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(Loki x Reader) Can’t Sleep

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A/N- Can’t sleep….too much netflix…decided to write something completely random…and I didn’t edit so sorry for typos…also it’s summer in Australia and it’s so effing hot so I can’t sleep…so here it is. also dat gif tho😍

Words- 939



It was about 1:00 in the morning, and you were lying on your bed in the Avengers tower. It was summer, and the past several days had been extremely hot, including the nights. You tossed and turned agitatedly because the heat was making it impossible to sleep. The tower had a minor power surge two days ago due to one of Bruce’s experiments, which for some odd reason had made the air conditioning system throughout the tower to be rendered useless. This meant your second restless night in a row.

“Damn it” you whispered, as you got out of bed and quietly opened your bedroom door to get something to drink. You tiptoed down the hall until you noticed that one of the bedroom lights was on, as you could see under the door. You tried to remember whose room this was until you realised it was Loki’s. Thor had brought him to the tower to make amends and even though most of them weren’t so pleased about it, you all got along tolerably. You were reasonably close to Loki more than most. You talked to him quite often and also leant him books from time to time.  

You softly knocked on the door hoping he was awake.

“Go away Thor, I’m not planning on sleeping” he said bluntly.

“Actually, It’s Y/N” you responded.

A moment of silence passed before the door opened and Loki was standing there, still in his usual clothes with a book face down and open on his neat bed.

“Why are you awake?” he asked, slightly concerned.

“It’s really hot and I usually can’t sleep anyway, so the past couple of nights have been just fabulous” you responded, looking right into his blue eyes “I just saw your light on and I wanted to know why you were still awake” you added.

“Well I was just reading, I don’t sleep much either. Do you want to come in?” he asked. You nodded lightly as you walked in and sat on the bed. Loki felt awkward about sitting next to you, so he just floated awkwardly around the room instead, picking up random items and glancing at the floor.

“Is the heat bothering you too?” you asked, in order to break the awkward silence.

“No, I’m a frost giant you see. The heat doesn’t bother me at all” You looked at him and smiled lightly.

“That’s lucky in this weather” you responded as you discreetly looked at the cover of the book on the bed.

“Divergent” was on the cover. You smiled to yourself and looked back at Loki.

“It’s much cooler in here than my room though” you said, watching Loki walk aimlessly around the room.

“Do you want to stay in here?” he asked.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, you give me books so I might as well give you a slightly more tolerable place to sleep. I must also talk to Stark about how your room is far too small, it bothers me as I assume it bothers you”

You smiled at him and lied on the bed. Loki turned off the big light in the room so there was only one small reading lamp in the corner of the room, which is where Loki sat after he grabbed his book.

“You’re really not going to sleep at all?” you asked quietly.

“Not at all, I don’t mind” he said before he hesitated slightly. “Nightmares you see” he added, looking down at the floor.

“Oh, I see” you say as you bury your head into the pillow. A few moments pass before you get up and walk over to where Loki was sitting.

“Don’t you wish to sleep?” he asked as he lifted his head up from his book to look at you.

“Nope, I can stay up for a while longer, If that’s alright with you?” you respond.

“Absolutely” he says, smirking a little.

You leaned your head on Loki’s shoulder and Loki stiffened at the contact.

“You’re so cold!” you say as you touch his hand with awe. Loki chuckles and looks down at his hand thoughtfully.

“One of the perks of being a frost giant” he says, still looking down at his hand. You smiled at him and continued t rest you head on his shoulder and lean closer and closer into him as time went by. Loki didn’t mind though, he would never say this but he always enjoyed your company.


Later that morning at about 9:00, Thor sat with the other avengers eating breakfast. Everyone was talking about usual topics before Tony noticed two people were missing.

“Where’s reindeer games and Y/N?” Tony asked. The rest of the avengers looked at him thoughtfully.

“Y/N likes to sleep in, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them” Natasha said before she took a bite of her food.

“I will check on my brother” Thor says as he stands up and walks down the hall. He stands in front of Loki’s door and knocks a few times.

“Loki?” he asked, slightly concerned. Thor decides to open the door ever so slightly, and grins when he sees his brother.

You and Loki were on the floor of the room dead asleep, with your book closed and on the floor beside you. You were resting your head on his chest and Loki had his hand almost protectively on your head. You were both breathing peacefully and didn’t stir. Thor slowly closed the door and walked down the hall still smiling.

“He’s still asleep” he responded as he sat down at the table, smiling for the rest of the day.


Why build a tiny house instead of buying existing small house or trailer?

The biggest reason for me is creative empowerment.

There are so many things we aren’t in control over. But one of them, if you have some money put aside, is your shelter. There’s something incredibly validating about building my own shelter.

If you think about it, how many things do you create on a daily basis, vs consume? How much of your individualized potential is being expressed in your daily life, vs molded by others?

So many of us wake up in beds designed for the masses, wearing one size fits all PJs, grabbing our push-button coffee out the door on the way to our increasingly commoditized jobs in the car with the “best reviews”.

Best not become unemployed or you’ll lose access to your pharmaceutically manufactured pills. That would make the CEOs very angry.

I sleepwalked through 3 years of consumption before I finally realized I’m not even participating in my own life!

In my house, everything is exactly how I want. And if it’s not, I’ll have intimate knowledge how to change it.

Solar power, heated floors, loft speakers, enclosed shower, four-burner range… Hell a garden in my living room if I so desire. I can have it all in 150 sq ft. for about $30,000. And go anywhere with all that too. And no one can evict me or foreclose on it.

The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

Warning, this chapter contains strong sexual language, and is smut.  It contains fingering. 

I had never really felt something so disguised by love. A feeling that betrays my mind and feeds my body, and in return my heart becomes vulnerable. Lust. I had never really felt it once in my life, up until now. But I still don’t understand it. The very feeling of it, the desire that bubbles up in your stomach, clouds your judgement and erases any of your critical thinking skills.

Oh how he flooded me with this feeling, the dopamine he released within my brain, the endorphin’s that acted out of pure desire for pleasure, one that he could create and expect for me to return. I had always seen it as a sin, but he makes me see it as an addiction.

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Waking up the Avengers

pairing: avengers x reader

summary: you get to wake up the team in your own way, every morning

(this was a rewrite of an old oneshot, sorry for not including anyone new)

warnings: none

The metallic hallway floor was cold under your feet as you made your way to the shared kitchen of the Avengers, and you silently cursed Tony for not putting in heated floors for the cold New York winters. The sweatshirt you were wearing came down to your hips, just where the thick sweatpants started. Being comfortable was key for your mornings, since you were in charge of waking everyone up and making sure they got ready for the new day at hand. Training sessions never started before 8am, so it gave you time to eat a snack and wake up before going about the routine. There was one time when Thor had just gotten an iPhone and smashed it with Mjolnir the next morning when the buzzer started to go off. Then, the following morning, Natasha threw hers out the window, and on its way out Clint shot it with an arrow. The Avengers were really just a group of people who didn’t know what the hell to do with their phones.

Your first stop on the route was to Steve’s room, he was still not caught up at a decent enough pace to use an iPhone just yet. He lived on the same floor as you though, so he was the breakfast maker for everyone while you were off getting them to wake up. The door always had this creak whenever you opened it, and Steve learned to sleep through it. You walked to the side of the bed he was facing, and after a gentle nudge to his shoulder you whispered, “Hey Cap, good morning.” His eyes always opened slow as he got his bearings, and you took a moment to appreciate his ruffled hair and sleep eyes. Steve’s room was the cleanest out of all the Avengers, it even smelled decent. Steve rolled over on his back, and stretched for a moment before standing and finding a shirt to go into the kitchen with.

Next was Bucky, and you made sure that you took an extra deep breath before stepping into his room. In the past, you’ve walked into a completely nude Bucky who was also spread eagle on the bed. There’s been times where he’s not even in the bed, and he’s with his weapons by the closet. This time however, he was peacefully sleeping and stirred slightly at the sound of your feet padding across the carpet. You made a point to make yourself known as you came in with a little knock on the door. So he happily smiled and greeted you a good morning, in that wonderful husky voice. Bucky’s laugh made you smile as you made your way out of his room and towards the stairwell.

Clint’s room on the floor below was your next stop, and technically speaking it was Natasha’s room as well. They were easily woken up, considering all you had to do was open the door and yell, “Wake up time!” Those two shot up like there was a murderer at their door. A lot of the mornings you had to duck in case Clint was ‘sleep grabbing’ his bow the night before, and sometimes Tasha would sleep with a gun under her pillow after an unsettling mission. They had the blinds drawn in their room so there was no sunlight coming through. So it was difficult to see what you were walking into some times, let alone what time of day it was.

Down the hall from them was Thor’s room, and it was big enough to fit a king. He was also your favorite to wake up, other than Steve. Thor was the happiest to see you in the morning, and in general he was just the happiest one around the tower. Once you opened Thor’s door, you ran and leapt to the King size bed. “Good morning Thor!” You tickled his sides as he started to warm up and adjust to the light streaming in through the large windows.

“Oh lady y/n, you never fail to make me laugh in the morning!” Thor groggily spoke, and his voice was so deep it practically made the walls rumble. His laugh thundered on even as you walked out of his room, and you continued on with the routine.

Tony was next on occasion, but all he really needed was Pepper. However, she was out of town at that particular moment. So you hopped on the elevator, and rode to the top floor. The billionaire was already awake and moving by the time you’d reached his floor, so he took the opportunity to ride with you down to breakfast.

Everyone was sitting around the giant oak table, joking around and laughing about some of the older mission stories. The super soldiers were just now sitting down with everyone, and they still had their “dance around the kitchen” playlist going full blast. People were singing along, and being nice for once while sharing the pancakes that Steve had just made. You took a moment to appreciate the people sitting in front of you, when Thor interrupted your thoughts by putting his left arm over your shoulder, and announced, “We love you the most, lady y/n.”

“I love you guys too.”

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ok so dan being all whiny and phil being busy playing a game or something so he grinds on phils thigh until he cums? bonus points for daddy kink💕

This probably isn’t what you meant by whiny but hey go hard or go home. And ofc I added some daddy kink. Getting me not to is the hard part.

Anyone who tries to tell you that humans don’t go into heat clearly hasn’t met Daniel Howell. Years ago, Phil would have said the same thing – that it’s reserved for oestrous cycle animals and that men who claim to have anything along the lines of a “sex addiction” are just fishing for excuses to sleep with the nanny. Then when he met Dan, everything he thought he knew about human sexuality went out the window. It’s not that Phil’s boyfriend is an overly sexual person all the time – in fact, for most of the year he struggles to keep up with Phil’s rather standard libido. Dan has a tendency to run himself into the ground and survive off as little sleep as possible, which tends to wreak havoc with his sex drive. That’s not to say that they don’t normally have sex, because they do, but generally no more than two or three times a week. Usually, it’s just some nice vanilla loving with Dan’s back on the bed and his legs around Phil’s waist, or, if he’s not too tired, sitting in Phil’s lap and riding him as they lazily make out. They’ve both come to the agreement that handjobs aren’t even worth the effort, but there’s the occasional blowjob thrown in when they’re bored or don’t have the time to go all the way. What they have is probably considered the average sex life for two people who have been together as long as they have. And then there’s that one week a year when all this information becomes void and null.

The only way either of them can describe it is a form of heat. It hits Dan every year without fail, always around the same time. He falls into this sexual frenzy where it’s all he can think about – he can’t sleep, he can’t work, he can barely eat. The only two options available in his mind are fuck or be fucked. Every little touch against his skin is oversensitive – even the fabric of his clothes brushing over his skin gets him desperate and panting. He tends to spend the week indoors in only his underwear for a lax attempt at modesty. When he’s not actually naked and fucking, that is. He probably comes more times in that week than he does for the rest of the year combined, and when it passes he sleeps for three days straight, waking only to drink water and use the bathroom.

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SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 2

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A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this next part! I have to head to work but I wanted to post it as soon as possible, so I’ll have to go through it and edit any little grammatical errors later!

← Part 1

You followed Sebastian into the large glass building. He lived in the penthouse loft at the top floor. It was exquisite. Dark mahogany lined the floors of the ivory colored walls. Windows lined the walls facing outward and you could see the entire city from the front door, mesmerized by the lights downtown. You noticed the curtains lining the windows were pushed back, allowing for more privacy if so wanted, but not like it was really needed on the top floor of this building. The furniture was mod-inspired but still relatively new. The furniture looked like it had barely been touched, it’s ivory-mocha blend color matching well in the loft.

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Our Story

Read the other chapters here.

December 24, 2008

Everything is made a miracle by the fact of their togetherness. The banalities—something spiritual.


The way Jamie does their laundry. How his diligence for clean, crisp folds never extends to removing the drier sheets, tangled amongst the clothes. Claire is forever finding them in the armpits of her sweaters, or in the rolled cuffs of her jeans when she dresses in the morning. A waft of detergent—and of her husband—as a white sheet drifts down, brushing her calf like a beloved’s hand. (Familiar; intimate.)

And the way Claire knows terms like methylprednisolone, but cannot win a single game of Scrabble. Rainy days spent brooding over the board, Jamie trying to coax Triple Word scores from her Z’s and Q’s and X’s. “I reckon it’d be quixotic to think the weather will clear for a picnic?” he asks (hints), peeking at her tiles. 

More miracles, then: the way her eyes light up. The kisses she will give him for this small act of kindness. Quixotic written by her lapping tongue, and poppies left to bloom on his neck. (They will make the neighbors blush.)

Their home, too, is another miracle, with its wainscoting and butter-leather and Persian rugs. No longer must they suffer the grimy box of their mid-20’s, or the lonely echoes of their own respective homes. Boston and Scotland have been shed like old skins, or if not shed, then at least peeled to the thinnest films. 

Instead there is this house and Jamie’s footsteps in the study, and the pour of Claire’s nightly glass of milk. North Carolina lies just beyond the windows, a wild glory whose trees lean close, listening. (Even the universe has grown green-bright with envy, wants to be a part of Jamie and Claire’s love.)

And just last week, they installed heated floors and called a plumber to insulate the pipes. So now: socks peeled off with glee, breakfasts of mouths that taste like sleep and last night’s Colgate. The coffee is brewed too long and the pancakes are left on the griddle, and they burn (and burn and burn).

Miracles, all.

But even so, there is one miracle that has not come. Their hope for it—the fervency, the sheer constancy of the thing—is shadowed by a fear similar to Claire’s wedding-day stomach. Lying side by side in bed, they worry:

What if it never happens? What if it does?

(A baby.)

“We’re so old,” Claire jokes one afternoon, a few weeks into 40. She is walking the tight-rope of Jamie’s spine, trying to usher his stiffness to the surface and away. She remembers her splintered, little-girl feet—dancing in 1973—as she tip-toes up and down, up and down her husband’s back.

Though this ground is more uneven than her childhood porch, she prefers it. No sneaky shards to puncture her once-tender skin. Jamie’s are deltoids here and his trapezius there—a special comfort in her favorite pearl of his vertebrae. She hunts for it, feels its safe rub against her sole, and holds back a sigh. (Suddenly, this seems like the most precious gift, and she wishes, more than ever, that she could offer her own back to two tiny, wobbling feet.)  

“Aye, we’re fossils.”

“You could dig us up and brush the dust off,” Claire says, and so Jamie reaches back, swipes his index finger along her shin and licks it. “What would you do if you found my bones? You’re just walking along one day, kilt swinging, and you trip right over my fibula?”

“I’d build a home out of you,” Jamie says immediately. “I’d sleep on yer pelvis.”

“Awfully uncomfortable, pelvises. You’d have more back problems than you do now.”

“But that’s what yer fibulas are for, see. I’d save them for a cane and fuse ‘em together. I think it’d be nice. Always having you to lean on.” Jamie groans when she tuns around; Claire’s heels digging in and scooping out his pain. “But that’s assuming you die before I do, Sassenach. Maybe I’ll be the one who starts to go first.”

“I bloody well hope not. That’d be unbearable.”

“But no’ impossible. Me, wearing diapers at age 70…D’ye think you could ye wipe my arse, and still love me afterwards?”

“Darling, I can’t imagine a higher honor than wiping your ‘arse’ for you.” 

She is smiling—but only just—as she steps down to lay herself across his body, to shield the life of him. 

“And what about you? Will you still love me when I’m blind? I’ll have to get glasses—those big, alien things that make people look like startled bugs or arctic explorers. Like Murdina wears.”

“You’d look verra cute as a spectacled, startled bug, Sassenach.”

“But not an arctic explorer?”

“I’d prefer you as a wee crawlie inside my shirt.”

Claire snorts (a vestige of her mother there, in that unchecked happiness), then adds, “And my memory! Sheesh. A few years, and that’ll be shot straight to hell. Might even forget your name one day. Jack Fraser? Jay Fraser? ‘Ringo Starr, is that you?’ It’ll all be very embarrassing, so please just play along and pretend it’s endearing.”

“Dinna be silly,” Jamie says. “There’s no forgetting me or you.”

(A shame his body is so stiff. More feeling in his back, and he would sense the creep of a premonitory chill. See a far-off but certain future where he must pause, think slowly, in order to make a wife out of the woman next to him. A stranger to him, suddenly, until she reintroduces herself. Jamie, it’s me, it’s me.)

“I suppose you’re right,” she says. “We’re rather stuck with each other, aren’t we?”

Jamie hears the unspoken longing in her words, and he feels it too, somewhere deep in his chest. Let it be this way forever. (Together, beyond death, inside a pair of slanted amber eyes.)

“I meant my vows when I said them, Sassenach. ‘In diapers and dementia…’”

“Oh, is that how it goes?”

“Aye, the Catholics have always said it so.”

“Have I told you that I’m so glad to be stuck with you again? You. Ringo. My two-times-over husband.”

Jamie laughs, rolling over beneath her so that they’re side by side, face to face. Elbows propping heads; Claire’s right leg, straddling. She moves closer, extending her hips—oh, to live there in that cocoon of bone!—and the last of Jamie’s tension loosens, his body freed.

“So nice ye had to do it twice?”

“Better than nice,” she whispers. “Perfect.”

(No matter what, he will always remember this. How two is so much greater than one.)

But while Jamie and Claire joke about their ages, they both know that time is running out. Their baby, they realize, would be a different miracle from all the others—would eclipse even those babies born from more youthful, hospitable insides. And though they have not sat down and spoken plainly as they once did (I want to have a baby), their needing rings throughout the house, spells itself out on the Scrabble board. A baby. Let’s have a baby.

There is an added sense of responsibility to their lovemaking now, which is no less passionate but simply filled with extra care. As if the baby teeters on some fragile precipice, and needs only their encouragement to find its will to live.

Claire has taken multiple tests, all negative, over the past several months. Each time she throws a stick into the waste bin, she feels their chances slipping through her fingers, joining the pile of Q-Tips, wrappers, and tissues soaked in her frustration. She wads up toilet paper shrouds and covers the oval screens, pretending there was no test, no probability lost with the pronouncement of that one thin line.

This time is different though; Claire knows it. It is after Christmas Eve mass, 11:30PM, and she is pacing in the bathroom. Claire has been waiting all day for her courage, to be able to lock the door, hold a seventh stick, and see if her instincts have any kicking, doughy legs. She retrieves the pink box from the cupboard and sits on the toilet. Holds her breath until black sparks are in her eyes.

Tonight, she thinks, is a night for miracles.

Under Fire- Yoongi(m)

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They say: “go big or go home.”

(m)- mature | word count: 3543 | Dom!Yoongi + Sub!Jimin

@yeum, @bangtanmacaroon, @jackoffjae, @chiminiipabo;))

request(s): Hello, i reaaaaallly love your smut stories! Can you do a studio sex with namjoon or yoongi? [+] Can you write a Suga smut, where you guys are at the studio, you try to get his attention but it doesn’t work, so you flirt with Jimin and you get punished [+] All I ask is Yoongi cuffs, whip, blindfold, thigh highs ;) 

a/n: guys things get a lil rough and really cray proceed with caution

He’d been ignoring you all damn day, giving short replies to your texts by telling you he’s at the studio. Busy, busy, always busy, always working. It’d been nearly two weeks since you’d been able to spend any alone time together, let alone any naughty time, and the craving for Yoongi to be buried deep inside of you has burned a hole in your chest, has ruined your favorite pair of panties while you lay in bed with one of his shirts, thinking about him.

About how lovely his hands would feel sinking into the curves of your body, gliding over your skin, down your stomach, between your legs… You’re desperate, eyelids fluttering closed when you rub your thighs together for some sort of friction that’s so unsatisfying compared to him it hurts. The only thing you can think about is him. He’d hardly come over, opting to stay in the dorms with the rest of the boys since it’s a great deal closer to the studio. He probably hasn’t been eating very well, if at all. And he definitely hasn’t been eating you. Which are both big problems.

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I Understand

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Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: none that I can really think of, the dirty do is very implied tho, I hope it’s still to your liking!

@cutiepiepotatoes request: 

Whether its five minutes or a few seconds, you and Ivar always dissolve into fights furious enough to shake the walls. Despite that, it’s rare for a certain unspoken line to be crossed. That is until Aslaug locks you two in a room to sort out your near non-existent differences, only to frustrate you both to a boiling point of honesty.

“If you are going to act like children then you will be punished like children.” Aslaug chimed through the door. You yanked on the locked handle, a flash of anger igniting higher when the only other person in the small room with you shouted in an equal fury.

“Mother this is ridiculous! Open the door!”

She was toying with you both, stroking the already double inferno of rage locked safely behind the door. Queen Aslaug always bore a smile in your company, though you weren’t sure why. Not that you two didn’t get along or shared many interests, but whenever you and your family came to visit, Hel broke loose. Something that entertained Aslaug endlessly. But it was a bit strange given it involved her youngest and favored son, you and Ivar spitting venom at each other whenever in the same room for five minutes.

Even now you could hear the smile in her words. “I am going for a walk. Hope you two decide to be well behaved by the time I get back.”

Both you and Ivar called, begging and fighting for a release from each others presence. A silence came waiting for her response and you both slumped realizing she was already gone. In a last fit you kicked the door, crossing your arms pouting and refusing to turn around and face Ivar. “This is your fault.”

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anonymous asked:

rfa boys + v + saeran with MC as brand new parents. Like, we're talking baby time with middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, and crying and not sleeping and the exhaustion that comes with being a new parents, but also a cute moment here and there as well.

Awww anonny you’re hitting me with the feels! I could write tons of pages about the Mystic Messenger characters being parents so these turned out to be longer and fluffy! I based the children’s sex on my last post about these peeps being parents and I also added Jaehee just because I didn’t want her to be left out so hopefully that’s okay! I kind of want to give the children names and personalities now because I’ve become so attached to this idea thanks to you and the other anon’s parent request! I absolutely loved writing this request so I really hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • Yoosung is surprisingly really helpful when it comes to dealing with your newborn son
  • He understands how exhausted you are from the day and usually takes the night shifts when taking care of your son
  • Yoosung already stays up late to play LOLOL and has even started to set up a schedule as to when to check on his son while also killing some monsters
  • The times whenever Yoosung is actually asleep and hears your son crying, he always gets right out of bed to care for him
  • Your son sometimes has problems properly latching onto the bottle when it’s feeding time so Yoosung gives him little encouragements to help him
  • “Come on little guy, you have to drink your milk! How else will you grow big and strong enough to help daddy slay the monsters in LOLOL? Hey, that’s it! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of my little man!”
  • There have been nights where Yoosung is just exhausted from work and just wants to sleep but when he hears his son’s crying, he’ll attend to him no matter what the problem is… unless it’s diaper changing then he may call you for some assistance
  • One of Yoosung’s favorite things in the world is showing your son picture books of animals and seeing his reaction to each one, slowly but surely teaching his son the wonders of being a Vet
  • Yoosung is honestly Super Dad and is extremely attentive to his son’s needs because he’d do absolutely anything for his son


  • Zen definitely tried his best whenever it came to dealing with your son at night, he just wasn’t always the best
  • He’d come home tired from rehearsals and as the two of you were about to fall asleep, your son would start crying
  • With a deep sigh, Zen would roll out of bed and tend to his son’s needs
  • Your son was like his father for more than just his looks, he was extremely vocal like Zen
  • Zen would wince sometimes at just how loud his son would cry but he found that his own voice would usually soothe the little one
  • “Listen son, I’m really proud of you for working on that singing voice so early on in life but mommy and I are tired. How about you listen to your old man sing a little bit and then you go back to sleep alright?”
  • When it came to night feeding and diaper changing, Zen would typically have to turn to you for help because he would usually make the bottle too warm and could not change a diaper to save his life
  • But when your son wasn’t crying his little lungs out, one of Zen’s favorite things is to put his son on his bare chest, taking ahold of his son’s tiny arms and moving them in random patterns and singing to him while lightly kissing his forehead
  • Zen definitely has room to improve with his parenting, something he understands and accepts, but one thing that he’s mastered is to always love and care for his son


  • Jaehee already has experience taking care of the other RFA members, who’re basically kids, so she ends up being a super great mom
  • She sees how exhausted you are so Jaehee’s more than willing to take care of her daughter at nighttime
  • Your daughter isn’t a very loud crier but Jaehee can always tells when she’s in distress
  • Jaehee’s a pro at diaper changing and heating up the bottles since she had lots of experience with heating up her coffee
  • But there are times when both you and Jaehee are tired but your daughter is crying her little heart out but of course Jaehee will attend to her, she just may be a little bit cranky in the morning
  • When your daughter refuses to fall back asleep, Jaehee likes to read her stories from a fairytale book, even acting out all of the parts which earns a few giggles from her tiny daughter
  • “This is what I want you to learn my daughter, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. You’re going to grow up to be such a strong and beautiful girl and me and your mother want you to be happy. We’ll make sure to always encourage you to follow your dreams.”
  • You notice your daughter starting to fall asleep only when she’s cradled in Jaehee’s arms, making Jaehee give you a shy smile
  • Jaehee is an amazing mom, no one would argue that, and her daughter grows up knowing just how much her two mothers love her


  • Jumin wanted nothing more than for his daughter to grow up in a healthy, loving environment
  • To do this, Jumin wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, so since he worked during the day he usually would spend all night with her
  • But when your daughter would cry, Jumin would panic never knowing what she needed
  • Jumin was terrible at changing diapers, he could ever get the bottle temperature right, and it seemed like every time he’d try to pick his daughter up, her cries would turn into wailing
  • He was about to give up hope of being a good dad but you kept encouraging Jumin, telling him to just keep spending more time with his daughter then she’d start warming up to him
  • One night when you and Jumin were sleeping, the two of you heard your daughter crying yet again and just as Jumin was about to call a nanny, you convinced him to go to her
  • He was reluctant but did so, carefully picking up his daughter to try and get her to calm down
  • When her crying turned louder, not that Jumin was surprised, he tried something new and started to rock his daughter back and forth while singing a lullaby in his deep voice
  • “Do like my singing my little girl? Hmm your mother says the same thing but I don’t think it’s that great. But I’m glad that you like it, I’ll sing anything for you my precious girl.”
  • His daughter eventually fell asleep in his arms, making Jumin almost cry on the spot as he cuddled her closer in his arms
  • Jumin may not be the most experienced dad, but after that moment he knew that he would give his daughter all of the love he could because, besides you, she was his favorite person in the world


  • Seven would always joke around about being the best dad ever but he honestly was starting to become one
  • His sleep schedule is the worst so he’d always be ready to go to your son when he started crying
  • By some miracle, your son didn’t become a crying mess all that often, making both you and Seven extremely relieved
  • It took Seven a while to get the hang of changing diapers and getting the bottle ready, let’s just say there were lots of times when you had to help clean up the mess Seven made
  • But Seven would always let you sleep when your son cried at night because he cherished his time with his little boy
  • When the little Choi was being extra fussy and wouldn’t stop crying, Seven would lift him up and spin around in slow circles, telling his tiny son crazy made up stories
  • The smile his son would show made Seven’s heart melt, he finally had a family to call his own
  • “You know little guy, I never knew what it was like to have loving parents. But you’re never going to feel that way because me and your mom are going to love you for forever! And maybe someday if you’re extra good, I’ll take you to space with me!”
  • Your son always seemed to calm down whenever Seven was with him, realizing that your husband made a father-son bond that would never be broken
  • Seven would always spend as much time as possible with you and his son, making sure that his son would grow up in a family that was filled with lots of love


  • V already had a feeling that life was going to get a bit… messier when your twins had come into this world
  • He always had an immense amount of guilt for not getting the eye surgery sooner so that he could see his children
  • So V figured that taking care of your fussy twins at night would at least start to show how sorry he was
  • The twins weren’t easy to deal with, your son would try and crawl out of the crib and slobber on anything he could get his hands on while your daughter was a crying machine and would flail around whenever anyone would try and pick her up
  • V definitely had his work cut out for him
  • He was a terrible diaper changer and he usually ended up dropping the bottles of milk on the floor before even heating them up since it was still dark outside, not helping with his poor vision
  • But as time went on, V started getting more and more confident as well as helpful with his twins
  • He loved having them sit on his lap while he watched their eyes widen in wonder as V showed them his scrapbooks of photos
  • Granted, he had to be careful of his son’s drool and his daughter’s tears when handling the photos
  • “You two sure seem to like this photo a lot and I’m not surprised. Uncle Jumin took this one of mommy and me in the garden. I really love this photo, even though it’s pretty blurry, we still need to teach Uncle Jumin how to take photos when you two get older. I’ll have him take a photo of all four of us together when you both are bigger okay?”
  • Now every time V’s with the twins, they immediately start to crawl onto his lap waiting for a new scrapbook to be presented to them
  • V had become an amazing father to his twins, not that it surprised you, and when they did get old enough, V received the eye surgery to finally fully see his beautiful family


  • Saeran was absolutely terrified about being a father and having a child to look after
  • In fact, Saeran was practically afraid of his son, he saw his own vulnerable self within his son, making Saeran think of his own awful childhood and wanting nothing to do with the little boy
  • You would usually end up taking care of your son day and night since Saeran would get flashbacks of his childhood and nearly had a panic attack once
  • But one night when you were feeling extremely sick and resting, Saeran heard his son crying from the room next door
  • Saeran cautiously went to his son’s room and yet again, panicked when seeing his son crying, reminding him of himself
  • But then his son looked Saeran right in the eyes, making Saeran freeze but realize that his son needed him and that nothing else mattered
  • He gently picked up his little boy and sat down on a rocking chair, softly shushing him and wiping his tears away
  • “I’m so sorry for not taking care of you and properly loving you. But you helped me realize something, you’re my son and nobody’s going to take you away from me. I promise to protect you and love you for forever so don’t be sad anymore okay?“
  • From that night on, Saeran became a super dad and wouldn’t let his son out of his sight, soon becoming a diaper changing and bottle making expert
  • His favorite thing to do with his son is to go sit outside and stare at the clouds, with Saeran usually chuckling when his son would get excited and point at the sky
  • Saeran soon became an amazing father and husband, he would always make it a point to tell both you and his son how much he loved and cherished you two

I remember an old friend telling me the story of the time someone broke into his house and stole a Tommy Wiseau poster. He was living in an upstate NY rust belt town and he was super broke. Mattress on the floor, no heat in the winter, using milk crates and pallets as tables and chairs broke. And one day when he was at work someone broke into the house, and finding literally nothing else of value, stole his Tommy Wiseau poster off the wall, which feels eerily absurdist and something that definitely would happen to a poster of Tommy Wiseau.


Pairing: Gibbs x Reader
Word Count: 900+
Warnings: None-ish? Reader wears contacts/glasses. (I know some people don’t like reader-specific stuff like that??)
Author’s Note: Re-posting from one of my old blogs. It’s about time I do this writing thing again. (You can see my character list here, I’m sort of taking requests!)

Summary: It’s cold as frick and stakeouts are super boring. Fortunately, your partner is pretty cute. 
(gif not mine) 

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Suddenly there was a loud bang. I felt a warm wave of pressure from the side, then a huge pain in my arm. It beeped in my ears. I only really heard the beeping and the shouts from Roman, Nuri and Schmelle. They called “Marc, get on the floor, lie down.” At first I felt paralysed. There was blood dripping from my arm. I managed to lie on the floor. An unbelievable heat spread all through my body. I had to cry and was close to passing out. Then our physio Swantje slapped me across the face and kept shouting at me to not go to sleep. She also splashed water into my face. This all happened in ten minutes, however it felt like hours to me. We were really scared, because we didn’t know if we were safe or if more attacks would happen. The uncertainty was almost the worst.”

I have a whole new understanding for time. What happens in two or three days is incredibly far away. I had to experience how quickly life can change or even be over. This is why I enjoy my time much more intensely.

—  Marc Bartra via Sportbild
Behind Blue Eyes

Castiel x Reader 

Word Count: 1398

Warnings: pure smut, once again. Because… why not?

**The title doesn’t really have anything to do with the song, just a weird coincidence. And an overused title, but it fits. Enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

You gripped the teal fleece blanket that gently rested on your legs and tossed it onto the floor. The searing heat that had slowly built up under your skin was finally becoming too much. Every time you closed your eyes, deep blue eyes stared back at you with an ominous spark behind them that drove you wild.

But he hadn’t acted on it yet, which drove you wild in a very different way.

Sure, sex with Castiel was delicious. The feel of his flushed him under your fingertips as he rode you… wow. But every encounter over the last several months had been in the same place, same time. Planned. You hated to admit it, but it was starting to feel so vanilla.

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Protection : A Roman Reigns Series - Part 1


Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Hello kids! IT’S HEEERE! So this is the first part of this series, I have no idea how long it will be, and the title is probably temporary. 

A/N: As previously mentionned, it’s an AU which includes a lot of wrestlers. This part, which is somewhat of a prologue, features Seth Rollins, William Regal and Maryse! Also, I will be describing some of those wrestlers in a very unflattering light sometimes, but it’s only for the sake of the story and not because I don’t actually like them. If there are wrestlers I don’t like, I simply won’t write them into the story at all.

Before I forget: this story was slightly inspired from a movie called Maryland (2015) about an ex-soldier suffering from PTSD who’s hired as a security guard to protect a woman and her child. I won’t go into detail, but I borrowed the idea of the bodyguard thing with with the bonding between the girl and the guard (which also happens in the movie). It’s a French movie so I don’t know how much I can urge you to watch it but if you can, please do, it was fucking great. 

Warnings: None. Like I said, this is the prologue, there’s not that much going on yet, this is mostly to introduce the setting of the story.

Word count: 2865

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @insearchofsunlight @blondekel77 @caramara3 @alexahood21 @rocketgirl2410 @m-a-t-91 @flawlessglamazon @mrsamberlopezgoodanoai @xxmaddhatter39xx @ii-love-roman-reigns @romanreignsprincess @littlemissava13 @alexispoo @imagines–assemble @littledeadrottinghood @skyereignsrollinsmain

I hope you enjoy this, let me know if you do, and if anybody wants to be tagged in the future, holler at me!

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The Unfinished Track [Loco]

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Artist: Loco | Word Count: 2.746

YESS I’m back and this time it’s because of Loco’s newest album! Do give his album a listen because I can guarantee the tracks are amazing:) Sorry for the long disappearance since I’m busy studying finals, and I hope you’ll like this little something<3


Kwon Hyukwoo was a man of few words, preferring to listen rather than to speak, comfortable enough to observe from afar. He was mostly calm if he wasn’t intoxicated by alcohol or in the middle of a concert, his demeanor somehow keeping him sane until now. He is in his middle 20s, currently single although there were girls throwing flirty glances at him inside the bar.

Right now, he’s seated on an empty seat at the bar, while everyone was excitedly dancing on the dance floor, a large disco ball hovering above them. The vibe was amazing, his friends were all gathered in the club, and the vodka he drank tastes perfect to him, but he was grounded, unable to move. But Hyukwoo’s dark brown eyes moved across the room, glancing at the many faces he recognized, only to stop at the middle, just right below the disco ball. At the center of the dance floor, in the heat of the night, Hyukwoo watched the girl that he loves gracefully move along the beat. It was you, teasingly shaking your hips and banging your head, not giving a care to the world as the music was everything to you.

To say it was a little crush was an understatement, it have been so long since he felt something as strong as this, to the point he could call this feeling actual love. Hyukwoo didn’t remember when or how he was suddenly head over heels for you. Maybe it was when you admitted with glowing eyes that you admire his work, or when you’d help when he’s stuck on the beats, or simply when you’d accompany him through restless nights. Hyukwoo doesn’t recollect clearly due to the alcohol kicking in, but his eyes didn’t break from you.

But then his throat gets caught up, breath hitching as he watched a figure push through the crowd to dance with you, immediately earning a laugh from your red lips. The envious feeling inside him grew bigger as Kiseok held onto your hips, rocking against your body, both of your faces looking in bliss. Hyukwoo suddenly wanted to vomit, his heart clenching painfully at the view. He dawn another gulp, hoping the drink would blur his visions, but his eyes never fail to leave you. Giggling against Kiseok’s chest, while the man let his fingers travel dangerously lower. Hyukwoo finally had enough, and he used the burst of energy to turn the chair around, facing the bartender and the shelf full of bottles.

“Can I have something stronger this time?” Hyukwoo asked, evident pain in his eyes as his lips quivered, “Hit me with the strongest drink, if you would.” The bartender looked perplexed at his attitude, but took Loco’s glass anyway, and coming back a few minutes later with his drink.

Hyukwoo drank in one big gulp, a big mistake he realized the moment the burning sensation travelled across his body, causing him to wince. But the aching was still there, the memory of you and Kiseok dancing was still vivid, and flashes of your conversation with the older rapper added more into his suffering. Suddenly it clicked into him that it was a one-sided love after all this time. All the flirty banter and the cheesy remarks thrown at each other were obvious signs. What was he to the great Simon Dominic anyway? Of course a girl would pick Kiseok rather than him, since the legend is a walking perfection.

"Blondie! I thought you’d save me a dancee?” Hyukwoo almost chocked when he felt an arm slung over his shoulder, pulling him closer as he felt hair tickling his cheeks, “And you’re having all the fun with the drinks?” You sat yourself next to him, leaning close with your head resting at your palms.

"I thought you had quite the fun with Kiseok, I didn’t want to interrupt.” You looked at Hyukwoo as if he was no fun, but the thought of dancing with you and Kiseok was far worse than drinking alone to him.”

“You know I’m always up for more fun!” You pouted, crossing your arms in a childish way. Hyukwoo released a chuckle although it sounded hoarse, suddenly swept by your cute act.”

Oh was he wrapped around your fingers.

“(Name)!” The shout of your name against the loud music broke Hyukwoo’s attention, as he turned along to the source of the voice. Kiseok finally appeared in front of you, a smirk etched on his face, eyes full of lust that Hyukwoo felt sick again.

“Hyukwoo, there you are!” Kiseok greeted the blonde haired man, patting his back in a brotherly manner, “Why don’t you come to the dance floor with us? Wegun is playing his songs now.” Imagining dancing as the third wheel, awkwardly watching the two collide their worlds, while jealousy boiled inside of him doesn’t seem like something he wanted to do. Hyukwoo cleared his throat and glanced from your shining eyes to Kiseok’s open invitation, but decided to decline the chance.”

“I don’t think I can, I feel quite dizzy since the drink’s too strong,” Hyukwoo said, feeling his head buzz but not noticing how your face fell, “I’ll go and take a taxi cab home, you two should go enjoy the night like the others.” As he stood from his seat, Hyukwoo wobbled for a moment, suddenly having no energy in his legs. Kiseok had to hold his shoulders to stabilize him, before looking straight into the man’s eyes.”

“Hey, you okay?” Kiseok asked, concern in his eyes, while Hyukwoo noticed you mirrored the same expression as his, “Do you want us to help you flag a cab first?” Hyukwoo shook his head and managed to stood straight, showing the two a smile to assure that he’s alright.

“I’m fine, I can do this,” Hyukwoo laughed in a pathetic way, brushing Kiseok’s hand away, “Don’t drive drunk and don’t take advantage of her, alright?” His last message got a barking laughter from Kiseok and a snort from you.

“No man, she’s cool. You know she’s off limits, so I won’t even try.” The reassurance from Kiseok didn’t seem valid, as how the man circles his arm to your hips weren’t in a good way, but Hyukwoo didn’t have any voice to say his thoughts out.

“I’ll be fine Hyukwoo, I can take care of myself.” Hearing your bright voice and how nice his name rolled from your tongue had somehow changed Hyukwoo’s mood. The man then chose to leave now, taking a few steps back and waving goodbye to the two.

By the time he was inside a taxi, with the car maneuvering through the city and the lights from the building lighting up his night, Hyukwoo knew he was fucked up. There was simply no chance, for the chemistry between you and Kiseok was undeniable. The thought made him sick, and soon tears were freefalling down his cheeks, and he felt more miserable because he felt weak. Hyukwoo suddenly hated everything, hated how he couldn’t have you as his lover, hated how he was so vulnerable because you meant that much to him. Suddenly regret washed over him, the remorse of not being brave enough to ask you on a date, or to confess earlier. Hyukwoo hated how he felt like he had the worst luck, like the universe was against him. And by the time he hit the soft cover of his bed, the pain hadn’t gone away at all.


It was about a week after the incident at the bar was when Hyukwoo decided to work on his newest album, set to be released next month. There would be nights when he just doesn’t go home, using the same pair of clothes and looking disheveled and quite atrocious. He was always companied either by Sunghwa, Jay, or other artists he was working with. Tonight he was working on track thirteen, what he planned to be the last track of the album. The main beat was done, but it was left playing on repeat for two hours now, as Hyukwoo had no idea how to fill it with the lyrics.

As if he was tongue tied, Hyukwoo seemed to have no idea how to express his feelings. His mind kept on repeating the bar scene, reminding him of you and Kiseok, and it made him felt sick and numb. All he wanted was to tell the story, to tell how he felt about all this but no words can’t seem to fathom his feelings. It was like he was floating in space, feeling lost at everything and something that’s vivid was the feeling of his heart breaking.

Suddenly the wooden doors of the studio were knocked three times, and Hyukwoo could only glance at it hesitantly, not really wanting any visitor now. But before he can shout any answer, the door flung open anyway, revealing your form that was grinning up to him.

“Can’t get the lyrics out again?” You asked, shuffling towards the empty chair beside him, “I heard the beat playing again and again, but you didn’t make any sound.” Hyukwoo finally lets out the sigh that flowed with his fatigue, leaning against his chair with eyes full of frustration.

“Yeah, another one of those moments,” Hyukwoo answered, his fingers silently fidgeting as he suddenly felt nervousness inside him, “So, what brings you here?” He asked, raising his head to see your confused eyes.”

“I’m here to help! It’s boring listening to the beats and you know I’m way better at compiling words than you.” The remark earned a snort from Hyukwoo, and the man didn’t have the heart to push you out of the studio now. Your company had always been nice, and he’s grown to miss it ever since the incident.

So, tell me how I may be of your assistance?” You started, pulling your chair closer to him and facing the blonde haired man, “What do you want the story for the song about?” He felt himself feeling anxious at your anticipating gaze, and if he was tongue-twisted now, it felt like his lips were sewn shut now.“

“Uh, that’s the problem actually,” Hyukwoo stated, his fingers raking against the back of his hair, “I can’t let it out. I feel like I lost my ability to express my feelings, when that’s what I’m supposed to do.” You stared in sympathy, knowing well how the feeling felt and why it happened.

“Is it a bad memory? Is it something a bit too sensitive?” You asked, gently holding Hyukwoo’s sweaty hand with your right hand. Hyukwoo jolted for a moment, and relaxed at the way your thumb caress his skin.

“Kind of, it’s quite heartbreaking. I just want to let the feelings out, you know? It sucks feeling like this, not able to function like you normally do.” The frustration was real in the pleas of his voice, and all sort of thoughts were going in your mind, wondering whatever happened to your friend that made him this distraught?

“Maybe you should close your eyes, Hyukwoo,” You hesitantly said, catching Hyukwoo off guard from his trance, “This is a tip from Kiseok actually, but if you close your eyes and believe that the only thing that exists is you, then maybe you’d be able to speak your feelings aloud. Maybe the words would finally come to you.” The smile on your lips were in the middle of not knowing if it would work and insisting for him to try, and Hyukwoo felt too weak to argue even if it was Kiseok’s damn tips, so he merely let out a hum before his visions were closed by your left hand.

He didn’t felt calmer, in fact Hyukwoo felt attacked, because the press of your soft palm against his face was a strong reminder that he wasn’t alone. Hyukwoo wasn’t in solitude flying through the galaxy, he felt pulled by the gravity of Earth and smacked straight into your memory. He suddenly felt overwhelmed, the memory of the bar not leaving his mind, and he even started to imagine you and Kiseok kissing passionately. His breath felt caught up, his body shaking violently, his hands gripping onto your left hand. You were taken aback by the drastic change, shocked at how Hyukwoo suddenly had a hard time controlling his breath.

"Hyukwoo, are you alright?”

“I loved a girl so much, but she doesn’t love me back, okay?” Hyukwoo weeped, and soon your palm felt moist, and his cheeks were tainted with tears, “It hurts so much because she’s my everything and so perfect in my eyes, but she couldn’t be mine and it’s a constant reminder I couldn’t wipe away!” You quickly pulled your hand away and repositioned them to cup his cheeks, attempting to wipe the tears away, but your attempt was quickly swatted away with Hyukwoo’s hand.

The man looked broken, his glassy eyes mirroring the condition of his soul, full of sorrow. You didn’t know what to do, afraid to touch him and make another bad move, but you wanted to hug him tightly into your arms. How you wanted to run your hand through his blond locks, gently rubbing his back and whispering to him that everything’s going to turn out fine, but it felt like there were walls covering him. And you were lost, not knowing what to do.

“Leave,” Hyukwoo whispered, bringing his hand up to wipe the tears, “Please leave me alone.” Guilt washed over you as you stood up slowly, actually reluctant to go, but Hyukwoo didn’t even look at you, as if hiding his eyes from your inspection. You gulped, pushing the chair away from you.

“I’m sorry, Hyukwoo.” And with that, you walked out of the studio, closing the doors as silently as you could. Moments later, you could hear papers flying inside, thudding sound coming from kicks and punches, and screams of welled frustration painting the studio with a heartbreaking vibe. Inching away from the doorknob, you chose to go home for tonight.


“Did you know that Hyukwoo’s album was supposed to have a 13th tracks?”


“Do you know how much tracks are inside Hyukwoo’s newest album?” You asked, nervously staring at Jay. With Kiseok being sick, Jay was your only hope in finding someone to help Hyukwoo, since you can’t seem to help your blonde haired friend.

“In total there’s 12 tracks in there,” Jay answered, brows furrowed in confusion, “And you said it was supposed to have another track? But Hyukwoo only gave me 12, not 13.” You chewed on your lips, silently pondering how you should tell your boss and Hyukwoo’s close friend about this.

“That unfinished track quite fucked him up, Jay,” You whispered, finally having the confidence to talk, “I helped him to tell the story of the song, but that was when everything crashed down. I don’t think I could talk to him about this, since I was the one that urged him to tell me the story. He never felt the same ever since, and I need your help to bring the old Hyukwoo back. He’s really messed up, and I don’t know anyone that can fix this other than you. You’re one of his closest friends, right?” Jay’s eyes were wide, mouth hung apart as he listened to your explanations, as pieces of why Hyukwoo’s been acting different started to show the bigger picture.

And in all honesty, Jay had no idea how he’s going to fix his friend, because he believed only you could fix him. The CEO knew you were the problem that screwed him up, yet the clarity to fix him whole. But how was he supposed to say that when you’re both so clueless and oblivious to the mutual feelings you both shared?

“I… I’ll see what I can do,” Jay said, proceeding to stand up from the sofa he was sitting, “I’ll talk to him later. In the meanwhile, give the guy some space. I’m sure Hyukwoo would come around soon.” And Jay left you, alone with your thoughts, heart hammering in remorse, worried for the man that’s promoting his album in the heart of the town.”

You could only lower your head and cry, because you missed Hyukwoo so badly, and the guilt that ate you up somehow made you think the fault if at you. And you couldn’t do anything about it, simply nothing.

Nightmares and Solace

Nico sat up in bed panting and sweating. The covers were tangled around his legs and his heart was pounding through his chest. He gasped for air and tried to calm down, running his fingers through his hair and pulling hard. He scowled into the darkness and whimpered like a little puppy.

He was fine, he told himself. He was safe. There was no voice, no fire, no monsters, no heat. Not in camp. Still, he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking or get a grip on himself long enough to pull free of his covers.

The worst part was waking up alone. Waking up to a lonely, dark cabin with no one to assure him he was okay. He was on his own when it came to that. Usually he didn’t mind the solitude. But at moments like these, when terror gripped his heart so tightly he couldn’t breathe or think, he wished his cabin was full of siblings like everyone else’s.

Nico took a deep breath and sighed as he sat back against the wall. He didn’t want to go back to sleep. And judging by the dark blue tinge in the sky and fading stars outside his window, it would be morning in about an hour anyway.

He stayed awake, looking out his window until he saw the lights in the Apollo cabin flicker on. They always woke up first. The Hypnos cabin was the only cabin that never turned their lights on. They tried to sleep in as much as possible- even that meant not waking up until the next afternoon.

The door to the cabin opened and Will stepped outside, his arms crossed, and a smile on his face. Nico felt those funny skeletal butterflies flutter around his stomach again. He was shortly followed by Apollo who looked gloomy and tired.

It was sort of funny to see them together. One had brought him to camp, the other made him stay. Despite his uneasiness, Nico smiled.

As the morning went on, and the sky became brighter, the other cabins woke up. Soon campers were all over the place, mostly going to the pavilion for breakfast. Nico figured he should leave his own cabin.

He got dressed and walked over to the Apollo cabin, and Will smiled at him as he neared him. “Morning, Nico.”

“Morning,” he answered. He nodded at Apollo who seemed lost in his thoughts. “Breakfast?” Will nodded and fell in step with Nico.

As they ate, Nico busied himself with food, and the Apollo kids talked among themselves. Someone dropped their tray and the resonating sound made Nico jump in his seat. He could still hear that voice in his head, and it made him tense and nervous.

He stood abruptly and Will turned to him with a confused look. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’ll be right back, okay?” Will frowned, but he nodded, and Nico turned away. He started for the Big House, unsure yet of how to explain. He wasn’t sure Chiron would be very lenient with this, doctor’s note, or no doctor’s note.

Hesitantly, he knocked on the door. “Come in,” he heard. He walked in and found Chiron in his wheel chair eating cookies and drinking tea. “Hello, Nico,” he greeted.

“Hi, Chiron,” he said anxiously. “Uh, I wanted to ask you something.” Chiron nodded, encouraging him to continue. “Well, it might sound kind of crazy, but…. I wanted to know if I could maybe… get permission to… sleep in the Apollo cabin?”

Chiron’s bushy eyebrows furrowed together in a scolding look. “Now, Nico, you know I can’t let you do that. And I don’t care if you have a doctor’s note, it’s-”

“I don’t,” he interrupted. “I don’t have a note. Will doesn’t even know I’m asking this.” Chiron pursed his lips and grumbled. “I have nightmares. Really bad ones.” The disgruntled look on his face melted away into confusion. “About… Tartarus.” Nico cleared his throat. “I know what it sounds like. But I wake up alone in my cabin, freaking out and screaming, and I… I just want someone else there. It’s not just because of Will, okay, it’s Kayla and Austin, and the other Apollo kids. They’re… my friends. I just don’t want to keep waking up with no one to help me anymore.”

Chiron took a deep breath and huffed through his nose. He rubbed his beard thoughtfully and sighed. “Alright,” he granted. “I forget just how much you’ve gone through, son of Hades. Forgive me. I’ll allow it, but- there had better not be any funny business, okay?”

“I swear,” Nico promised, feeling relieved. “If you must know-”

“I don’t.”

“The most that’s ever happened is a kiss on the cheek, Chiron,” he continued anyway. Chiron raised his eyebrows in surprise. Nico shrugged. “It’s still new to me. The whole ‘feelings’ part of it…. And I guess it still seems a little strange? You know, old habits die hard. And this is a very, very old habit.” He shrugged again.

“Nico…. Ah, child. Mr. D had very strong feelings about you.”

“Excuse me?” he questioned. He knew who it was, but he didn’t understand what Chiron meant.

“Did you know that Dionysus is also god of transgender people, effeminacy, and he took it upon himself to go ahead and be the patron god of homosexuality?” Nico choked on air and felt his cheeks go red. “When you met him, not only were you ecstatic to meet him, honoring him greatly in doing so, but… he knew about you, my dear boy.” Nico furrowed his eyebrows. “If I recall correctly, when you ran away from Percy, Dionysus called you a troubled young man. Percy didn’t understand, but I noticed Dionysus’ interest towards you. He was… in his own way protective. I know it can be difficult to accept that part of yourself, but you have this home now. The gods themselves-”

“If you’re trying to tell me I’m completely normal, thank you, but…. Chiron, I don’t think I’m anywhere near normal. I mean… I was born in the 1930s. I was stuck in time, and then it turns out I’m half god half human? And I can talk to spirits and I have a room in the Underworld for whenever I want to visit, I mean…. None of that is normal.”

Chiron smiled a kind, warm smile that made his brown eyes twinkle. Nico wondered how he’d suddenly started spilling everything out to him, but there was no going back. “No, I suppose not. But who wants to be normal when you can be extraordinary? You’re a hero, Nico. Embrace that. And let yourself be happy.”

Nico chuckled and smiled at the centaur. “Huh. Yeah. I guess you’re right. Normal’s overrated.”

He scratched his head awkwardly, but before he could say something else, the door opened. “Hey Chiron, do you think- oh. Hey, Nico.” Will walked in slightly confused. “What are you doing?”

“Just talking to Chiron,” he answered.

Will nodded and turned back to Chiron. “So we were wondering if maybe you could tell the harpies not to scratch us when taking our food? And maybe tell them to let us finish first?”

Chiron chuckled and nodded. “I’ll take note of that. Also, Will, could you please set up another bed in your cabin?”

Nico fidgeted and Will furrowed his eyebrows. “Do we have another new camper?” Chiron glanced pointedly at Nico and Will turned to him in question.

“Um, actually, I asked if I could sleep in your cabin.” Blood rushed to his cheeks as Will’s blue eyes widened. “I get nightmares,” he explained. “And I just thought you and Kayla and Austin could… you know help me when I wake up from them.”

“Oh,” he said in surprise. “Oh, okay.” He smiled, giving Nico a warm happy feeling. “Well, when you’re done here, come on over to the infirmary, okay? There’s some campers with some nasty cuts.” He glanced at Chiron expectantly.

“Actually, I think… we’re done?” Chiron smiled and nodded. “Yeah, so let’s go.” He followed Will out of the Big House and to the infirmary.

For the rest of the day, Nico felt a little better. About himself, about the night to come, and mostly about this new relationship with Will. It helped a lot that Will never pushed him to do anything. He never tried to hold his hand, he never tried to kiss him, he never got too close. He never did anything to make Nico uncomfortable. He let Nico set the pace, and Nico couldn’t be more grateful.

That night, Nico went into the Apollo cabin nervously. The others whispered and gave him surprised looks, but Will calmed them down. “Don’t get any ideas, he’s here with good reason.” He led Nico to the bed they’d set up for him. “Let me know if you need anything, okay?” Nico nodded mutely as he looked at the bed.

Will walked away to his own bed and the other campers shuffled around in their PJs to their own cots as well. Nico took off his jacket and changed into a looser shirt to sleep in. As he got into bed, he noticed some of the Apollo kids giggling at Will who looked very red in the face as he got into his own bed on the other side of the cabin.

He ignored it and laid down as someone turned off the light. He’d be okay. It was alright.

Suddenly, he was looking into Percy’s bright green eyes as snow settled around them. “Take care of her. Promise me!”

Percy hesitated before nodding. “I’ll do my best.”

Suddenly a scream ripped through the air and Nico gasped. It was Bianca. He wasn’t sure how he knew, but he did. But when he started running to look for her, he found himself at that same tunnel-like entrance with its unnatural pull.

“No, no, no,” he pleaded. He tried running the other way, but it was too late. He was being pulled down again, and he couldn’t even scream as he fell into the depths of Tartarus. “Not again,” he pleaded. “Please, not again.” He stood shakily and began walking. He’ made it out before, he could do it again.

Then, a voice like razorblades cut through his dream. “Oh, son of Hades. Do you really believe you can escape again? You may control the dead above, but you have no power here.” Nico tried to ignore it, shivering despite the heat. “Run, little boy, run,” the voice cackled. “You can never escape. I promise you that.”

Nico realized he’d been going in circles. He was going in circles and he couldn’t find a way to stop. He could see anything, not a river or a monster, or anything but the dark, barren floor. “Not again,” he whimpered. “No, no, no!” He fell on the floor, and felt the heat sear into his skin, burning him mercilessly. He let out a blood curdling scream.

Suddenly, he was sitting up in bed, the lights were on, and several voices around him were whispering. He wasn’t alone. It wasn’t dark.

He realized there was a strong pair of arms around him, shushing him as he gasped for air and shook violently. His shirt was matted to his back, soaked through with sweat, even his hair curled together in wet clumps at the nape of his neck and against his forehead.

He heard several gentle voices saying his name, asking if he was alright, if he needed anything. “Guys, hold on, let him catch his breath,” Will said near his ear. Nico gripped his shirt tightly and curled into him, hiding his face. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re safe. You’re perfectly safe, Nico. Sh, sh.”

“Here, I brought some water,” Kayla said in a hushed voice. Will pried Nico’s hands away gently and took the glass. Nico was shaking too much to hold it himself, so Will helped him drink it. Someone else put a cold cloth against his face, and pushed the hair out of his face. Another person had their thumb against his wrist to check his heart beat.

Nico took a deep breath and finally took in his surroundings. The Apollo cabin. The Apollo kids. Even Apollo himself was looking at him worriedly. They were all around him, but not close enough to freak him out. They were all looking at him curiously, worriedly, some with that determined look of a doctor.

Then right in front of him, sitting on the edge, was Will. With his hair in a mess from his pillow and his kind smile, and relaxing blue eyes. “Will,” he breathed in a hoarse voice. He leaned forward and wrapped his arm around him gratefully. Will chuckled in his ear and hugged him back.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Feel better?” Nico nodded and pulled away. “Do you want to talk about it?” he shook his head. “Okay, that’s okay. Alright guys, go ahead and go back to bed.”

“Th-thank you,” Nico stammered before they left. “Thank you.” Several of them gave him sunny smiles before leaving.

“Here,” Austin said, handing him a shirt. “You soaked that one through. I figured you could use another.” Nico took and smiled gratefully.

“Okay, arms up,” Will said softly. Nico gulped and did as he was told. Will was careful not to touch his skin as he helped him change his shirt. He was blushing slightly, and Nico could see his freckles a little more as he did, but Will remained calm and collected. “Let’s get you back to sleep okay?” Nico began to protest, but Will shushed him and pushed him back gently to lay down. “You’ll be fine, you dork. We’re all right here.” He fixed the covers for him and kneeled down beside him. “Close your eyes,” he whispered. “Can you get the lights, Austin? Thanks.” Austin did and returned to his bed.

Meanwhile, Will remained kneeling next to Nico. Without giving it much thought, Nico poked a hand out from under his covers face up and offered it to Will. Slightly surprised, Will put his hands into Nico’s and their fingers interlocked. His fit perfectly between the spaces of Nico’s and Nico sighed in content.

He shut his eyes and Will began to sing softly for him. His voice was husky and melodic. It sent warmth through Nico. Peace and serenity. He laughed lightly and Will stopped singing. “What?”

Nico laughed again, and in a sleepy voice, he said, “You’re my solace, Solace.”

Will chuckled and said, “And you call me a dork.” He squeezed his hand lightly and resumed singing. Slowly, Nico fell asleep. But this time, he dreamt of himself as a little kid, laughing, running down wet cobblestone streets beside his sister as a gentle laugh from behind them followed, calling their names.

  • property brother: i’ve got some bad news. the entire basement is held together with duct tape and popsicle sticks. it’s going to add to the budget.
  • couple: are you KIDDING ME???
  • property brother: also, all the plumbing is old as balls and needs to be switched out, that’s gonna add to the budget
  • couple: this is exactly what we DIDN’T want to hear!!
  • property brothers: also, everything inside the walls and ceiling is asbestos and you guessed it, it’s gonna add to the budget
  • couple: how are we supposed to PAY FOR THIS??
  • couple: anyway we just popped by to say we’d like you to add a third story and heated floors and the entire kitchen needs to be made of marble