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Steve isn’t the only one to have lost the love of his life, either.

Charles Aznavour - She ♫

Super Money Sachet 

I had a really cool experience with this sachet! Until now, this sachet has been charging in a black drawstring bag with money, corresponding tarot cards, and an enchanted devil’s shoestring (so charging for about 3~4 days). Today, when I decided to use my tarot cards and check on the sachet, immediately after opening the black bag & smelling the sachet, I noticed a gold coin on my floor (the one pictured)… I have never owned  a $1 James Monroe coin before and I had just vacuumed so I have no idea how it got there! Immediately, I knew I had to share!!! I was going to wait until I had used it in my new serving job, but this was way to cool! It smells amazing and has lots of strong energy~!

  • Chamomile : Money
  • Patchouly : Money
  • Basil : Wealth
  • Elder : Prosperity 
  • Lemon Balm : Success
  • Bay Leaf : To write your sigil

Enchant all of your herbs as necessary. On a bay leaf, create a sigil or write out intention. I personally created a sigil based off the intention. “I will make good money.” Burn the bay leaf and then add to enchanted herbs. Place into sachet and DONE! 

To make this sachet more effective… 

  • Bind with green ribbon/lace
  • Burn a green candle while creating this Sachet 
  • Charge appropriately

How I charged my sachet…

I think how I charged this sachet largely influences its energy! I placed my sachet in a black drawstring bag (you could also wrap in cloth or put in larger jar) with the following items: 

  • Money (I just put $2) 
  • King of Pentacles
  • Ace of Pentacles
  • VII of Pentacles 
  • Page of Pentacles
  • X of Pentacles 
  • IX of Pentacles 
  • Enchanted Devil’s Shoestring 

The longer you charge your sachet, the more effective it will be! I hope everyone has positive results!

Random headcanon (Arkham Edition)

Harleen often had to put J back in his chair after he fell out of it from squirming too much and forgetting the straight jacket limited any ability to grab anything (though if he was being particularly bad that day Harleen would threaten to leave him on the floor as punishment)

Darry as a dad

- he would have a little girl

- they would always go on cute daddy daughter dates

- like to the zoo or a baseball game and in big crowds he would always put her on his shoulders so she could see

- “daddy, i’m tall like you!”

- she would always help him make chocolate cake

- but she would tell everybody she made it all by herself

- she only stirred the batter

- but they would all smile and tell her she did a really good job

- darry would tie his mom’s old apron on her and she loved wearing it around pretending she was the owner of a bakery

- soda and pony being uncles

- soda would always play with her and chase her around; tag, hide-n-seek, tickle monster, pretend

- sometimes she would ask him to play dx and she would pretend to be “uncle sodie”

- pony would always read to her and would often times be seen sitting on the floor and coloring pictures with her

- he would also teach her how to play the melody of ‘mary had a little lamb’ on the piano and show her what keys to push

- and she can’t wait for daddy to come home from work so she can show him

- and then her running into his arms yelling “daddy!” when he walks through the door

- darry carrying her into the end zone to score a touchdown during the gang’s football game

- she would ask two-bit to marry her and of course he would say yes

- they would have a pretend wedding and two-bit would get on his knees to walk down ‘the asile’

- two-bit: “hey, dad!”

- darry: “don’t even go there.”

- when darry would put her to bed she would sing a lullaby to him

- she would make it up and it would be a bunch of random words that don’t make sense together

- but darry would always smile and tell her she had a pretty singing voice

- “just like your grandma did”

- there would be so many things about her that remind him of his mom

- she would have darry wrapped around her little finger and would always be daddy’s little girl

Okay, for my 200th post, I’m going to get it right! A beautiful but badass pic of Ed that captures everything that is wonderful about FMA…

…uh oh…

…dammit Winry! Again?!

anonymous asked:

after your miscarriage you become distant from Bucky. He still holds you close at night and loves you and cares for you but you are numb. At first you seemed most effected by it, but when you cant find Bucky one day and spot him sobbing on the bathroom floor holding the picture of the ultra sound your heart shatters seeing his shoulders shake in grief aching to hold his baby "Daddy will always love you" he cries, clutching onto the photograph.

are you guys trying to break my heart omfg im gonna cry 

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