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[* But he was already swallowing all of the smile dip. Kinaru changed from his normal black and purple colouring to a mainly white and pink one, and his one yellow eye changed to a rainbow of colours. His body was struggling to stay together, and part of it was dripping onto the floor and sliding back onto him. Smile dip began to flow from is mouth, and his devious, sharp-toothed grin was that of pure fear. All while still hearing the Bee Movie script.]

He puts on Katy Perry music as he reads.

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Elgang playing bowling!!

Elsword is the dude who is way too enthusiastic, slips on the floor, and slides halfway down the alley.  Everyone laughs at him.  He laughs at himself.

Aisha tries bowling once, then she decides she doesn’t like it, hanging back and cheering for Rena and Elesis.

Rena quickly gets the hang of it.  It’s just controlling a projectile in different ways, right?  She can’t quite get strikes, though.

Raven has a hard time with bowling. He sort of doesn’t have a left arm to balance himself with.  He ends up stepping back and cheering with Aisha.

Eve is fantastic at bowling.  She can do the precise mathematical calculations of how to get a strike and then put the ball exactly where she wants it.  She is banned from the friendly competition.

Chung isn’t very good at bowling, but he has fun with it.  He and Elsword end up playing a very competitive game.  It ends up in a tie.

Ara is good at bowling, for the three runs she does.  And then she accidentally trips and drops the bowling ball on her own foot.  She is now sitting down with ice.

Elesis isn’t fantastic, but she’s quite good at getting strikes.  She’s also very very dramatic about it.

Add is an antisocial nerd, and spends the entire time in the back with screens in his face.

Lu does her best, but without her gauntlet, she can’t lift the bowling ball.  She ends up playing vicariously through Ciel.

Ciel is just trying to keep Lu happy, god damn it.

Rose plays as an exercise in physics, then halfway through, finds herself having fun.

Ain plays because Elsword convinces him to, but it’s not his favorite activity.

140503 at dawn (m)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, smutty smut smut

Summary: Yoongi is always early in his studio and well, he wakes you one morning. Simple, right? Nah, that’s where you’re wrong.

Wordcount: 2.5k 

Your eyes jolt open, stung by the sun ray aurora spilling over you half dressed self. Turning over to your right, you hope to find your angelic boyfriend beside, only to have his spot froze; cool from the slight breeze from the cracked window.

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I Do Screenshot Edits Of My Galra Keith Headcanons: Blade of Marmora Edition

…yeah these’re like half of all the edits I’ve done. I really love Blade of Marmora it’s my favourite episode.

I just have so much fun with these. Drawings are fun but also energy intensive. I can get like four of these done in the time it takes me to do one drawing and they’re fun to do anyway.

Yuuri and Phichit smoking some pot in Detroit together, Phichit would be all crazy ideas and ”dude the floor is like sliding away, feel it? Like *spaces out for a minute* … I forgot”. And Yuuri would be chill at first but then gets caught up in Phichit’s ideas and soon comes up with his own. And after some time they’d just lie there on the floor of their room and watch the ceiling.

Quick rant about video games

What I noticed regarding some games from Eastern European developers is that they seem to be a lot better at portraying a realistic/harsh experience when it comes to, for example, shooters.

Games like Metro, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Arma, Operation Flashpoint, the upcoming Escape from Tarkov, Cryostasis and so on show that they don’t necessarily need marketing labels like ‘Horror’ to throw you into a tense and nerve-wracking situation and can create an insanely immersive feeling that not many other games can provide.

While many western developers are trying to depict war and/or the act of killing as something, almost glorious, this is certainly not reality and it should not be normalized. It’s not about gracefully sliding across floors in a coporate building, taking out dozens of faceless bulletsponges while actively dissociating from your acts.

Not so in my mentioned examples.
No need for many flashy, shiny effects and big explostions, QTEs, long ellaborate cutscenes or endless tutorials but rather, they teach you the mechanics, the history and rules of the world by actually letting you play which is, kind of, the purpose of it all. Playing…

I, for myself, love the rough and dirty atmosphere of these games that basically make you crawl across every area, clinging to your miserable life and making the act of fighting not always the mission objective but a choice that can often turn into a ‘High Risk -> High Reward’ situation.

A thing that really annoys me nowadays is, when developers are trying to spoonfeed me. And yeah, I get it, it’s about catering to a wider audience -> More money. And that’s not inherently wrong, but making me feel like a moron that can’t figure out the most basic things by myself (Press F to pay respect) makes me put down a game faster than the process of failing and learning.

I’m not saying that I don’t like fast-paced, mindless action like in Titanfall or Doom but I am really happy that we’re also being shown a different side of this medal that’s called video games. And I don’t want to demonize every other region and their mentality. 
Spec Ops: The Line, for instance, is a great example of a game that overthrows the mentioned effect of dissociating by, halfway through it, heavily confronting you with your actions of killing and murdering…


we need to talk about the way matt removes that chair like it has personally offended his butt

He Knows

Took some inspiration from this post. It’s nice to write about Hiashi sometimes. Especially nice to see Ko every now and again.

Maybe not what @ofravensandpearls was talking about, but you get it, you get it.





Hiashi Hyuuga.

Hyuuga Clan leader.

Father to Hinata and Hanabi Hyuuga.




Hiashi and Ko sat in the living room of Hinata’s new home. The entire place was large and lavish, decorated with all the fine furnishings of traditional Japanese living, and potted plants were strategically placed anywhere there was not a bed or toilet. Tatami floors, sliding doors, paper lantern styled fixtures, and elegant paintings were the true treasures of the house, and Hiashi approved of most everything. He thought there may have been one too many sliding doors leading to the outside, but this…wasn’t a Hyuuga house.

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Hello, baby. Part 22

Sitting against the cold concrete wall, I lift my head up and lean it back. My eyes burn as I open them from crying throughout the night.
I feel like I should be stronger, for myself and for J but I hate thinking about him coming back here. I could care less what they do to me but if he comes back, what if they keep him, make him worse or what if he forgets me, what if they kill him. 

A slot in the door opens up, a tray of food gets shoved through and it falls all over the floor. They slide a small cup of water through and that also makes a mess on the floor.
I stay curled up against the wall, i want to show them exactly how I feel but that’s exactly what they want. 

 "Stupid bitch.“ It’s the same guy that threw me in here. 

I clench my jaw in order to keep my mouth shut, my fingers dig into my shins as my arms pull my legs in closer. The slot closes and locks, I hear the sound of his boots trail off. I’m left alone.
The walls are bare and grey, there is a toilet and thats it and its filthy. There is no bed, not even a mattress, just the cold concrete ground. I tap my head against the wall behind me, thinking.
I have a plan, a plan J would approve of, I just have to wait for the moment.

“Turn everything into anger.” I whisper to myself over and over.

It’s about a week of the same treatment from the same man. His voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and seeing him makes me fume with rage. I wait though. I pay attention to his every move and detail, his characteristics and mannerism. Which are disgusting. 
I hear him approaching.

The sound of the door unlocking breaks my thoughts and my head snaps up. It’s him. His skin is blotchy, his stubbled facial hair is dark brown, he is a big guy full of ego, his eyes match his facial hair and his walk is carried with a limp. My lip curls up just at the sight of him.

“I see your little lover hasn’t tried to save you yet.” He closes the door behind him, “You must mean a whole lot to him.” He laughs as he takes a few steps into my territory. 

I ease my tension and let my legs lay flat against the ground and my arms to my side. I know he is just trying to rise a spark in me.

“You were just a filthy bitch to him too, you fucked your way to the top just to end up here huh.” He takes a few more steps towards me. 

“Warning you.” I whisper.

“What was that? You don’t have a dick in your mouth yet so speak up.” He adjusts himself in his pants.

“I’m warning you.” I hiss at him, my eyes look into his black abysses.

“You don’t scare me princess.” He laughs again and stands right in front of me.

“I should.” I spread my legs out into a V shape. 

He doesn’t say another word, his eyes now focused on my hands pulling the gown up my thigh. 
In one motion I scoot down lower to the ground and kick my leg up, my foot meeting him right between the legs. He groans loudly, his hands quickly move to cover himself. I kick in his shin and the bottom of my foot stings from the force I used, I hear the snap of his bone followed by a scream from the guard as he falls to the ground. I snap up to my feet and quickly pull the gun from his side, I kneel behind his head and place the tip of the gun against his skin. 

“How do I get out of here?” I lean in close to his face.

Sweat is dripping down his face, he tries to hold back his whimpers as he stares at me. 

He stumbles on his words out of fear and pain, “Y-you can’t. You w-w-won;t make it.” He tries to smile.

“Watch me.” I reach to his side again and grab his key card, I stand up over him and keep the gun pointed at him, “Scared yet?” He doesn’t reply and I show him a smile for being honest.

With no hesitation I unload the entire magazine into the guards body, I don’t aim for one place, I simply make sure each bullet entered his body. 

I toss the gun and run out of the cell, I hear the shuffle of guards coming from the opposite way and I run towards the nearest door.
A stairwell, I decide to run up the stairs and use the key card to open the door to the roof. I walk towards the edge of the building and look down the side of the to see if there is a fire escape, I start to run towards the one I see. The sound of the roof door slamming open and the guards rushing towards me has my heart beating through my chest. I jump down to the first metal platform and move my feet as quick as i can down the ladder and on to the next. Four floors down and and my feet finally touch the outside ground. Bullets ring out from above and I run as fast as my legs will carry my around the corner and into the next alley. My body feels exhausted from not sleeping, barley eating and moving. I lean back against the wall and try to catch my breath but I know it won’t be long before they are after me. I look around the corner to make sure no one is near by before I make my move. I jog down the block, trying to wave down a taxi, one finally comes to a stop and I jump in quickly yelling at the driver to hurry up.

“A please wouldn’t hurt.” The voice sounds all too familiar.

“W-wait, Lucas?” My voice still loud, my heart pounding. 

He looks over his shoulder quickly, giving me confirmation it was him, “I’ve been driving damn near all day and night waiting for you to make a move or for Mr. J.” He laughs, “He had his plan but he had a feeling you wouldn’t wait on him.” 

I let out a sigh of relief and sink into the back of the taxi, I feel a lump forming in my throat and I close my eyes trying to hold myself together. Lucas speeds up and moments later we pull up to J’s place, the only place that feels like home for me. 
It feels like it has been much longer than a week, I smile at Lucas and quickly open the car door and make a run to the front door of the house. It’s locked so I frantically knock on the door till I hear the knob move. I take a step back and the door opens up.

“Kat!” Jackie screams as she pulls me into the house with a hug.

My arms squeeze around her, “I missed you too!” I laugh out.

I hear footsteps come down the stairs and Jackie lets go of me, I turn to look and J is stopped on the middle of the stairs. The lump in my throat makes it hard to swallow, my eyes start to well up just at the sight of him. 
He takes one more step down and I run at him, the tears start to roll down my cheeks before his arms even wrap around me but once they do the cries become sobs into his chest. 

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“I knew you wouldn’t wait for me baby.” His arms pull me into him and he rests his chin on the top of my head.

I hear him take in a deep breath, my arms wrap around his as tight as they could. He takes one of his hands and tilts my chin up, he wipes the tears off my face and brings his lips to mine. Our lips part and I inhale him in, I reach my hands to the back of his head and pull his lips back to mine. He lets out a growl and it sends a wave through my whole body, my lips part and he doesn’t need any more of a hint. His tongue slips between my lips and my mouth opens wider as our tongues roll over each others, I moan into his mouth and his hand reaches behind my neck and his thumb trails down my skin. 
I push him back against the wall on the stairs and I feel the smile appear on him lips.

“Oh, how daddy has missed you.” He growls into my mouth.

I bite at his bottom lip and whisper back, “Why don’t you show me how much you’ve missed me?” 

He moves his hands under my ass and pick me up, I wrap my legs around his waist and I can feel him harden against me and I let out a deep sigh from the friction. He carries me into the bedroom and tosses me on the bed, he is ripping off his jacket and pants and I wiggle out of the gown. His muscles define as he stokes himself and lets out a groan. I scoot back on the bed and bite my lip, unsure of his next move. He comes from the foot of the bed and bends my knees, he wraps his arms under them and his fingers dig into my thighs, no teasing involved as his tongue instantly starts swirling on my clit. My back arches and my moans are uncontrollable, I reach my hand into his green hair and try to gain composure. His tongue is being relentless, he flattens his tongue as he slides between my folds only to come back to my clit again. 

“Fuck!” I scream out as I can already feel my orgasm approaching.

He slides two fingers in me and he moans between my legs, my legs begin to shake as they fold around him trying to come together. He doesn’t stop, his fingers curling inside me and his tongue giving my constant attention. My hands move to the sheets next to me and my nails dig into them, I can’t control my rigid breathing or my moans. 
I can feel the last few seconds of build up become so intense as he doesn’t stop, all the muscles in my body tighten up and again he moans into me, I let out a scream again and I can feel each part of my body slowly come undone as J still works his tongue on me, tasting me while I try and catch my breath.
His head slowly lifts and he places a wet kiss on my hip, he slides his fingers out from me and makes his way between my legs.

“I missed how good you fucking taste.” He breathes out and presses his lips to mine.

His tongue asks for permission and I part my lips. I taste myself as his tongue swirls on mine and I moan into his mouth again. He pulls his mouth from mine and sits on his knees, using both his hands he holds my thighs spread down giving all the view he wants as he slowly slide into me. His groan is loud like he hasn’t had this feeling in years, his head falls back as he does it again. He runs his hands from my knees to the deep inner thigh and I moan back at him, trying to keep my eyes open to watch his expressions. He holds himself at my entrance and I wiggle trying to get back what I had.

“Don’t.” He groans at me. 

I bite my lip and move back again. He lets his thumb trail up my clit and a shudder runs through my body, he continues up my stomach and between my breasts, his hand covers my throat as he leans back over me. He applies little pressure and his hips meet mine with force. His thrusts become much harder and his eyes turn a shade darker, my legs wrap around him as he has one of his holding himself up and the other applying a little more pressure around my neck.

“Daddy!” I cry out as he pulls himself all the way out of me only to burry himself back inside with a deep thrust.

He growls and his pace picks up, my body bouncing with every move and my moans and screams cut short as he gets deeper and deeper. I can feel my body tensing up again and my fingers are tangled in his hair.

“Talk to me baby, let me hear you.” He groans.

I inhale sharply trying to catch my breath, his thrusts soften for the moment so i can speak, “Daddy, please don’t stop. Please, I’m so close again baby. I’m so close. You feel so good daddy.” I scream out as he returns to his harder motions.

My back arches as his hand around my throat reaches to my breast, his thumb grazing over my nipple and my body tenses up. I know he can tell because his head drops into my shoulder with a loud groan.

“You wanna cum on my dick, baby girl? Is that what you want?” He is panting between words.

“Please!” I beg, “Don’t stop till I am dripping down you daddy.” His hand comes off my beast and I feel it again on my clit.

my back arches and my nails dig deep into his shoulders as he rolls over my clit again and again. I tighten around him and I can feel him release himself with a moan that went quickly to a growl, he pumps himself in me a few more times which is all I need to get over my own ledge. I scream out as my second orgasm is even more moving, my back arches again while he rubs my clit through my orgasm, when he finally pulls out and releases his touch my body shows a visible shiver of ecstasy. 
He lays next to me on the bed, both of our chests rising and falling quickly as we are still trying to catch out breath. 

“You are quite the storm.” He mumbles out.

I look over at him and his eyes are closed, I grab his hand that was resting on his chest and intertwine our fingers, I don’t take in much of what he said as my heart is still pounding in my chest.

“A storm doesn’t need much, just some guidance and direction and it can destroy anything in it’s path.” His voice is low and hoarse. 

I listen to his words that time and my expression was confused even though he couldn’t see it, “Did I destroy you?” I ask in a whisper voice.

It’s a few moments of silence that fall between us before he answers, “Absolutely.” he replies.

Nightmare Pillow Talk

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Bucky X Reader

Summary:  One Shot - Bucky wakes up from a nightmare, you comfort him.

Word Count: 900

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

Story can also be read here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9243911

The familiar sound of electronic plates whirling as they re-calibrated and shifted woke you. Rolling over you notice Bucky sitting on the edge of the bed, staring intently at the floor. Sliding across the bed, you were careful not to startle him. You placed a gentle kiss where the metal of his shoulder met flesh, molding your chest around his back you wrapped an arm around his side and splayed out your hand across his chest, your chin softly rested on his shoulder.

“Nightmares?” You questioned softly.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” he replied bringing his warm flesh hand to grab yours. “You looked so peaceful, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay” you murmured sleepily.

You knew better than to pry if he wanted to talk about the dream he would when he was ready.

“Come on, I’ll make us some tea.” You said placing another kiss on his shoulder.

You went to pull yourself off him when his hand tightened on yours. “Wait,” he whispered.

You looked at him puzzled as he turned to face you.

“I just,” he hesitated. “I just need you touching me,” He pleaded.

The brokenness of his voices felt like a stab in the gut.

“Oh, Buck. Come here.” You replied softly.

He only acted this way after a nightmare when it somehow revolved around losing you in some way. You leaned back against the head board and opened your arms, signaling for him to come lay down. His head rested against your chest in line with your heart. Often times after nightmares, hard missions or when he was having a bad day he would find the sound of your heart beat relaxing. At one time, he had told you it was the only thing that grounded him.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t worried. Running your fingers through his hair you could tell he was more on edge than normal. His heart rate was still high, muscles tense and he was drenched in sweat.

“Buck, I’m not going anywhere ever. I promise,” You whispered reassuringly.

His arms tightened around as he nuzzled closer to you.

“James Buchanan Barnes, I mean it.”

He let out a heavy breath as if a weight had been lifted from him. “They took you.” He muttered.

“Who took me?”

“Hydra, I wouldn’t comply so they took you and threatened to kill you if I didn’t obey.”

“Oh, baby that’ll never happen,” You urged tightening your grip on his flesh arm.

“I was so scared.” He breathed.

“We live in Tony’s most secure compound and I train with Steven, Nat and you so often. They’ll never take me.”

“But it could.” He mumbled.

“Buck, look at me.”

He raised his head, his steely blue eyes looking deep into your own. Your hand came to rest on his cheek.

“We are safe – both of us. Everything is going to be alright. They can’t control you anymore. The King and Tony worked hard to make sure they’d never be able to control you again. You are a free man.”

Bucky closed his eyes and leaned into your hand.

You placed a kiss to his forehead, “Now, let’s go have some tea. Then I can get you back in bed.”

A smile spread across his face for the first time since you’d woke up. You quickly realized the implications of what had just come out meant.  You had a terrible habit of saying inappropriate things without realizing.

He held out a hand to help you down off the bed.

You pulled on your silk mid-thigh bathrobe at the foot of the bed. “Sergeant, you’ve got a mighty big grin plastered on your face.” You said noticing the growing smirk on his face.

He turned to face you, his hand still resting on the door knob. His sweat pants hung low on his hips, accentuating his v-shaped abdomen. It was something you had seen a hundred times by now, but still had a way of making you blush. Your eyes caught a glimpse of a bead of sweat the dripped from his neckline down his chest – you followed it with your eyes.

“Like what you see, doll?” Bucky questioned with a smirk drawing your attention back to his face.

Stepping up to him you placed your hand on his chest, a grin growing on your ever-pink face. His muscles tightened under your touch, “I do.”

He leaned down pressing a needy kiss to your lips; your arms coming to wrap up behind his neck.

“If that tea doesn’t help, I can think of a few other ways to relieve your stress.” You whispered in his ear as he broke the kiss.

“Screw the tea.” He said smiling as he turned to lock the door knob.

His metal arm snaked around your waist, lifting you with ease. He began assaulting your neck with peppered kisses, making his way back towards the bed. When you felt, the bed touch your dangling ankles he gently laid you down.

Leaning above you with his hands on either side of your head his lips came back to your own. The kiss was filled with desperation and admiration. When the need for air became too much he broke the kiss and rested his forehead against yours.

“I love you, doll.”

Wrapping your arms around his lower back you pulled him closer to you.

“I love you too.”

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the doors close, the lights go out, your clothes hit the floor, you slide into bed, and then he tells you those five words you always longed to hear

“you’re within my Stand’s range”

Styles & Co - Part 6

Authors note: This isn’t as exciting as the last chapter, but my ideas are all over the place and I can’t piece them together. Up coming chapters will have a little more spice to them, hopefully. Enjoy, and thank you for reading!! Xx

I leisurely wake up, feeling the bed cool and empty, the unexpected noise downstairs making my heart race. “Harry?” I summon, carefully getting out of bed, grabbing Harry’s business button up from the floor, sliding it up my arms to keep me covered. At least I managed to put on a bra and underwear after our crazed, dizzy, intimacy.
“Damnit!” I hear Harry curse from downstairs and I carefully make my way to the staircase, walking down them as my eyes adjust to the lighting, “Harry, you okay?” I call after, making an effort to find where he is and what the hell he is doing at an ungodly hour.
“Fucking, fine.” He grumbles from the kitchen with a temper. I walk in and see him at the fridge,
“What’s wrong?” I rub the sleep from my eyes, adjusting my eyes to the lighting of the kitchen.
“You had to get a fucking tree and stick it in the bloody way.” He broodily mumbles, “I come down to get a drink and I stumble into a fucking tree.” He ill-fatedly chews one’s words, and I can’t help but pay attention to the low cut sweatpants that are exposing his ‘V’ line and teasing me with how low they’re hanging.
“Harry, please calm down.” I whisper with a sigh, knowing he’s just exhausted and cranky. He lets out a heavy sigh before he turns to face me, “come here.” He instructs with authority. I can’t help but bite my lip and walk closer to him. “I’m not going to bite you, come closer.” He chuckles, his voice not as raucous. I step closer, unsure of what he’s going to do. He looks down at me before pulling me in for a kiss. A very unexpected kiss. “I’m sorry, I’m just—” I gently cut him off,
“Grouchy? Sleep deprived? A moody jackass?” I smile at him, admiring his darling eyes that are shining more of a soft blue than a green or grey. He rolls his eyes,
“I was going to say exhausted,” his hands pull me closer formerly gently pressing to my arms that stay across my body, stopping the unbutton shirt from exposing my body. “But, I guess a grouchy—ass, is close enough.” He smirks with a cocking grin.
“Whatever you’re thinking. No.” I instantly shake my head, conscious of the appearance of those glistening eyes,
“Baby, I can’t sleep.” He pouts his lips, gently moving my arms, releasing my grip from the shirt to expose the undergarments under it. “That’s too bad, Styles.” I speak in a low voice, giving him a tender kiss to his pouty lips, “you’ll have to do a lot more than that, my dear.” I wink, observing as he bites his lip with great devotion. His smouldering eyes look with a fixed stare into mine. it takes everything in me not to give in.
What fun would it be if he didn’t have to work for it?
Foreplay and teasing is something I cherish, in particularly when he can’t withstand my inclinations.
“Making me work for you, again?” He tilts his head to the side, his hand effeminately pressing to my exposed skin. I grin, giving him a nod, “always. But, I have to be awake again in two hours so I’m going back to sleep, you should do the same.” I inform him, observing as his eyes roll and he again begins to pucker those lips. That pout can make my heart melt in his hands with ease. “Harry.” I heave a sigh, my arms wrapping around his neck,
“We could just stay awake.” He presents as an alternative mischievously, placing a seal of love to my lips,
“Of course if you want to.” He mumbles against my lip, biting my lip mildly before pulling away, beginning to entice me all over again. Damn his desirability.
“Harry.” I sigh, “I’m tired and so are you. We have work.” I mildly press, and he nods. We’ve already had sexual relations once, and that was enough to satisfy me and wear me out. Another round of shaky, wet thighs, and dizzy sensations wasn’t what I was looking for when waking back up.
“Go to bed and sleep, Elise. I’ll be in soon.” He presses a loving kiss to my lips, his hands dropping from my body. I look over to the clock, five-fifteen. Harry’s habitually awake anyway getting ready for work, and by the time I end up falling asleep my alarm will wake me instantly. “Harry. Not so hard this time.” I murmur, delicately tugging at his arm, wanting him to acquaint himself with me upstairs.
“Elise, are you sure?” He probes courteously, being a gentlemen as usual. I’m glad that after all this time he still somewhat makes sure I am up for it. I nod,
“I’ll try not to make you dizzy this time.” He winks, graciously pressing me against the edge of the kitchen counter. I roll my eyes at his feelings of excessive pride and conceit, beginning to regret telling him he hit me in the right places. I’ve boosted his ego to an all time high and he has no intentions on living it down. “Harry-” I press my hands to his chest, “don’t fucking fuck with me this time.” I give fair warning, feeling his hand leisurely gliding up my thigh,
“Darling, whatever do you mean?” He murmurs, that damn grin forming on his face again, his hand coaxing my inner thigh. “Don’t fucking tease.” I firmly state, not wanting the teasing game to be all with him teasing me to my limits. I much has a tendency toward being the teaser and not the teased.
“Ms.Elise! Language!” He chuckles, crashing his lips against mine, continuing to tease me in every way possible as I’m leaning against the counter. I pull away, “one more damn time and you’ll regret it.” I say in a low voice, wanting his hands all over my eager, needy, body. I crave his touch and the ache he leaves behind. My hands dance along the band of his sweats, gradually but surely meddling with him like he spites me. I run my hand diplomatically over his prized possession, feeling him intensify the kiss passionately as he’s clearly aroused even further. “Be nice.” He says in a low voice against my wet lips, my hand continuing to graze against the bulging desire that’s desperate to be unleashed,
“No.” I breathe, deciding not to be gracious to him, much preferring to make his head spin the way he makes mine spin with every feathery touch his fingers allow against my thighs.
“No?” Harry huskily blathers, pulling his lips far away from mine just to so they aren’t touching.
“No.” I insist on, pulling our bodies closer and slipping my hand below the sweatpants. For a moment his hands remove themselves from my warm skin, a groan escaping his lips before his indulgent lips crash against mine, the taste of him being enough to satisfy me for the moment. He vigorously grips my body, placing me on the kitchen counter.… … …

*** ***
I walk rapidly up the stairs of my boss’ building, my legs battling to climb the stairs in my heels. The extra workout I received from Harry tired me out and to my luck the elevator is currently being fixed. I ultimately reach the level my office is on, taking in a deep breath as the receptionist gazes at me, flashing me a small smile. “Elise,” she nods, looking me up and down while I adjust my damn skirt. I give her a little smile, striding to my office and instantly collapsing into my chair noticing two bouquets of charmingly arranged flowers on my desk.
Two vastly different arrangements sit on my desk without any reason or warning. I can only assume one is from my one and only darling. My eyes look with a fixed stare at the two; I lean closer to the courtesy of twelve fresh cut pink roses, Peruvian lilies, asters and more wrapped up flawlessly in a golden boxe. “Not only are you late, but you have two arrangements of flowers… do I dare ask?” Addilyn leans on the doorframe of my office, her arms crossed as her eyes stare over at me, attempting to figure out what’s going on. I give her an innocent smile, “you’re thirty minutes late, you’re smiling before coffee… what did you do?” She chuckles, pushing off the doorframe and striding closer to my desk. I lean back on my chair, giving her my usual ingenuous resemblance. “Your hair is a bit messy, your shirt looks a little crinkled… did you wrestle with an old man for the last croissant?” She amuses herself, apprehending my attire. In my defence, it’s Harry’s fault.
Once we finished our intimacy in the kitchen I moved to the bedroom where I minded my own business. I was merely interrupted while trying to put my work attire on. Harry’s hands were far too slow while trying to button his shirt up, and one kiss led to two, which led to other things, which ultimately is the reason why I’m late with a creased shirt. “Harry wasn’t too fond of my shirt.” I inform her, watching as she furrows her eyebrows, trying to conclude what I insinuate.
“Why didn’t you change—oh!” She trails off, catching onto my drift, “Elise!” She chuckles, “that explains why he was quite cheerful this morning.” She comments, eyeing the blossoms on my desk.
“He was here?” I challenge, unsure of why he came to my office or how he managed to have time, peculiarly considering I couldn’t make it here on time. Addi nods, gesturing towards the twenty-four red roses, a stunning bouquet paired perfectly with twelve Fancy Strawberries! I grasp the box of strawberries that look like mouthwatering creations. Each succulent strawberry is dipped and covered with nuts, chocolate chips and additional drizzle. A heavenly combination of flavours. My mouth waters as my eyes continue to gawk at them. “May I ask, why you have two handsome men bringing you flowers?” She implores and I take my attention away from Harry’s bouquet and strawberries. I take in a deep breath and lean over and grasp the small note on the twelve pink roses.

“Hope you’re considering my offer, you’ll be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the dash of colour in your bland office.
Logan Meyer.
P.S the views from your office here are to die for.” I read out full-toned, rolling my eyes as I throw the small card to my desk. I look over at Addi and she purses her lips, waiting for clarification. “He’s just a guy wanting me to join his business.” I remark,
“Just a guy? He’s Logan Meyer!” She punctuates his name, making sure I grasp the concept of who he is.
“Addi, I’m aware.” I confirm with a nod, unsure of what the big deal is. He’s a firm businessman who is blatantly very prosperous and figured at an awful lot of money, but that doesn’t mean anything. After all, Harry is in the same boat as him, worth just as much or close to the same. “Damn, I wish he’d offer me a job.” She breathes a sigh, appreciating the flowers on my desk. I cross my arms as I unblinking stare at her.
“I can possibly arrange that.” I remark, having a concept to pitch her to Logan, she’s alluring, witty, intelligent, and would perhaps take pleasure in fetching his coffee more than what I would. “You cannot turn down his offer, I don’t know the figures but I know they’d be high.” She shakes her head, beginning to probe me for more information.
“Addi, why do I need his money? I’m content working here and Harry is worth just as much as Meyer.” I lower my voice, making sure the conversation is kept just between the two of us. I much prefer not to have the whole office staff knowing that Harry is tremendously successful. Addi fetches a sigh, beginning to understand very well my point, “well, send Meyer my way. I have a wedding to pay. I will talk to you later. Enjoy your strawberries and flowers.” She gestures towards my darling gifts, exiting my office and closing the door. In the private time I lean over and clasp the note on Harry’s roses.
“Just because you’re late and this morning was… worth it. My love, don’t make a habit of tardiness. Also because my bouquet is bigger and better than his. ;) xxx”

I chuckle to myself at his shameless written declaration, shaking my head at his fearless comment. Someone was perhaps jealous when he saw the flowers from Logan; I can only assume Harry wanted to one up Meyer, predominance once again being his strong suit. I decide not to text Harry a polite thank you or even a bodacious message, deciding to keep him waiting for a little bit. For a moment I contemplate leaving a message for Logan Meyer, but I’m not quite sure what I could possibly say to the man. “Thank you for the flowers, but I’m still not interested.” Doesn’t precisely scream polite and well-worth anyone’s time. I gingerly push the bouquets to the side, leaving the strawberries to stay close to me while I begin my work, doing my best to keep my mind off of Logan Meyer and his £500,000 offer that would without doubt spark interest with my Father. He wants me high up in the world of business and God knows what else, in fact he’s attempted persuading me to invest in shares and what not, but I tend to disregard his sentiments. Shares are my Fathers things, not mine, as are they are Harry’s, too. I’m disrupted from my composition by my phone sounding, a text message coming though.

“Any new additions to your office, Elise? I have meetings most the day, probably won’t be home tonight, love you X
CEO. Styles.& Co -Harry”

“If you consider roses and strawberries new additions, yes. They’re enchanting. You jealous of the pink ones? ;) Good luck with your meetings, love you too.”

“Me? Jealous? No. The twat got you roses in the colour you most dislike, pink. I simply thought you needed red roses and strawberries after such performances last night and this mornin’ ;)
CEO. Styles.& Co -Harry”

“Mhm… you made me late this morning.”

“I did no such thing. You brought it on yourself. Heading to my meetings. X
CEO. Styles.& Co -Harry”


I warrant Harry to get back to his job, getting back to my own as I carry on throughout my day, doing my very best not to ponder about major business advances that consist of £500,000. I don’t know what I’d even do as his assistant besides fetch him his day-to-day coffee order and pursues him around like a bloody lost puppy. Perhaps if he promised me a more suitable position, I would consider his proposition more carefully. Addi stealthily steps into my office, distracting me from my thoughts and my work, yet again. “It’s eight at night, why are you here?” She gently questions, and I take the time to pay attention how there aren’t many lights illuminated in the hallway and how I haven’t had anyone enter my office for quite a while.
“I didn’t realise how late it was.” I yawn, my stomach grumbling since I have neglected it while my mind has been all over the place, contemplating Meyer and his overture, and attempting to get the pile of work on my desk finished before I leave tonight. “Is Harry working late?” Addi examines as she gaits closer to my desk, I give her nod, recollecting how he won’t be returning home tonight. I’ll have a king bed all to myself, something I unconditionally dread.
“So.” Addie pushes part of her hair to rest behind her shoulder, her eyes narrowing on me, I look up at her, nodding for her to proceed whatever it is she’s trying to pursue. “When are you getting married?” She interrogates, my heart at once fluttering as the idea of marriage pops into my head. I give her a hushed chuckle, shaking my head, disapprovingly. “Not for a while.” I persist, unsure of what prompted her question. Marriage revolves primarily around Harry’s schedule. He has everything planned out with his business and until such time that everything is completed according to his supervised scheduling, him and I will not be getting married. If it isn’t on his schedule, it isn’t happening— at least not for now, anyway. “Why? You two have been dating forever.” She exaggerates, acting as if we have been dating our entire lives. I shrug, to be honest Harry and I haven’t exchanged words on marriage, it’s never come up. We’re content with how we are in our relationship. We’ve had our ups and downs and marriage just hasn’t been something we’ve ever come across discussing. “We haven’t been together forever.” I roll my eyes at her dramatization, but she shakes her head, being in disagreement with my comment.
“How long, isn’t it six years ?” She interrogates, making me heavily sigh.
“Four years, nearly five, but that’s not forever.” I hold up a finger to dispute her comments. We are coming up to five years, which denotes four long years that haven’t always been exceptional and loving. He wasn’t at all times been a thriving businessman worth millions, just like we didn’t always live in a darling, mansion like home. Where we both are now isn’t how we were when we first met. I was nineteen and he was just shy of turning twenty one, much further ahead in academics and farther in to starting off his own world away from university and shitty jobs to help him get through.

*** ***

The automatic lights flicker on as I pace the floor of Harrys office before promptly pushing on his office door. His eyes automatically leave his laptop to gaze at me, “What’s the matter, Elise?” He consults in an exhausted voice, his eyes moving waveringly back to his laptop, his hand writing down god knows what on his notepad. “It’s late.” I remind him, beginning to wonder if he even keeps track of time; Harry creates the illusion that he just sits at his desk, lost in his own world where time is non existent.
“Elise, I gave you the keys on the condition you don’t annoy me while I’m trying to fucking work.” He sighs, seeming to be entirely lost in his own cogitations. “I have a lot to do, so if nothing is wrong, please go home.” He adds, continuing to scribble something down while being rather harsh with his tone of voice. He didn’t even come home last night, which is fine — Harry gave me a heads up that he wouldn’t get home, but he should be taking a bit of a break, after all its New Year’s Eve tomorrow.
What could he possibly have to do on the eve of New Year’s Eve?
Undoubtedly clients and business can wait until the new year to take his full dedication.
“Harry, you need—” I’m expeditiously cut off by Harry’s fatigued voice,
“Don’t tell me I need a break. I need to get this clients portfolio.” He shakes his head as I take a seat in the leather chair across from him.
“Let me help.” I advance, but he declines my proposal, beginning to look back at his laptop while silence fills the air. Perhaps things would get done more hastily if he’d allow me to assist.
“It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, please tell me you’re not working.” I initiate, hoping that he plans on taking the time off to ring in the new year with me.
Last year he spent the new year sleeping because he was to such an extent exhausted. I ended up with a bottle of wine watching the television broadcasting the animal firework displays on River Thames while the iconic bongs of Big Ben sounded at midnight.

“Elise! I don’t have time for this.” He raises his voice, running his fingers through his hair, “fuck, I’m sorry.” He shakes his head, frustrated and fatigued as he hits his hand against the desk. “I can’t take this out on you.” He groans, apologising for his tone of voice. I look at him, unsure of what to say to him that’ll calm him down. Nothing I do or say will release his stress. It isn’t like him to raise his voice with me too much, he usually keeps himself composed.

“Can we do something for New Year’s Eve?” I gently ask, batting my eyes in hope he gives into me. Hopefully it’ll pull him away from work long enough to relax him. Workaholic boyfriend is only a turn on when he’s not a grumpy ass ninety percent of the time.
“You want to do something?” He raises a brow, his eyes gleaming like he has an aspiration of some sort. I give him a nod. He averts his eyes towards his watch before glancing back at me. He distinctly has some sort of precipitated concept that I may or may not approve of.
“Alright, your passport is still valid, right?” He interrogates out of nowhere and I again confirm with a nod, “good, you’re going to need it.” He advises me, only baffling me as to what he’s launching forth. I stay appeased, unsure of what he’s deliberating,
what does my passport have to do with anything?
“What do you have planned?” I quaintly request, taking note as his hand continues to scribble things down. He lets out a sigh, putting his pen down, his eyes meeting mine.
“You ever been to French Polynesia?” He examines, leaning back on his leather chair, stretching his back.
I shake my head. “Well, now you’re going.” He informs me sigh a small smile, his eyes going back to his laptop as he types away, leaving me a little perplexed.
“Are we going to Tahiti?” I curiously inquire, a smile coming to my face as the careful consideration of subsiding on a beach satisfies me. Being on a beach with a tropical alcoholic beverage in my hand sounds unconditionally amazing.
“Close, northwest of Tahiti. Bora Bora.” He informs me, my mind already coming to with a list of entertaining activities we can participate in. How glorious it will be to ultimately be on a shore, to get away from the freezing cold weather of London, sit on the warm sand with a cocktail in one hand, a book in the other, while the sun beams down on my soon to be sun-kissed skin.
But, what made Harry abruptly alter his mind and unexpectedly want to take a voyage to a tropical island?


I caught up with Making Stock by Metallic_Sweet / west-francia, and now I am dead inside.