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best dressed jedi in no order (rise of the empire era)

  • luminara unduli (very pretty flow-y robes, fancy sash on the front of her dress with wrist gauntlets that match, has two fancy belt buckles and a broach. looks very expensive and high fashion)
  • shaak ti (also has a fancy sash on the front of her dress, flow-y cloak and pretty pleated floor lenght skirt. simpler than luminara’s outfit but still very elegant. i like her head-dress, the beads that fall onto her face are very pretty)
  • barriss offee (i love her cape, the design is so pretty you know she had it custom ordered. i also like her belt buckle which has a heart shape. simple, modest, and regal for the jedi padawan on the go)
  • ahsoka tano (diamond cut out leggings, arm bands that are functional as muscle supports but also look fashionable. a modern take on togruta apparel compared to shaak ti’s get up. cover girl of space-teen girl magazines.)

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what about the smut request where Grizi is jealous as fuck ? :)

sorry i was super busy yesterday; uni, work, etc. hope u like it 😌💜

(also i haven’t proof-read bc it’s past 1 am in the morning and i have to get up at 6, but i wanted to post this today. so sorry if there are any mistakes, i’ll check later.)

Antoine turns the key, switching off his Maserati’s ignition, before he leans his back against the backrest of the car seat and exhales heavily. He’s wearing a plain white T-shirt which hugs his toned torso in the nicest way possible, showing off his tattoos and enhancing his light azure eyes. Due to the fact that he’d run his fingers through his hair approximately four hundred times on your way to your friend’s house, it now looks a little messier than usual. That doesn’t mean that he’s any less attractive now, though. If anything, he looks even more enticing. 

Especially now that he has got his gaze fixed on you, the city lights of your hometown twinkling behind him. God, he’s gorgeous. 

“You okay?” you ask, reaching over to intertwine your fingers with his so much longer ones. Antoine’s eyes flicker down at your hands before he looks back up at you, a grin pulling at the corners of his pink lips and one of his eyebrows raised. 

“You’re wearing a sundress,” he replies, “Of course I’m okay.” 

It’s unusually warm for a summer night in England, so you’d figured you would wear your new sundress for the first time today; Antoine liking it so much is just a very welcome Brownie point. 

It is the first time you are introducing Antoine to your best friends who have — even after you’d moved to Madrid to live with him almost a year ago — still stayed in close contact with you. Thank God for that, because you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t survive being a footballer’s girlfriend without them to remind you of home. 

You’re not one of those WAGs — you know, the ones who are after the money, after the fame, et cetera. It’s not like you know a lot of them, but they do definitely exist. However, it’s hard not to enjoy the luxury this life comes with; living in a nice house in Madrid, where the sun always shines, going on cool vacations and all that stuff. 

The fact that you get to experience all these things with Antoine … well, you’re lucky. Really lucky. 

“Charming as always,” you remark, smiling at him. 

Antoine lets go of your hand, then claps both of his together once. “All right. Allez, allez.” 

You’re not sure if he’s nervous or not but he does get out of the car with the grin still on his face. Hand in hand, you walk up the front door. Your best friend Alessia is quick to pull the it open, not even giving you a chance to ring the bell. 

Immediately, you’re being pulled into a tight hug. Antoine lets go of your hand and steps aside but out of the corner you see him looking at the two of you with a small smile stretching his lips. 

“Oh my God!” Alessia exclaims while she tightens her embrace around you once more, making you feel like she’s crushing your ribs. “I’ve missed you so much!” Her silvery voice is unpleasantly loud now that her mouth is so close to your ear but you can’t help but laugh anyway. Obviously — you’ve missed her just as much. 

“I’ve missed you, too,” you say, beaming at her when she lets go of you eventually. 

Alessia’s still beaming with joy as she turns around to look at Antoine, who is smiling politely. He does look a bit intimidated though — but then again, who wouldn’t be? Alessia is loud. She’s loud in the way she talks and laughs, and even in the way she looks and moves. For a person her size, she is just a lot to take in. In the most positive way, of course; she’s gorgeous, extroverted and fun. 

“You must be Antoine, then,” she says, curling her manicured fingers around his hand, which he had held out for her to shake, “I’ve heard so much about you.”

Antoine grins. “Nice to meet you, Alessia. I’ve heard quite a few stories as well.”

“Knowing Y/N, probably only the worst of them, huh?” Jokingly, she rolls her eyes. It earns her one of Antoine’s cutest chuckles. He’s really trying. Honestly, he probably wouldn’t even have to; Alessia looks about as crazy about him as possible. No surprise there, given your boyfriend’s ability to charm everybody’s pants off in a minute.  “Come on in. Or, as Antoine would probably say: entrez! Is that right?”

Antoine laughs. “Oui.” 

“Ugh, French is so hot. I bet Y/N goes all crazy about it in the bedroom, doesn’t she?” 

You shoot Alessia a look, shaking your head. It’s no big deal talking about sex, of course — you’re all adults — but she doesn’t know Antoine yet, and the last thing you want is for him to feel swamped. You know that there’s no need for you to look after him but what you also know is that Antoine is way too polite to tell Alessia if she’s going too far. 

But Alessia doesn’t even pay attention to you; instead, she’s closely watching Antoine’s reaction. Which is, surprisingly, a wink. Well, not ‘surprisingly’ for you — you’re all too familiar with his antics. It’s surprising for Alessia though, who had obviously expected a different reaction. At least if her cocked eyebrows and parted lips are anything to go by. 

You smile at Antoine. 

It doesn’t take long for your other friends to come to the door to greet you, but it does take a while until they’re done greeting you. And then it takes another while until they’re done greeting Antoine. But it’s fine, of course. And it’s even better when you see the way Antoine already jokes with your friends by the time you’ve all gathered around the table, eating homemade pizza and drinking red wine and beer. (The wine doesn’t taste nearly as good as the French one Antoine always brings back to Spain after visiting his family in Mâcon.)

Chase, one of your best friends, stands up from his chair. “Anyone else want another slice of pizza?” 

“Me, please,” you say, looking down at your already empty plate. You’ve always been a fast eater and it’s only gotten worse now that you’re with Antoine because if you ate slowly, all the food would end up in his stomach. Seriously, he’s a pig sometimes. May have something to do with the fact that when he’s out with his teammates, they all eat like they haven’t been fed in over a decade. 

“No surprise there,” Chase laughs as he walks towards the kitchen. When he walks back in, he leans over you to place the slice on your plate, kissing your cheek. You tense. What was that? “Good to have you here.” 

You look over at Antoine, half expecting him to have his eyebrows raised at Chase or glancing at you questioningly, but he seems to be engrossed in conversation. 

Chase goes back to sit on his chair but you catch him staring at you every now and then. And every time you do catch him, he grins or smirks or winks at you. It’s irritating, really, because you have no idea why he’s doing it. 

Until you feel Antoine’s fingers intertwining with yours on top of the table. 

Until you hear Chase’s voice again, “Hey Antoine, mate. I heard you lost in the Champions League final against Real, right? “ 

Next to you, Antoine tenses up just slightly. If you didn’t know him you probably wouldn’t even have noticed the strained line in his shoulders. 

“Yes. But it’s fine.” 

Chase shrugs. “Really? Like, doesn’t it suck to be in the poorer Madrid team?”

You’re so shocked that for a second, you can’t react at all. Everybody else falls silent as well, looking from Antoine to Chase and back again. What the hell? Heat runs through your veins and creeps up your neck. Honestly, you’re absolutely embarrassed. Why would Chase say stuff like that? 

Antoine seems a lot more serene. He merely shrugs and turns your still linked hands around so that his hand is on top of yours, lightly rubbing his thumb across your burning skin. “Not really. I’m happy at Atlético.” 

“Hm,” Chase mumbles, makes a face. Antoine tilts his head as he waits for him to go on. You lift your free hand to curl your fingers around Antoine’s underarm, tracing the outlines of his tattoos and hoping that he stays calm. He does. “I’m just saying, man. It’s got to be hard to play second fiddle to Messi and Ronaldo all the time. Or, third fiddle. I don’t know.” 

Alessia shoots you a look, her neatly plugged eyebrows pulled together in confusion. You can only shrug because, really, you have no idea what’s going on, or why Chase is acting like a total dick. 

“I’m happy,” Antoine says nonchalantly before he turns his head to grin at you. You would’ve smiled back if you weren’t as distracted by the lack of the usual glistening in his eyes, or the fact that his smile doesn’t reach his eyes in the first place. He’s pissed, even if he doesn’t show it. 

For the rest of the evening, Chase — thankfully — shuts up. Well, he doesn’t let out any more sneaky remarks, at least. Antoine continues to play it all cool, joking with your friends and even shaking Chase’s hand once you’re saying goodbye. He’d given Chase a dismissive smile, which had quickly disappeared as soon as he’d caught sight of him hugging you tight, Chase’s hands dangerously low on the small of your back. 


Driving back to your childhood home is no fun because 1) Antoine is still pissed, and 2) a pissed Antoine is a fast-driving Antoine. Not recklessly fast, of course, but fast. 

He maneuvers the car through the traffic confidently and with both hands on the steering wheel. Which is a good thing, obviously. You do want to get home safely. However, it makes your stomach churn because usually, one of Antoine’s hands is resting on your thigh — at least once. 

On this ride, he barely even looks at you. 


“I’m sorry about Chase,” is the first thing you dare to say when you’re in your room. It’s smaller than the one you’re sharing with Antoine in Madrid, and while it’s still nice, it lacks the floor-lenght windows and the balcony to be as cozy. 

“Not your fault,” Antoine replies. Huh. Okay. That’s a short answer. 

You sit down on the edge of the bed and watch as he first takes off his shirt, revealing his lean, muscular torso to you, then his jeans. Antoine returns your look while he throws his phone on to the mattress carelessly, biting the inside of his cheek like he’s lost in thought, brooding over something. 

His eyes are cloudy when somewhen, he speaks up again, “Is he your ex?” 

“What?” You’re so taken by surprise that you almost let out a laugh. “Chase? No. God, no.” 

Antoine doesn’t look convinced. With a shrug, he turns his back on you to fold his clothes. Something he never does. Ever. He’s not tidy. Apparently, he’s not in the mood to talk to you but that doesn’t keep you from adding, “Why would you think that?” 

Antoine runs his fingers through his blonde hair, ruffling it. Then, his shoulders slouch. “I just— the way he looks at you.” 

“What kind of an explanation is that?” you ask, rolling your eyes. 

“He looks at you like he wants you.” 

Yes, you had noticed that Chase’s eyes had landed on you more frequently than normal. But had he looked at you the way Antoine had understood it? Honestly, you don’t know. 

A couple years ago, Alessia had told you that she thought Chase might have had a crush on you. But that was years ago. Nobody has a crush that lasts this long. 

“I don’t know. But he’s not my ex.” 

Antoine gives you a level look. “Yeah, but he’s something, isn’t he?” 

“No, Antoine. He’s a friend of mine, that’s it. I don’t know about his feelings, but for me he’s never been anything more than someone I can have fun with.” 

He fixates his gaze on you, prominent eyebrows furrowed and pink lips pressed together in a tight line. You can see his muscles flex, like he’s thinking about coming closer to you or continuing to stand a few feet away. 

Suddenly, something about his pose changes. 

It’s like someone has flipped a switch as Antoine walks over to where you’re sitting, leaning down to hook his fingers around the backs of your knees and pulls you closer to the edge of your bed. 

You don’t understand what he’s doing at first, looking at him in puzzlement until he’s pushing your legs apart and sinking to his knees between them. 


He glances up at you through his lashes, the blue of his eyes twinkling and sending heatwaves through your body. Mainly, your lower body parts. 

His fingers curl around the hem of your sundress, its tips teasingly sliding along your warm skin. When he pushes his hands up your thighs, the light fabric — which is trapped between his hands and your skin — moves up with them. 

Antoine sighs at the sight of your panties. 

“Up,” he says, voice soft and husky. God. You lift your butt off the mattress, allowing him to pull your underwear down your legs and then watching him throw it somewhere behind him. He lets his hand rest at one of your ankles, holding your leg up on eye level and begins to kiss his way up from your ankle to your inner thigh. It’s gentle kisses he presses to your soft skin, but you can feel the tip of his tongue every now and then, making your insides churn in the nicest way possible. 

You’re so worked up by the time his mouth has reached your thigh that you’re almost trembling already. It’s a little embarrassing, really, but then you remember the times Antoine had come after about five minutes. He’d laughed it off though, finishing you off in another way. 

One of Antoine’s arms snakes around the small of your back, pulling you closer to his face, while with his other arm he reaches behind him to grab your ankle and lift your right leg over his shoulder. He pushes against your left leg with his elbow gently, spreading your legs a little more. 

Antoine takes his time. He plants soft kisses to the skin where — if you were still wearing your panties — the hemline would be, sticking out his tongue every once in a while to let it travel closer to your core, before going back to the more innocent kisses again. 

It’s driving you insane, him being so close to you, feeling the strands of his blonde hair tickle you, his hot breath against you. Your pelvis trembles, almost jolting upwards but Antoine’s grip around you is too strong. Still, you can feel his cheeks move when he starts smiling. 

And then, finally, his mouth is on you; hot and wet, and just how he knows you like it. He kisses you between your lips, his tongue darting out to trail the line of your clit repeatedly. It’s good, it’s so, so, so good, that you’re falling backwards, your back hitting the sheets but you reach out to run your fingers through his soft hair, pulling at the ends carefully. Antoine hums against you in response, sending vibrations through your core and a shiver down your spine.

His kisses become sloppier when your legs begin to shake slightly, the feeling of his tongue dipping inside of you bringing you closer to the edge. There’s a warm, heavy feeling spreading in the pit of your stomach before it rolls through your body, causing goosebumps to erupt on every inch of your skin. 

Antoine’s fingers dig deeper into your thigh, his blunt nails probably leaving marks. You remove your hand from his hair, instead letting it rest against his sharp jawline, needing to feel the way his throat works as he kisses, sucks, licks you. 

A moan falls from your lips, echoing in the otherwise silent room. Well, silent apart from your heavy breathing, the sound of Antoine’s mouth working against you, and the sheets rustling as you keep circling your hips to match Antoine’s rhythm. 

“Oh god,” you whisper, your voice higher as usual. The muscles in your lower body region start to tense and relax again every second, there’s beads of sweat running down your chest, and you know you’re close. 

You’re so, so close. 

But then Antoine stops. 

Completely out of breath, you look up at him and … fuck. His lips are red and plump, swollen from eating you out. His neck is glistening with a thin layer of sweat, his chest is heaving heavily as he’s probably just as breathless as you are, and there is a tinge of pink on his cheeks, just a light blush. His eyes are hooded with lust but there’s the familiar twinkling in them, sending your heart into overdrive. 

It is too much. He is too much. 

Automatically, your legs widen more. Antoine smiles. 

He reaches down, his long fingers idly toying with the short strings of his boxers before he pulls them down. He’s so ready; his boner leaking pre-cum and looking painfully hard. You almost feel sad. Or, maybe you would had he let you come a moment ago. 

But those thoughts are long forgotten once you see Antoine’s fingers curl around his length, pumping it once, twice, before he leans over you, supporting his body weight on his left underarm, right next to your head on the pillow. 

“I love you,” you say in a voice that hardly sounds like your own. 

“I love you, too,” Antoine replies, sounding a lot more composed. However, you know how good he is at acting. You’d seen it just a few hours ago at Alessia’s. Thank God Chase had been an asshole, you think as you look up at your boyfriend and watch his shoulders flex as he uses his free hand to stroke himself once more.

And then he kisses you, slow and filthy, with a lot of tongue, clashing of teeth, and short and heavy puffs of breath. It’s probably not pretty to look at, but it makes the muscles in Antoine’s abdomen ripple and it makes your heart pump boiling blood through your veins, and God, it is nice. 

Antoine enters you in the exact same way he kisses you. There’s a groan coming from somewhere deep down in his throat once he’s filling you up completely, and you wrap your legs around his waist to have him as close as possible. He lets you get used to his size for a second, but now he’s the one who’s trembling and you wonder how long he’ll be able to last tonight.

Your back arches when he finally starts to move — after you’ve stopping kissing him and told him to go on, of course; he always waits for your ‘okay’. He groans, drops his head into the nape of your neck, and gently sinks his teeth into your skin there before he presses sloppy kisses to it over and over again. 

You let your hands travel down his back, feeling the muscles move whenever he does, whenever his hips meet yours and he goes just a little deeper, and hits your G-spot.

“Fuck,” he whispers, voice muffled by the pillow and your neck. 

You feel like he’s fucking every thought out of your brain, leaving you a quivering, moaning mess underneath his firm body. You see stars and colors and him, him everywhere around you. He’s all that you smell, too, all that you feel, all that you hear. It’s like you’re becoming one for a moment, as your eyes roll backwards and Antoine’s movements get increasingly faster, more frantic. 

And then all you see is white and there’s heat all over your body, embracing you and not letting you go for what feels like an eternity, but still it’s over too soon.

Antoine comes shortly after you. His body is still tense when he does but his biceps are trembling due to the effort and his skin is glistening with sweat. 

He’s so beautiful.

“I love you,” you say again, just because you think he should hear it once more. 

Antoine smiles. “I love you, too.”

Killing monsters

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Type: Drabble. (Didn’t re-write or re-read this, guys. No time. Sorry.)

Word count: 913

Notes/summary: Imagine Dean being nervous as hell because he has to meet your parents for the first time.

„Dean, look at me.“, I said sweetily, cupping his face with my hands.

„I am.“, he sighed, his jaw clenching slightly as he stared back intently.

„It’s gonna be fine.“, the corners of my mouth lifted up and I gave him my best reassuring smile.

He rolled his eyes slightly and pulled back, sighing heavily again.

„Don’t make such a big deal out of this.“, my smile disappeared as I saw his eyebrows scrunch in worry. „I never asked you to meet them, not even when we were both sure our relationship is serious. But, now…“

„Yea, I know.“, Dean answered silently and nodded.

He was looking at the floor in front of him, probably imagining how this afternoon is going to play out. Judging by his terrified face expression, I concluded he wasn’t really pleased with the end result. Then, his gaze shifted forward, right opposite him and fixating on his reflection in a floor lenght mirror, which was attached to the large wardrobe we recently bought. He was wearing a tux, without a tie or any of that crap, just paired with a simple white shirt underneath. Two top buttons were undone, which somehow made him look classy and even more attractive, if that was possible. We were going to a formal dinner to a nice restaurant, so he was all dressed up, with his hair styled also.

I wasn’t the one who was trying to impress my parents, but I still wore an appropriate attire for tonight. My long, black dress was hugging my sides quite nicely and it had a subtle slit on the right side. The V-neck wasn’t deep, so it was more than acceptable for a family dinner.

We were both looking at our reflection now, me standing one step behind him and smiling like an idiot, because I was almost ecstatic at the fact that this was truly happening. Well, I would be enjoying it fully if Dean was happy too.

„Come on, you look handsome.“, I tugged on his strong arm, trying to get us both to the Impala.

„It’s not that… I…“, he stuttered and I stopped, my high heels no longer clinking against the hardwood floor.

„It’s normal to feel nervous, but this is just silly.“, I giggled. „You kill monsters every day. Vampires, shifters, demons… And I never saw you so distressed before a hunt! Is this really so scary?“

I almost laughed, but I really didn’t want to give him a hard time. He was already falling apart inside, it wasn’t my place to wreck a few additional pieces of him.

And I honestly thought my comment would actually help, that he’ll realize how small this issue is and that he shouldn’t see it as a problem, not even the slightest. But, of course, it wasn’t all that easy.

„I…“, he shook his head. „I never met my girlfriend’s parents before.“

„In that case…“, I chuckled, wrapping my arms around his neck, one of my hands going through his gelled hair. „I feel pretty damn special.“

Dean chuckled along, but I could notice he was still quite unsure about this whole situation. He softly took my right arm, his hand trailing down from my shoulder down until he reached the palm of my hand. He held my fingers up and we both averted our attention to the shiny ring on my finger.

„Isn’t this supposed to make you feel special already?“ he raised his eyebrows at me and I laughed.

My other arm that was still resting behind his neck and around his shoulders pulled him towards me into a deep kiss. His arms travelled to my waist, holding me tighter than usual and in contrast, his lips feeling so soft and tender against mine. He was clinging onto me for support and I understood. I just wished I could assure him completely that this dinner will go well.

„If you want to keep this ring on my finger, you’re gonna have to talk to my parents.“, I said quietly, my forehead resting on his.

We were in eye-level now, since I was wearing my tallest heels. So, I could see his gorgeous eyes in all their glory. For the first time today, his eyes sparkled the way they always did when he was satisfied.

„It would still be easier to kill a vampire.“, he concluded, faking seriousness and I laughed at him.

„My parents are not nearly as scary.“, I chuckled and he groaned as I was leading him out of the doors.

He suddenly stopped and caused me to stop too, since my arm wasn’t strong enough to pull him forward.

„I forgot to tell you something.“, Dean said, his eyes wide.

„What is it?“ my smiled faded once again and my body was turned to him completely.

We were staying in the hallway now, in the dim light. I think that we were already running a tad late, but I was more than satisfied we were actually going after all this fuss. Dean was now staring at me, undressing me with his eyes, to be exact. His fixed look moved from my toes to my head, agonizingly slowly.

„You look stunning.“, he grinned and I chuckled, actually blushing at the brief comment.

„And you know what?“

„What?“ I breathed out, since our torsos were against each other again.

„It’s worth fighting whatever in this world… Just to see your smile and be able to say that you’re mine.“

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Hi. I love your Lace Bustier. It reminds me of the top of a Pnina Tornai wedding dress. I'm not sure if you could add a full length skirt to complement the Bustier? Thanks!

Thank you so much! I’ve just checked these wedding dresses, they look beautiful!!! *-*

I’m not planning to make a long skirt right now, but I found a gorgeous one for you, which can be used with my bustier very well!

It’s the Evening Floor-Lenghted Skirt by @marvinsims. Check it out! :)