Stiles Vs The New Table

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Stiles x Fem!Reader

Summery: Stiles decides to break in the new table… (Y/N) has the pleasure of seeing who can last longer, Stiles or the table.

Warnings: +18, Swearing, sex, dirty talk?, Dom!Stiles

“It’s not very sturdy.” You mumbled as Stiles finished building the able and you wobbled it to prove your point. “It’s a pretty crappy table.”

“Then don’t wobble it, what’re you planning to do to it anyway?” He huffed and hopped to his feet.

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Three times Even touched and called Isak his boyfriend in public/in front of friends. And that one time Isak did.

It’s not that he’s ashamed of his relationship with Even. No, far from it. If there’s a person in this planet (heck, even in parallel universes) that would be so proud of what they have, it’s him, Isak. He’s just not that showy especially if they’re in public or if they are with friends. They barely touch when they are surrounded by people. They just acknowledge each other through small gestures, like looking into each other’s eye a little longer or raised their eyebrows or smile shyly (this one’s Isak, mostly). Even understands that. They have talked about it once and Even said it’s ok. He said he knows how Isak feels about him and that he doesn’t need any more validation or proof. Still it makes him giddy when Even brush away an imaginary dirt off his face or just say the word “boyfriend” out loud, in reference to him. Sure he called him that when they checked in at that hotel suite but that felt like ages ago. So it made him blush when he heard it said last week.

* He saw Even standing in front of Kaffebrenneriet where they said they’d meet after school. His back to him while talking to a group of girls he recognized from Emma’s party last weekend. As he approached he heard one of the girls, the brunette who’s been eyeing him at said party, asked Even something. He only caught the last few words, “…..involved with someone?” Even was about to answer but the girl’s expression gave away his presence. Even turned and said “Halla, there you are. We were just talking about you!” Isak smiled at the girls then to Even, “Hey. What about me?” The girl grinned and said “Oh, hi we met at Emma’s last Saturday and I was just asking your friend here if you’re involved with someone. Are you?” Isak was taken aback slightly. Sure Norwegians are forward and bold but this one’s brazen. He was about to say something when Even spoke, enunciating each word. “Yeah, he’s involved. With me. He’s my boyfriend”, then loosely placed an arm on his shoulder. Isak could feel the rush of blood on his face but that was nothing compared to the girl’s expression. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know. Cool, see you around.” The girls just up and left the two of them. Isak squinted his eyes at Even. Even in return raised his eyebrows and said “What?” Isak shook his head at his beau while smiling coyly.

* They were on their way to Even’s apartment when Isak decided to stop by the store. Yes that store where Even tricked Isak to come home with him and spent the rest of the day making (awful!) cheese toasties and talking about music and stuff. That same store. “Hey, you said last night you don’t have beer so we’re buying. Hope you have your ID with you?” Even grinned, clearly remembering that moment he first got to spend more hours with Isak. “Yeah, I got it.” Isak watched Even enter the store and placed himself on the exact same spot he waited for him. Several minutes passed and Even’s still inside. A few more had gone by, still no Even. He peeked inside the store and there he was looking at bread trays. Isak decided to go inside and asked what’s taking him so long. “I remember you don’t like fancy bread very much and I don’t want a repeat of that whole cheese toastie fiasco. So I was thinking if I should still get bread or should we just have chips?” Isak stared at him, slightly aware of the other three people inside. “Even, it doesn’t matter. We can have chips or bread or we can butcher our cheese toasties over and over again. I don’t care as long as we get to share it. You and I. Together.” Even fell silent, and smiled that small smile that makes Isak feel lots of feelings. He reached out and touched Isak’s face in that same way he did in the locker room. Looked at Isak the same way too. Then turned his attention to the cashier, “My boyfriend’s really sweet. Don’t you think?” The cashier smiled and so were the other customers. They ended up with chips and bread and beer. And Isak blushing profusely.

* They were hanging out at Isak’s place. It’s Saturday and Isak’s flatmates were all in. It was one of those rare days when they all felt like staying at home, lounging and doing nothing. Eskild was looking at his phone, scrolling through his messages and notifications. Linn, being Linn, was just lying on the sofa, face blank. Noora was channel surfing. Even and Isak cuddling on the other end of the sofa. The only noise they hear was the ones produced by the tv. Even, clearly bored out of his mind, stood up which caused Isak to move too. “Hey, I was just getting comfortable there. Come back here” Isak grumbled. “No. This won’t do. Won’t do at all.” All four people were now looking at him. With worried look etched on their faces. Even laughed. “I know what you’re thinking. No, I’m not having an episode.” He could practically hear them releasing their breaths. He smiled and continued his interrupted speech. “C'mon guys. We’re young, we shouldn’t be spending Saturday nights like this. We should go out. Call your friends maybe they know someone hosting a party or something.” Eskild said he’s not in the mood to go out tonight. Linn said nothing. Noora glanced at Isak. He shrugged “Oh, don’t look at me, we have the same circle of friends.” “Okay, so no one you know is having a party tonight. Why don’t we do it here? Now. Eskild and I can buy the good stuff while you call your friends and ask them to come here. Cool?” Noora said okay and started dialling Eva’s number. Isak still has that look of concern as he watch Even donned his hoodie and jacket. He approached Even, “Are you sure everything’s okay?” “I’m fine. I’m telling you I’m not having an episode. I just can’t stand looking at your gloomy faces for the rest of the night, knowing I can do something about it.” Isak’s face remained the same. Eskild emerged from his room ready to leave. Even touched Isak’s cheek and said “Quit worrying. I’m good.” To Eskild he said “I have the best boyfriend, right?”. Even quirked his eyebrows and left Isak with a smile. Noora and Linn have goofy smiles on their faces. Uncharacteristically, Linn commented “You guys are disgustingly sweet.”

*That same night

The sullen mood earlier just vanished. Isak’s apartment was lively. His friends were all gathered together. Soft party music was playing. Eskild was dancing, surprisingly, so was Linn. Noora and the girls were huddled on the floor discussing Russ, bus themes and the latest stories. Isak, Even and the boys were on the other side having a discussion of their own when Isak’s phone rang. “Hey Papa. Yeah I received your text. Yes, my boyfriend and I will be there……Even. His name’s Even. Ok, ok. Bye.” It took a few seconds before it dawned on Isak that it became suddenly quiet, except for the soft music, of course. Everyone seemed frozen, all eyes on him. He looked at each of them before finally setting his eyes on Even, who has a ridiculous grin on his face. Isak raised his eyebrows “What?” “You do realize you said "boyfriend” and “Even” in the same sentence. Out loud. In front of people….they heard. Just so you know.“ Isak rolled his eyes and reached for Even. With hands intertwined, Isak gazed lovingly into Even’s eyes, he then said "Yes, I did.” They heard a collective “awww” followed by Magnus hooting “hashtag relationship goals”, Eva gesturing the “Ok” sign, Eskild giving him the thumbs up, Sana smirking at him, Jonas shaking his head as if saying “bro, what a sap you’ve turned into, but I am happy for you” and the rest just grinning at them.

The party ended. Their friends went home, except for Eva who got totally wasted and passed out on the sofa. And now lying here with Even, Isak’s still elated. Even bent and kissed him. Oh, boy that felt good. Isak felt so good.


Baby Blue & Baby Pink Set

2 floors: Plush Carpet & Wood Plank — 3 swatches each

2 wallpaper sets: Baby Blue & Baby Pink — 10 patterns/swatches each

2 Floor Rugs: Mickey & Minnie themed — 2 swatches each

11 Wall Art Print Sets — only 6 shown above but they are all super cute

I was saving all this for when EA finally gave us toddlers, but, eh, it doesn’t look like we are ever getting them, so enjoy them now for your sim babies/kids and your kid-at heart sims. Everything BGC and tested in game.  No problems found but let me know if you come across any.  Preview pictures in each packages folder.  

Mesh credit to EA. Image credit to google & boomboomprints.com


Happy Simming!


Inspired by some bottle charms and thought that might as well make some for myself.

I don’t have much so I only ordered bottles for charm set to see what I can make (this is actually my first time) and I was really surprised when I get 50 tiny bottles instead of the bigger ones. I didn’t complain much though since I have too many beads and microbeads to create for these bottles.

Of course, my inspiration always go to Overlord and I decided to go for easy themes; Floor Guardians.

It wasn’t easy since the bottles are really small, but I tried to be creative as much as I can with many items I have actually saved up in my storage.

From left to right: Shalltear idea #1, Cocytus idea #1, Ainz Ooal Gown, Cocytus idea #2, Albedo, Demiurge, Shalltear idea #2, and finally Mare.

I’m going to make more of these guys until I order some charms that go along with each character.

And no, these are not going to be on sale. Sorry guys, these guys are just personal experimentation. ^^;

Persona 5 Prologue: Analyses and Theories (Part 2)

Note:  There are spoiler posts floating around that may contradict these theories, since I formed most of my theories soon after the translations for the prologue were released and before spoilers were leaked from the demo.

(Once again, translations were provided by @domi-persona.)


5. Light the Floor Up

6. The Radical Themes of Persona 5

7. Joker’s Failed Escape

8. Are the Police Secretly Demons?

9. So who was the Traitor?

5. Light the Floor Up

After fighting his way through the demons, the Protagonist realizes that the building is filled with these guards who are searching for him at every corner. Sneaking is the only way out for him, according to the team’s Navigator, Futaba, and so we have our first sneaking section of the game!

Notice how every step he takes in-game produces a visual paint-like effect.  This allows users to track their movements on the map provided towards the right.

Additionally, the Joker’s paint bounces onto the walls when he takes a step, producing graffiti messages that visually represent both the themes of the game and also the Phantom Thieves’s point of view.   But the paint could also have an impact on the story and not just intended to be aesthetically pleasing to the players themselves.  The rebellious messages left by the Phantom Thieves could also be meant to inspire bystanders and followers to break free from ruling powers, and also show their opponents that their radical desires will not be undermined by leaving them in bright neon paint.

6. The Radical Themes of Persona 5

(”Winner Take All”, “Black and White”) 

(”Success”, “Everyone’s Enemy”)

(”Winner”, “Double-Faced”, “Victory Addiction”, “Deal Pending (?)”)

(”Losing is not an option”, “Everything in Black and White”)

Here, we can see the themes of the game (“Glory or Ruin”, etc.) be represented on the casino walls.

There are both positive messages that describe the Phantom Thieves’ point of view, and negative messages that describe the law enforcement’s point of view.

To the Phantom Thieves, their heists may represent a “Glory or Ruin”, or All or Nothing situation where the only way to stop corrupt people from winning is to completely remove them from power, fitting the words (”Winner Take All”, “Everyone’s Enemy”, “Success”, “Losing is Not an Option”, “Black and White”)

However, their opponents may see them in a more cynical view.  They may believe that the Phantom Thieves are just hedonistic rebellious teenagers. (”Victory Addiction”, “Everything in Black and White”)

There are also words that describe the Phantom Thieves’ temperament and situation, including (”Double-Faced”, “Everything in Black and White”, “Deal Pending”, etc.)

“Double-Faced” stands out the most from the group, as it not only describes the Phantom Thieves’ dual nature of being law-abiding students by day, and vigilante Phantom Thieves by night, but also the relationship between the Phantom Thief persona, the Personas’ which are based on society’s appreciation of Picaresque Heroes, and the Shadows, which seemingly injure and possess the Phantom Thieves whenever they summon their Personas.

7.  Joker’s Failed Escape

Unfortunately, the security guards catch up to Joker, and the people watching them on camera are aware that there is more than one Phantom Thief acting on this scheme.  It likely means that this is the point of the game where the Phantom Thieves lose the advantage of secrecy.

The Persona 5 Protagonist attempts to escape from the security guards, but is cornered by the guards rushing through the hallways.  He then jumps out of the glass window, with no other options.

As Futaba pointed out, this decision was a reckless one, and the overwhelming amount of police quickly apprehend him.

(There is a Read More cut here)

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University - Chapter One

(Hartbig) Multi-chapter AU: Grace and Hannah meet during their first year of university

Other parts

Grace slams the door of the station wagon and walks over to the second car behind it. Why both sets of parents/stepparents had to accompany her, she’ll never know. They’ve all already done this for her older brother, who is, of course, the only person lucky enough to avoid move in day. 

Tim, the youngest, is certainly in no mood for this, too many tall, excited people are surrounding them. Grace picks up a box elegantly labeled ‘stuff’ and trudges behind a move-in volunteer.

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Your Daughter Is Jealous Of The New Baby *5SOS*

Calum: Ainsley hasn’t spoken a single word to neither Calum or Y/N since her little sister, Hadley, was born. Ainsley was only 3, she should be playing with her parents. Not hating them. Ainsley felt threatened, She felt like Hadley was gonna steal her parents away from her. And that’s just what she did from the second she walked in. All she did was cry, Ainsley wasn’t able to even speak to her parents let alone have a chance to play with them. So, she soon gave up. She rarely left her room, the only time she left was to eat; or when her Uncles came over. She was happy whenever the came over, because that meant she wouldn’t be invisible. 

     Ainsley sighed as Hadley began crying once more, their mother was out, and Ainsley and Calum were gonna watch a movie. Ainsley climbed off of the couch and went up to her room. She decided to give up, to stop trying. She couldn’t compete with Hadley. She pulled her toys from her toy crate and sat on the floor of her princess-themed bedroom and played dollies alone. Wondering why her parents loved Hadley more than her. 

Ashton: “No.” Ana said, crossing her arms over her small chest. AnaClaire had just turned 4, and got a set of baby brothers all in the same month. She hated it. They got more attention then she did, it felt like her parents loved the babies more than her. But why? All they did was cry, cry, cry. AnaClaire was much more than that, she thought. She rarely ever cried. The only time she cried was when she was seriously hurt. Right now, Ana was sick and refused to take her medicine. Why? Because if she argued then that meant her Mom and Dad had to pay attention to her and not the stupid babies! 

      “AnaClaire, I’m not gonna tell you again." Ashton mumbled and tried to make her take the medicine. He had no clue why she was acting up like this, all he knew was she wasn’t listening. "Ana.” He warns once she pulls away once more.  After nearly thirty-minutes of fighting with her, she took the medicine. He decided they both needed a time-out. So, he set her on the naughty-step. Once she was placed there, tears immediately filled her eyes. Her parents really did hate her.

Michael: Lilah was currently 5 years old and just got a little brother and sister. With two newborn babies in the house and a Dad who was on tours meant little attention for little Lilah. She often found herself either upstairs in her room, playing by herself, or watching her mother play with the twins. She felt as if she had been replaced, that there was no room for her in the Clifford family anymore. And she was only 5 years old.  Lilah often found herself staying with her Grandmother, where she was able to not feel like she was being pushed away. 

  Lilah spent so much time over at her Grandmother’s, Her mother soon forgot she even had another daughter. She wasn’t as excited as she normally would have been when her Dad came home, because she knew it would be the same old thing as it is at home whenever he’s not home.  Lilah woke up the next morning, and climbed out of bed once she heard noises coming from downstairs. She knew her Dad was home, and she knew he didn’t wanna see her.

 Luke: Luke smiled down at the sleeping baby in his arms. It made him remember the time Brooklyn was born only about 3 years ago. When Brooklyn first found out she’d be a big sister, she was beyond  excited. As time went on, all they talked about was the new baby. Brooklyn was often excluded and immediately didn’t want the baby. Well, she didn’t exactly have a choice. She’d been distant, spending as much time away from her parents as she could. Luke was hurt whenever Brooklyn wouldn’t watch a movie with him, or when she didn’t wanna play with him. He always wondered what happened, but the thought if her being jealous never crossed his mind. 

  Brooklyn stayed at Liz’s house the night the baby was born and the day after. While she was there, she got treats and played all day and night! She didn’t wanna go back home where she’d be ignored! Liz eventually brought Brooklyn to the hospital to see her new sibling, Once they got into the hospital room, Brooklyn hid behind Liz and refused to look at Luke and her Mother.   -Sherie xx

Ground floor plans show the house has an astonishing number of rooms. The home has been described as a ‘once in a generation sale’

On the plans for the principal floor, the Georgian-themed marble saloon remains its centrepiece