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moving in with calum would be like...
  • it would have been brought up in one of the late night cuddles, right after he got off from a long tour, and it would be as if it was a joke but calum would have taken it super serious
    • i bet he would have looked up close by apartments when you fall asleep 
  • and he would bring it up again the next day and i bet he would be super excited bc he wants to take the next step with you and he now can’t imagine not being with you 24/7 
  • soon the two of you would be looking around at places and you finally find one that both of you think is perfect and i bet walking through it calum would be pointing out places to put your own furniture 
    • “babe that corner would be perfect for the dog bed” “cal, we don’t have a dog” “but we could!”
    • “y’know, we could probably fit a king size bed in here” “i just like the way you’re thinking, hood” 
  • putting a bid on the apartment and calum wanting to go all out and bidding over just to make sure you get the apartment
  • you making sure he doesn’t 
  • ending up getting the apartment and calum can’t stop smiling all day
    • (imagine all those calum smiles ugh)
    • plus congratulatory sex  
  • touring through the apartment and trying to find colour matches and floor samples 
    • i bet calum is good on some things like paint matches but then he would bring up the option having carpet in one room and he would be taken off of the controls 
  • goodbye sex in every room of both of your old apartments 
    • because “babe we have to leave a mark”
  • calum saying he should be the one to put in the hardwood floors because hes a manly man and him and the boys can do it but you very much disagree 
    • somehow the weekend that the floors go in he’s away but you have no idea how that could have happened right? 
  • starting to paint the apartment and SHIRTLESS calum painting your living room 
    • “you know babe you don’t have to stare you can see this whenever” 
  • somehow paint getting in calums hair and you having to spend all night trying to get it out 
    • “this is why i told you not to goof off with the paint brush” “i was trying to flick paint and YOU not at myself!!!”
  • him not listening to you and wearing the jeans that he likes not old clothes
    • him ending up getting paint on his jeans and complaining about it the rest of the week 
  • getting all the boys to help carry in your furniture and all putting in their opinions on where everything should go 
    • “michael we are not putting a mini fridge beside the couches so you don’t have to get up to get beer” 
  • calum wanting to christen the whole house even though the boys are still here 
    • “cal not now” “if i get them to leave, can we” “… sure” “guys get the fuck out”
    • michael never letting you guys live that down
  • calum wanting to leave the spare room empty and you not getting why
  • “but then where would the baby sleep”
    • “CALUM i am not pregnant we do not need to keep the spare room empty for that my god” 
  • “I’m so happy were here”
    • “calum of course we’re here its our apartment”
    • “don’t give me sass i’m trying to be romantic”
  • coming home from work one day to find all of the boys sitting in your living room, beer bottles and chip bags lying around, luke with a mouth full of food “welcome home” 
    • calum smiling sheepishly on the couch “the boys are coming over” 

didn’t really proof read so may be ugly but hope you enjoy 

Study shows Native Americans are not inherently in tune with nature

Tucson, AZ – A new study by researchers at the University of Arizona confirms that Native Americans do not have a genetic predisposition to riding horses bareback, maintaining a strong affinity to nature and, occasionally, singing to the blue corn moon.

“We were surprised with the results,” said John Smith, assistant professor in School of Health and Other Stuff at the University of Arizona. “We could not establish significant correlations between Native DNA and horse husbandry, Native DNA and attitudes toward nature, or Native DNA and spontaneous conversations with natural elements.”

The study compared 148 blood samples across the blood quantum spectrum, from 100% Native to 25%. The Native blood was mixed with a chemical compound to measure the blood’s “naturalness,” and the results were even with those administered to a control group of Euro-American blood samples that included those of Irish-decent.

Additionally, John Winthrop from the Department of Sociology interviewed 35 Natives who maintained a blood quantum of 100%, 35 at 50%, and 35 at 25%. The participants were taken to a stable to ride a wild horse bareback.

“The working hypothesis was that the Natives with a stronger blood quantum would be able to communicate with the wild horse and convince it to let the Native ride him. Out of nearly 100 trials only three Natives successfully mounted the horse. Of these, only one was full-blooded Native. The rest chased the animal around the corral.”  He continued, “The same tests were administered to a sample of Euro-American stock and yielded five successful mounts.”

In controlled laboratory conditions, the three separate groups of Natives were isolated in rooms where litter was thrown about the floor. Researchers took saliva samples before and after the Natives were exposed to litter and no significant longing for times past or tearful regret of former ways of life showed up in the results. 

“The results disprove years of mythology of Native Americans,” Smith said. “Perhaps nature isn’t their church, and the earth is not their religion. We are going to have to rethink how we use dream catchers and fake eagle feathers in the future.”

The study was published this month in the British health journal, The Lancet.  


We survived the heat wave that hit the westcoast. A tip for keeping your bunny cool is to freeze some water bottles. Once frozen place over a towel and the bunnies will sit or lounge nearby! Also i recommend purchasing marble, so they can cool their bellies. You can purchase marble flooring samples from homedepot/lowes. Careful with the corners as they can be sharp! I tape it down because we’ve noticed ghibli cut himself on his side. You can also find some really neat marble cheese platters, a little more pricey but looks a lot prettier! Ghibli and luffy both love their fancy marble plates~ we have a total of 3 large square marbles, 1 oval (in photo) and a small marble plate (1st one we bought at petco, way overpriced). Moving air (ceiling fan, portable fan) is also crucial! We have the fan on 24/7, it helps keep them cooler and helps with odor. Hope this helps!! Xoxo



If you intend to own a rabbit, you should be prepared for your home to face some destruction. Base boards and molding will be chewed, carpet will be ripped out, blankets will be mauled. Even if you bunny proof, your rabbit will find a way to be destructive. They aren’t being bad, they’re just being bunnies.

Remember, you must organize YOUR life around your rabbit. Your rabbit will not change his ways just to suit you. No amount of “punishment” will stop a rabbit from being destructive. (that will make it worse) So you must be prepared to make some sacrifices.

Bunny proofing is not pretty, but it is very necessary.

If you leave something lying on the floor, it will be sampled. it will be chewed on. it will be destroyed. Don’t leave anything on the floor that is unsafe for your rabbit. Even a well trained rabbit cannot resist a nice juicy phone charger.

:) If you have any specific questions on bunny proofing, send me an ask and I will give you a more detailed break down.


Supernova iron found on the moon

A dying star ends its life in a cataclysmic explosion, shooting the majority of the star’s material, primarily new chemical elements created during the explosion, out into space.

One or more such supernovae appear to have occurred close to our solar system approximately two million years ago. Evidence of the fact has been found on the earth in the form of increased concentrations of the iron isotope 60Fe detected in Pacific ocean deep-sea crusts and in ocean-floor sediment samples.

This evidence is highly compelling: The radioactive 60Fe isotope is created almost exclusively in supernova explosions. And with a half-life of 2.62 million years, relatively short compared to the age of our solar system, any radioactive 60Fe originating from the time of the solar system’s birth should have long ago decayed into stable elements and thus should no longer be found on the earth.

Lunar samples from the Apollo missions

This supernova hypothesis was first put forth in 1999 by researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) who had found initial evidence in a deep-sea crust. Now their claim has received further substantiation: Physicists at the TUM and their colleagues from the USA have succeeded in demonstrating an unusually high concentration of 60Fe in lunar ground samples as well.

The samples were gathered between 1969 and 1972 during Apollo lunar missions 12, 15 and 16, which brought the lunar material back to earth.

It’s also conceivable that 60Fe can occur on the moon as the result of bombardment with cosmic particles, since these particles do not break up when colliding with air molecules, as is the case with the earth’s atmosphere. Instead they directly impact the lunar surface and can thus result in transmutation of elements. “But this can only account for a very small portion of the 60Fe found,” explains Dr. Gunther Korschinek, physicist at TUM and scientist of the Cluster of Excellence Structure and Origin of the Universe.

Deposits of newly produced stellar matter

“We therefore assume that the 60Fe found in both terrestrial and lunar samples has the same source: These deposits are newly created stellar matter, produced in one or more supernovae”, says Dr. Korschinek.

Since the moon generally provides a better cosmic record than the earth, the scientists were also able to specify for the first time an upper limit for the flow of 60Fe that must have reached the moon. Among other things this also makes it possible for the researchers to infer the distance to the supernova event: “The measured 60Fe-flow corresponds to a supernova at a distance of about 300 light years,” says Korschinek. “This value is in good agreement with a recently theoretical estimation published in nature.”

The lunar samples were investigated using the high-sensitivity accelerator mass spectrometer of the Maier-Leibnitz Laboratory near Munich.

Some exciting news… We’re moving! We’ve been house-hunting for a while now (part of the reason why this blog has been so neglected) and everything’s just been finalized. Chubby has been living with me in tiny apartments since I got him in my last year of college so I’m very excited that he’s going to have a place of his very own to lord over! Looking forward to decorating/settling in once some minor renovations are complete. Will try to share Chubby’s struggles, ie. which floor sample do I go with? I need one that will amplify the click click click of my little nails so I can annoy the shit out of the hoomans!

How Taylor Swift created 'Out of the Woods'

Out of the Woods isn’t just a different-sounding song for Taylor Swift, it represents a whole new approach to songwriting for her.

Released this morning on iTunes, Out of the Woods has massive, ’80s-inspired production and an apprehensive melody that “sounds exactly like that frantic feeling of anxiety and questioning” in a fragile relationship, the singer told Good Morning America Monday.

But the second song made available from Swift’s forthcoming album 1989, written and recorded with Jack Antonoff of fun. and Bleachers, is also the first Swift has written to a pre-existing track. “I tend to want to create something with my guitar or piano and bring it in, then we create the track from the ground up,” Swift tells USA TODAY. “But with Jack, he has something very emotional about what he does when creating a track. I can kind of read that emotion as soon as I hear it, and we work very well that way.”

Antonoff sent Swift an early version of the song, minus any lyrics or vocals. “I came up with that melody, the verse and chorus, in about 30 minutes and sent it back to him,” Swift says. “Both of us were just freaking out.”

When Swift got hold of the song, Antonoff says, “she wove this whole story that felt like it came from the outer space of your head.”

The song’s arrangement layers ’80s and contemporary elements, especially when it comes to the synthesizers. “I used a Yamaha DX7 a lot on that song, which is so uniquely ’80s, but then countered it with a super-distorted Minimoog Voyager in the chorus,” Antonoff says. “That sounds extremely modern to me. It’s that back-and-forth.”

For one part of the track, he says, “I just chopped this piece of my voice singing and started looping it over and over. Then I started banging on some drums I had in the room and stomping on the floor and sampling all these sounds to make this big bombastic looping beat with the sample on top of it.”

Antonoff says Out of the Woods is his favorite of the songs he and Swift have written together, which include the Golden Globe-nominated Sweeter Than Fiction, which appeared in the 2013 film One Chance.

Out of the Woods may never be a single for radio, Swift says, but she wanted people to hear it before the rest of 1989, out Oct. 27, because “I think it’s the greatest example of the sound of this album.”


The fifth-floor galleries reopen today with three new exhibitions. Shaping a Collection: Five Decades of Gifts includes iconic works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, and many others. The fifth-floor mezzanine galleries will sample the Whitney’s holdings of work by Edward Hopper, whose work will be shown alongside examples of contemporary photography, and Alexander Calder.

Edward Hopper (1882–1967), Second Story Sunlight, 1960. Oil on canvas. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase, with funds from the Friends of the Whitney Museum of American Art. © Whitney Museum of American Art. Photograph by Sheldan C. Collins


An international team of scientists has found evidence of a series of massive supernova explosions near our solar system, which showered the Earth with radioactive debris.

The scientists found radioactive iron-60 in sediment and crust samples taken from the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The iron-60 was concentrated in a period between 3.2 and 1.7 million years ago, which is relatively recent in astronomical terms, said research leader Dr. Anton Wallner from The Australian National University (ANU).

“We were very surprised that there was debris clearly spread across 1.5 million years,” said Dr. Wallner, a nuclear physicist in the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering. “It suggests there were a series of supernovae, one after another.

“It’s an interesting coincidence that they correspond with when the Earth cooled and moved from the Pliocene into the Pleistocene period.”

The team from Australia, the University of Vienna in Austria, Hebrew University in Israel, Shimizu Corporation and University of Tokyo, Nihon University and University of Tsukuba in Japan, Senckenberg Collections of Natural History Dresden and Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) in Germany, also found evidence of iron-60 from an older supernova around eight million years ago, coinciding with global faunal changes in the late Miocene.

Some theories suggest cosmic rays from the supernovae could have increased cloud cover.

A supernova is a massive explosion of a star as it runs out of fuel and collapses.

The scientists believe the supernovae in this case were less than 300 light-years away, close enough to be visible during the day and comparable to the brightness of the Moon.

Although Earth would have been exposed to an increased cosmic ray bombardment, the radiation would have been too weak to cause direct biological damage or trigger mass extinctions.

The supernova explosions create many heavy elements and radioactive isotopes which are strewn into the cosmic neighborhood.

One of these isotopes is iron-60 which decays with a half-life of 2.6 million years, unlike its stable cousin iron-56. Any iron-60 dating from the Earth’s formation more than four billion years ago has long since disappeared.

The iron-60 atoms reached Earth in minuscule quantities and so the team needed extremely sensitive techniques to identify the interstellar iron atoms.

“Iron-60 from space is a million-billion times less abundant than the iron that exists naturally on Earth,” said Dr. Wallner.

Dr. Wallner was intrigued by first hints of iron-60 in samples from the Pacific Ocean floor, found a decade ago by a group at TU Munich.

He assembled an international team to search for interstellar dust from 120 ocean-floor samples spanning the past 11 million years.

The first step was to extract all the iron from the ocean cores. This time-consuming task was performed by two groups, at HZDR and the University of Tokyo.

The team then separated the tiny traces of interstellar iron-60 from the other terrestrial isotopes using the Heavy-Ion Accelerator at ANU and found it occurred all over the globe.

The age of the cores was determined from the decay of other radioactive isotopes, beryllium-10 and aluminium-26, using accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) facilities at Dresden AMS (DREAMS) of HZDR, Micro Analysis Laboratory (MALT) at the University of Tokyo and the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator (VERA) at the University of Vienna.

The dating showed the fallout had only occurred in two time periods, 3.2 to 1.7 million years ago and eight million years ago. Current results from TU Munich are in line with these findings.

A possible source of the supernovae is an ageing star cluster, which has since moved away from Earth, independent work led by TU Berlin has proposed in a parallel publication. The cluster has no large stars left, suggesting they have already exploded as supernovae, throwing out waves of debris.

Swiffer Guy -- CrissColfer drabble

Title: Swiffer Guy
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: G/~1,050
Summary: late90s AU where Chris and Darren both work in a mall selling stuff.


The guy looks bored, a little nervous, and incredibly cute standing outside the Kitchen n’ Things of the local mall in his pressed khakis and lime green shirt.

Darren notices him because he’s taking his usual walk around the mall for the first break of his shift, where he gets something from Orange Julius and breathes in fifteen minutes away from people who don’t understand that just because a Discman is labeled as “anti-skip” it doesn’t mean they can just throw it around like it’s indestructible.

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