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Their first is less like a first and more like a last, a finality, an ending – the end of Maul’s doubts, of his denial, the end of his internal insistence that Thrawn’s attentions and affection were meaningless, or less than sincere, or a form of manipulation.

Thrawn’s fingers linger over Maul’s tattooed skin with a reverence and worshipful grace that finally, finally makes Maul truly believe he still merits the title of Lord. The whispered words in a foreign tongue run tremors up his spine, and the way Thrawn’s lips ghost over Maul’s own echoes breathless obeisance born of awed devotion.

There is a comforting darkness behind Thrawn’s glowing eyes to match the deep dark places in Maul’s twin beating hearts, a growing warmth there that envelops him and penetrates him and holds him so close that it doesn’t even matter that he has nothing below his waist, doesn’t matter that Thrawn’s gentle explorations are limited to only half the flesh Maul should have had. Maul’s world coalesces into the luminous eyes above him and the fingers on his skin, and he finds himself reaching up with shaking hands to caress the pale blue skin of his new lover’s face. And Maul discovers it is not only Thrawn who is enthralled, not only Thrawn who is filled with awe and reverence and touching warm skin in ardent benediction to this strange and sacred fate that brought them into each other’s arms.

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2-Bedroom 1-Bath home with a mini range and apartment sized fridge.

Sq. Ft: 640
Building size: 20’-0" wide, 42’-6" deep (including porch)
Main roof pitch: 5/12
Ridge height: 15’
Wall height: 8’
Foundation: CMU Blocks
Lap siding
2x4 walls standard. Basic dimensions for 2x6 walls also provided.

This plan is in PDF format so you can download, and print whenever you like. Plan prints to scale on 24" x 36" paper.

Floor Plan
Room dimensions shown are inside-wall-to-inside-wall clear space inside the room.

“You know what went through my head as the axe was coming down?” Tedros asked. “That we never had nicknames for each other, like every other couple.”
“We’re not like every other couple,” said Agatha, looking at him.
“No, we’re not,” Tedros admitted. “Not every king finds a queen who’s smarter, stronger, and better than him in every way.”
Agatha put her hand to his golden cheek. “You are the pretty one, at least.”
Tedros grinned, leaning in. “Mmm, you might have me beat there too.”
He kissed her long and soft, leaving Agatha even more wobbly on her feet. Tedros steadied her with his strong arm, bringing her into his sweaty chest. After all this, he somehow smelled better than he ever did before. She kissed him again, a blush blooming on her cheeks—