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My Pastel Prince

Summary- Punk!Phil and Pastel!Dan in high school.

Word Count- 5.1k

Fluff- near the end.

TW- Mentions of self harm

A/N- Once again I wrote this on my phone at 1am so I’m sorry for any issues there inevitably are.

Dan Shrugged his backpack off his shoulders and placed it on the hook in his locker switching the books he would no longer need with the ones he would be using for the remainder of his own personal day in  hell, or how others referred to it ‘School’, the very word sends shivers down Dan’s spine. Dan’s head hung low, his eyes focusing in on each speck of the hideous pattered floor, praying to every God and Super Hero alike that he could just blend in to his surroundings, doing everything in his power to draw no attention to himself. But it just so happens that being an openly gay, sixteen year old boy that wears pastel pink sweaters, white jeans, pastel purple high top converse and colour co-ordinated flower crowns in a homophobic, narrow minded school with a bunch of dickhead teenagers you tend to be the target for a lot of bullying; In other words, the ‘Ideal Victim’.

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anonymous asked:

What if Jason taught Cass to read? Like from the really classic books he enjoys, not simple text; more like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Shakespeare, Les Mis', Great Expectations, Robinson Crusoe, North and South, Jungle Book, The Time Machine and other books such as those and then she started speaking with dramatic words such audacious, surreptitious, prosaic, paucity, clandestine, banal, atrocious, ebb, zenith, ephemeral, deleterious, superlative, didactic, dogmatic, fastidious and the like

Anon, I am in love with this. The reason I love this especially is because this type of language with its dramatic words and rich syntax is like a dance. It is fluid, overflowing, creative. It translates movement in words. And Cass is fluent in movement.

I imagine Cass reading one of those “See Jane run” books and screwing up her face at it… because how is Jane running? Is she leaping? Sprinting? Scurrying like a mouse? Flying with skirts whipping past her? Is she running like the wind, or as if the very claws of death and destruction were behind her? Cass needs more than “run” to be able to properly picture the movements in her mind’s eye. And it is Jason that realises this. 

He finds her one day, sitting in the Wayne Manor library with open books stacked up all around her, everything ranging from children’s books to classics. And he stands there watching her as she pores over words, trying to read them, trying to move with them… and his breath catches in his lungs. 

She stands and paces the book-lined corridor, stops, pouts, puts a hand on her hip. Then she is standing on her tip-toes, cocking her head to the side, taking on an expression of sheer, childish curiosity.

She is trying to move with them. 

She can’t even read most of the words, Jason realises. She is just trying to refine what she can read. Paint in the details over murky backgrounds of brown and grey, trying to see beyond the letters, the consonants and vowels and translate them to her native tongue of movement.  

And so he teaches her. They meet up weekly with a stolen pile of Alfred’s biscuits or scones, and sit with backs against the tomes in the library, lie on the carpets of the lounge in front of the fireplace, in the window seat at the end of the third-floor hallway as rain patters across the glass. 

Oracle had already laid the groundwork. Taught Cass the hard things, the alphabet, the basic words… but Jason recognised that Cass needed more. And so he sits there, reading her Austen, and Murakami, and Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky, stopping to define the meanings of words she doesn’t know. He helps her pronounce to them, re-enacts the movement as best he can, describing them or sketches them out so she can have a visual means of further understanding the words. And Cass flourishes, she soaks every word, every sentence, every page up like a sponge until soon, she is reading them by herself. 

And it never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face when she graces them with her words. Because though they are few, every word flows like honey from her tongue, like a pirouette across the stage. She has a knack for pin-pointing your feelings even if you didn’t know you were feeling them. And that is perhaps the only time Jason regrets ever teaching her is when she sees beyond his angry, cold demeanour and into the fluttering insecurities and darkening fear and gnawing pain that he tries to hide from everyone else. 

Sweeter Than Candy

Wanna One’s Park Woojin X Reader

Fluffier than cotton candy

Word count: 3255

• summer’s here whooo it’s time to make extra cash [ to save for merch and concerts amirite ;) ]
• you’re hella heart eyes for your new coworker
• let’s see what happens hurh ;)

i’m the most unoriginal person to ever exist. Your job is at a damn candy store but that’s only because I was being all sentimental and emotional about the times my friends and I would go to the candy stores and pig out….sigh, it’s very far away from our homes though so we don’t go nowadays :(((
Anyways, i hope you like it anon :)) , soRRY IT’S LIKE TWO WEEKS LATE I’VE BEEN STUDYING

- admin L

PS: will be edited soon [ 7/8/2017 ] 

edited: 7/8/2017

Oh my god…..if he’s going to sneak another sugared fruit jelly into his mouth i’m gonna….yeah okay

You sighed, staring sheepishly at your coworker - Park Woojin - in a non-stalkerish, totally friendly kind of way as he popped yet another piece of candy into his mouth while working. He knew you were eyeing his every move and winked cheekily before speeding off to assist another customer.

It was finally summer and as much as you wanted to let your hair down and party, you also wanted to make some extra pocket money, a little could always go a long way. So, you had taken up your parents’ suggestion of working at the nearby candy store, The Sugar Shaker. Despite it’s… peculiar name, it was a very popular store and was constantly filled with people, be it young children from the neighbourhood elementary school, teenagers stocking up on their study snacks or even working adults giving into their candy cravings, everyone in this estate loved The Sugar Shaker. The atmosphere was always bubbly and lively, there was never a dull day.

Especially when you had a shift with Woojin.

You would be the world’s biggest liar if you said that his presence didn’t light up the entire room. Woojin was always so talkative and funny, albeit he could be really awkward and dorky on occasion but you only added those to the list of things you liked about the boy. He made you laugh at his silly jokes when both of you worked the latest shifts and showed his sweet side by telling you to go home early when he saw you dozing off on the counter.

“Go ahead at head home, Y/N. I can pack up. Your health is so much more important,” Woojin had told you, smiling despite how tired he was and showing you his snaggletooth. It only made him more and more charming.

When you refused to leave him by himself, he made you nap in the break room, using his black hoodie as a pillow. It smelled like his cologne so you really didn’t have any issues with it.

Woojin was rather popular with the girls’ around here, at school, at work, in the store, they all whispered and giggled about him. You couldn’t blame them, he was indeed made out of 110% boyfriend material.

Any girl would be lucky to have him…I just wish it was me….oh, he’s so-

“Y/N!” Your other coworker, the older and more experienced Hyonju unnie yelled, glaring at you but there was a playful twinkle in her eye. She was already in college and yes, had her fair share of boyfriends while you had never had one.

“Ugh, what am I going to do with you,” she said, not looking up from packing a customers bag of candy and once they had left, continued. “You keep admiring him from afar but never actually makes a move…ahh.”

You blushed bright red and returned to your original task of manning the till but your mind wandered back to Woojin.

No, no. Let’s focus, now…..but-No!

Hyonju unnie shook her head, snickering at you. She pinched your burning cheeks affectionately. “Awww, my cute dongsaeng is scared. Never fear, you started summer with a new job and we’ll make sure it ends with a new relationship!”

You swore under your breath, praying Woojin hadn’t heard whatever nonense Hyonju was spewing.

“How can I? Woojin’s way too good for me, it’s impossible,” you muttered, rather reluctant to admit the truth. Hyonju heard this and gasped, smacking your arm. “Don’t say these kinds of things! I don’t believe them for a second! Look, out of all these girls in the neighbourhood that admire him, you’re the best and probably the only good fit for him. Ahhh! So cute! Just date already!”

Woojin approached the cashier without either of you noticing. “What’s so cute?” He asked, his nose scrunched up adorably in confusion.

“Nothing! Nothing, nope!” You insisted, unable to look him in the eye for you were afraid he would pick up clues from Hyonju’s cocky smirk and your scarlet cheeks.

“Ahh, I get it, girl talk. It’s okay Y/N, if anything, I find you cuter. Don’t be demoralised.” Woojin patted your shoulder while grinning, before moving off to the other side of the shop. What he had assumed wasn’t exactly right and that was one of his dorky points, the appearance of his trait made you crush even harder on him.

It was tough to ignore Hyonju unnie’s surprised yet delighted expression and her constant teasing for the next few hours.

“Oh my god, stop it!” You hissed at her even though she hadn’t done or said anything.

Hyonju simply giggled, shrugging.

“The ball is in your court sis.”

The sun had barely risen over the horizon but you were already trudging in the direction of The Sugar Shaker. You squeezed your tired eyes shut, still groggy and half asleep. There was no real point in opening the shop at 8.30 in the morning, there were barely any customers. Perhaps the handful of high school students or kindergarten kids who had begged their parents to leave the house a little earlier to visit the candy shop. You really disliked this shift.

Part of the reason was that Woojin didn’t work this one with you but the later, afternoon one with the other pretty high school girl, Lisa. You couldn’t hold anything against her, she was a nice friend.

Ugh…Hyonju unnie is probably going to tease me all the way today, you complained internally as you approached the store. The neon light sign had yet to be switched on but the inside was already well lit. Puzzled, you slipped under the shutter, only to be blinded by the brightness.

Strange, unnie NEVER reaches before I do…ugh, what did she do?

You had to blink a couple times to allow your eyes to adjust to the new level of brightness.

“Unnie?” Your voice was still hoarse and not loud enough. “Unn-!”

Somehow, Hyonju had started unpacking today’s stock, random boxes were scattered everywhere and one of your characteristics of being clumsy clearly wasn’t helping. It didn’t hurt terribly but it sure ached when your back hit the cold marble floor.


Footsteps pattered in your direction frantically, Hyonju was probably shocked as well.

“Oh my god! Y/N! I’m so sorry!”

Wait what….



You looked up so abruptly that you bumped your head on the shelf above. Woojin cringed in pain on your behalf. He shot you an uneasy look, smiling nervously while offering his hand for you to take. You accepted it gratefully, despite the throbbing pain at the back of your head.

“Uhh, thanks,” you muttered, suddenly fully aware of your hand in his and the close proximity between the two of you. Woojin seemed to realise it to, he dropped your hand and took a step back, the tips of his ears reddening.

“Ahh, it’s my fault anyways, I don’t know what time you usually show up and figured you wouldn’t be here for awhile so I just left the place in a mess. I’m sorry, Y/N! Forgive me! I didn’t mean it!” He blabbered but seemed sincere about his apology. Woojin hung his head, pouting. It was an adorable sight to witness and you couldn’t help but stare at him. Firstly, his hair was rather messy, hidden underneath his red baseball cap, it seemed like he too hadn’t bothered to do this hair. Secondly, despite is cheery aura, there was a sense of sleepiness and comfort that lingered around him. Thirdly, his snaggletooth was the cutest thing you had ever seen.

I think I’ve mentioned the last one before…….

Then, it dawned on you, “Wait? Why are you even here?”

Your heart starting beating at an abnormally quick rate, butterflies seem to come alive in your stomach.


“Oh! Hyonju noona had a change in her college schedule, so, we swapped shifts. The two of us now have three shifts together!” Woojin explained rather excitedly, however, you saw that he was still awkwardly playing with his hands and avoiding eye contact. You bit your tongue to stop yourself from allowing a giggle to emit from you.

“Ohh, I see. Well…uh, I’m here now. Let’s start work!” You high-fived him, he responded enthusiastically, beaming.

Oh unnie, what am I going to do now?

Silently, you thank Hyonju unnie but also dreaded working another shift with just two people. It made you more prone to messing up in front of Woojin.

Your hands brushed off imaginary dirt from your clothes, pondering.

At least this gave you a bit more time to grow closer to Park Woojin.

From time to time, Woojin would give you an encouraging smile, silently cheering you even though it was just your job. When there was no customers patronising the shop, he ran next door to that uber cool cafe and bought smoothies for you and him. Both smoothies were of the same flavour because, “I didn’t know your favourite so I picked my favourite but wasn’t sure if you would like that either so I asked my good friend Jinyoung who works there to recommend a flavour and he said that strawberry is nice. I’ll take you there to personally choose what flavour you want next time”. You found that gesture incredibly sweet and kind, your cheeks nearly tinged as pink as your smoothie ( which Jinyoung did a great job on ).

When Lisa and Hyonjun arrived for their shift, Woojin helped you to pack your things and even carried your tote out. He wasn’t having any of your protests.

The machine beep in a friendly manner right after you swiped your employee pass through the scanner, signalling you had clocked out for the day. You spun round, nearly knocking into Woojin’s chest. Fortunately, he reached out and grabbed your forearms, steadying you in time.

“Woah, Y/N. You’re so clumsy today,” he teased light-heartedly, sticking his tongue out you.

Even at the very front of the shop, you could here Hyonju unnie’s excited screams and shipping.

“‘C'mon, since I’m seeing your face so much, we should get to know each other. What do you want for lunch? My treat.” There wasn’t time for you to object, he had already began searching the internet for good barbecue places nearby. “I know noona told me about your secret obsession with meat one day. I’m sorry I know, Y/N. It’s okay! I like meat alot too.”

You weren’t sure if it made you feel better or worse.

“Yah! Shouldn’t you say something? It’s so unladylike!” You wailed in embarrassment, covering your face with your hands. ( rip admin L at family dinners lolololol i eat so much )

“Ah! Stop covering your pretty face…oh hey, you have really soft hands,” Woojin murmured in amusement as he ran his hands over yours, that small action shot dozens of tingles down your spine and sparks ignited all over your body. Woojin made you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

“Ugh, but why would I have to say anything about that? Girls need to eat too. Besides, I don’t care if you aren’t ladylike, as long as you’re a lady I like.”

You punched his muscular shoulder, letting out a small squeal of surprise as he laughed, which sounded like music to your ears. He was so angelic.

You knew that sad truth that it was just a joke between coworkers, almost-friends but a part deep inside of you yearned for whatever Woojin had said to be about you. He was the perfect friend and a dream boyfriend.

I wish he was into me, but he deserves so much better.

“Y/N! Hurry up! The faster we get there, the more meat we can eat!”

Seeing Woojin had suddenly become a frequent thing. Saturday was your off day and you always went on an evening run around the neighbourhood, making sure to be back before dark. You unexpectedly bumped into Woojin, playing basketball at the park’s basketball court. He was together with a few other boys, some you recognised as seniors and some you had never seen before. It was nice to observe their game as you stretched and cooled down somewhat. Woojin finally spotted you, he waved, “Y/N! Hello!”

Smiling, you waved back but suddenly grew aware of the multiple pairs of curious eyes staring at you. You shifted your weight from foot to foot uncomfortably, under the gaze of Woojin’s friends.

Woojin approached you. “Hi,” he said.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

Well, he’s totally not playing basketball. Well done, Y/N.

“Oh! Uh, Guanlin…yeah that really tall guy…no not Daehwi…yeah, that guy, invited us out to practice with him and i don’t know why he’s nervous about tryouts for the competition team, he’s amazing! That guy is Jinyoung, the smoothie boy and Jaewhan hyung is the one wiping Jihoon’s face,” Woojin introduced, pointing at each boy respectively. “Hey, are you busy now? If not, join us. I-I think i-it will be fun! Like…more fun if you join us rather than now because…I’m rambling now aren’t I?” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

Omg stoppp it, you have no idea how hard I have fallen for you.

“Sure! Why not? Don’t you see me too much at work though?” You joked, setting your water bottle down next to his bag.

Woojin rolled his eyes. “This is summer, I didn’t intend my holidays to revolve around work. C'mon, just catch a break, it can’t hurt. Won’t I still be seeing you tomorrow?” He slung an arm around your shoulder like it was the most natural thing in the world but you could pretty much feel his nerves and awkwardness radiating off him.

You still hadn’t gotten over the fact how cute he was.

“Hey! Woojin, who’s this?” A friendly and kind looking boy asked as you approached, he smiled warmly at you. Was his name Daehwi? You supposed so.

Woojin waited till at least all of them were in earshot before speaking. “Hey guys, this is my… friend…and coworker! Uh, her name is Y/N,” he introduced hesitantly.

Various versions of ‘hello’ were chorused in response, all of them seemed welcoming.

“Oh, are you the Y/N who Woojin really can’t shut up about? He seems to really like being your friend,” Daehwi mentioned absent-mindedly, putting a finger to his lip.

There was an long pause, even the song of the crickets had become audible.

“Y/N, do you want to play with us? It’ll be exciting!” Jinyoung exclaimed, breaking the silence before bouncing the basketball a few times.

Seeing the hopeful look on Woojin’s face gave you the push to accept their offer. You smiled, nodding you head.

“Yay! Thanks Y/N!”

You felt you throat close and heart thud madly in your chest as Woojin wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer to him. Your back leaned against his defined chest as he hugged you. Because of the sudden action, your shirt had ridden up a tiny bit so Woojin’s arm brushed against your tummy, right above your belly button.

The reaction was immediate, electricity shot through your veins, you felt icy shivers slip down your spine, leaving a weirdly pleasant feeling.

Neither of you pulled away until Jaewhan coughed and once he thought you weren’t looking, glared at Woojin, who in turn, burned bright red.

There wasn’t anyone who was cuter than him.

The summer was coming to a close much faster than you anticipated, it was a bittersweet moment. You weren’t sure if you could manage classes AND a job, the will to try was there but really, it was a tall order.

However, you had grown a lot closer to Woojin and even expanded your circle of friends.

Hyonju unnie was constantly cheering you on.

Meeting with Woojin to hang out became an extremely frequent affair, your parents were beginning to get suspicious but you reassured them that he was just your good friend. That was not a lie either, Woojin had become one of your best friends. There wasn’t a day that he didn’t text you to make sure you were all right.

You genuinely wanted summer to last forever, it was such a shame that it was coming to a close so quickly. So, savouring your last few shifts, you often prolonged tasks, especially if it was the shift with Woojin and Hyonju.


Woojin’s voice shook you awake, it appeared that you were dozing off at the counter again. It was already 9.45pm, The Sugar Shaker would close in 15 minutes.

Woojin rubbed your back, tracing small circles comfortingly. “Ahh, go and rest. I’ll be with you soon okay? Let me close up first,” he said.

You flopped onto the small sofa in the break room, and considered it a luxury. Grateful that Woojin pretty much left all his hoodies here, you grabbed one and snuggled into it for comfort. You heard him sigh when he saw you.

“Y/N, oh my gosh. You’re so cute. You must be tired, do you want me to call a cab? We can crash at my place,” Woojin suggested, playing with your hair.

“Come and cuddle,” you mumbled, you had no shame right now. Besides, was it not natural for friends to cuddle?

“C-c-cuddle? Me? And… Y-You?” He stammered but didn’t complain when you held out your arms, in fact, he gladly obliged.

“Woojin,” you began, pondering if you should confess your feelings for him.

Whatever, YOLO amirite? ;)

“Yeah? You okay? Are you comfortable?”

“Mhmm yes. Thanks. Uh, uh….I just wanted to say that… you’re one of my best friends…”

Ugh! What an awful start!

“Oh…thanks…” Woojin shifted in discomfort.

“But I want us to be more than that. I like you. Date me. Now or never,” Mustering up the courage, you declared bravely.

It was like Woojin could not believe what he was hearing, he took a double take, staring blankly at you. “Wha-what? Re-really? Me? Date you? What?….Yes! Of course!”

Then, he leaned in and kissed you.

Not on the lips because he closed his eyes and missed but just at the corner of your mouth, you found it the perfect ‘first kiss’ spot.

Woojin’s eyes widened in horror. “I’m so sorry! I was aiming for your lips…no! I was going to kiss your cheek, not your lips! Not that I don’t want to kiss you on your lips but that-”

You cut him off with a giggle. “It’s okay, you can try again. I find your rambling adorable by the way.”

It seemed to give him a surge of confidence. Woojin smiled, he brought his lips closer to yours and cautiously pressed his to them.

You savoured every second, his lips were soft and velvety, just like you expected them to be.

When he pulled away, he pursed his lips together. “Mmhm, isn’t that the new green apple flavoured gummy?”

You blushed in embarrassment, refusing to admit you had nearly downed a whole packet of those. Of course you paid for it, with employee discount.

“Mhmm, it tastes good. Almost as sweet as you,” Woojin professed and nearly doubled over in laughter after.

The summer began with a new job, who knew it would end with a new relationship.

Wake Up Call

A/N: I did it! I wrote a Dear Evan Hansen fic!

Request:  Jared x reader where the reader forgers her coffee one day and falls asleep in class and anytime the teacher looks their way Jared does something to save her ass from getting detention but at one point it fails and they both get detention (in which reader nearly falls asleep in) (again) ( @nonstop-laurens )

Warnings: cursing?,,, i don’t think there’s anymore

Pairing: Jared Kleinman X Reader

Word Count: 1,045

AU: High School, baby

Stumbling, you walked into the white classroom, fatigue washing over you. Today you had forgotten your daily coffee, which was extremely important in order for you to stay awake for even two minutes. You were exhausted as you stayed up practically all night to finish your english paper.

What a wonderful day for you to forget your coffee.

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Bound By Honour

Pairing: Eric/OC *Sarah*
Fandom: Divergent/Insurgent
Rating: M

Eric has the best hand in all the factions, but can’t seem to get to grips with his life as a parent to two grown Dauntless members. The honour is passed to Sarah as she battles with the woes of an unruly daughter and a wayward son. Balanced with a intricate web of personal struggles and outsiders, can they stop their family from falling apart?  

A/N: I mean, who didn’t see this coming? You can blame my holiday for giving me ideas and putting my updates on hold. :) Enjoy this third installment!

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Wet Myself While Gaming (And nearly got caught!)

Another post of mine from my early days on omorashi.org, for those whom haven’t seen it! I actually really need to go right now, and re-reading this while I need to is a weird experience.


Hey everyone, it’s me again!

I had another accident last night and I was nearly caught again. It was a series of incredibly erotic events! Luckily my ability to think on my toes in these situations saved my ass again.

So I’ve been playing SOMA. Its a horror game made by the same people who made Amnesia, so if you don’t know of it I just told you everything you need to know.

I’ve been almost home alone since yesterday morning. What I mean by that is, my mother is gone on a trip for work and my brother is also gone away staying at a friends until Sunday, so until then it’s just me and Dad. I was taking advantage of this fact. Dad can’t cook so we’ve been living off pre-made store-bought food like subs and the chicken I just ate, as well as coca cola (Bad for me, I know). Now, I’ve been getting really into this game. Its really scary and really immersive. And I’m easily scared. I’m sure you can see the direction this is going. I was playing last night and had been drinking lots of coca cola. The caffeine really got to me, and I filled up rather quick. I don’t know HOW quick, because time flies when I’m gaming. I was barely paying attention until I noticed I had to cross my legs and rock a little to be remotely comfortable. It was undeniable at this point, I really, REALLY had to pee.

I was wearing tight light blue jeans, complete with a belt with a cute butterfly buckle, and black and white striped panties. My top was…somewhere. I dunno. I’m the type that after she gets home to relax, layers start coming off in no real specific order. I was still wearing my bra, a nice black one I like, but thinking back I’m surprised I didn’t discard that too in favor of just one of my big T-shirts for the sake of comfort. Too eager to immediately get into the game I guess. I didn’t even remember to eat. I rarely do, and when I do hardly enough to get any damn nutrients, thus my being a stick. This forgetfulness will come into play.

So anyway, I was playing SOMA and I really had to pee. Crossing my legs, rocking, no grabbing though, as my hands were occupied with the game (I’m playing this on a dualshock 3 I have connected to my PC. The mouse and keyboard business lately has been making my wrist sore so I’m changing it up!). But I’ve got a bit of a complex where I don’t pause to do something unless I’ve just hit a checkpoint. If I’m in the middle of an objective I don’t stop until I’ve completed it, no matter how urgent other matters might be. The objective in this case, was to go downstairs and reset the network connection so I could run some sort of simulation to get a code from a virtual dude. Of course I get down there and there’s a monster I didn’t predict. Some gross mass of flesh with legs. Anyway, the point is I didn’t know he was in there. And I get really immersed and really frightened.

I walked into the room and felt something was off. It was dark and the music and accompanying atmosphere had gotten heavy. To reiterate, I get a little too immersed. Just being here put a pit in my stomach and a cold sweat on my brow. I snuck around, not really expecting anything to be there. I was quite literally on the edge of my seat, stiff as a statue, legs crossed with a bursting bladder. Just had to hit the button on the other side of the room and I could run off.

But then I rounded a corner and saw it. It wasn’t looking at me, but it was really close and I could see how very grotesque it was. I couldn’t even move my character, I froze. My breathing went heavy and my eyes wide as I sat there, frozen and shaking. And my crotch going damp. Wait what?

I slammed the pause button and shoved my hand between my legs. I was suddenly acutely aware that in being frozen in terror, I had peed in my underwear a little bit. A quick check showed a small patch between my legs. I cursed myself for letting myself be so caught off guard and vowed to run to the bathroom.

As soon as I hit that fucking button, of course.

I unpaused and backed off a bit, composing myself, waiting for the enemy to go away. As soon as I had the chance I slipped across the room. Finally, the network reset button! I flipped the switch. But I had to wait a moment so I could hit it again as confirmation? God dammit.

Of COURSE, the button pushing action would be noisy enough to attract the flesh bag to said computer. I heard it coming so I tried to back up behind one of the server things. But something was blocking my character. Shit. I panicked and turned around to see a chair on the ground. blocking my path. And I turned BACK around, and creepy moaning flesh dude was STARING RIGHT AT ME.

So goddammit, I turned around, jumped over the chair and ran. Sprinted through the weaves of the mazelike room, and out. There was a room outside of it to the left I knew I could shut the door to. My plan was to run in, turn around, slam the door, and figure out a hiding spot in there before he got in. Of course my plan had a fatal flaw.

I was completely unaware that this limping, groaning bag of whatthefuck, could sprint like Usain Bolt like you were leading him around in a race car with a gold medal tied to the back, when you alerted him to your presence. He was sprinting and on my heels the whole way, when I assumed I had a few seconds of respite I really didn’t have.

I ran into my safety room and spun around to slam the door. And it was right there. Sprinting about 5 feet away from me screeching. It slammed into me and the screen went black. Of course during this short timeframe, I SCREAMED. I screamed and I dropped the controller, my hands shooting up to my face. The next thing I knew when I came to my senses, I was wetting myself from sheer terror. My ass was suddenly very warm, and as I was still on the edge of my seat, it was pitter pattering onto the floor. I stood up as fast as I could, crossed my legs, reached my hands down and held on for dear life. I regained control and assessed the damage. The back of my thighs and my ass were…very wet indeed. My pants and underwear were quite obviously saturated beyond saving so I’d have to change. The moment I stood up though my bladder dropped like a rock and I suddenly noticed that it was quite visible. Being a stick of a person, when my bladder gets big I can tell pretty well just by looking at my belly. I had severely leaked, yes, but I still had a ton left in me. So bathroom time it was!

Those of you who have read my last experience already know my bathroom is just a little down the hall from my bedroom, on the 2nd floor. So I shuffled to the door and turned the knob to open it…Just as my dad was coming in. He didn’t know I was on the other side, obviously, and my door, like most bedroom doors, opens inward. The doorknob was swiftly driven…directly into my bladder.

I hid 85% of my body behind the door and peeked around and looked at my dad, asking what he wanted. The door wasn’t wide open obviously, it was just wide enough that he could probably slip through if he turned sideways. While I was asking this I was trembling horribly. That impact to my bladder had knocked my control out of the park. I felt myself slowly start leaking, gradually getting heavier. My crotch was getting warm. The warmth started spreading. I could feel my pants getting wet in the back, and some starting to seep through to the front. I was not in a position where I could start dancing around or suddenly whip one of my hands out of dads view, as I was holding onto the door and leaning around from behind it. He could see from my head to my shoulders I imagine.

He told me I had forgotten to eat and that he had re-heated my food. I stammered, shaking, legs wobbling as I lost further control. I tried so hard to clench my muscles down and press my legs tighter together, but my control was heavily wavering, to the point it was rapidly switching between extremes. One second I had full control, the next I’d hear the hissing for a second and hope he wasn’t hearing it. I was basically peeing my pants now, the wetness traveling much further than my ass given that I was no longer sitting down. It started soaking my legs, leaving trails, two big ones down the back of either leg and smaller ones branching off. I told him I’d be down in a minute to eat. I let out a small audible gasp as my inner thighs became overly saturated and I could feel urine trickling along my bare feet and ankles.

He asked me if I was alright, saying he saw I was shaking. He moved in the door more, pushing the knob further into my bladder. There went any control I had left and the hissing in my jeans became loud and constant. Pee was pouring out of me, and I could feel it traveling all over the front and back of my legs. I groaned loudly as he did this and he raised an eyebrow, and he tried to come in, yet again pushing the knob into my bladder even harder. It was like a hose at this point, it had gone from a stream into a jet, and I was wetting myself so hard the crotch and thighs of my jeans just couldn’t hold this volume at this speed and it started heavily dripping onto the floor, pattering into the now growing puddle around me. He was about to come in and look at me in full and I started to panic.

I suddenly realized that the pee hitting the floor and the loud hissing coming from my now drenched crotch was pretty loud, almost deafening to my in my paranoia and I quickly raised the volume of my voice and used my daughter powers to cover everything.

“DAD!! I’m shaking because I’m cold! I’m not dressed, I’m trying to change in here!!” and gave the door a shove. I can pretty much guarantee you, you will never see a male back off faster in your life. Daughter powers. Every daddy’s girl has them, and they work 100% of the time, and we all know how to use them like its primal instinct. Don’t test us. Not applicable to mothers.

I’m sure the story may seem drawn out while reading but do remember this was a short exchange that lasted like 20 seconds, maybe less. I heard a muffled “Alright, see you downstairs” and him walking off. I turned around and rested my back against the door. I unbuckled my cute little butterfly belt, undid my button and unzipped my jeans to give my aching bladder some relief. I was drenched anyway, so I figured I’d enjoy the moment and just stood there and finished wetting my pants. It felt absolutely wonderful now that the panic was gone. The warmth, the hissing, the general relief…these are sensations I’m sure 98% of you know so I don’t really need to describe that. But it was amazing. And very much a turn on. I sat in my puddle for a bit and just recouped, before sitting back in my chair which also had a tiny puddle in it from earlier, and tabbed over to my browser to look up some…similar material to my situation, and yeah that other stuff.

When I was finished I stripped off and took a shower, put on some jammies, cleaned up my messes with a towel, and I threw all that stuff into my laundry pile (which I did today while Dad was at work) and went down to grab my dinner and kick it back in the living room to watch some netflix with Dad for a bit. Nice bonding time, also partially testing how aware he was. Completely clueless, just as I suspected.

So hey, @mossandmushroom ? I was cleaning out my mail the other day and I found an ancient ask prompt about a post-Underworld conversation. I haven’t written any fic since I think November, I’m rusty, this is only 500 words long and pretty raw, but here you go. :)

Emma traced the line of the dagger on Killian’s forearm, the curled letters of Milah’s name. “You want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know.” He didn’t ask what she meant. The street light cast a steady glow across the bedroom floor. Rain pattered on the window as the promised storm made its approach, and a draft moved the curtains. They would have to fix that before winter, Emma thought.

“Been a while since we got back.” Weeks now of normal skies, and not the threatening red of the Underworld – for values of normal that include dirigibles and the occasional dragon, anyway. Weeks of holding each other when they could, too many days spent with Emma’s secret nibbling at her peace.


She curled her fingers around his wrist and pulled his arm closer around her, his chest pressed against her back. Things were better now, since the truth was out. Whatever came next, they were together.

“There’s little gain in pondering it.”

“I don’t know, you might feel better.”

A minute passed before Killian’s sigh stirred the hair on the back of her neck. The house creaked as if in answer. She had gotten used to its noises in the sleepless, haunted nights before he died.

“I would have liked to see her. I don’t know what I would have said, after this long. Nothing she didn’t always know, most likely.”

“You’ve never talked about her much.” Another pause followed. She wanted to turn around, to see the thoughts move across his face, but she didn’t move, just listened to his steady quiet breath.

“She wanted new things, always. New lands, new stars, new songs in her ears and her lips. I cannot imagine how it must have been, to wait in that same shadow of a town for centuries. And now….”

Emma squeezed his arm again. “I don’t think we can believe much that Hades said. Things had already changed there, before you left, with the river. She’ll find her way onward.” And if not, Emma thought, when we return, whenever that is – we’ll make it happen. The Oracle’s words returned to her, like a particularly tiresome song on the radio, told her that it might not be a long wait. “I really liked her. For whatever that’s worth, I mean. I’m glad I got to meet her.”

“And I, however ill the circumstances.” He withdrew his arm from her grasp, moved her hair, and kissed the back of her neck. “I love you, Emma.”

“Mm.” She smiled at both his words and that he seemed to think she needed to hear them just then. “I love you.” She fumbled around and dragged the comforter up. “Should get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day.” Magic scissors, honestly, what’s next? Hairpins, maybe. We already did hats. She fell asleep still smiling.

Liquid Courage 1/3

Warnings: bad language, sexual situations, mentions of violence.

Pairing: Ivar x Gyda(OC)

Summary: after a long day of recovery from battle, the Ragnarsson’s decide to have a small celebration to unwind.

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Ivar watched as she sat across from him, her cheeks flushed red with inebriation. Her normally reserved tendencies were thrown out the window with her wide grin and animated gestures. Jealousy sparked through him as Sigurd touched her arm, his hands clenching the arm of the chair tightly.

“If you want her, you should probably make a move. Although we all know she has eyes just for you.” Ubbe nudged Ivar, a grin spreading across his face.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Ivar hissed taking a deep swig from his cup. He halted his movements when her chair scraped across the floor, the soft patter of her footsteps mirroring his thundering heart.

Her long black hair was plaited into braids that fell close to the swell of her bottom, swaying with every bounding step. Her soft pink lips were curved into a smile, showing of her white teeth that let a few giggles escape. But he found himself unable to look away from her peculiar eyes. One was the mirror image of a clear blue ocean while the other was as green as the grass during spring.

Her face had since been washed of the blood and black kohl that she decorated her face with during battle. Left was an innocent looking face with rosy pink cheeks.

“Why hello, Ivar.” Gyda ran her hand along the back of the chair, her face peeking around the side, level with his own.

“If it is your intention to look like a fool, I’d say you are doing a fine job, Gyda.” Ivar couldn’t stop the words from spilling out, cringing internally at the harshness. But her eyes merely rolled and she tapped his nose playfully.

“We have successfully raided, yet you sit here as though we’ve had our asses handed to us, tail in between your legs.” Gyda jested back humorously, ignoring Ubbe’s incredulous look and Hvitserk’s laughter.

“Do you suppose that I look like you and drink until all my dignity is gone?” Ivar raised his eyebrow, his eyes flitting the swell of her breast that peaked out. “Or I suppose it’s Sigurd that you wish to celebrate with?”

“I think I’d rather sit with you, but you are being a grump, Ivar.” Gyda said airily, perching herself on the arm of the chair, nearly toppling over. She had been on the receiving end of Ivar’s sharp tongue but waved it off. She laughed to herself and cupped Ivar’s cheek, her lips brushing against the shell of his ear.

“I’d rather sit on your face if you’d like.”

Ivar blanched at Gyda as she pulled back, completely caught off guard by her by her crude statement, his sarcastic remark dying on his tongue. This was definitely out of character for her. He’d be lying if he didn’t think about her late at night, hard cock in hand. The feel of her soft skin, the sound of her moans. He was itching to get his hands in her.

“Close your mouth, love. You’ll catch flies if you aren’t careful.” Gently patting his face, she slipped off the arm rather ungracefully, walking away from the table. “I’m going to get some air.”

“What did she say, Ivar? You look like a blushing virgin!” Hvitserk grinned, showing a price of chicken in his mouth.

“Fuck off.” Ivar spat out hastily, shifting uncomfortably as attempted to will his election away. There was no way he’d catch himself dead crawling on the floor with a hard-on. The thought of it made him wince. Nor would he stand and inadvertently show his brother’s the effect Gyda had on him. He would never hear the end of it.

No, he would wait until his brothers decided to retire for the night or his cock would soften. Glaring at the table he huffed impatiently, grumbling as he realized it would be the former. Cursing the black haired woman, he ripped chunks out of his meal, scowling as a slave refilled his cup, making the poor girl tremble.

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Home - Chris Kreider

Request - Love you writings!! Can I request one for Chris Kreider and can it include kids??!!?? Thanks

Word Count: 1170
Team: New York Rangers
Warnings: None

I hope you enjoy this, I thought it was pretty cute! I didn’t really include anything to do with hockey, so I hope it’s okay. Hope you enjoy!

Also, sorry I sort of stopped posting every day like I initially did. This one took me longer to write because I was a little bitter about the Rangers beating out the Habs and then knocking them out of the playoffs, whoops. But here it is now!

“Who wants hot chocolate?” you asked the room. You were greeting with three ‘ME!’s, one of them coming from Chris. You smiled and shook your head as you stood up to head toward the kitchen. You knew you had basically married a child in an adult’s body, but ever since you two had your two children, he had become even more of a child. Honestly, you didn’t know it was even possible, but it happened. With a laugh, you walked into the kitchen and grabbed four mugs. You made the best homemade hot chocolate out there. As you grabbed a pot to put on the stove, you heard a squeal from your little boy.

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BTS Reaction: When you fight And they say something that hurts You


You knew he didn’t like the outfit you wore since it showed off to much skin for him, but you ignored his request and did what you wanted. Resulting in a big fight. You: I just think I should be able to wear whatever i feel comfortable in !! Namjoon: You know what you’re always being so damn selfish in our relationship !!!! You couldn’t move the only thing that was moving was the tears that streamed down your cheeks. he didn’t think for even a second seeing you cry was something he never wanted to see. He pull’t you into a hug, holding you till you were done crying. You: I’m sorry for being so selfish. Namjoon: It’s not your fault, it’s mine for not trusting that even if another guy were to love you just as much you would never leave me. I’m sorry for not beliving you.


Boys like always were hitting on you and it just made Him angry  when the guys  clearly saw you were with him would still dare to hit on you. He forced all his anger out on you. Yoongi: Damn, Y/N why do you have to be suck a fucking slut all the time. At that moment you fell to your knees crying, cause in that very moment that was what you felt like something disgusting a slut nothing more. You: Please, Yoongi I’m sorry. I’m sorry If I’M a slut. You felt that you were at his mercy. Yoongi: Stand up. You stood up body shaking. Yoongi hugged you and softly kissed you then looked you dead in the eye. Yoongi: Fuck everything I just said. Don’t you ever think that low of yourself.


You were completely ingnoring him, it wasn’t on purpose. You were just really busy with work lately and to stressed to talk about it at all. Jin: Y/N Your cheating on me aren’t you is this why your not talking to me !?!?! I dropped my bag at the thought that he would think so low of me. I turn’t around my eyes red from tears already streaming, and hitting the floor making a little patter sound. You: I’M hurt that you think i would cheat on you. Jin I’M stressed, okay stressed to the point where I want to rip my own hair out I can’t take it anymore. I leaned my body against his chest. Jin: Please don’t think that i thought so low of you I was just angry at myself for not knowing what was wrong with you so I just took it out you.


You were always talking to him cuddling with him, but your boss was being so hard on you, you didn’t feel like even that could relive you of everything. So you shut him out which made him angry. Hobi: Do you not love me anymore is this why you are avoding me !! If you have fallen out of love with me or never loved me just tell me !?!?! You: i can’t belive you. Hobi I’m sick, I’m sick of working, I’M sick of myself, I’M sick of everything, I’M done with everything, I’M done with life. He hugged you for hours not letting you go anywhere without him. Hobi: You’re going to have to kill me before i let you be done with your lie and i know you don’t have the heart.


Your father had come to see you recently and you don’t have found memories of him. you couldn’t tell Tae you were afraid he’d be disgusted of you, of what your father sis when he came to see you. So you started ignoring him and just being alone to cry to yourself. Tae: Y/N You are hardly home you never kiss me cuddle with me are you cheating on me !?!?! You: I didn’t want it I said no, but he did it anyways I didn’t want him please don’t hate me. Tae: I don’t hate you who hurt you Y/N You have to tell me. you sobbed. You:  Appa, My Appa…

Jimin: In everyones eyes you were never good enough thats why you loved Jimin so much he made you feel like you were worth something like you were loved and needed. So when he told you otherwise why wouldn’t you belive him ? You had acidently made him late for work. Jimin: Sometimes Y/N you are just worthless !! You felt incompetent. You: I’m sorry, please don’t hate me I won’t do it again. Jimin: It’s not your fault i’m just stressed and bamed everything on my innocent angel.


It seemed like you guys fought for the littlest things. You: Oppa ? I’M hungry. Jungkook: You are just so lazy you can’t even make yourself food !!! he knew that you were super fragile to anything that was said to you. You started crying. You: I just wanted to go get something to eat together. Jungkook kissed you many times. Jungkook: baby i’m sorry I’m just tired.

Angels (Mercy76)

This story is dedicated to Spooky.  Please get your tissues ready.  This is a real tear jerker.  We all know Jack supports Angela but I wanted Angela to support Jack.  This was the best way I could show it.  And, well, it was really hard to write.

Day 2 (Tuesday) Support - Both Angela and Jack can support the other in and outside the battle.

The air in the room shifted the second he walked in. There was something off. Terribly off. It was as if a rain cloud had magically materialized within the room. In a second, moods worsened and papers were pushed forcefully off desks. Even Angela felt the effects of whatever caused the mood to change.

Leering eyes pulled up from her desk. She wasn’t expecting any visitors, especially at this last hour. But as soon as she met the face of a broken man, she’d realized that her ill-temper was misplaced. The mood that stirred within the room wasn’t malice or anger. It was sadness, fear. Grief.

Jack,” she bolted from her desk. With three long strides, she caught him as she collapsed on the floor before her. “Jack, Jack what’s wrong.”

He didn’t answer. His arms wrapped around her and his head found its place against her chest. With heavy sobs, he broke.

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Pins and Needles

This is going to be my final entry for Celebrating Sam, and I think it really shows off that I am, in fact, an evil writer. 

prompt: pincushion

Rated: Explicit

Warning: Graphic depictions of torture, mentions of rape, some unwanted touching

Summary: Since Sam stopped ignoring his hallucinations of Lucifer they’ve been getting increasingly worse, and he just wants it all to end.

The hallucinations just wouldn’t let up. He’d talked to him. After months he’d finally talked to him, and now it was worse than ever. Sam couldn’t even sleep. Lucifer was a constant presence in his head, in his life. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t really there because it sure as hell felt like it. There was no ignoring the taunts and the unwelcome touches. No ignoring how terrified he was every second of every day.

So it was no wonder that Sam lay awake in bed. Dean, tired from their most recent hunt, was out cold. Sam nearly envied him, but he knew that were he asleep he’d be lost in nightmares. There was no escaping his torment.

For the moment Lucifer was quiet, his glowing red eyes staring out at Sam through the dark of the room, malicious and hungry. Sam wasn’t sure what was worse; when Lucifer spoke, or when he didn’t. The things he said were atrocious, and at best, annoying, but when he was quiet, Sam knew he was devising yet another way to hurt him.

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“Lee, get these ties here. I can’t do this with my left.”

Robyn held out her right arm for Leandra and passed over the heavily jeweled connected wrist and hand ornamental band for her to handle. With her free hand, she put in her left oversize diamond hoop earring and stared down at her soon to be one year old son as he zipped past her yet again in his walker. The sound of the wheels gliding across the marble floors and the pattering of his feet were a mixture that she nor anyone else could get enough of. His obsessed grandmother had the Finding Nemo themed contraption on wheels awaiting their arrival to the island and he’d spend just about the entire day in it if you let him. Whether he was crashing into walls or knocking things over with it, his giggling and the clapping of his hands never ceased.

“I can’t wait until your husband returns and sees you in this. I need the laugh that I’m going to get from how aggravated he’s going to be at the sight of it. You promised him that it wouldn’t be too sexy and bitch ya lied.” Her obnoxious laugh caused Robyn to slip out a giggle and she lightly shrugged her shoulders.

“This isn’t that bad. Lauren sent over a couple of sketches and there was one with pasties. I was close to choosing that but I really liked this design out of all of them. This is tame as far as I’m concerned. He’ll be okay.”

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To Share One's Warmth, Part One (Levi x Reader)

Whistling was heard at the windows, the wind blowing through and squeezing through the cracks. The wind floated across your bare neck, goose flesh appearing in its wake It was true that the dorms old HQ castle was not the most insulated of the places that you’d slept in, and the cold was beginning to border on unbearable. Your bones ached as the night grew darker. Even the fluffy snow flakes rushing past were becoming invisible, the air around you cooling until you saw your breath as you let out a shaky, shivering sigh.
    You buried yourself only deeper into the thin standard-issue bedding as you heard the floor creaking and soft pattering of footsteps across the wood followed by the dorm room door opening and closing. Without a doubt, on this coldest of nights, whomever was leaving was sneaking over to the boy’s dorm to snuggle down with a sweetheart. And she was the last to go. You had counted as they left until, not one (besides Ymir and Krista of course) was left but you. 

    Hearing a giggle from across the room from the goddess, you rolled your eyes as you heard her scurry across to Ymir’s bed. Without any other choice (and not really wanting to be in the room alone with Krista and Ymir), you slip into your uniform, cursing at the cold, but also at the two girls in their shared warmth.
It was inevitable that you felt a bitterness roll through you. It seemed as if everyone had somewhere warm to go tonight… With you as the exception of course. You tolled your eyes again and pulled your cloak on, followed by your blanket. The chances were slim, but there could be a fire somewhere in the commons, the kitchen; anywhere would do. Pulling your hood up and readjusting your second makeshift cloak, you opened the door and closed it behind you, leaving you isolated in the frozen hallways.     Immediately regretting this idea, you grumbled to yourself as you took light steps down the hall. The floors were known to creak obscenely when people tread heavily, but you seemed like you had this under control, taking tiny steps and testing them before you made the entire movement. It was a long process, but you had succeeded in your endeavor, making it to the stairs with no trouble at all.     Congratulating yourself silently, you continued on your way, stepping around creaky boards on the stairs. It felt as though you were becoming a proficient sneak. You looked up and smiled as you saw a fire in the grate in the common area. The glow was inviting and you were chilled to the bone, shaking rather heavily as you made your way over.      You were about half way across the room when suddenly a misstep made a board creak so loudly, and you fell to your knees in despair, listening hard for anyone coming to catch you out of bed. When what felt like several minutes passed, filled with tense (but silent) silence, you stood up and went back to your awkward stumble forward, checking each board before you stepped forward.     Finally, you passed the couch in front of you and made it to the hearth, and you sat before the low blaze with your hands almost in the fireplace. You could swear they were frozen, that you were going to get frostbite, however it was obviously not that serious. You were content though, warming yourself by this cheery little fire. You were quite content until you suddenly realized that someone would come to check this fire, to tend it. Suddenly, you were frozen in place by a sound.     It was a sound that traveled up your spine and made your hair stand up on the back of your neck. The dissatisfied click of a tongue against teeth.     “Oi… Shitty brat. What are your doing out of your bunk at this time of the night?” A voice asked. Of course it had to be him. It had to be the only person who was colder than the halls of the Scouting Legion HQ in the depths of winter. It had to be Lance Corporal Levi. You were frozen in place, and it had nothing to do with the cold as you suddenly felt the heel of a boot on the nape of your neck, blanket and hood haven fallen. Your face was becoming uncomfortably warm as you were pushed further near the fire. “Answer when spoken to, Cadet. What the hell are you doing out here so fucking late?”     Choking softly, you lifted your head and turned, looking at the Lance Corporals set jaws, your gaze traveling to up to his eyes. “Sir!” You ducked under his heel and stood up, saluting your superior. “I was… I’m not,” you stuttered quietly, “It was really cold."      The man’s steely gaze bore back into your eyes before you looked away, unnerved. "Why didn’t you just sneak off to boys’ dorm like all of the other little female cadets?” He clicked his tongue and sat down on the couch, neatly crossing one leg over the other, continuing to stare at you with a bored look upon his face.     You couldn’t stand that look. It was awful and you felt a bit of spite boil up inside of you in response. “Maybe I’m not like the other cadets, Lance Corporal,” You said, words having an edge to them.     Scoffing quietly, he glared at you for a full minute. Suddenly, he raised an eye brow, and he moved over on the couch. “Sit, Cadet (L/N)."  You narrowed your eyes for a moment before you took a cautious seat. "Y-yes, sir,” you said. You dragged your blanket across your lap and looked into the embers of the fire before you. The pale man beside you reached over and pulled the blanket over, causing your lap to be only half-covered. Without thinking, you moved closer on the couch, sharing the thin blanket evenly. “Levi.” “Sir?” “Call me… Levi.”

Imagine: Kai and Kol fighting over your affections, after you’ve had a child with both of them…

“What happened in here?!” You exclaimed, eyeing the mess that your “living room” had transformed into. The culprits? Two toddlers. How, I hear you ask, could two little girls - who stood no taller than two feet tall  - cause such a thing? Well, having two temperamental mini witches under one roof was a recipe for disaster - as you have found out more times this year, than any other person in the world!

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No Intention *Steve Rogers x Reader*

We Protect Each Other *Steve Rogers x Reader* Part One

Summary: Steve is super in love with you, decides enough is enough. Goes to reader’s place, planning on confession his emotions, only reader is rushing all over the place and just as Steve gets her attention the door knocks; her date has arrived, she asks Steve to lock up for her before leaving with her date.
Warnings: Swearing & Angst
Admins Note: you all requested a part two to “We Protect Each Other” well here it is – Ro

Hunched over the coffee table, elbows resting on his knees, head fallen into his hands as his mind swarmed with possibilities and outcomes. The tiny voice repeating the phrase “man up” it sounded a lot like Tony’s voice, mainly because he is always saying that to him lately, always telling him to grow some and just admit it! 

He felt stuck, like he was in the ice again, unable to move or think; he was just there, sitting alone, wondering if it would be a good idea and now one could help him, how could they help him? He needed to figure this out for himself, this one time he needed Bucky with him more than ever, to place a hand on his shoulder and smile, giving him some advice.

Steve lifted his head, hands running down his face, moving his blonde locks from his forehead and he could feel the frown becoming permeant. He should get up and march over to your place, state he loves you unconditionally and see what happens; only what if he loses the friendship? What if he loses you? That would possibly kill him; he’d die before he loses you.  So many possible outcomes and yet he is suffering over the least likely, you wouldn’t leave him; you’d probably help him through this because that’s the type of person you are. 

Steve stands up and walks around the sofa, stopping he lets out a few heavy breaths before grabbing a jacket, pressing the elevator button down; he had to tell you, you had to know, he couldn’t suffer from this anymore.

Steve stands outside your apartment door, pacing back and forth, always going to knock but pulling away before he does. He’s walked up and down those flights of stairs around ten times, always going to leave but never making it all the way to the door, he’s Captain America, why is he so stressed and anxious over this? It’s just you, perfect you, brilliant and witty you. Who was he kidding? 

He couldn’t do this; a lifetime of being your friend is enough, right? Of course, it is. Although there aren’t many times Steve Rogers can just say ‘Fuck it’, now seems like a totally appropriate time for him to use it.

“Fuck it” he mutters under his breath before knocking twice, he hears you running around and bumping into things, the door swings open and you frown up at him for a moment “hey, (Y/N)” Steve smiles and you nod, stepping aside to let him in. You were wearing a blue sundress, no shoes and hair done nicely, half way through your makeup… clearly you were heading out, so he should make this quick, like taking off a band-aid. 

He stands mentally preparing himself for a few seconds, he looks to see you running around, placing things into a white purse and mumbling to yourself. He frowned lightly at your erratic behaviour, he coughs and you briefly look at him, smiling quickly before running back into your room.

“Um, I have something I want to say” he calls and you tell him to go ahead “well, you know last week when I was over and we had pizza, watched some old movies, laughing and drank beer” he began, that was the day he knew he truly loved you, deeply and unconditionally loved you, with his soul and heart.

 You peaked around the corner and nodded, a bright grin on your face, recalling a joke you made and he chuckled lightly again “well, I guess over those hours and up till now I have –“ the door knocked, you whispered for Steve to answer for you, he frowned but nodded. 

Walking to the door tentatively, opening the door and frowning at the person before him, a young man with a bouquet of roses in his hands; both men frowned at one another, not really understanding what the other was doing there.

“Hey, Drew” you called and walked around Steve, this Drew handed you the flowers “they are beautiful, come in, this is Steve my friend” you gestured and walked to the kitchen where you found a vase and filled it with water. 

“Steve that’s Drew from Stark Industries, Pepper introduced us to one another, he’s taking me to dinner and a movie” you grinned, Steve choked lightly as he shook Drew’s hand, squeezing a little too tight but let go “oh right, what did you need?” you asked, not ever getting the reason for Steve’s untimely arrival, he looked a little shocked and pale.

“Um, I lost something here” he muttered and you nodded, not recalling seeing anything of Steve’s when cleaning “you two crazy kids go on, I’ll leave the key where it always goes” he smiled sweetly, you chuckled and nodded, handing him your front door key before leaving with Drew. Steve stood in the silence for a good thirty seconds “and you just left with it” he muttered sitting on your sofa, head back into hands, elbows resting on his knees.

A deep ache settled across his chest, it felt heavy and sickly, like someone was pushing down on the middle of his chest and his throat was closing up; his hands were shaking, making his vision blurry as he stared at your pale wooden flooring. 

A small patter caught his attention, he was crying, actually crying. He wiped his eyes and had his hands over his mouth, to control the sobbing sounds, everything felt wrong and he felt used in some ways. He felt so used like this was the final straw for him, he’s tried carrying on in a time he shouldn’t have been a part of but this was too much. It was like it was impossible for Steven Grant Rogers to be happy when all he has done is good, what more must he do?

His phone chimed, he pulled it from his pocket, reading over the text you had sent to him.

Did you find what you lost? – (Y/N) <3

No, it doesn’t matter now. Have fun on your date – Stevie

:( Shame, it may turn up soon, hopefully. Thanks, I’ll tell you all about when I am home x – (Y/N) <3

You wouldn’t have to look far, you took Steve’s heart with you, he didn’t really want it back either; it was yours and would always be yours. The worst part is he wasn’t even mad at you, he wanted to be, he wanted to be so mad at you but that wasn’t possible for him. 

You had no way of knowing, even if you did it wouldn’t be any different, he had heard what you said to Clint and Natasha. He just figured maybe, just maybe, if you knew something would click in your heart. And you’d give up your heart to Steve, something he had done unwillingly for you, you took his with no intention of giving it back or giving up your own.

(Ayyy, hope you enjoyed this. It took a whole for me to get this right, anyway, enjoy it as much I did writing it. You can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie. Sorry for the heartache, you ALL expected a happy ending, I may do a part 3 but who knows lol - Rosalee)

Fatherhood - Barba Drabble

Wrote this drabble the other day and decided to be brave and post it. It’s pretty damn cute and fluffy if I do say so myself. Anyway, I want to get into writing imagines/drabbles/ficclets/whatever you want to call them but I’m not entirely sure how well I’d do with them. We’ll see how this goes first!

Rafael Barba rolled over in his bed as a distant noised filled the room, waking him up slightly. He was currently stuck between the line of consciousness and a dreamlike slumber. He rolled over again and took a peek at the alarm clock on his bedside table. It was only six o’ clock in the morning and he didn’t have to be at the office for a few more hours.

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