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More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 1

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There are five holiday breaks in Norway. During those breaks kids don’t have to go to school so even if for whatever reason you don’t celebrate those festivities you still don’t have class. That makes it a good chance to go somewhere else and relax, spend time with your family, maybe even make new friends.

Five holidays breaks that go along the year.

The summer break, the biggest of them all, starts on late June and ends on August. After that, the school year begins and it’s not until late September/early October when the autumn break comes, it only lasts a week but it’s something. Then Christmas arrives, 2 weeks without going to school, 2 weeks to relax. Just like autumn has its break, winter also has one, this one takes place on late February/early March and just like the previous season’s break it lasts a week. Then finally comes Easter, every April, kids, and also teenagers of course, have a free week.

As said before, these breaks give families the best chance to spend some time together, far away from the city.

For Yousef’s family that means going to the cabin in the woods. Every year, almost every holiday, they go there. The cabin in the woods is a pretty big house with four bedrooms, not that they need the four bedrooms, and two floors. Yousef always takes the room in the attic, he loves the views and the calm that comes with it. At first Yousef loved going to the cabin but as he grows up he starts to get bored, he rather spend his breaks back in Oslo with his friends. His family rents the house for the first month of summer, the autumn break, the second half of Christmas and the first 4 days of Easter. Someone would say that the Acar family are the best costumers for that cabin, but they aren’t actually the only ones who stay a big part of their year there.

Sana’s family started to rent that house for holiday breaks before Sana had even been born. As if they were taking turns with the Acar family, though they had never met and they wouldn’t for a really long time, the Bakkoush family would stay in that cabin during the second month of summer, the first week of Christmas, the winter break and finally the last 4 days of Easter. Sana had to fight a lot with her two brothers, Abdu and Elias, to let her take the attic room. Eventually she won the battle and the room was hers. She likes being there. She has never been a very social girl. Sure, she has friends but not as many as her brothers have. In fact, she has never taken any friend to the cabin, unlike her brothers who always have guests. That may be the reason why Sana starts to dread going to the cabin, she always feels alone there.


SUMMER 2011 (11 and 13 years old)

On the summer of 2011 as Yousef had been in that cabin for almost three weeks already, he was starting to get on his nerves. He kept pacing around the room trying to think about something entertaining to do. Of course, nothing came to his mind. He was about to give up when suddenly he tripped and almost fell. When he looked down to the floor to try to find out what had made him trip he realize that there was a loose slab. He kneeled to the floor and took the slab in his hands. In the spot it had left on the floor there was a gap, big enough to hide something. For a moment he got excited, what if someone had hid something there and he was about to discover it? But the hole was empty. He was a little disappointed at first but then an idea came to his mind. What if he was the one that would hide something there? But now the question was…what should he hide? It wasn’t like he had anything he wanted to get rid of. For 15 minutes he sat on the floor looking around the room trying to think about something good. His eyes stopped in the wooden wardrobe that had a broken door. He remembered how the first time he got there that summer, three weeks ago, as he was about to open the wardrobe, the door fell and hit him in the foot. In that moment he wished someone, a previous tenant, would’ve warned him. What if he did exactly that? What if he wrote a note for the next tenant warning them about the broken door, that was a good thing to do, right?

He stood up and grabbed a notebook and a pen.

“Hello there unknown person. If you’re reading this you’ve found the loose slab on the floor and just like me you’ve been curious enough to look in the hole hoping that you’d find something. Congratulations! You found me. Sorry if I’m not what you were waiting for. But I’m actually here with a good tip. Be careful when you open the wardrobe door. Unless it gets fixed after I leave next week (it’s July 2011, just in case you don’t see this until like a million years) if you try to open it too hard it’s going to fall on your feet and hurt you, trust me, it happened to me. I don’t really know what else to say, I’m actually feeling kind of stupid for writing this when no one is probably going to see it. I’ll feel like a complete dumbass when I get back here on autumn break and find this same piece of paper with no answer on it. Anyway, at least I’ve tried. Hope your stay here is more interesting than mine, but honestly, that wouldn’t be that difficult. Well, bye!”

He folded the paper and placed it in the hole. Then he took the slab and put it back in its place. Yousef knew that he probably wouldn’t get an answer, but at least now he had a reason to look forward to his next visit to the cabin.


Sana sighed, only three more days and she finally would be back in Oslo. Not that her life was that interesting back home, but at least she didn’t have to be in the same place for a month. She was sitting on the bed looking at the floor trying to think about something that would entertain her. From her room she could hear her brothers’ laughs, they had brought some friends and were playing outside. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t let her play with them. On the contrary, Abdu and Elias always asked her if she wanted to hang out with them, but the truth was that most of the time Sana just wanted to be left alone. As she was lost in her thoughts something caught her attention. There was a slab on the floor that seemed out of place. She hadn’t noticed it before. She frowned and kneeled down. Sana took the slab and found a hole under it, big enough to hide something there. Without even thinking about it, Sana introduced her hand in the hole and tried to find something. She was about to give up when her fingers touched a piece of paper. She took it and unfolded it eagerly. There was a message, a short message from a previous tenant, and they had been there almost at the same time as her –the note said it was July 2011 and now it was August-. She looked at her wounded foot as she read the part about the broken wardrobe door. It had fallen on her foot the first night there. As she finished reading she thought for a moment. Should she answer? What if it was a psychopath trying to get her attention? But it really didn’t look like it and she didn’t have to reveal any fact about herself to answer. Besides, that person had tried to warn her about the door, the polite thing to do was to say thanks, right?

She grabbed a pen from her desk and started writing.

“Hi! How are you? Well, I guess it doesn’t make much sense to ask you that. It’s August 2032 here, guess it’s been awhile since you wrote that letter…Kidding!! It’s August 2011 so just a few weeks after you left, I guess? I just wanted to thank you for the tip even though I read this note way too late. Me and my wounded foot say hi to you. Since you gave me a tip, I’ll give you another. I don’t know when you’ll be back, if you’ll be back, but a word of advice? Don’t sleep with your window opened in summer, the mosquitoes will kill you. I’ve been bitten so badly this summer and I only slept with my window opened one night. At least next time I’ll be here it’ll be during Christmas break so I won’t have to worry about them, right? Well, I guess that’s pretty much what I wanted to tell you. Thanks again for the tip and don’t feel stupid, you got your answer ;)”


AUTUMN 2011 (11 and 14 years old)

To say that Yousef had spent the rest of the summer thinking about the possibility of him finding an answer to his note when he’d come back to the cabin would be a lie. Being honest he had pretty much forgotten about it as soon as he had arrived back to Oslo.

But when September came and it was time for him to go back to the cabin he found himself thinking about that every day.

As soon as he stepped into the cabin that autumn the first thing he did was run to his bedroom and close the door. He sat on the floor and took a deep breath before taking the loose slab in his hands. His heart beat fast in his chest as he introduced his hand in the hole and picked up the paper. He unfolded and grinned widely when he saw that his handwriting wasn’t the only one in the paper, someone had answered.

He laughed a little while reading it and as soon as he ended he grabbed a pen and wrote an answer

“I’m sorry to hear about your foot! Hope it’s okay now. And yeah I got bitten by the mosquitoes too, guess our blood is really tasty hahah…Okay that was a lame joke. Sorry!. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a reply, I guess we all get bored here in the cabin, right? By the way, I’m also going to be back here for Christmas…hmmm…I wonder how that will work. Guess we’ll know in a few months. Thank you for your answer and I hope you have a good autumn!”


CHRISTMAS 2011 (12 and 14 years old)

“I’m always here the first week of Christmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas in my family so we like to get away from the city. But on the second week we go back and spend some time with the rest of the family. A word of advice? When you come here next week don’t sleep with your window opened, you won’t get bitten by mosquitoes but you will literally freeze. Oh and by the way, yeah your joke was kind of lame but I’ve heard them worse, so don’t worry”


“Oh, I see, I’m always here the second week of Christmas. It’s pretty much the same with my family but in reverse order. We spend the week with the family and then we come here for the second week and celebrate New Year’s Eve here, exciting…I know. And of course I won’t sleep with my window opened! It’s December, do you think I’m crazy??? Oh and thanks for being nice about the joke but you shouldn’t be that nice, you’ll make me think that it’s okay to say lame jokes and you’ll never hear the end of it. Happy New Year by the way! I guess this question doesn’t make much sense but…when do you come back?”


WINTER BREAK 2012  (12 and 14 years old)


Happy new year to you too!! I’m back here again! (it’s winter break, 2012) Well in that case I hate your lame jokes please don’t make one like that again! (jk, it wasn’t that bad). And hey, I was just trying to prevent you from getting frozen but okay…girl? Boy?…I just realized I don’t really know anything about you. Maybe you could tell me something, like your age for example? Please tell me you’re not a 40 years old man, that’d be creepy. I don’t want you to tell me your name though, I like the anonymous thing, it’s interesting and it feels safe, if you know what I mean. I’ll be back on the last four days of Easter, hope there’s an answer when I come back”


EASTER 2012  (12 and 14 years old)


“I’m not a 40 years old man!! I’m 38! Haha just kidding, another lame joke. I’m a 14 years old boy actually. And I agree with you with the anonymous thing, I think it’s better if we don’t know much about each other’s personal life, it’s more interesting this way. By the way I’m here for the first 4 days of Easter so I guess you’ll come back after I leave. It feels as if we were taking turns to be in the cabin hahah. Guess it was destiny that we would meet…well not meet, but talk.”


“Ufff, I feel a lot better now. I’m a 12 years old girl, yeah yeah, I’m a little kid whatever…I’m sure I’m more mature than you. I actually think that I saw your car leaving when I got here? A nice white car? You know what? Forget about it, we’re trying to be anonymous here, we can’t know which kind of car we have either…I guess? So I won’t be back until summer, will you be here like last year?? I pretty much come the same dates every year so I guess now you know when I’ll be here. What about you? Was this year an exception or is it the rule? And yes I guess destiny was trying to make us meet…write…whatever. I’ll read you on summer!”


Well this is the first chapter!! 

I really hope you’ve liked it

I’ll tag all the chapters with “more than words au” and I’ll also post it on ao3 in case someone prefers to read it there

Thank you so much for reading and I hope it wasn’t confusing with so many time jumps


Today’s brief:

| Desk |

Image 1: Desk made from a slab of European Walnut and powder coated steel frame.

Image 2: Most timber used in furniture is dressed on all faces. I’ve tried to keep the naturalness of the timber but not cutting it to fit.

The milled slab is simply sanded and sealed and then the steel frame built around it

Image 3: The welded frame suspends the slab at 730mm above the floor. I modelled the slab at 100mm thick, the frames used in each desk would be custom made to fit the slabs.


Flora Gardens, Hammersmith (1955) by H.T. Cadbury-Brown and J.E. Scrase.

Two blocks of flats congaing a total of 37 homes, designed for Hammersmith Borough by H.T. Cadbury-Brown with borough engineer J.E. Scrase. The flats are designed in brick with exposed reinforced concrete floor slabs, and built by by the borough’s Direct Labour Organization. 

Images from Modern Architecture in Britain by Trevor Dannatt

FF Mad Scientist AU- Chapter 1

an au discussed in the discord server by @joji-beats​ and i, brought to life

Frank was still in mourning and had been uncharacteristically quiet the past few days. Salamander Man’s nose flute couldn’t cheer him up, nor could Pink Guy’s rapping or ramen. Safari Man was gone, dead, and it was all his fault.

No, he chided himself, it was because of that dickhole Chin-Chin. Not my fault.

Still, he couldn’t bring himself to even get rid of the body because surely he could still fix this. He could make this better. The abandoned warehouse down the street had a giant refrigerator storage room in it that he had discovered and made work again, which is where the body was currently being stored.  

“I’m going out,” Frank yelled to whomever in the apartment was listening and was surprised to be stopped by Pink Guy when he got to the door. “Move, I’m going out for a bit. Don’t wait up.”

Pink Guy stared at him curiously. Frank hadn’t hardly left the couch for nearly a week and now all of a sudden he was leaving? “Mnnn, where you going b0ss?”

Frank narrowed his eyes at him. “None of your damn business. I might be gone a while so make sure the house doesn’t fall apart.” He turns to leave and feels a shoe hit the back of his head, so he turns around to glare at Pink Guy. “Don’t worry about it, okay?”

Pink Guy muttered something under his breath and went back to his room. He hears the front door slam as Frank leaves, and immediately goes to the window to look out and see where he goes. Frank goes down the road until he’s out of sight, turning the corner at the abandoned warehouse.

He makes some incoherent screeching noises and goes back to work on his current project: a giant speaker. He still hadn’t gotten very far with it because he constantly got distracted, but was thinking about moving his work to that warehouse down the street. It was bigger and would allow for better acoustics for his rapping and music.

Truth be told, ever since Safari Man had gone away somewhere (he wasn’t sure where) he’d really missed him and hadn’t been motivated to do much of anything. Maybe if he played his music loud enough Saf would come back. With a decisive yell, he grabs a red wagon and begins putting the parts of his speaker into it to haul down the street to the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Frank had gotten into the warehouse through the giant bay door that he had previously broken into with his handy dandy bolt cutters. He sighs heavily as he makes his way through the abandoned building and to the main area where he had… set up.

The large open area that he was in was surrounded by cold concrete walls and floors, with a giant slab of a table in the center. There were work stations along the walls, and between this and the refrigerator room, it was probably a slaughterhouse of some sort before.

“Alright buddy, time to come on out,” he gritted as he opened the large door to the freezing cold room. “I guess you should thaw for a bit? I hope you don’t stink.” With a heavy heart he goes into the room and heaves the stiff, dead body over his shoulder with a grunt of effort. He carries him out and drops him on the slab with a sickening thud, making him grimace. “Sorry.”

Frank stared at the body for a while. He looked… almost normal. Like he was just sleeping. A shiver ran down his spine and he turned away and strode over to his large white board. It was already covered in various diagrams and ideas for how to bring Safari Man back, and he was prepared to have his first attempt tonight.

Minecraft Full Building Tutorial : Simple Starter House I

description: this is a simple starter house to build quickly and with little resources for starting a new game, or adventuring out and needing somewhere to stay for the night. Keep reading to see a full list of materials needed for this project, and step by step illustrated directions. This tutorial is basically a text make up of a youtube video tutorial that currently already exists. I simply arranged it into an easy and quickly digestible format where it is not required to continuously pause, rewind, and glance between screens. I give credit where it is due and i hope that you can find some use from this! Click the url link below to access the original tutorial on youtube, or click the creator link to view his personal website or channel on youtube. 

T U T O R I A L S C U B E D      B L O G

U R L 

C R E A T O R 


A B O U T     T U T O R I A L S C U B E D 

S C A V E N G E R      L I S T

— this list simply shows the minimum required supplies for this project. It could be spot on, or a little extra for rounding purposes- point is, don’t take it too seriously. If you get this base number of supplies you should be good to follow through this tutorial, if you’re the kind of survivalist that likes to get their hard-earned materials together before starting a project instead of being forced to run about and retrieve the missing components during a build, then i have you covered. Be creative! This is all merely a guideline —


30 spruce wood logs

25 spruce wood planks

40 Spruce wood slabs

15 oak wood planks

55 spruce wood stairs

15 cobblestone

Full project: 

20 gravel (for path)

15 wood fence

1 wood fence gate

10 bush

Grass, flowers, cactuses, (lawn decoration and texturing) 


Windows- 5 glass 

Light - some torches

Table - 1 fence post, 1 pressure plate

Chairs - 2 oak wood stairs, 2 item frames

Outdoor Seating - 2 spruce wood logs, 1 oak wood stairs, 6 rails

Daylight Sensor Outdoor lighting - spruce wood log, glow stone, wood slab, torch, red stone dust, light sensor


Recommended Items: 

2 beds

4 chests

1 wood door 

5 trap doors (for shelves) – where shelves do not work, use signs – 


2 Furnaces 

1 Crafting table

T U T O R I A L 

  1. Place 4 spruce logs, inner circle up- jump 3 blocks between the sides and 5 between the front and back. Face a side a total of 7 blocks long for the front face.
  2. Fill the lines between the 4 logs with cobble stones to create a 5x7 border. Your box should have log corners and cobblestone sides. 
  3. Look at the front face of the house (established in step 1), and count four blocks in from the left corner log to the right, on the fourth block. cobblestone, mine it away, leaving a blank space, and one cobblestone and one log to the right. This will leave space for the door. 
  4. Fill the space in the middle with oak wood planks. This is the floor 
  5. Bring the corner spruce logs up by two making them a total of 3 blocks tall. 

  6. Place spruce wood planks in a “place one, jump one pattern.” The 7 block long wall should have three wood planks, two directly next to the corner logs, and one between those in the middle, 
  7. Fill the spaces between the wood planks with spruce wood stairs facing outward, skipping the space reserved for the door, Your structure should now be 2 blocks tall with 3 block tall pillars in each of the four corners,
  8. Stack wood planks on top of the already placed “place one, jump one pattern” blocks. Basically cover the entire top layer of oak wood blocks, (make sure to exclude the corner logs and stair blocks.)

  9. Stack two spruce wood planks on the 5 block long sides on top of the already placed spruce wood planks, excluding the middle block of the three which contains a stair block. Between the two now 3 block tall spruce wood plank pillars, place an upside down stair to create an arch, or just a normal plank if you can’t do upside down stairs. 

  10. Place outward facing stairs from log corner to log corner on the front and back face (the 7 block long sides,) and with a one block stair overlap to begin the formation of the room. Lay down another two lines of stairs one block up and one block in toward the middle of the roof to create a triangular formation. Lay down spruce wood planks on top of the gap between the two sides of stairs (one on each side= total of 2). Use spruce wood slabs to cover the gap line between the two lines of stairs to close the roof.

  11. Use wood slabs to form a porch by laying one down off each block on the front face of the house. It should directly border the front face from log corner to log corner.
  12. Place stairs coming off the spruce slab that extends from the doorway, and lay down one spruce wood plank on either side of the stairs. 

  13. Lay down upside down stairs extending off the wood slabs that form the porch directly left from the entrance stairs, then place a spruce wood plank at the end. Extend two more upside down spruce stairs from the spruce wood plank to curve alongside the left wall of the house. 

  14. Place one upside down stair block directly to the right of the entrance stairs and it’s adjoining spruce plank, lay down another spruce plank after it, and fill the empty space between it and the corner log with stairs facing outward. Lay down another stair facing the down the right side of the house
  15. Lay down spruce wood slabs extending 2 deep off the roof line to create a covered porch.
  16. Lay down fence post on the outer wood planks, stacking them two tall in appropriate locations such as the end block on the left side of the house, the corners, and the end blocks by the stairway entrance, Basically just use your best judgement to testify accents to the house or refer to the picture or video linked at the top. Attach a gate at the stairs if you would like extra protection
  17. Around the right side of the house, lay down wood slabs to lead down it’s length. stack 3 spruce wood logs beside the last wood slab that lines the right side of the house. Mine away the floor bordering the slabs and place spruce logs inner circle up in the spaces, lay down a line on the entire log floor border with 2 blocks tall of bush. Make sure there’s no blocks directly lining your bushes or any other part of your house for that matter. Don’t necessarily clear it out, but leave a one block border between the world and your home to prevent creepers and things from crawling up and somehow getting in!
  18. Fill the remaining holes in the walls with glass windows. The holes should be in between the oak blocks of each wall. 
  19. Place torches anywhere but preferably at eye level or so, so 2 blocks up from the ground maybe. It looks good and is efficient to place them on either sides of the windows.
  20. On one end of the building, mine away the floor block in the middle between the two floor planks, and place a crafting table. Place a fence post on top of that, and a pressure pad on top of that; add stairs on either sides to represent chairs, you can add item frames on them to make them appear more like chairs if you’d like, though it is optional. 
  21. Attach furnaces to either sides of the walls above the chairs, leaving a space between them. 
  22. Fill the ceiling in with a line of logs to add detail, make sure the bark is facing down when you place it. Or whatever- but make sure it’s all the same. I guess. Whatever you do will look interesting! 
  23. Place trap doors above the stair-chairs and flip them up if they aren’t already, putting the furnaces on “shelves.” 

  24. Place beds on each side of the walls on the opposite side of the chairs, mine out the area underneath and between, placing double chests beneath each, and a floor between the two; this creates a “sunken bedroom,” or “compact living,” as it’s original creator, Keralis [add link] mentioned. Add torches on either sides of the walls and pressure plates for the shelf space. 

  25. Place a door, (it looks better if you place it while facing it inside the house). Make sure there is a fair area of level ground around your front door, to make it easy to get in and out of. If you’re near water, place dirt blocks in front of the door, or wood planks and craft a dock!

Create a sitting area in front, one block in front of one block to the left of the stair entry way when facing it by placing two spruce logs with the inner swirls facing inward (you’ll have to put down dirt blocks to attach them to first and then destroy them,) and a single stair block facing outward; run rail blocks along the top of the logs and one block in front and back of the log on both the left and right side of the front facing stair. (woohoo stair chairs) 

Make a daylight sensor porch light: 

  1. Mine out the dirt, sand, cobblestone, whatever matter is in your front lawn, in a line from the direct entrance of your house and leading the entrance of the chair. (remember, you don’t have to add the corner blocks when making turns in paths and walls- it adds texture if you leave them out!) continue this path to whatever main road or other building or mine is nearby, if you’d like. 
  2. Place a log in the lawn one block in front of one block directly to the right of the stair entry way. Top with a glow block and wood panel to light the area, –to create a daylight sensor light: dig a space under the glow stone and place a torch, then run red stone dust in a line 2 blocks under the surface. After you’ve laid the dust down, cover the space above with dirt or whatever matter is around to even it to ground level, and place a daylight sensor at the end of the red stone dust line, leaving a hole in the cover so the sunlight can reach it and toggle the light on and off for night and day. Cover the open area in the front with grass, cactus, trees, flowers, sand dunes, or whatever to garnish the area around it with natural growth. You can also put your garden in front or beside your house. Add torches and whatever else to the outside. :)

 Hey guys i hope you enjoyed my first ever tutorial. I had a lot of fun making it and i want to continue to post tutorials like this as long as you all like them. Like, reblog, or drop me a message to let me know what you think. Thanks guys, happy crafting. :)



The Fun Kind - Part 1

More Girl Genius fic! This one was inspired primarily by Adversary over on Ao3, but I’m honestly not sure I can write such a convincing evil!Agatha. Mine seems to be a little closer to chaotic neutral. I have no idea if I’m going to write any more on this, but I do have a rough plan for a lot more.

There was a new Heterodyne. The frightened whispers spread out from the villages surrounding Mechanicsburg, filtering throughout Europa and reaching even the Master of Paris and Her Undying Majesty. Sure, the last one hadn’t been too hard to appease. He and his brother mostly went around on their own, beating up rival Sparks here and there. They were almost, some of the more optimistic people supposed, kind of like heroes. Of course, everyone else knew that you got black sheep in every family and just because one generation had turned out relatively harmless, didn’t mean the next was going to follow the trend.

And now the Doom Bell had rung again, and the Lady Agatha Heterodyne had been announced. That was Europa’s cue. Some people were far enough away from Mechanicsburg, or secure enough in their fortresses, that they could afford to send a paltry gift by mail and have done with it, but most of the smaller towns were not so lucky, and the ruling bodies were familiar enough with Heterodynes that they didn’t wait for the summons to present tribute. They heard that the Doom Bell had rung for the new Heterodyne, and they packed up whatever lavish gifts they could spare and journeyed to Mechanicsburg.

No one was ever quite sure what to expect when it came to a new Heterodyne, but a Jäger escort to the monstrous Castle wasn’t a surprise. Neither was the throne room full of armour and death traps, or finding the new Lady lounging on a throne made of skulls that had far too many horns and teeth  to be human. They were a little intimidated to see that she was wearing a lab coat over sturdy trousers and leather corset, fiery blonde hair held out of her face by high-tech goggles. She was going to be one of the practical ones then. They were always harder to appease with jewels and finery.

All the emissaries were crowded inside by the Jägers, and Tarvek did his best to avoid being jostled too much. He was resigned to his fate but that didn’t mean he had to put up with this indignity. There was a slight lull as the crowd settled, but no one stepped forwards, everyone hoping someone else would be the first to risk the Lady’s wrath.

Well?!” Lady Heterodyne snapped, and everyone in the crowd flinched back at the ring of Sparky harmonics in her voice. “I thought we were here for tributes. Get on with it.” She demanded, and several emissaries scrambled forward in unison and crashed into each other, some of them nearly dropping their precious cargo. “Vanamonde!” Lady Heterodyne yelled in exasperation, eyes raised to the heavens as though praying for patience.

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Bridge House

A narrow house form, spans over the creek. Glazing each side opens the house to views in both directions, giving the feeling of living amongst the trees.

Two steel trusses forming the primary structure, were fabricated off site and erected by two men and a crane in two days. They were anchored by four small concrete piers, poured each side of the creek. Spanning between the trusses is a concrete floor slab on steel decking with a layer of rigid insulation. The “box” walling and roofing is plantation pine.

Architects: Max Pritchard Architect
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Consultant: Engineers Pocius & Associates
Constructed Area: 110 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Sam Noonan

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Update 31.07.17                                                                                                     

The Liphook OSU site was absolutely buzzing with activity when the Blogging Team paid a visit this week. The only one not working was the black and white cat watching on from the perimeter fence!

The purlins, bracing and cold steel are all in place for the roof sheets to be laid shortly. Lightning conductor tapes have also been fixed to the base of all the steel frames and the service ducts, drainage and sacrificial surface are all complete.

With bricklayers now onsite brick and block work up to DPC will be completed this week prior to floor slab preparation and pouring next week.


Ostia Antica - Baths of the Forum

The largest and by virtue of their prime position beside the forum, the most importantpublic baths in the city. They wee built in the Antonine period (mid. second century CE) and paid for by a high ranking imperial official in imperial service M. Gavius Maximus. An extensive restoration in the 4th/5th centuries CE included the replacement of all the marble decorations. (source: info card)

Definetely one of my favourite places of the city. It was also comfy that there were virtually no other people around so one could explore the ruins in peace ;).

1. A view towards east. Cold rooms on the left and warm room on the other side.

2. Palaestra seen from southeast

3. One of temples of Thermae

4. Tepidarium, palestra in the background

5. Sudatorium (sweating room)

6. Possibly a part of Sun-bathing room

7. Floor - Sudatorium

8. A marble slab from year 204 commemorating Septimius Severus and Caracalla

9. A view from Palaestra

Ostia Antica, July 2015


Kondo House by Makiko Tsukada Architects

Composed of a pair of steel frames onto which are hung outer walls and the floor slab, so the interior is free of columns, allowing the second storey to softly float within the space. 


Tasso Katselas, Proposal for an Apartment Complex, (1962)

(from the architect’s proposal)

“Although the proposed apartment towers will be uniform, any mechanical feeling will be eliminated by their informal arrangement. Each building will be seen at a different angle and elevation as one moves though the park-like site. The four apartment floor plan reduces public corridor to a minimum. The L-shaped plan of the individual unit necessitates a large area of internal corridor, but will give each unit complete visual privacy.”

“The entire structure will be of reinforced concrete. The tapered ‘column walls” will be slip formed with notches to receive the “frame beams” which will be precast on the site. Clear and obscure glass set into aluminum frames will form the exterior walls. The underside of the concrete slab floors will be exposed, except over the kitchen and service core, where hung ceilings will conceal mechanical equipment. There will be central heating and air conditioning units.”

A Port in the Storm. Part 17.

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Master post, with all other chapters —> http://mybeautifuldecay.tumblr.com/post/140744309242/a-port-in-the-storm-master-post


For the first time in weeks Claire had awoken refreshed at the first signs of dawn. The brilliant yellow light fluttered through the windows of hers and Jamie’s rooms, casting a warm glow over the exposed skin of her back. His arms were wrapped tightly around her, cocooning her, their legs jumbled beneath the large quilts.

 Jamie himself was still asleep, his eyelids fluttering as if he were still in a dream. She lifted her head and dazedly opened her eyes to watch him, their noses touching slightly.

 Shifting her hips, she could feel him, hard against her. She gulped and shifted her hand from around his waist to rest between them, just above his hip, their bodies were already close, but her arm now brought them together even more, in fact there wasn’t much room for her to manoeuvre at all. Despite this, she still managed to wrap her hand around him and make one solid move, up and then back down. Holding him so solidly in her palm that he bucked his hips and moaned lightly, his eyes scrunched tightly shut.

 Resting her forehead against his chest now, she shimmied herself into a more comfortable position, giving herself more room to touch him, her strokes becoming lighter, then harder once more. She couldn’t see his face, but guessed by his breathing that he was still somewhat unconscious. A small smile formed on her lips as she considered sliding below the sheets and taking him in her mouth.

 But just at that moment, the door creaked open. Claire had her back to it, so she simply stilled her hand and lay as still as she was able, still gripping Jamie, but waiting for this unknown visitor to either make themselves known, or leave. She felt Jamie twist and wrap his hands in her hair as he woke.

 "Jenny, what do ye want at this hour?“ His voice was thick with sleep, and wavered as Claire shifted her hand, she hoped she could pull off fake sleep, part of her didn’t want Jenny knowing what had been about to happen before she’d interrupted them, her cheeks flamed at the mere thought, at least she was shielded under the sheets and snuggled up to Jamie’s chest, Jenny would surely guess if she could see her face.

 The rumble of his voice was rolling through her bones, her hand was itching to move, a small voice at the back of her mind told her to do it, continue, feign sleep and tease Jamie, after a split second she’d made her choice. She started slowly at first, making soft, cautious strokes along his silky yet hard skin. She listened carefully to him, waiting.

 She hadn’t been paying much attention to their conversation, but the moment he swapped from English to Gaelic, she knew she’d taken him under her spell. He tried to pull her closer, to stop her, but she wasn’t about to be subdued. Jenny’s tone had changed, Jamie’s sudden lapse into Gaelic had obviously caught her off guard.

 Claire smiled, and sped her pace slightly. The door slammed behind her and in a moment she was on her back, her arms pinned above her head, Jamie suddenly nose to nose with her.

 "Yer about to pay for that, ye wee scamp…” He moaned against her lips, before taking his mouth against hers in a bruising kiss, pushing her thighs apart, roughly, with his own, he thrust his hips against her, swallowing her cries with his lips.


 The herbs forgotten, Claire had taken to spending afternoons either in the kitchens or learning how to darn socks and shirts with Ellen. Since the morning the weather has turned, causing the rain to lash against the windows of Lallybroch, the women had opted to make a big broth for the men, they were certain to come back from the fields cold, wet and hungry.  Having chopped all of the required ingredients, Claire was staring off out of the small glass pane, watching the droplets of water cascade over it, enjoying her little bit of peace whilst Ellen had gone off in search of the bigger boiling pot, when Jenny clattered in, throwing a large slab on meat onto the larger of the tables in the room.

 Claire paid her no mind, assuming that she’d simply leave once her task was complete, but she didn’t.

 "I kent what was going on this morning, Claire, between ye and my brother.“ Her tone was accusatory, it was meant to embarrass her, but Claire was no longer going to allow Jenny the pleasure of being upset by her callous attitude.

 "You do, do you? Well, what is between Jamie and I, especially in our rooms, is nothing to do with you.” She managed to keep her voice even, and didn’t even turn to look at her, hoping that her nonchalance would deflate Jenny somewhat.

 "Aye, it is, when I’m stood in front of ye.“

 Claire shrugged her shoulders and turned slightly, looking at Jenny from the corner of her eye. Her skin was a little flushed, but that was more to do with the baby and the heat of the kitchens than it was a blush of embarrassment. Just as she was about to continue their conversation, her stomach flipped and she felt herself lurch for a bucket. Reaching the fire, grabbing for the nearest bowl, Claire lost herself to the sickness, a slight sheen of sweat covered her brow and she gulped in a breath and held her tummy.

 In an instant, Jenny was across the room to join her, holding her hair and rubbing her back lightly. They stayed that way for a few moments as it subsided, the two women together. Once Jenny was sure Claire had emptied the contents of her belly, she took the bowl, passed her a damp cloth from the side and proceeded to clear up the mess.

 Claire sat up, resting one hand on her knee as she mopped the perspiration from her forehead.

 "Thank you, Jenny. For that. Wee bean seems more active in the early afternoon, I thought it might be easing, the sickness,” She pushed herself from the cold slab floor, placed the cloth back on the table top and turned to face Jenny fully, “maybe it isn’t, yet.”

 "Wee bean?“

 "Y-yes, that’s what Jamie calls the baby.”

 Jenny’s eyes were focused fully on her abdomen now, her eyes curiously alight.

 “It suits the bairn, ye dinna want to guess its sex?“

 "No, I mean, well, we didn’t think it mattered.”

 "Aye, I ken that. Ye will love it, nay matter what. Jamie, he’s smitten wi’ both ye and the…wee bean. Dinna do anything to break that.“ Jenny quirked a brow, a small smile fighting to break its way across her lips as she placed the newly cleaned bowl next to the meat and quietly turned to leave.

 "I won’t…I couldn’t…” Claire called after her, causing Jenny to pause for one moment before continuing out of the house. The ice finally broken, Claire went back to stoking the fire in preparation for Ellen’s return.


 The men finally returned from the errands, damp but in high spirits. Murtagh was telling jokes in Gaelic, they were probably incredibly rude, Claire thought, and Brian and Jamie were chucking along with him.

 The women had already sat to supper, Ellen had fetched out some old baby clothes, and was folding them into piles, the ones that were perfect apart from the ones that needed a bit of fixing up. She looked up from her sorting to welcome the men in.

 "There’s some broth in the pot, still warm, help yerselves.“ She pointed towards the concoction in question whilst Brian wrapped her in a close hug. Jamie followed suit, gathering Claire up and siting her back down on his lap, she went gladly, curling against his wet chest as he kissed her softly on the forehead.

 "You don’t want any supper?” She whispered to him, her fingers softly wiping away the droplets of rainwater that had gathered on his collarbone, just where his shirt opened and his stock lay, sopping wet.

 "No’ for the moment, mo Sorcha, I just want to sit here wi’ ye for a wee while.“ His hand came around to curl over her small belly, caressing the tiny bundle that lay beneath the fabric and skin, Claire was enjoying his warmth, and his touch, so much so that she’d completely forgotten that they weren’t alone in the room.

 "Ye pair are a sight! All lost in each other, yer going to ha’ to be careful you dinna start swallowing each other, aye!” Murtagh proudly announced, running his hand through his bushy beard as he grasped with the other for the whiskey.

 "Weel, ha’ ye told her yet lad, about yer leaving her tomorrow night? Ye had better, else there will be hell to pay!“ He walked behind Jamie and patted him strongly on the back before taking a seat next to him, ladling meat into his mouth.

 "Tomorrow night?” Claire was confused, happy to let him go off with the boys, but a little sad that they’d only just been given permission to reside together, and he was being taken from her once more.

 "Aye, Murtagh and da have decided I need to be shown the way t’ be a proper husband to ye, they think it requires an evening just wi’ the men. I promise ye, I willna leave ye for long, mam will keep ye good company, my Claire.“ He nuzzled his nose against her neck as he spoke, his breath brushing against the fine hairs that lay in the hollows beneath her jaw.

 She sighed, contentedly, and lent to kiss him on the cheek. It would certainly be interesting to see what state he made it home in, surely an evening with just the men of the household would involve a lot of whiskey.

 "Talking o’ the upcoming wedding, should we set a date aside? We’ll need some time to prepare things around here afore we end up with a wee bairn running amuck, aye lads?” Ellen interjected, clearing empty bowls and scuffing Murtagh upside the head in a playful gesture. “If yer all about to go causing havoc wi’ alcohol running through yer blood, I want a solid date on the table!”

 "Weel, aye. I ken yer going to need time to fix a dress up.“ Brian took one look at his wife and winked, their wedding had been quick, he knew Ellen wanted to take her time and give Claire the ceremony she deserved.

 "How does two weeks come Saturday sound? Can ye get all we need in time?” He suggested, grabbing his wife as she strolled passed, causing her to giggle and slap his shoulder. “I doubt we can gi’ it much longer wi’ the bairn beginning to show already, but fourteen days, I think we can do, aye?”

 Claire smiled, as Jamie held her impossibly closer. Two weeks it was, and she’d no longer be Claire Beauchamp, but Claire Fraser. She thought of Uncle Lamb then, she’d have to find a way for him to live on if she no longer had his name, but even the thought of being a Fraser, of being tied to Jamie, finally, in matrimony, made her heart skip a beat.


Amancio Williams, Bridge House (Casa Del Puente), (1943-1945)

 One of the first built works of the Argentinian architect Amancio Williams was the house for his father, the musician and composer Alberto Williams. This small concrete building spans a creek on the father’s property in Mar del Plata.

 Since the 2ha terrain, (of great landscape relevance) had its access on only one side and was divided in two sectors by the creek, the house represented the meeting point of the two sides of the land, an human artifact which harmoniously works with the existing natural conditions.

The two entrances of the house coincide with the bridge abutments, two symmetrical stairs follow the bridge line and lead to the middle of the living area. This area occupies the whole length of the house (27m) and is lit by a Le Corbusierian horizontal window.

An important aspect of the building lies in its structural conception: a truly three-dimensional construction working as a harmonious whole. Through vertical partitions, the curved element works simultaneously with the flat slab floor and with the railing beams that surround it. These beams carry the cantilever and divert the weight of the slab and the thrust of the curved element to the foundations, through gates and walls.

Reinforced concrete is, of course, the main material, and it even was studied in laboratory for the necessary testing; the exterior skin is exposed concrete treated chemically. The interiors are almost entirely built in wood boards, pre-assembled as a complete set in a carpentry workshop, then dismantled and finally reassembled on site.


How To Build Things On Minecraft #16

Simple ‘Layered’ Fire Place

As seen in the mountain project

Step 1: cut a 3 block tall, 6 block wide hole in your wall.  Replace a block in the top two corners of this hole.

Step 2: Add stairs to the inside of this hole.  In the bottom two corners the stairs should be the right way up, the two above this should be upside down.  This pattern will create an arch shape.  Don’t place anything on the top two middle blocks of the hole.

Step 3:  Behind your wall create a second layer out of the different block.  Place stairs to create another arch one block within the original arch.  This arch should have a gap of two block between the bottom stairs and the top upsidedown stair blocks should touch.  You will be left with a second arch indented within the original creating the layered look.

Step 4:  Dig down and create a netherrack fire pit 2 blocks by 4 block.  The fire pit should be one block below floor level.  Build the walls of the fire place using a non flammable block,  I used Obsidian to give the fireplace some nice contrasting colours.

Step 5: Add another different non flammable block as the fireplace entrance floor, I used slabs.


Whitmore Road by Trevor Horne Architects

London-based firm Trevor Horne Architects recently completed a mixed-use building, located in London, it houses studios on the ground and first floors, with three floors of spacious residential apartments sitting above, including the architect’s own.

There are six generous apartments, each with 3m high ceilings and ample living areas. Some materials expressed in the spaces are exposed concrete soffits, waxed oak flooring and basalt stone.

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