song was playing… Had the movie just ended?

As much as Rose listened in her bleary state, she couldn’t hear voices, so the party must’ve moved into the Temple itself. It was the only logical assumption to make, since the Temple blocked out inside sound while allowing sounds from outside in. Mostly to make it easier to know when someone had approached.

Wondering what they all could be up to now, Rose began to move and prepare to get up… Only to notice a pressure on her right side. She stopped and looked down at the little red-head below, curled up close to her side. Rhodochrosite. She had been one of the gems they inivited over…

Laughing softly, quietly, Rose leaned back into the couch, gently wrapping an arm around the other. Perhaps she could stick around a bit longer and just simply wait Rhodo out. It was the best thing to do, in her opinion.

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im going to be a newbie ra this year for sophomore girls. do you have any fun theme ideas for my hall? thanks - love the blog!

thanks so much!!! :D

let’s see…floor themes…

  • harry potter
  • back to the 90’s (i’ve done bands from the 90’s to decorate boards and do door decs, but you could also do something like TV shows too)
  • this year i’m doing a state…all the door decs are going to be different states and the boards are going to have a US map with info on different states
  • pokemon
  • 80’s (movies, music)
  • any disney movie ever made (if you did Up for instance, you could make balloon door decs)
  • the Wizard of Oz
  • tropical/island
  • music (boards decorated with music notes, make a giant staff, music note door decs)
  • sports (pick one as a theme or just sports in general, football/basketball/baseball door decs)
  • safari or jungle
  • puzzle pieces
  • tetris (each door dec could be a different piece)
  • flowers

hmm…that’s all i can think of right now.  if anyone else has any ideas, put them in my ask and I’ll post them! good luck, i’m sure you’ll do great :)

The hunt for a Theme...

I was stuck in the 90s for my theme ideas. 

First I was thinking about 90s toys,then I got 90s Nickelodeon cartoon on the brain.  


External image

But then I started thinking about a Harry potter theme and i had really cool ideas for door decs D: (a wand with a spell coming out of it that would spell out their name.)

External image

I think I will be doing the Harry Potter theme eventually (maybe next semester!) I had a lot of ideas for decorations and programs. But the reason I’m not doing it now, was because while brainstorming with my Boyfriend (who was an RA for 4 years) I thought of something that we both loved.

External image
Blue’s Clues! 

Yes, I know it’s a children’s tv show, but I loved Blue as a little kid and I still do. My freshmen are old going to be a year or 2 younger then me, so most of them will remember Blue. I think this is going to be a fun theme and it’ll help my residents after a long stressful day of classes and come home to Blue and be reminded of just being a kid and enjoying life :) 

I think I’ve finally thought of an idea for my door decs/floor theme for my wing this fall!! It’s a little tough because I have an all guys wing…I’m used to coed, but we shall see.

Idea 1: Video game themed

For the door decs I want to put a ‘vintage’ video game console on each door, along with the controllers coming out of them with my residents names with a “PLAYER 1” sign. The rest of the wing would be decorated with popular old games like Mario, Donkey Kong, PacMan, and Crash Bandicoot.

The board for this idea is stumping me a little bit. Any ideas?

Idea 2: Medieval Quest

Each door would have on it a Knight and a Dragon, with the residents names. The rest of the wing would be decorated with castles, damsels in distress, and other medieval quest-y things (maybe evil wizards? I dunno).

I think my board would have something to do with “Adventures” and tips to surviving the first year of university.

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I'm going to have sophomores next year and we're going to be in a brand new residence hall. Any ideas for door decs and hall themes?

hmmm…i don’t really think sophomores are much different than freshman when it comes to hall themes and door dec themes. some of the ones i’ve seen/done are:

despicable me
harry potter
hunger games
back to the 90’s (i did boy bands)
black swan
twitter (sounds tacky, but i saw the some cool door decs around this theme)
one of my fellow RAs did, a 2012 overview and made door decs that were like the olympic rings, a ballot box, a february calendar (for leap day) and things like that which was really cool.