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Let Daddy Show You...

NRequested by @0-alixx-0 : So d’ya know how Jared is a method actor and didn’t break his Joker character? Could you maybe do a story or one-shot where you’re Jared’s gf and you go to see him on set and he’s Joker and at first you don’t understand but when he leads you to his trailer to ‘show you his toys’ you help him 'develop his character’ *SMUTTTT !* 😁😂

Authors note: I am a child of God.. BUT LOOORD I regret NOTHING

WARNINGS: Smut, lots of it… daddy kink…rough sex, swearing… and well some NSFW GIFs….

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3 Chains O’ Gold

Released August 16, 1994

If you haven’t seen 3 Chains O Gold, I’m going to need you to seek it out immediately because it is one of Prince’s most glorious accomplishments. Released in 1994, it expands on the Love Symbol album and attempts to give us Mayte’s back story, I guess? Either way it’s a real treat, so lets get right to my attempt to break down what’s going in this beautiful mess.

Opening Credits
First of all, I wanted to make this not too terribly long and include only events relevant to the plot, but it’s worth noting that the “Warner Reprise Video” is arguably the MOST DATED LOGO IN HISTORY. If this doesn’t scream 1994 at you, I guess you weren’t alive then. If anyone from the future is like “what were the 90s like?” just show them this 10 second clip.

We open with the credits over several clips of what I’m confident is a show on the Paisley Park soundstage, with Prince in a glorious halter top backless jumpsuit, but that’s not important right now - we cut to Princess Mayte in Egypt doing her thing, which I guess is skinny dipping with four nameless women who call her Mai Tai? Either way, full nudity right out of the gate, interspersed with clips of who we find out is her father being stabbed. She holds him as he dies of one stab wound, which I guess you would if no doctor was called. Oh well, dead forever, so she grabs her title 3 Chains O Gold from a vault and we go from Cairo, Egypt, to Minneapolis, Minnesota! Unclear where Mayte is now staying, but it appears to be a small barren room with only candles and a small tv, which is playing Kirstie Alley reporting on a riot in the same alley where conveniently half of Graffiti Bridge takes place.

My Name is Prince
The chain hat is here! As is an extended rap from Tony M, while Prince dances atop several cars in an inexplicably damp alley. He’s so stompy! Mayte has apparently seen this on the news and made her way through the crowd to hand him a bedazzled VHS case containing what is revealed to be the actual tape of her performance on That’s Incredible AS AN 8 YEAR OLD. This is problematic at best, but he’s interrupted by Tony M’s insistence that they have a car party to attend to.

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Sexy MF
The car party turns out to be the members of the NPG playing cards in the smoke filled garage of Paisley Park, and their involvement is that Prince shows up, demands 3 women leave with himself, Tony M and Kirky J, and then ridicules the rest of his band for a little bit. Kind of an asshole, but also… have you seen him in this?? Looking like a real snack. Forgiven. Moving on. My favorite thing about all Prince stories is that it’s like, Prince wants the girl, Prince gets the girl, and this is no different. Prince and his gold gun microphone want Troy Beyer in her pearl cage dress (can you call that a dress?) as they make out in various hotel hallways.  They go to the movies and make out for a bit and engage in some heavy petting, but Troy knows something is up and that there’s someone else (spoiler alert, it’s Mayte), and he responds with a very intent Purple Rain-esque moody stare.

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Love 2 the 9s
Mayte gets a card slipped under her hotel room door with audition times for the NPG, so I guess Love 2 the 9s is her audition?? But wait, some of the NPG guys are in jail slash Prince’s office at Paisley. This is like… the Hard Times, if the Hard Times had a budget? Anyway it would appear that the audition is a photoshoot, with Prince in the highest of high waisted red pants and an open lace bolero top. Again, he looks DECADENT. I digress. Tony M proceeds to interview Mayte with some inane questions, until she is is finally permitted to make the booty boom. Thank god. Sidebar: her makeup!!!!! So perfectly 90s, complete with a brown lip and thin eyebrows. Perfection.

Morning Papers
Cut to the zoo! Why?? I DON’T KNOW. Here’s P and Mayte walking through the zoo hand in hand, being real sweet paired with a song that makes the whole thing problematic, but again, choosing to overlook the whole “why is age more than a number” with a shot of Mayte riding on a carousel. YIKES. Cut to Paisley Park where P is dressed in white pants, white heels, a floor length white trench coat, and a SLEEVELESS PLAID FLANNEL SHIRT unbuttoned all the way down to his waist. This is a GOOD. LOOK. Someone has been working out, and he is eager to show it off. Ugh back to the carousel for some kind of trippy sequence involving Mayte whispering into a mirror in a Blossom hat.

The Max
Dramatic cut to footage of what I’m pretty sure is one of the 1993 Radio City Music Hall shows from the Love Symbol tour mixed with some backstage footage and whatever was shot at Paisley. Prince’s ability to create euphamisms and use them like literally anyone else in the world would ever even bother never fails to amuse me. He’d like to “shuffle the cards in that stack!” …. okay. Before or after you drive me/us/Mayte to Tennessee? Anyway I guess this is to show she did indeed get the job? Here’s a picture from one of the Radio City shows because one I can’t get a good screen cap, and two it’s important for…. reasons.

Blue Light
I’m not sure whose bedroom we are in, but Prince is sitting there I guess waiting for Kirstie Alley to call so he can hang up on her. You can tell this video was shot later than most of the other footage as his typhoon is really out of control here and reached peak mushroom, but it’s fine since it’s mostly face close ups of him and Mayte as they roll around on a bed while she rejects his advances. Girl. Get your shit together. Also he’s wearing light pink silk pajamas. Or it could just be a regular suit he wears on stage, jury still out, either way it looks comfy af and I’d like one.

I Wanna Melt With U
Aw man. Mayte falls asleep, while Prince packs a suitcase with all his essentials for a tour (chains, a chain hat, and one shirt) and sneaks out. This is my favorite thing, omg. So Mayte has fallen into a fitful sleep and is currently having a sexual nightmare about her flirtatious encounter with P that involves a lot of naked ladies distorted in funhouse mirrors and Prince wearing maybe boxer shorts?? Umbros??, a black and white vertical striped robe, and ROLLER SKATES. Not only roller skates, but knee pads as well because even when you are haunting someones dreams in a sexual way, safety first. Oh also flashbacks to dad. There is SO MUCH GOING ON HERE, my god. I would pay good money to be haunted by Prince on roller skates and safety pads in my dreams, I tell you what.

Sweet Baby
Mayte wakes up from her nightmare to realize P has left her with a note that says only “Sweet baby don’t cry.” Wait I thought she was in the band, but he went on tour without her? From Minneapolis, to Japan, by train? Unclear. Anyway she packs her bags and stands despondent, weeping on some train tracks for the duration of the song until she hops on a plane back to Egypt to be a princess again.

The Continental
Prince arrives by train in Tokyo, where he is visibly distraught and his band starts talking shit about him as they have a pre-show gambling sesh? The Ghost of Mayte shows up to haunt him during soundcheck where he is again very Purple Rain levels of pensive and moody, but NOT IN THE SHOW! The Continental is 3 Chain’s O Gold’s Darling Nikki - overtly sexual, many thrusts incorporated into the dancing, lots of face touching with finger flutters, proving he doesn’t require his main love interests attention, he can get it from anyone anywhere, and they’ll thank him for it. Ok so here we have two seemingly concurrent events happening I think? One is Mayte dancing in Egypt, while Prince gets some in his chain hat. This is legit a porn at this point, wait why does he have a sword??? Anyway so again with the making out and the heavy petting, but right as it gets started, Mayte has been overcome with… I don’t know, but she collapses, and Prince is simultaneously unable to perform sexually. I think to show they are spiritually connected??? Do I GET Prince’s visions now?????? I am so proud.

Damn U
Back in Egypt, an old man tells Mayte she looks like a girl he used to bang. Okay. Prince has returned to Paisley Park where he is performing a one man show for a dinner party in the sound stage, I think. Again, a real treat. Black jumpsuit with a white collared shirt & white tie, yes this is a good look. Oh Tommy Barbarella must have gone on a cruise to the Bahamas on the way back, he has some hair wraps and braids now. Ugh that baritone. Damn U, damn me, this song is so good. Here’s a screen shot that could double as his Bar Mitvah photo.

Mayte has received a letter!! It’s the lyrics to Damn U. Her reaction is to go to her dress maker to get a fancy coin dress, and then hop on the next flight to LA, where they will be shooting the 7 music video, but not before there is a 5 minute segment with members of the NPG talking shit about Mayte. No, really. First up is Tony M and his date, who is Mayte? Where did she come from, what did she do? The rest of the NPG is in the gym, also talking shit about her??!! WHY IS THIS INCLUDED. I guess to show he loves her in spite of his entire band hating her? Michael Bland wants to know “What is her purpose, what does she do?” Honestly. What is this doing here. And it goes on for SO LONG!!!

Maybe my favorite Prince music video??? So we see past versions of Prince trapped in a time traveling cryogenic tube… The Continental yellow suit is here, the chain hat, the Morning Papers Sleeveless Grunge Shirt, some insane bolero top with a cowboy hat that unfortunately is not seen in its full glory.. each of them is electrocuted to show that he has no past, he has sown all his oats and he is ready to be faithful to Mayte and maybe now she will reciprocate his sexual advances. Also there are seven pairs of TINY CHILDREN PRINCE AND MAYTES WIELDING SWORDS AND COIN DRESSES IT IS VERY ADORABLE!!!! God he’s so intense. Oh and the “one day all 7 will die” is in reference to the 7 men that killed her father, whom he has casually assassinated by his bodyguards as he and Mayte waltz off into the sunset/another smoke filled room at Paisley Park.

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End Credits
Mayte calls Kirstie Alley to finally grant her long sought after interview with him, which was clearly written by him. Most of her responses are “oh.” I think this is the letter he wrote as her as his press release for why he changed his name? Again, UNCLEAR. Anyway, we’re left with shots of Prince making some kind of business deal in a smoky conference room, and then he ends up signing a contract written in Japanese with the Love Symbol. Dramatic cut to a cemetery, where we see a shallow grave containing the chain hat and the 3 chains o gold.

THAT’S IT! That’s all! Really! Any questions? I HAVE SEVERAL.

i can’t believe the kardashians are just strolling around downtown cleveland right now like i’m laughing so hard at that concept are they lost ??? i’m just trying to get a bagel and there’s kim in a floor length fur coat at 2pm on a tuesday

Honestly I could ramble on and on about my idea for Frederick’s costuming and the symbolism that would go with it if I ever pitched a show about his life. One of the most interesting things to me is that in his youth, he was noted to wear pinks and pastels, as well as floor-length dressing gowns and coats ( much to his father’s dismay ) but later in life as King, he had like what? Just 2 or 3 uniform coats, a week’s worth of necessary garments like shirts, waistcoats, breeches, etc. and only one formal coat? I think any costumer would have a fun time conveying the prince’s character growth through the clothes that he wears tbh.

All Because of a Coat

* Thomas Jefferson × Reader
* 153: I’m feezing!
* Hamiltime

A/N: I hadn’t written a Jefferson imagine yet! I honestly can’t believe that. I love Jefferson and all his swagger. So here is my first Jefferson imagine.

You were pacing outside the room of the cabinet meeting. You weren’t really nervous, just bored. Your boyfriend, Thomas Jefferson, was the Secretary of State. While you knew Alexander Hamilton was going to annoy him, you didn’t mind. Thomas usually didn’t take his anger out on you.

Suddenly the doors to the meeting room were opened. People were filing out in a rush. However, it wasn’t hard to spot your courter.

The first thing you saw was his floor length, magenta coat and smiled. He started making his way through the crowd and before long you could see him. A large smile broke across your face when you made eye contact. Your eyes meet his dark ones and he smiled as well, his mouth framed by his cleanly trimmed facial hair. His curly and poofy hair was perfectly in place without any fly aways.

He came up to you and wrapped his arms around you. He lifted you up off the ground and spun you around. You started laughing as you went around in circles. He put you down and placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Thanks for meeting me here Darling.” He said. “Hamilton was more of a pest than usual today and seeing your beautiful face, Y/N, is the perfect stress release.”

“Thomas I think you might over exaggerate him a bit.” You were sure that Thomas and Hamilton didn’t argue as much as they claimed. Until James Madison walked past.

“That Hamilton is such a bother to the whole cabinet.” He grumbled. Thomas shot you an ‘I told you so’ smirk.

“I stand throughly corrected.” You told him. He smiled and offered you his arm. You linked arms with him and he escorted you to his carriage so he could take you to dinner. You talked comfortably the whole way there. Once there he helped you out of the carriage, held the door for you, and pulled your chair out for you. The perfect gentlemen.

“Can I just say Y/N, you look stunning in that dress.” He told you halfway through dinner. He always realized when you wore a new dress and commented on it. You even bought a dress similar to one you owned to see if he’d notice. Sure enough he did. Your father had a great job so you were well provided for.

After dinner he gave you a ride home and walked you right to your front door. He pulled you close and pressed a kiss you your lips. You kissed back before needing to break for air. “I shall see you soon my darling Y/N.” Thomas said. “Goodnight, Love.”

“Goodnight Thomas.” You walked inside your home. Strangely, your dad was already home. He was usually home at a very late hour. “Father? What are you doing home so early?” You inquired.

“Y/N I was wondering when you’d be home.” He said.

“I was out with Thomas. What’s going on?” Something was off about your dad. He seemed worried.

“Something happened today that you need to know about.” He said cautiously.

“What?” He was hesitant to tell you and it was worrying.

“I’m afraid I lost my job. I was replaced and let go.” He finally admitted.

“What?! They just fired you?” You were struggling to grasp this concept.

“Well they said they replaced me, but yes.” He hung his head. “I’m truly sorry, but I’ll begin looking for a new job tomorrow. We may have to live frugally for a while though.”

You nodded. “That’s alright Father. I understand.” You walked up to him and kissed his cheek. “You always take care of me and Mother.” He smiled at you, grateful for your understanding.

Inside you were panicing. You were accustomed a certain life. However, you wouldn’t let your father see how bothered you were. He felt terrible about losing his job, you refused to make him feel worse. You could do this.

A few weeks later and your father did indeed have a new job. This job was nowhere as good as his other job though. He was providing for the family but you had none of the luxuries of before. You hadn’t gotten any new dresses lately and probably wouldn’t for a long time. Also the weather was getting colder and you had no heavy coat. Your coat from past winters was old and worn as you liked it and wore it until it failed failed to keep you warm. You decided you’d get a new one this year. That might not happen now.

You grabbed a light shawl and wrapped it around your shoulder. You went to meet Thomas after a meeting with Washington. You arrived as he was leaving Washington’s office. He smiled at you. He came over and planted a firm kiss to your lips. “It’s always lovely to see you Y/N.” He told you.

“I’ve missed you.” You said as he wrapped his arms around you.

“And I you.” He responded before pressing a kiss to your head. “Darling, forgive me for asking but isn’t that an awfully old dress?”

Of course he’d notice. “Yes, you see I haven’t worn it in so long that I’d figure I’d wear it again.” You lied. You didn’t want him to worry about you or your family. You were provided for and that was the most important thing.

“Well no matter. You know you look lovely in everything you wear.” He complimented you so smoothly. “Shall we get dinner?”

When you arrives back at home you could see your father through the windows to the foyer. “Your father is home?” Thomas asked you.

“Yes, they changed his hours so he no longer works so late.” You hated lying but you didn’t want him worried when he was already trying to mold a new country. Your problems were miniscule I comparison to that.

“Well that’s lovely. Now you should be able to see him more.” Thomas said. He kissed you quickly. “I’m sorry love but I must hurry home. I have a report to write.”

“Of course Thomas. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Y/N.”

You really wish you still had a carriage. Thomas asked you to meet him outside the cabinet meeting again. However, it was freezing and your thin coat wasn’t enough. You had no carriage to make the trip shorter either.

You arrived at the meeting hall and sat on a bench outside the room where it happened. You cupped your hands and blew your warm breath into them and rubbed them together, trying to get warmth back in your fingers. You were finally warming up when the meeting adjourned. Thomas smiled at you as usual before looking concerned.

“Y/N it’s much too cold out for such a thin coat. And your cheeks and nose are pink, did you not grab a scarf today?” He asked worriedly.

“I just under estimated the chill today is all.” You shrugged. He didn’t look convinced this time. “Thomas it’s fine, I promise.” All you were doing was making yourself feel worse.

“Alright. Shall we?” He asked while gesturing outwards with his arm. “I got us tickets to see a play tonight.”

Thomas had his carriage return to his home as it was a clear night and the stars were bright. He forgot you didn’t have a coat.

“I’m freezing!” You exclaimed on the walk.

“We can’t have that.” He said. He slipped his beloved magenta coat off his shoulders and held it up so he could help you into it.

“Thomas that’s your favorite coat.” You said. “I can’t put that on. I’m worried I’ll ruin it somehow.”

“It is indeed my favorite coat but I’d throw it away if you ever said you didn’t like it. Because I care for you much more. I want you to be warm so please darling, put my coat on.”

You could say no after that so you stepped closer and he helped put it on. You faced him. “Well? How do I look?” You asked and held you arms out.

“It looks much better on you.” He said and kissed you.

You reached your front door and you were a bit sad. You didn’t want to return the coat. It was warm, it smelt like Thomas (ink, paper, french cologne) and you still had no coat for winter.

“Y/N can you be honest with me for a moment?” Thomas asked you.

“Of course.”

He sat on a bench on your porch. “What’s going on? And I don’t mean between us, I mean with your family. Don’t take this the wrong way my love, but I’ve not seen a new dress for months. I know how you love showing off your new gowns.

"You have no coat tonight and I know it wasn’t an accident. You’ve had light shawls and jackets for weeks now. Something is off.”

You sighed. Thomas had not only caught your attention with his looks but also his intellect. Of course he’d figure out something was wrong. You sat beside him.

“You’re right. I haven’t been honest. Just know, you had to worry about building a nation. I didn’t want you to worry about me.”

“Y/N, I’m your courter, it’s my job to worry for you.” He said and grabbed your hands. “What have you kept from me?”

“My father lost his job. He has a new job but the pay is no where near what it used to be. That’s why he’s home at different hours, why I haven’t gotten a new gown, why I have no coat.”

“Darling are you provided for?” He asked concerned.

“Yes!” You assured him. “We have enough money to buy food and pay taxes. We just can’t afford certain luxuries anymore.”

“My love, a coat isn’t a luxury. That’s a necessity. Such a need that you are keeping my coat.”

“Thomas it’s your favorite!” You argued.

“Now it can be your favorite. I have other coats, you don’t.” He kissed your forehead. “Don’t worry darling. I think I have a solution.”

“What on earth are you planning Thomas Jefferson?” You asked warrily.

“Nothing you need to worry about.” He bid you goodnight shortly later. When you slept that night you kept a tight hold on a magenta suit coat.

A few weeks later your father sent you to the market with a small portion of his pay. You could only buy what you needed and had to pass many delicious looking fruits. You had Thomas’ coat on, and while people gave you strange looks for wearing a man’s coat, you wouldn’t trade it for the newest coat on the shelves.

When you approached your home you noticed Thomas’ carriage was outside. You weren’t supposed to meet today, what was this? You rushed in only to find him talking with your father in the dinning hall. You approached quietly to try and learn from their conversation.

“I hope you believe me Sir when I say that I in no way think you aren’t providing. I just want the best for Y/N, and I now this why she can have it.” That was Thomas.

“I do believe you young man, and I agree. We have had to make sacrifices and Y/N has done it with a grin but I can tell she isn’t happy about it. This is a good arrangement.” You father said. From the doorway you saw him shake Thomas’ hand. What arrangement?

You walked into the room. “Thomas! What are you doing here?” You asked in fake shock, but the curiosity was real.

“Here to surprise you my dear. I got tickets to another show. Would you like to go?”

“Of course I would.” You said with a smile.

The show was lovely and a sweet story. You arrived home and as always Thomas walked you to your door.

“So Y/N, how are things at home?” He finally asked.

“Fine I suppose. Still living frugally but at least we have what we need.”

“My dear you deserve the moon and more.” He kissed your forehead tenderly. He reached into the pocket of his jacket (plain black) and pulled out a velvet box. You gasped and felt tears gather in your eyes as he dropped to one knee. “Allow me to be the one to provide it to you. Allow me to be the one waiting at the end of the isle for the most beautiful woman in white. Please Y/N, let me be the luckiest man of this new nation and be my wife.”

You had tears flowing down your cheeks at his proposal. “Of course Thomas. I’d love to be your wife, I’d love nothing more.” He stood up and wrapped his arms around you. He lifted to you feet off the ground and spun you. He put you down and kissed you soundly. He broke the kiss and grabbed your left hand before sliding a beautiful ring onto your fourth finger.

“Y/N I never want to long for anything ever again and now you never shall have to.” He kissed you again.

“Thomas you have made me so happy. You said you would be the luckiest man in this nation, but I am the luckiest woman to have met you.”

I want a floor length black fur coat lined in supple blue fabric of the luxurious kind and a SICKENING red bottom pump (if those come in a size 17) that I can wear to Walmart to buy string cheese


Gif source:  Peter

Imagine Peter being your sugar daddy, and using his ability to shower you with expensive things as a means to mark his territory so other wolves know you’re not available.

——— Request for Bixbi ———

Since you’d started dating him, nearly half of the things in your closet were gifts. From that ridiculous, floor-length Mink coat he bought in the middle of June just because you’d taken a bit too long admiring it in the store, to the band tee from that concert he’d taken the two of you to, he’d insisted on buying it all.

You’d protested some of the impractical, bigger-ticket items, at first. This was California, after all. When were you ever going to wear something as hot as a fur? You weren’t a werewolf, but most of the time Peter’s higher body heat was uncomfortable enough in the summers if he held you close for too long in the sun.

When you had voiced your concern in the store, Peter had just smirked at you and said, “Well, getting too hot in it won’t be an issue if it’s all you’re wearing.”

  • <p> <b>Jefferson:</b> [Hamilton] knows nothing of loyalty, smells like new money, dresses like fake royalty<p/><b>Also Jefferson:</b> *wears an all-purple velvet suit complete with floor-length coat, comes out dancing during "What'd I Miss" with an ensemble of backup dancers and flashing purple lights, spent the last 5 years in Paris drinking wine and hitting on women*<p/></p>

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“Don’t give me that fucking look,” Tony had placed himself close to the fire now, after lurking around the edge of the group for some time. It wasn’t that no one had noticed him, after all he was the king of outlandish outfits when it came to events like this. His floor length leather trench coat was probably the least suspicious clothing item. “I didn’t have shit to do with whatever you’re gonna accuse me of. Cross my heart.” 

Watch on the-beautiful-1.tumblr.com

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you…. the Lovesexy tour. 

Notable moments for those who don’t have 2 full hours:

-1:00 - right off the bat we’ve got Sheila E and Cat in a three way with Prince for Erotic City after driving out onto stage in a ‘66 (67!) Thunderbird. Let’s talk about his hair for a second - WHAT IS GOING ON?? It’s like some French Colonial George Washington Jheri curl ponytail business? Would still hit it.


-8:20 - Slow love, where it is revealed there is a swingset and a basketball hoop on stage (y not)

-14:15 - Prince emerges from a costume change in his Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit - thigh high boots, white leggings, hot pants, hip chain carried over from Parade era, a vest, a white poofy sleeve button down shirt with SOUND written on one arm, a polka dot scarf/tie/don’t know what to call this, George Washington ponytail hair, and yep would still hit it.

-20:00 - Prince and Cat play basketball.

-21:24 - Head. HERE FOR THIS. Esp during Cat’s parts.

-31:18 - close up on some of my favorite Prince faces possibly ever.

-38:01 - a bed rises from the floor during Dirty Mind/Superfunkycalifragisexy/Controversy, somehow Prince manages to remove his vest to reveal another, sexier vest and SHOW US HOW IT IS DONE on that bed.

-40:40 - I don’t know what’s happening anymore because the stage went dark and now he’s got those crazy glasses on and a floor length satin embellished trench coat and has some voice distortion thing going on and then at one point his band holds him at gunpoint but with their guitars I think for murdering Cat?

-58:00 - ok the theatrics lasted quite some time but things seem to have calmed down for Eye No, another costume change into Prince pants with a knee length pale blue trench coat deal with too many details to even try to transcribe, which is then immediately removed (bless). Hair has been released from it’s old timey confines and is free flowing and lookin reeeeeeeeal good.

1:00:00 - much dancing, I can no longer tell which songs are which but Beautiful night is in there somewhere…

1:17:00 - KISS IN THE UNDER THE CHERRY MOON JACKET! I ain’t afraid of shit!

1:25:00 - Starfish and Coffee, Raspberry Beret, Condition of the Heart, Strange Relationship solo on the piano, with another costume change involving a peplum Mozart-esque coat. What can’t he do you guys. This is glorious.

1:37:01 - Insane guitar solo in Let’s Go Crazy, now he’s wearing a ruffly opera shirt but it’s tied up as a crop top.

1:38:15 - When Doves Cry. Yes, I can picture this. We’re almost two hours in and he’s somehow only gaining energy. Into 1999 around 1:41:09, Purple rain starts somewhere after that.

1:44:50 - Alphabet street!!! Somehow he acquired another shirt but did not leave the stage, where are these coming from? It’s the polka dot one from the beginning of the show. CAT, WE NEED YOU TO RAP!! Aaaand then we all pile in the Thunderbird and tip on out. May we all live 2 see the dawn!!!