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Nemi ships

Lake Nemi, Italy

1st century CE

The Nemi Ships were two ships, with one ship larger than the other, built by the Roman emperor Caligula in the 1st century AD at Lake Nemi. Although the purpose of the ships is only speculated on, the larger ship was essentially an elaborate floating palace, which contained quantities of marble, mosaic floors, heating and plumbing such as baths among its amenities. Both ships featured technology long thought to be recent inventions. It has been stated that the emperor was influenced by the lavish lifestyles of the Hellenistic rulers of Syracuse and Ptolemaic Egypt.

There is considerable speculation regarding why the emperor Caligula chose to build two large ships on such a small lake. From the size of the ships it was long held that they were pleasure barges, though, as the lake was sacred, no ship could sail on it under Roman law implying a religious exemption.

The Signs As Moments I've Come To Know
  • Aries: How it felt to stand outside a venue and wait for a local show to start. The air smelling like cigarette smoke, but the loud music and bustling of the crowd outside somehow seeming just right.
  • Taurus: Late nights inside a friend's house. The way her dog would come sit by me and her kitchen floor had a heating system in it. The sound of her laughter when the pizza guy arrived.
  • Gemini: Sitting in Dunkin Doughnuts till the place was nearly empty. Taking off my shoes and running up and down the perimeter of the store, all while talking to people I knew all too well.
  • Cancer: Christmas morning as a small child. The thrill in my stomach when I could feel the outline of a toy beneath it's wrapping paper, and the disappointment when I pulled clothes out of a box.
  • Leo: Middle school musicals. The sense of togetherness the show would bring. Running and getting cheese fries from next door between rehearsals. The smell of Play Dough hovering in the left wing of the stage.
  • Virgo: Sitting with my best friend in an alleyway after dark. Listening to her play guitar and watching her tune it. Heeding her concerns, remembering her words. And never...ever forgetting them.
  • Libra: The leaves falling from the trees on the first morning of October. The togetherness they form, all atop one another regardless of color or form. The comforting familiarity of the Autumn; the "harvests."
  • Scorpio: Frequently spending time with a boy- a boy who didn't say much, but had blue eyes that could cut through glass with a mere glance. Our friendship. What he taught me, and the wolf-like nature he always carried with him.
  • Sagittarius: The opening of a turbulent Winter. My first encounter with the one I love- or first since the first words we had ever spoken to one another. The spark in my stomach when I realized tonight was another night. The sense of adventure about every corner as blankets of snow covered the Earth which was now mine.
  • Capricorn: Rushing out of school. Practically running across the street and straight into my front door. The triumphant walk to the fridge. The way it felt to take a huge bite of pasta for the first time that day.
  • Aquarius: Sitting in my friend's bathroom and dyeing my hair the color of a galaxy. Washing it out in the tub. The odd feeling of another friend running her toes down my back, and how that made me cringe. The purple-pink ombre which left stains on my hands- but stains I didn't mind one bit.
  • Pisces: Dancing around a movie theater playing Pokemon with those so close to me and only pausing to walk home. Naming my Pikachu, my Ralts, even my Ratata, all after the company I had been so lucky to find.
  • property brother: i’ve got some bad news. the entire basement is held together with duct tape and popsicle sticks. it’s going to add to the budget.
  • couple: are you KIDDING ME???
  • property brother: also, all the plumbing is old as balls and needs to be switched out, that’s gonna add to the budget
  • couple: this is exactly what we DIDN’T want to hear!!
  • property brothers: also, everything inside the walls and ceiling is asbestos and you guessed it, it’s gonna add to the budget
  • couple: how are we supposed to PAY FOR THIS??
  • couple: anyway we just popped by to say we’d like you to add a third story and heated floors and the entire kitchen needs to be made of marble

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What's subaru reaction when he wake up in a spa one day and sees beautiful women every where in thier towers and the girls don't give a shit because is ones those spas both genders are getting the same treatments oh by the way this is ayatos and latios prank! 😆

♥Subaru: …What is this? My head… Fuck…

Subaru found himself covered in sweat. He slowly got up from the hard, wet floor. The heat and the steam in the air made him feel dizzy and confused. But then, he heard something… A feminine laughter. A lot of them, to be precise.

…Where the fuck am I?! And where is everyone?! Hey–

He stopped walking when he felt the air hit against his body. When he looked down, he saw only a towel covering his waist. Subaru panicked. He started running, looking for the exit. He could tell it was near, because the voices became louder. The moment he ran through a big door, reality punched him. Pools, fountains, and a lot of naked women.

No, no, no!!! G,GODDAMMIT! I’m going to kill whoever brought me he–!!

He slipped–

Francisco hadn’t made rounds like this since he was in his twenties - He had become accustomed to the people coming to him, not the other way around. But here he was, wandering his way though the hallways of the tower, looking for the room number he had written on a scrap piece of notebook paper. The tool belt was a little too big around his waist, but it would do, and what was strapped to his belt along with the contents in the container he was holding was enough to get him through the simple repairs that the Macnamara residents would need. He played a game as he walked, heavy boots dragging against the floor: Leaky shower or heating duct problems? That is the question.

If he was lucky, there might even be a wobbly coffee table he could level - for funsies.

Finally reaching the door he was searching for he pulled the hair that fell past his shoulders into a bun at the nap of his neck, raping his knuckles against the door once, twice, before waiting.

He tipped his hat when the door opened.

“Somebody call for a handyman?”

Sing Me to Sleep

AN: Surprise! No HotH this week, but you still get a widdle bebe fic. This super fluffy sweetness popped into my head while I was editing an upcoming chapter of Hunters on the Hellmouth. Decided to make it a one-shot reader-insert fluff-straviganza. Enjoy!

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: <400

You tiptoed back to bed as quickly as possible before the cold floor sucked all the heat from your bare feet. Not that staying warm was a problem. Sweat beaded on the back of your neck and the small of your back even though the air conditioner rattled at full blast.

You’d felt better.

Slipping under the sheets, you hoped you didn’t wake Dean, but you couldn’t hear the deep steady breathing of dreamland. After you settled back in, still and uncomfortable, his rumbling voice pierced the silence. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” you said, inching your feverish self away from him. “Food poisoning, I guess, but I’m fine now.”

Dean rolled over, and tucked you into the curve of his body with one arm. His breath tickled as he peppered your neck and shoulder with light, lazy kisses.

You wanted to. God, did you want to. But the idea of moving at all made you queasy. “Maybe not that fine.”

“I could sing you to sleep,” he said confidently.

He started to hum “Kashmir” in your ear. He was off key and kept breaking away from the lyrics to hum the guitar part, his fingers brushing your skin as if you were his instrument. You struggled to hold in a smile. By the time he got to the oh oohs, sung with full rock star gusto, you were in stitches laughing.

“That’s not how that usually goes,” you said.

“Oh, it’s not?” Dean had told you little about his past, but you’d gathered his childhood wasn’t Little League and birthday parties. Did he know what it was like to be sung to sleep?

You rolled over to see him grinning in the dim light filtering through the curtains, proud of himself for making you laugh. You nestled into his arms, your head tucked under his chin. “Got another one in you?”

After a swift kiss on the top of your head, his baritone began to croon slow like honey. “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad / Take a sad song and make it better / Remember to let her into your heart / Then you can start to make it better…”

You fell asleep before the chorus.

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I agree millionaires sometimes do things over the top and irrational with their money, but for real, if I was filthy rich and could afford a shower with 12 shower heads, cushioned heated floor, three rotating water jets with maximum massaging action embedded in a soft shower chair, with extra steam, and installed waterproof television/Bluetooth surround sound system… you can damn well bet I wouldn’t hesitate for a fraction of a second to buy that shit


We moved in with our in-laws last month for cost reasons and tbh it’s a better setup for the boys. Heated floors in the room maintain ambient temp, all lights off earlier, Titus is right next to the TV which he legit LOVES watching. He’ll pick a spot where he can see it and just sit and watch. A couple times when I turned it off he stared intently for a bit before moving like “???where go???”.

Anyway, these pics are from the move. Shockingly Titus didn’t get stressed enough to musk and actually isn’t set back in terms of handling. Idris and Vin were just fine but due to space restrictions we could only move one tank at a time and Sarah maaay have forgot to pack the lids to Idris’. So we gave Titus a quick setup and then I sat and watched the boys so they could be open but supervised.

Don’t worry I made sure they didn’t get near the tape or within stress distance of each other. Mostly they were just like “UGH IT’S DAY” with occasional peeks while Titus watched me intently. They are all settled and happy now and everyone has eaten at least once since so all is well.


SERIE: Top 5 green roofs worldwide

USA: new California Academy of Sciences

The iconic new California Academy of Sciences building opened in September 2008 is the largest public LEED Platinum-rated building in the world and the world’s greenest museum. This commitment to sustainability extends to all facets of the facility – from the bike racks and rechargeable vehicle stations outside the building, to the radiant sub-floor heating inside and energy-generating solar panels on top of the building.

(Keep reading for the green numbers!)

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Unova Valley oneshot

Combine your two favourite games into one lmao.

Pokemon BW/Stardew Valley

Word count: 2332

“Where the fuck is this ladder?” Touya huffed, slamming his pickaxe into yet another boulder. Touko had decided she wanted to do some mining today and oh boy, was he regretting agreeing with her.

Touko wiped her brow and cracked open a rock. “We’ve almost cleared all the rocks on this floor it can’t be long now.”

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Dan, I’m cold

Art: epicespy

Enojoy! I also based this around the art again..


Phil turned and tossed and tried to get the slightest bit of warmth but no luck. “Great” he muttered harshly as he swung his legs from his bed on to the floor. The heating has broke in the shared apartment for some stupid reason.

He slowly dragged himself to his wardrobe to throw on a hoodie, hopefully warming him up slightly. He rummaged through his wardrobe. A few seconds later the man thankfully pulled out his old green university hoodie. He sighed softly as he pulled the green cloth over his head onto his cold body.

He slowly walked back into his bed and pulled up the covers to his chin. No luck. It was still cold. He sighed again but more harsh than before as he rubbed his tired face with his big hands. “What now?” he asked himself.

He could just go to Dan.. Or not, they are just friends right? He slowly curled up into a tiny ball in the corner of his bed, trying to get some warmth once again. “Fuck it” he mumbled as he ripped off the covers from his body, soon walking into his roommate’s room through the corridor.

He slowly walked up to the door and hesitated as he reached his hand up to knock on. He bit his lip harshly as he knocked. “Come in” Dan said. “Uh Dan. Um can I sleep in your bed? Its really cold..” Phil shyly asked, meanwhile a blush forming on his cheeks.

Dan looked up at Phil as he moved himself across and he nodded. A grin crept on Phil’s mouth as he walked to the side of the bed to get into the warmth, although he was blushing like crazy as he noticed that Dan was shirtless.

Phil only had the little crush on Dan, thats all. He slowly slid in his comfy bed, guided by the fairy lights across Dans bedframe. Phil noticed how Dans eyelids were slowly getting heavier every passing second, sending him to a peaceful sleep.

Phil slowly shuffled up to Dan for extra warmth, still smiling. By this time Phils eyelids were also getting heavier. “Goodnight” Phil quietly said.


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Anonymous asked: Could you write the story of HOW Maria got Steve’s jacket? 

With so many people on Tony’s ‘common floor’, the place heats up. For Steve, it’s twice as bad. He naturally runs a little hotter than most people, so eventually, he has to shed his jacket. He drapes it over a nearby chair half way through his pool game with Sam a grin on his face and laughter on his lips. 

When he turns back a few minutes later, his jacket’s gone. 

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This seriously needs to stop.

Every time I have aproached someone in the reptiblr community I would get scolded to the point of feeling like dirt for the tinneist mistakes THAT I WAS WILLING TO FIX.
Or I would get vagued. Or they would make assumptions about the situation as if these geckos had a better chance if i didnt adopt them.

Let me explain something. The geckos were not an impulse buy. I had most of the set up prepared already and had no plans to get geckos until everything was set up and accounted for. But these two geckos were in a pet shelter under awful conditions and I ended up competing against a young boy who wanted them to try his hand out at breeding them.

They were kept with unsupervised crickets. A male and female together in a tiny tank that had the entire floor surface heated and only one hide they prefered over the log and humid hide. That they were forced to snuggle inside of. And the shelter was convinced they “bonded”.

My money was not given to mass breeders. My money would have been given to a shelter good with warm blooded animals that rarely even got reptiles.

As soon as I got them I searched for a second big tank. Seperated them. Ordered better heatpads and thernostats and other needed items. Got a good site to buy cool bugs to feed them while getting crickets and mealworms from the pet store. And ANYTHING I could do for them. But god forbid I ask for advise forgetting a detail or two or not having access to something YET that i was finding access too.

I did not get patient scolding. I got one person who accused me of getting them unprepared because they were cute and became a broken record when i explained the situation and literally brought me to tears.
I got another person who a day later, after I mentioned off hand that the only exotic pet vet in this area and around this area (and i made plenty of calls) wasnt a reptile expert, makes a post about husbandry that kept repeating “if you dont have a vet with experience with reptiles dont get a gecko” and really pushed that based of asks within those couple of days. Like I fucking know that point was refering to my ask.

The geckos were already located in this area and had already been checked over by the only exotic pet vet and my competition probably wouldnt even consider taking them to a vet anyways. What the hell do people expect me to do?? I dont have any connections and Im doing my fucking best.

Im new at this!!! And every reptiblr blog ive aproach has only achieved in making me afraid to ask for help!!!

Both geckos are in good health. Im double checking this constently and they show no signs of being ill and got the green card by the vet. They are seperated. Their tanks are properly heated. They are on paper towels. Theyve got multiple hides each. Munster is in a 20 gallon tank. Cheezit is in a 15 gallon tank (as she is smaller and has deformed legs from having mbd at some point. Her bones were strong and she was recovered by the time i got her) they are within healthy weight. I am still currently figuring out a feeding plan that works for Munster because he is picky as hell. They shed fine and I help them with their toes. Though munster seems to get shed left over on his bits every time but i can easily just peel it off. I regularily clean their tanks and replace the paper towals in their humid hides. They poop well.I am constently doing research at every chance i get no matter how confident i feel. They are doing fine!

When someone asks for advise maybe dont make them feel like shit!!

(And if anything is off in what i have described you can tell me. This isnt me unwilling to listen to experienced leopard gecko owners. I am willing to make any changes necessary for my babies to be healthy and happy. I am just fed up with how I have been treated and according to a few others I am not the only one to experience this treatment from many reptile owners on tumblr.)