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Mush-y request~ Can I ask your headcanons on MC and RFA + V + Saeran 's first slow dance, during the party? ^^

This one was so sweet!


  • After the bustle of the press conference, you two were swept up into the heat of the party
  • You were constantly crowded by guests, and he was constantly being asked questions
  • You barely got to actually enjoy much of the dancing
  • So, Zen waited until most people had left to have his special moment with you
  • He requested a slow song from the DJ
  • You gently gasp when you hear it
  • “Zen, this is my favorite song!”
  • “I know,” he says with a smile. “That’s why I chose it.”
  • He extends a hand to you and you take it
  • He places on hand at your waist while he holds the other and leads you across the dance floor
  • Those who are still present are so mesmerized by you two, that they let you have the floor to yourselves
  • He presses his cheek to yours and whispers in your ear
  • You shudder, not just because it tickles your ear, but he says such sweet things to you as he continues to swirl you across the floor
  • When the dance is over, you stop moving but you both can’t tear your ears from each other
  • Finally, he just presses a kiss to your forehead and leads you off the floor, still holding tightly to your hand


  • His eye was in bad shape, and nobody in the RFA wanted it to get worse
  • As a result, he was banned from dancing to any upbeat songs to avoid an accident
  • He was a little upset because he wanted to dance with you
  • You noticed, and you also wanted a dance with him, so you requested a slow song so there wasn’t much chaos on the dance floor
  • Before you can even say anything about it, Yoosung grabs your hand and pulls you onto the dance floor
  • He slips his arms around you and his hands rest at the small of your back
  • Your hands slip around his neck, but you’re very careful because of his injury
  • He’s a little off beat as he starts swaying to the music, but it only makes you chuckle
  • You start to see him swerving one direction to the other
  • After a few of these incidents, you know it has nothing to do with his sense of rhythm
  • He has to admit he’s getting a little dizzy at this point because of his eye and all the movement
  • You lead him out into the lobby where fresh air is coming through a balcony
  • You feel bad that it couldn’t be everything he had hoped for
  • But he just holds your hand as you two look over the balcony
  • “It’s okay. This song will still be part of our story.”
  • Even though you can’t dance, you two sway your hands to the music and talk
  • In the middle, Yoosung gathers his courage to steal another tender kiss


  • So, you didn’t actually get to do any dancing during the party
  • You were busy with guests
  • Jaehee was also busy with guests
  • After she proposed that you join as her partner for the cafe, you two barely talked
  • However, Zen proposed there be a small after party for just the RFA members just to cool off and have fun
  • You and Jaehee got dragged into playing a ridiculous board game where you had to follow whatever the card said to get a point
  • Your card happened to be slow dance with the person on your left…which was Jaehee
  • She was hesitant, but you pulled her out into the middle of the room
  • It was honestly like an awkward high school dance
  • She was so stiff and just stepping back and forth
  • Someone in the circle starts playing cheesy slow music on their phone to “help” 
  • You finally manage to get Jaehee to loosen up a bit and just have some fun
  • She was doubling over in laughter by the time your turn was up and you both sat down
  • It was all in all very sweet


  • It was in the middle of the party and everything that happened with Sarah and Glam Choi was starting to settle down
  • You two found refuge somewhere in the corner where you could just talk and observe
  • The music started shifting from upbeat to slow
  • You jumped a little when you heard the song, and Jumin noticed
  • “I really like this song,” you explained sheepishly.
  • “Hmm…it’s a good song for dancing,” he says softly before extending his hand towards yours
  • Feeling a bit intimidated, you stop at the edge and admit you can’t really dance
  • He coaxes you out onto the dance floor and says he’ll take care of it
  • He leads you very well, having had dance classes when he was young
  • But mostly it’s because you’re not doing much thinking with him being so close
  • He has a soft smile as he gazes down at you for most of the dance
  • As the song nears the end, he spins you around so your back is towards him and he can whisper in your ear
  • After a few sweet words, he just tells you to follow him
  • He takes you outside of the large hall into a more secluded area
  • You are just about to ask why he brought you here when he gently tucks your hair behind your ear and kisses you abruptly
  • Unlike the first time he kissed you, this one was slow and gentle…just like your first dance 


  • Neither of you attended the first party you planned, so this one was pretty special
  • He saw you talking to guest after guest, and then running around doing other things
  • He blocks your way before you could go do something else
  • “Hey, you need a break. Let another member handle this, and we can dance or something.”
  • You point out that there’s no music anyway
  • He drags you out onto the middle of the dance floor and smirks
  • He snaps his fingers and the lights dim and slow music starts to play
  • After you catch your breath, you’re aware of him pulling you closer, resting one hand on your waist and holding your hand with the other
  • You’re vaguely aware of other couples joining you two on the dance floor, but for the most part, you’re just enjoying the moment with him
  • He’s a little nervous of losing the beat, so he’s counting under his breath at times
  • After the song is over, a more upbeat one starts playing
  • You think he’s going to want to stay for that one, but instead he gently leads you by the hand off of the dance floor…to the cake?
  • You don’t mind as you both dig into the last piece there
  • He smears a little icing on your cheek near your mouth
  • Before you can retaliate, he leans over and kisses it off what a sneak


  • It was his first party with the RFA, and for the most part he was sticking to the corners
  • You could tell he was not enjoying himself, as talking to people wasn’t his favorite thing
  • When the music starts, you find the perfect opportunity
  • You go up to him and ask if he would like to dance
  • You gently accept the decline, since you understand
  • Another RFA member asks you to dance a little later, and you accept
  • Saeran is watching you from the distance, and he starts to feel bad that he let you down
  • Feeling a bit jittery, he cuts in and asks if he could dance with you now
  • At first, he’s barely pressing his fingertips against your waist as you start to dance
  • But slowly, he eases into it and gradually pulls you closer
  • As soon as the dance is over though, he’s fleeing to the corner again
  • You go up to him and gently kiss his cheek, thanking him for the dance
  • He’s blushing, but he smiles at you softly 


  • When the music starts, V seeks you out
  • He asks for a dance, since he thinks it’s a tradition for the party coordinator and RFA leader to dance
  • You gratefully accept, feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything going on
  • His presence is very soothing, and when he starts to talk to you, you just feel so calm
  • Time passes slowly in a good way as he leads you in the dance
  • You feel the weight of the party and the past few days hitting you
  • You get a little tired and you rest your head against his chest as you continue to dance
  • You can hear his heartbeat quicken, but you don’t say anything
  • You smile and hug him tighter

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love and gelato

Victor’s life consists of three things: taking classes at the local university, figure skating on the weekends, and working at a florist shop downtown. After years upon years of monotony, he’s convinced that nothing can take him by surprise anymore. However, when a new employee begins working at Celestino’s, a gelato shop across the road, Victor’s immediately intrigued. Something about watching “gelato boy” work, or laugh, or dance when he thinks no one is watching ignites emotions within Victor that he thought long buried, and soon enough he finds himself longing to meet the boy behind the counter.

In order to fulfill his wish, Victor begins leaving flowers with flirty notes attached to them outside Celestino’s, knowing gelato boy will find them the next morning. It becomes a routine, another expected part of his day, but what happens when notes written on cups begin appearing in return?

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Victor’s never been in love.

Sure, he’s had flings over the years, short, temperate relationships that fizzled out before they really began, but he’s never felt anything close to what all those sappy, romantic songs talk about. No butterflies in the pit of his stomach, no talking on the phone into the early hours of the morning, no pining for someone he can’t have. He can count on one hand the amount of times he’s been on a second date, and he’s never been on a third.

Ultimately, Victor’s decided that people are simply boring, and that’s the last thing he needs when his life is already an ocean of monotony. Every day is the same, a cycle of going to class, working at Yakov’s Flower Emporium, and skating whenever he’s able. He can wake up in the morning and know exactly what he’s going to do and who he’s going to see. Nothing’s exciting anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. The last thing he needs is a bland romantic life to match, and after years of messy one night stands and unfulfilling coffee dates, Victor’s resigned himself to the fact that for now, at least, he’s better off alone.

But then gelato boy comes along and Victor suddenly finds himself questioning everything.

It was three months ago when Victor saw gelato boy for the first time. He’s fixing the arrangements for the flower shop’s front counter display when he glances up and sees a guy who takes his breath away. The boy is casually standing in Celestino’s, the gelato shop that popped up about a year ago, looking out of place behind the counter. His black hair is unruly, swooping across his forehead and falling in front of a pair of half-rimmed, blue glasses. His hip is cocked out to the side and he’s wringing his hands together, only stopping when Celestino appears from the back room and hands him one of the shop’s obnoxious, lime green aprons to wear. The boy takes it with a devastatingly beautiful smile then loops it over his head, laughing when it catches on his ear.

Adorable, Victor thinks.

He ends up discreetly watching the boy for the rest of his shift. When Yakov asks for a volunteer to water the window boxes, Victor raises his hand before anyone else can get a word in edgewise, because he knows he can sneak glances at the boy while he does it. When he is assigned desk duty, Victor finds himself more entertained by the boy taking notes on gelato flavors than doing his own work. And when he is closing up for the day, Victor nearly burns down the building when he knocks a candle over and sets a pile of business cards on fire, too distracted by the boy swaying his hips to a song Victor can’t hear.

Needless to say, Victor is one-hundred percent smitten, and the following weeks are filled with his pathetic, lovelorn pining. It seems like nobody can escape his bemoaning over “gelato boy,” as they’ve all come to refer to Celestino’s mystery worker. If Victor isn’t talking about gelato boy, then he’s doodling pictures of him on discarded receipts. If he’s not doodling, then he’s making heart eyes at him through the window. And if he’s not making heart eyes, then he’s finding any excuse to work by front desk where he can have clear view of Celestino’s.

It’s ridiculous, enough that his coworkers intervene.

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soulmate! Jeonghan (pt.2)


recap:  in which whatever your soulmate gets called often is tattooed all over your body, visa versa

part 1

  • finding Jeonghan has got to be the nicest thing the universe has ever done for you
  • finally you can live it up a bit
  • well that’s one way to put it I guess
  • your relationship is very chill
  • and comfortable
  • it’s always a surprise to the others how well the two of you just click
  • like all of them had maybe a bit of initial awkwardness with their soulmates
  • but you two would be caught napping on the couch in the studio together
  • absolute chaos by the way because of this
  • and the both of you say at the same time
  • “Shhh trying to nap here.”
  • and Svt standing there looking at you two like
  • “What the heck did they both just say the same thing at the exact same time despite being asleep?”
  • “Also the couch isn’t meant to be used this way.”
  • “I know we’ve said get a room, but this isn’t what we meant!”
  • both your faces showing small sleepy cute smiles
  • until the others give up and leave you two there still napping
  • often, the both of you would just sit in the practice room during his breaks
  • you would talk about how your day was at work
  • back rubs and tickle fights
  • or just sharing a bag of chips and a water bottle purchased from the corner convenience store
  • pinkies interlocked with each other’s
  • his head on your shoulder or vice versa
  • or his head in your lap or vice versa
  • playing with each other’s hair
  • shooing away any of the members that asked for some food
  • “Get your own soulmate to buy you food, this one’s mine.” He’d laugh at Seungkwan who had asked for a chip
  • or playing pranks on the other members
  • like when Seungcheol picked the wrong day to take a short nap during break time
  • which he found out
  • after he got a face full of whip cream thanks to you and Jeonghan
  • his own hand covered in whip cream, a feather in Jeonghan’s hand, and an empty can of whip cream in the trash
  • “Y/n!!! I thought you’d be better than to follow Jeonghan’s pranks.” Seungcheol says wiping his face with a napkin
  • all you reply with is an innocent smile
  • “I have no idea what you’re talking about…”
  • “Not at all, she and I think alike too much.” Jeonghan laughed before you and him ran outside to avoid getting caught by an annoyed leader-nim
  • “I’ll buy you ramen to celebrate a prank well done.” Jeonghan laughs putting his arm around you and walking to the nearest convenience store
  • pranks are so common, the members give you funny looks when you’re over with Jeonghan
  • “I promise she won’t bite unless I tell her to.” Jeonghan chuckles at them
  • of course pranks between you two are common also
  • you’re always hiding behind doors to the practice room or studio
  • jumping out of your hiding spot onto a surprised Jeonghan
  • and making him carry you to the next room even though it’s like ten feet away
  • or slipping salt into his cola
  • you don’t always get the last laugh though
  • you may be a trickster, but then again so is your soulmate
  • “Y/n come quickly to the practice room, Jeonghan is missing we can’t find him anywhere!”
  • your blood runs cold as you read the text from Joshua
  • you rush to grab your keys
  • you run up the stairs and open the side door leading into the practice room with the keys Jeonghan gave you
  • the practice room is pitch black as you yell for Jeonghan’s name
  • “Yah! Yoon Jeonghan!”
  • the lights suddenly flash on, blinding you temporarily before
  • Jeonghan carries in a cake with candles lit on top, Svt standing a bit behind him
  • but your knees give out and you slide onto the ground
  • “YAH JEONGHAN I THOUGHT SOMETHING REALLY BAD HAPPENED” trying to get your heart to beat again and your lungs to take in oxygen
  • “Really I don’t recall giving you that impression.” He smiles slyly
  • “I got a text from Joshua!”
  • “Wait Jeonghan, I thought you were using my phone because yours is out of battery, y/n I had no idea he was using my phone for evil.” Joshua stated solemnly staring at you, clearly A+ acting skills
  • “Yah! I was right next to you when I sent the text!”
  • “That’s a lie,” Joshua says hiding a smile and winking at you, “I would never conspire against y/n because I’d lose.”
  • Svt is just staring back and forth between you and Jeonghan, like oooooh what’s going to happen?!?
  • you get up once your legs work again
  • “Happy birthday, and blow out the candles and make a wish.” Jeonghan tells you still laughing at his brilliant surprise
  • you huff and blow out the candles
  • “What’d you wish for?” He asks
  • “Funny thing, I think my wish is going to come true… ”
  • “What-”
  • you scoop up some frosting from the cake and hear all of Svt gasp and give whoops as you smear it, giggling, on Jeonghan’s cheek
  • “I wished for the sweet satisfaction of revenge.”
  • the other members of svt are laughing their heads off as Jeonghan gets over his initial shock
  • “You know what they say, if you say your wish aloud, it won’t come true.” He laughs and takes some frosting before smearing it on your nose
  • “Stop wasting cake, what did the cake ever do to you?!?!”
  • Seungkwan screams
  • you and Jeonghan simply laugh in his face
  • until Jeonghan smirks mischievously
  • “That’s what back ups are for!”
  • hidden behind their bags are even more cakes
  • your faces twists into a look of horror and you spin around ready to bolt out the door
  • already knowing what’s going to happen
  • until you feel arms wrapping around your waist tightly, pulling you closer
  • and another person swinging a cake into your face
  • the cake and frosting covering your face before falling onto the ground
  • and you can hear someone running away and the sound of someone saying, “Oh my god.”
  • sarcastically laughing, you wipe cake out of your eyes
  • and scan the members who have all backed away into the corner, stifling their laughter
  • twisting your head around,
  • you come face to face with Jeonghan who still has his arms around your waist
  • barely keeping it together seeing your face covered in cake
  • and seemingly going in for a kiss, you feel his arms slowly start to loosen
  • but you’re faster and ram your cheek on his, getting frosting on his cheek again
  • from his surprise you wiggle out of his grasp and pick up the first cake that was on the floor
  • taking two giant handfuls you turn to Jeonghan -like booooiiiii you picked the wrong day to mess with me and the cake
  • “y/n, babe-” he tries, backing up eyes wide and nervous laughter and stopping as his back comes in contact with a wall
  • until you take a hand smearing it right across his face
  • “Jeonghan, baby” you say fake pouting and giggling
  • as he’s wiping the cake out of his eyes, you turn back to the members,
  • who look ready to bolt out the door
  • those that aren’t rolling around on the ground dying from laughter that is
  • except you’re standing right in front of the only exit
  • “dino-yah who did it” you ask slowly walking towards them
  • “uhhh” he drags on, eyes wandering
  • to one section of the group
  • in fact as you stared at the maknae line one by one, you noticed their eyes wandering too
  • in the direction of woozi, seungcheol, and wonwoo
  • and you’re like woozi? no. wonwoo? nah. seungcheol who’s desperately trying to hide behind mingyu? yep
  • “seungcheol-ssi” you say sing songy, the other members already backing away - “come here~”
  • he can’t back up anymore and as he flinches getting ready,
  • you swipe the cake across his face, in slow motion, just to have even more of an effect
  • he sighs, eyes still closed and flinched, but laughing in defeat “Jeonghan told me too”
  • then an arm gets swung around your shoulder
  • “hey they were all in on it,” Jeonghan says laughing looking down at you
  • he brings up a towel to wipe your face while smiling down at you
  • as the others start helping themselves to the remaining cake and wishing you happy birthday
  • “i know i know” you laugh
  • “it was fun,” you say, leaning up and pressing a kiss to his cheek
  • \and giggling when you have to lick your lips
  • he chuckles and leans down, attempting to to kiss you
  • until your faces get pushed apart
  • by the one and only Joshua Hong
  • trying his best to look serious and not smile
  • “EWWWW” you hear one of the maknae line guys squeal
  • Joshua stares at the both of you scoldingly ever the mom of the group -
  • “no PDA in front of the kids”
  • before you even have time to react, however, Jeonghan quickly presses his lips to yours
  • you can feel the smirk he has on his face
  • when you two step back
  • “Man I was trying to enjoy the cake without having to see that.” some of the dongsaengs say laughing and pointing their forks at the two of you
  • with Jeonghan’s gaze still on you, you turn back to Joshua, who’s just shaking his head and pretending he doesn’t have a smile on his face, and shrug
  • “oops”
  • “Oops, indeed.”
  • which is how you and Jeonghan got put in charge of cleaning up the practice room’s floor
  • cake and frosting just everywhere
  • bringing in the mop
  • you both clean for a total of five minutes
  • before you both plop onto the ground groaning
  • “It’s too much work!” You say laughing
  • “yea why would they do that to you on your birthday?”
  • “Yah then you clean it all, Jeonghan.”
  • “No way you’re just as responsible.”
  • “We should have bribed Mingyu to do it.”
  • the two of you laugh collapsing onto each other already exhausted from the day
  • the mop laying dejected next to the cake mess still left
  • “Happy birthday, y/n.” Jeonghan finally breaks the comfortable silence with
  • “I’m sorry to play a joke on you but I got you didn’t I? You were surprised?”
  • “Of course, I was freaking out haha.”
  • you admit looking up at the ceiling while laying your head down in Jeonghan’s lap
  • his face appears over yours blocking you from seeing the ceiling
  • with both your faces inches apart
  • “As mean as it was, can’t say I didn’t like the thought you were worried about me.” He says giving you a brilliant smile
  • “Don’t do it again.” you say
  • “Mmkay, I won’t make you worry like that ever again.” He says looking down at you
  • “Better promise.” you say pushing his face away from yours to sit up while giggling
  • he grabs your arm to keep you next to him
  • “I promise,” he smiles warmly again, “since I like you a whole lot and it’s your birthday.”
  • you crinkle your nose at him
  • “Oh really?”
  • “Really.”
  • and then his lips are on yours again
  • no cake or frosting could have made the moment sweeter
  • you blush and pull away before he wraps you in his arms
  • “Let’s just stay like this for a bit, I’m tired.”
  • and you both fall asleep on the floor of the practice room, him holding you in his arms
  • until

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU Series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


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Harry is interested in Y/N but one problem: she isn’t.


Harry’s eyes kept glancing at where you stood. He didn’t know you but he knew that you were the kind of beautiful that he had never seen before. It was a mesmerizing kind of beautiful.

There he was, among people from Dunkirk and a lot of unfamiliar faces in Fionn’s house where Fionn threw a barbecue party to the people he befriended from the movie and his friends.

Harry nodded absentmindedly to one of Fionn’s friends, Greg, talking to him about football. It was like Harry was in two places. Half of him was focusing on what Greg was saying while the other kept thinking about the woman on the other side of the backyard.

“I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be right back.” Was the excuse Harry said before he walked towards the bar, where you stood laughing with two women. He stood beside you, ordering a cocktail, almost eavesdropping on your conversation. If his mother knew, she would definitely scold him.

“Harry! Oh, Y/N!” Fionn’s attention was diverted from Harry to the woman in a beige dress next to him. Y/N. Even her name sounded beautiful to Harry as he kept repeating it in his head. “Harry, come here,” Fionn grinned at his friend as he stood with Y/N and the two girls.

Harry approached them, feeling his heartbeat racing as he hit a close look at her face. He smiled when he saw her smile and reach out with her hand, which he gladly shook. “This is Y/N. My best friend since I learned how to walk I guess.” Fionn chuckled.

He then introduced him to the other two women beside Y/N and Harry doesn’t think he even caught their names, just that they were also Fionn’s friends. “I’m Harry.” He said with a smile before turning to look at Y/N.

Fionn’s arms were on your shoulders as he kept reminiscing about your childhood together as you, Harry and him sat on the grass together.

Then you laughed at what Fionn had said.

Harry was sure that it was a sound he will never forget. It was more harmonic than any song he had written and made him feel happy more than any drug anyone could convince him with.

“And then we-” Fionn was interrupted by one of his friends calling him over from the barbecue grill, “Don’t stop talking on my account. I’ll go see what they want.” He said before giving your cheek a quick usual kiss and getting up.

You fidgeted with your hands. Harry’s eyes looked at it. He wasn’t sure if you were nervous or if it was something you did when you felt awkward around someone.

“So, do you live in London?” Harry picked his balls from the ground -not literally- and finally asked you.

You nodded, “Have been for about five years and I’m staying to get master’s degree in psychology.” You grinned proudly.

To say that he was interested would be an understatement. You and him talked all day about everything and anything. You were laughing a joke he said when Fionn wiggled his eyebrows at him from afar, making Harry blush. “You should have your own show. I’d watch it.” You smiled at him.

“Only if you’d help out.” Harry suggested jokingly, pointing his finger at you.

“Oh, definitely.” You put your hand on your heart dramatically before breaking out in a grin.

It was 1 am when you said you had to leave. Disappointment filled Harry but he promised himself that it wouldn’t be the last time he sees you and so, you exchanged numbers.

“Harry! We forgot to add sugar!” Was what you said after you realized that the cake in the oven was sugar-free.
You and Harry have been friends for six months now with continuous coffee talks and movie nights. Harry even stole a cuddle one night.

Harry gave you a shocked look before he toppled on the floor, laughing hysterically. “I used to word in a bakery.” You mimicked him in a faux deep voice, laughing and shaking your head at him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Harry laughed out, taking breaths to calm himself down before he extended his arm, reaching out for you to pull him up. You put your hand in his, Harry ignoring the butterflies in his stomach. Harry was relaxing all of his weight on the floor, with no intention to get up which ended in you falling off on top of him as he was gripping your hand towards his body, pulling you onto him.
He didn’t mean it, he was only adding pressure to stand up.

His breath hitched as his face was centimeters from yours, your body on his. Your eyes went wide when you saw him close his eyes and start to lean in, making you stand up quickly and clear your throat. Harry opened his eyes, biting his lip embarrassingly before he got off the floor.

“So, the cake?” You breathed out, putting the oven mitts on.

After this day, Harry was rereading your exchanged texts on his phone. Now all of your “mate, dude, pal” sounded different. It sounded…too friendly. However, he promised himself to wait.

You were ignoring him. You didn’t return his calls or answer his texts because now, his pet names seemed real. too real. But Harry was a man who liked closure which brought him to your front door, his finger reluctantly touching the doorbell before he finally rang it.

And there you stood. With your hair in a messy bun and pajamas. After all, it was 11 and you wanted nothing but to sleep. But now, seeing Harry on your doorstep, you knew sleep would be the last think you could do right now.

“I had to see you.” Harry breathed out.

You sighed before moving aside to give him room to enter. When he did, you closed the door and walked towards your living room, Harry following you. You sat on the couch, watching as he sat beside you but keeping distance between the both of you.

“You’ve been ignoring me. Why?” He asked, making your stomach drop.

“I just,” You breathed out, starting to fidget with your hands. It was gesture you did when you felt nervous, Harry knew. You also sometimes cracked your knuckles but that was only during horror movies or when you were scared. He knew that.
“Were you catching feelings, Harry?” You asked, looking at him.

“I, uh,” He scratched his head nervously, “I already did.”

You looked at him guiltily, “Did I lead you on?”

“You’re not interested, are you?” Harry chuckled halfheartedly, shaking his head before looking at the ceiling to avoid your gaze.

“No, I am! Just-Just, just not like that. I’m sorry if I led you on. It was never my intention.” You apologized, watching him nervously.

He shook his head before standing up, “You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sorry I ruined this.”

You stood up, approaching him, “You didn’t ruin anything. I’m still willing for us to be friends or whatever you think that will make you comfortable.” You said gently, looking at his eyes sincerely.

He smiled, “I’m going on tour in two days. Think you can accompany me to the coffee shop down the street tomorrow?”

“Then come back to watch Finding Dory here?” You suggested, a hopeful smile on your face.

“It’s a plan.” He smiled. He leaned down, giving your forehead a kiss, “I’m sorry. Goodnight.” And with that, he left.

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Mingyu crushing on you !! // scenario

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A bullet-point scenario starring everyone’s favorite housewife and puppy Mingyu!

Request scenarios and reactions on my page if you’d like :)

- I love Kim Mingyu

- you know why?

- it’s because he’s just so

- confident

- and talented in so many ways (BOY DO I LOVE TALL BOYS WHO CAN DANCE)

- and shameless

- and legit the type of guy you’d wanna bring home to your parents

- he’s a m a z i n g

- and if you’re the person he develops a suuuper huge crush on

- well god damn you are one lucky girl


- you’re a few weeks into your internship at pledis, and you’ve already met a handful of svt members

- but not all of them

- so one day, you’re busy putting away some finished paperwork for your job at the company building

- you hit an intersection between two hallways when all of a sudden

- a huGE ASS TREE COMES RUNNING INTO YOU FROM THE OTHER HALLWAY (yall should know what I mean by tree lolol)

- you get knocked onto the floor, and it looks like whatever hit you took a fall as well

- the paperwork in your hands go flying all over the place, and the back of your head hits the wall pretty loudly

- as you rub the part of your head that hurt, the “tree” (a really handsome one, I must say) looks to you as he rests on his side, eyes widened and mouth slightly agape at the sight of you

- you recognize him

- it’s one of the members you haven’t talked to before

- he’s not just any tree

- he’s the visual tree, Mingyu

- “OH MY GOD I’M-I’M SO SORRY- ARE YOU OKAY???” he panics as he gets off the floor and kneels next to you to check if you’re fine

- your eyes squint at the slight pain, but you nod yes anyways. “Yes, I’m fine.”

- it really hurts actually lol

- he helps you sit up against the wall and checks your head, figuring that the pain could only be coming from there since you’re clutching it like that

- he notes the pain in your face and shakes his head

- “don’t lie, I know it hurts.”

- you try to convince him that you’re fine as you begin to collect your scattered files, but he grabs your hand before you could grab another sheet of paper

- “come here,” he says and assists you in getting up. he gets you to sit on a chair in one of the vacant offices

- once you get settled he continues, “I’m gonna go grab an ice pack from the freezer downstairs. Don’t pick up another piece of paper from the floor while I’m out.”

- one side of you is thinking

- “aw this guy is so sweet and considerate, I’m mELtiNG”

- while the other side is just

- “bitch don’t tell me what to d0 lmao″

- so you get up to collect the rest of your sheets in the hallway before quickly scampering into the room again to pretend you were there the entire time

- you hope the guy is dumb enough to not notice that there’s suddenly no mess in the hallway when he gets back

- and luckily he’s too busy thinking about the pain in your head to care about the papers at the moment

- so he comes rushing back into the office with a small cloth and an ice pack

- he takes your hand off of the part of your head that you were holding and places the ice pack there

- “I’m so sorry, really. You don’t know how bad I feel right now,” he says while holding the ice against your head

- “No, it’s okay,” you reassure him. “I should have been looking before crossing.”

- “I was the one who slammed into you though,” he replies. “I shouldn’t be running around here in the first place.”

- you hate to waste his time so you take a hold of the ice pack and get up from your seat

- “I can put the ice pack back in the freezer later. Thank you for your help, Mingyu.”

- “oh,” he says. “Are you sure?”

- you nod

- “okay, I’m sorry again. Really.” You can tell he’s being sincere

 - the both of you exchange bows and you proceed to leave the office with your files

- “hey, you’re y/n, right?” he asks

- “yeah, that’s me. I’m surprised you know my name,” you say shyly

- he laughs, “yeah the other members talk about you sometimes. I’m actually surprised you know my name too, since there’s so many of us.”

- “well, they told me to watch out for a tall and clumsy guy around here named Mingyu, so I figured that guy is you.”

- Mingyu’s jaw drops, but his shocked expression turns into a smile

- “wow, from what I heard about you from the other guys, I really wasn’t expecting you to be this sassy,” he scoffs

- “well, it looks like they haven’t told you enough,” you laugh and leave the room *high-fives self*

- as you’re putting all the files away in their respective places, you can’t help but think of how sweet and cute Mingyu is

- like, sure he just bodyslammed into you a few minutes ago

- but his accommodating nature was so niceee

- and he’s got looks on top of that :33

- you can’t possibly think he could get any better oh boy just wait

- little do you know that Mingyu is still cursing at himself for messing up in front of an innocent intern

- a pretty cute one too lol

- he wishes you guys could’ve met in a better way

- but it’s okay, he thinks to himself

- to make up for it, he’s gonna make an actual effort to get to know you and fix his reputation

- he was drawn to the unexpected level of sass you gave him a piece of

- well, if you’re gonna give him a slice of your attitude

- he’s gonna give you a slice too

- a slice of homemade cake, that is

- bc the poor puppy would still feel bad about what happened the other day

- he’ll find you a day after the incident to hand you a slice of cake that he made himself

- you’d insist that you don’t deserve the slice, since you think half of the incident was your fault

- but he’d literally open up the container of cake and shove a piece of it into your mouth


- “I also spent 3 hours trying to make this last night, pls take it :(”

“you’re cute too,” he’d say in his head

- so you taste it and

- omg 

- it’s not cake

- it’s heaven

- you immediately compliment him on the cake, and he blushes

- “if he can make this cake by himself, then I guess he isn’t as clumsy as the others say???” you think to yourself

- he has redeemed himself

- AND THUS your friendship with Mingyu begins !!

- it wouldn’t take long for him to fall for you though

- believe me when I say he is a softie

- this makes Mingyu the fluffiest crush-er

- he’s so into making his thing for you obvious

- but 99% of the time you’ll take the hints he gives you as jokes

- he’d also be super willing to do couple-ish things with you even if you guys are just friends bc this boy just cAN’T WAIT

- he wants you to know that he can be a really good potential boyfriend

- so whenever you guys hang out, he’d try extra hard to be funny, impress you with his skills, and ofc flirt

- “someone’s looking really pretty today~” he’d say. he’ll probably flash a smile and wink as well what a grease ball

- “shut up, Mingyu. we all know I look like shit today,” you’d reply

- “but you look beautiful all the time,” he’d say in his head

- his flirting would be so frequent

- the members would see it too and probably want to puke

- but it would be so frequent to the point that the members would think he’s just messing with you

- they wouldn’t actually think it’s a crush

- if anything, Mingyu would have to talk to Wonwoo about liking you if he can’t keep it to himself any longer:

- “hey Wonwoo,”

- “yeah?”

- “what if I told you that… I actually like y/n?”

- “wait, rEALLY?”

- “yeah, man.”

- “LOL I thought all of the flirting was just for fun.”

- “nah, dude. I actually meant it.”

- Wonwoo would ask Mingyu if he is actually gonna confess or something, and Mingyu would definitely say yes

- but he doesn’t know how to do it???

- like, he’s got the guts to confess and everything

- but planning out a cute way to tell you how he feels would be difficult

- he doesn’t want you to laugh at him when he actually confesses bc the last thing he wants you to think is that his confession is just another one of his flirty “jokes”

- Mingyu wants you to catch onto what he’s trying to say right away so that the whole moment stays special :’)

- Meanie YES would have to brainstorm through a whole lot of confession ideas

- and then the perfect plan will hit them

- so on one fine day

- Mingyu would text you during one of your intern shifts

- “Y/N Y/N Y/N”

- “what do you want now,” you’d text back

- “are you in the company building rn?”

- “yeah, why?”

- “meet me in the practice room asap k byeee”

- “uh okay?”

- so you finish up whatever you were doing before heading down a floor to the practice room

- but when you arrive at the practice room, you check the tiny door window

- there’s no lights on???

- all you see through the window is pitch black

- “is Mingyu even there?” you think to yourself

- you hesitate for a moment, but a part of you just doesn’t ask and opens the door anyways

- you look straight ahead and find a orange glow coming from the floor

- it’s a cake with candles

- and being illuminated by the cake is none other than your favorite germ ball

- Mingyu

- “dude, wth you look really creepy right now,” you’d laugh

- Mingyu would try hard to hold in his laughter and say

- “shut up, just come here.”

- “can I turn on the lights at least?” you ask

- “NONONO just sit here please~”

- so you walk over to the cake and sit in front of it. Mingyu is sitting across from you. the cake is all that’s in between you and him

- you spot an envelope to the right of the cake with your name on it

- he spots your glance at the envelope and says “go ahead, take it.”

- “Mingyu, if you think it’s my birthday today, you’re about 6 months off.”

- he’s nervous


- so you do

- and inside the envelope is a card with a little heart on it

- you open up the card and read its contents:

“y/n I know this will sound stupid but please just answer this question:”

- “do you like me?”

- “if so, blow the cake candles.”

- “if not, just use your hands to blow out the candles.”

- tbh the idea did sound kind of stupid but

- you blush

- he’s caught you off guard

- and for real this time

- truth is that you’ve liked him since you guys first met

- you always thought his flirty jokes were all to poke fun at you

- they were cute

- but you didn’t really think he meant it

- everything was slowly coming together now

- does he… really like you??

- welp it’s time for you to throw another snarky comment to make suRe

- “you’re trying to get me to burn off my fingers, aren’t you” you say

- and you expect him to snap back at you

- but he doesn’t:

- “y/n listen, I really like you. I just wanna know if you feel the same.”

- “just please answer the question.”

- so

- you take a deep breath to work up the strength needed to blow out the candles

- but just before you can blow the candles out

- Mingyu quickly shoots out a breath of air and beats you to it

- and he swiftly takes your cheek in his hand to plant a kiss on your lips


- you smiled into the kiss and he followed

- he lets go of your lips after taking in the moment

- “that kiss might be sweeter than the cake I made for you.”

- you punch him in the shoulder

- “you’re gross,” you laugh

- he moves to your side of the cake to give you a warm hug in the dark

- “but I wouldn’t have you any other way,” you say with a smile

Requested by the stunning and always lovely @togreblog who sent this request so long ago it is 100% reasonable to think she may have forgotten she did it at all 😂 

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Rowan knew when he was talented at something. He excelled in the art of war, was a superb fighter, a strong magic user, and an exceptional lover.

Rowan also knew that his knowledge of cooking was… limited at best.

If it was foods from the wildlife like roasted duck or snacks made from rare reeds he could make you a feast that would make you forget that you were anywhere but the most lavish of restaurants. Rowan had the survival knowledge that meant none of his soldiers - or himself - starved while fighting a war. But although he knew how to care for a whole regimen, keep anyone away from the brink of starvation, he did not know how to make Chocolate-Hazelnut cake.

And Gods save them all if he didn’t figure it out soon.

His mate was practically radiating fire from her office in their palace in Orynth. It had been a very frustrating day and everything he normally did to calm her down or placate her wasn’t working. He had nibbled at her ears to distract her, tried to take over from her, sent Lysandra in with gossip and scones, but nothing could get her out of her foul mood. Rowan didn’t blame her, he would also be furious if there were lords still refusing to give him his crown after saving the whole world from utter destruction in a perilous war, and he hated the situation she was in as much as she did. The only difference between the two is that he’s had three hundred years to learn how to deal with unexpected pain and turmoil, and his Fireheart had yet to learn that particular skill. Rowan hoped that she never would, because that would mean that she hadn’t suffered enough pain to.

Rowan was stuck on how to make her feel better. He had just finished a patrol, where he was inspecting the guards to guarantee their skill, when he saw the statue of Aelin that a craftsman has insisted he erect after the war. It was his queen, in all her blazing glory, in as much detail as the artist could muster. It was truely beautiful - nearly as much as the real woman. The flames of his state made him reminisce on all the antics she’d caused with her flames. It made him think all the way back to Mistward when they had just started training. Then, he remembered a time when a simple cake had given her such joy after having to deal with his monstrosity of an ex-lover. And if there was anything that was able to make Aelin as made as these lords were, it was one of his ex-lovers. That was it - that was how he was going to make her feel better.

So he sent the cadre away to do his work for him, ordered Aedion to summon Elide and deal with the few lords that were still hesitant with the powerhouse that is Aelin Whitethorn Ashryver Galathynius and her reign, and then he stalked into the kitchen ready to make the best Gods-damned cake of the century.

The cooks, who were washing up after lunch, stopped what they were doing to bow to him in respect. Rowan had told them not to do it, especially when they did it multiple times a day, but it seemed like it was a habit none of them were going to break anytime soon.

“If you could all leave, I would be very appreciative.” He said in a low voice. They nodded quickly and left their dishes in the full sinks. He could’ve asked them how to make a cake, but he was pretty sure he had the basics down. And besides, maybe if he made it Aelin would feel better just because it had come from him.

He started by getting all the ingredients out - well at least what he thought the ingredients were. He lied them all out on the stone bench and then made an approximation of how much he thought he would need of each one. He mixed them together, put them in a pan and put them in the woodfire oven.

He sat there for an hour, Aelin’s thoughts flowing freely through their bond. She had been this distraught all day, and as much as Rowan wanted to run to her and tuck her safely into him he knew the most possible way to make her feel better was to get her this damn cake. This damn cake that was taking forever to bake.

Rowan inspected it closer, it hadn’t changed a bit, and that’s when he realised he had been so distracted by Aelin’s thoughts that he hadn’t set the fire that would heat the oven. His cake had been sitting in an unlit oven, and it had taken him an hour to notice. He sighed inwardly, and lit the matches to light the oven. He was a true idiot sometimes, more often than he would like to admit, and it was always when he was too distracted by his wife. Whether it was her stunning blue and gold eyes, her blonde hair he liked to wrap his hands in, the smooth curve of her breasts, the spot just below her earlobe that if you kissed undid her, the -

Stop. He needed to stop.

He could definitely see the cake baking now, and with no small amount of smugness, saw that it looked far more appetising that what Aelin had given him all those months ago. Just thinking about the cake she made for him in Mistward and its foul taste made him gag. He ate nearly the whole thing though - even then he loved her so much he would do anything for her. Back then, just him taking a small bite of the cake brought a brightness to her that was too far few and in between for his liking. His Fireheart. His love. His mate.

When he thought it was cooked to satisfaction he used his wind magic to pull it out. That way he didn’t have to bother finding the mits the cooks used, and he cooled down the cake enough so that it was ready to be eaten.

He didn’t bother with icing or any fancy decoration - he just put it on a plate with a knife and fork and swept it up to take it to Aelin.

She was still seething in her office. When he opened the door, he saw that she had her head resting on the table and her arms splayed around her. Her hair was messy, and her green dress was crumpled. She looked up at the sound of his entrance, and her focus snapped onto the plate in his hands.

“What’s that?” She breathed. Her eyes had gone so wide he could see a full ring of white around her irises.

“It’s the love of my life’s favourite cake.” Her reaction made him smile tenderly. Her fists had clenched and it was clear she was trying to refrain from snatching it out of his hands.

“Where did you get it?” She said slowly.

“I made it. I know you’re having a bad day, and-“

She interrupted his answer by launching herself at him. He nearly dropped the cake, but it held it in one hand while his other arm firmly wrapped tightly around her waist to lift her as she kissed him.

“I love you I love you I love you,” she said between peppering kisses all over his face.

“Well are you going to eat it then?” He teased.

He eased her down with a sweet kiss to her lips and as soon as her toes hit the floor she plucked the cake from his hand and went back to sit in her chair. She put in on the desk in front of her - crumbs already littering the spread out papers - and leaned in to smell the cake.

“It smells delectable.” She sighed happily. She looked up at him, a small smile gracing her lips. “Thank you, Rowan. I don’t know how you remembered it was my favourite-”

“Of course I remember! I doubt I will ever forget the time you made me eat that piece of sh-”

“Well I doubt yours is any better!” She scoffed playfully. She eyed it again, a smile playing on her lips. “How do I know this isn’t just revenge from when I served you a cake that I’d made? It could just smell deceptively good and then when I bite into it be so rancid it makes my stomach turn.”

“I would never dream of something so sinister, Fireheart.” He laughed. He approached her from behind and bent over so he was half draped over her chair. “At least not when it comes to you.”

“Rowan - I…” She pulled her hands away from the cake and reached up so she could hold tightly onto his hands that were clutching the back of her chair.


“I am so grateful, and it’s moments like this where my love for you hits me hardest… but I feel sick to my stomach, I don’t know if I can eat it. It’s wonderful though, truely. I just can’t stop thinking about…” She shuddered hard at the thoughts of the lords denying her her crown.

“Stop thinking about it, Fireheart.” He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “Just eat the damn cake.”

She tilted her head to capture him in a kiss. “As you say.” She kissed him once more before turning back to the cake on her desk.

She picked up her fork and greedily ate into it. “Oh Gods,” she moaned. “This is way better than mine. I hate you for that, but I also love you for it.”

She had eaten, not that she would admit it, nearly three quarters of the cake before she offered him any. “Did you want a taste?” She said as sweetly as she could with a mouth full of food.

“I wouldn’t mind one,” He snickered.  

Aelin cut off a piece and held the fork up to his mouth. “Did I mention I love you?” She asked.

“It’s never something I’ll say no to hearing.” He joked before swallowing the bite she held up.

As the taste entered his mouth, the absolutely putrid taste of dry cake, he choked and spat it out on the table. “What in the God’s name was that?!”

Aelin giggled and danced away from the table and him. “It seems my true calling is to be an actress. Maybe that’s what I’ll do if I can’t be Queen!”

Rowan scooped up the remnants of the cake, one hundred percent ready to throw the awful thing out. He then decided against it - it had been a while since he’d given Fenrys a gift, and he looked forward to seeing him try this ‘delectable’ cake.

“I can’t believe you ate so much of that. It was disgusting!” Rowan exclaimed.

Aelin was still prancing around the room, breathless with laughter, and didn’t stop until she had made her way back into Rowan’s arms. She didn’t stop dancing though, and simply pulled in the front of his shirt until he was swaying around with her.

“That’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.” She happily confessed.

“I’ll make sure to never cook for you again.” He grumbled - albeit, also happily.

Even if his cake had tasted like the streets of the slums in Rifhold, it had still achieved its only goal - to make Aelin happy again.

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"I need you to scream. You're Karen Page he's the Punisher, he will come for you." in which Karen hurt and taken by a villain and Frank is enraged. (I was inspired by the Tarzan trailer)

Hey, so today I actually cracked 1000 followers and I cannot believe it! I’m so happy there are so many people here that like this ship as much as me and I’ve had so much fun reading the stories everyone has written and reblogging the edits and the wonderful amazing fanart. I have so little to offer fandom sometimes, and I’m way too broke to do a giveaway, but I thought if I sat down and really concentrated on filling a prompt that might be enough to commemorate this little milestone. :D I hope you like it.


The last thing she remembered was the smell of violets, dainty petals pushed against her nose, the sweet scent invading her sinuses. She’d closed her eyes for half a second to lose herself in the scent, to imagine that he had been the one to leave them on her fire escape. How stupid could she have been?

Now the only thing she could smell was the dank mildew of an underground dwelling. Poorly ventilated and even more poorly lit. The back of her head throbbed and she knew without checking that there was rather large knot underneath her yellow hair, perhaps even a gash if the moisture dripping down the back of her neck told her anything. Her sight was the last sense that came into play, an errant thought passing through the back of her mind as she wondered if this is how it was for Matt.

Her pupils adjusted to the dimness, faint far off light filtering down into her cell, the bars casting shadows across the dirty floor. It wasn’t the first time she’d been locked up, but she had to admit that the clean yet stark cells downtown were a lot more preferable than where she was now.

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y’know when ur like “my room is a total mess i need to clean it up” and ur friend is like “aww mine’s gotta be worse” and u know this person u’ve been to their house constantly and u know for a fact they can’t even compare to the four layers of clothing you have caking your floor and the fact the “garbage corner” is just ur entire floor those two coverings actually meld together a bit and u remember leaving plates somewhere but u don’t know where they went and u know for a fact there was still food on them u step out of bed and step on a chip i’ve set up an unwritten rule that if ur asthmatic for ur own safety do not enter my bedroom the amount of dust and cat hair is awful there is no air regulation here meanwhile ur friend has like 4 shirts and a folded pair of pants piled on a chair the rest is food crumbs u don’t even notice if u walk in with socks on but they refuse to accept that they live in a survivable climate that just needs a bit of vacuuming 

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What would Aaron buy/do for Roberts birthday. He’s not one for too much fluff but Robert always manages to surprise him so he wants to push the boat out x

Aaron wasn’t usually the best at romance. He knew he wasn’t, he knew that much - he’d never been much good at organising dates, and weekends away, none of that romantic, gooey carry on.

But he was going to try.

It was Robert’s thirty third birthday.


Aaron couldn’t quite believe how quickly the years were flying by. It was the fourth birthday he’d spent with Robert, and he was determined to make it the very best one yet.

Thirty hadn’t been great. Aaron knew it hadn’t been, hadn’t been in the frame of mind to make it any better at the time, either. He’d decided thirty one was going to be the year, and he spent that birthday in prison, Robert alone on what was supposed to be the do-over of this thirtieth.

Thirty two had fallen in that strange, tentative period were they were just figuring their relationship out, working through all the wrongs and bad parts of their relationship. They’d had a nice meal out, sure, but a quiet dinner in Hotten and a bottle of wine at home wasn’t exactly a birthday to remember.

This year was going to be, though. They’d been married, officially, for nearly eleven months (close enough to the year mark that Aaron felt like he could be proud of them, proud that marriage had only made them stronger this time around) and that, combined with Robert’s birthday, felt like enough of a reason to celebrate and go all out.

Aaron surveyed the Mill, grinning at his own handiwork. He’d roped Liv into helping him decorate, the house covered in streamers, and balloons, a happy birthday banner draped over the fireplace. It was unbelievably tacky, but Aaron knew Robert wouldn’t mind.

Smoothing down the front of his shirt, the immaculate suit he’d had dry cleaned that week, all ready for Robert’s birthday surprise, Aaron took a swig of his beer, and he waited for Robert to arrive.

Victoria had been on distraction duties that morning, dragging her older brother around the shops, taking him for brunch, and they were due back any minute.

As if on cue, Aaron heard the front door open, and he stood up properly, waiting for Robert’s reaction. His husband was wearing a new shirt he’d bought himself, a crisp blue shirt that clung to his shoulders, and arms, highlighting every delicious muscle of his body, a leather jacket clutched in hand, shopping bags in the other.

“What - what’s all this?” Robert looked around, eyes wide as he surveyed the party decorations, the chocolate cake on the kitchen table, the bottle of expensive champagne that stood next to it, chilled and waiting to be drunk.

“Happy birthday, Robert,” Aaron grinned, delighted that Robert was floored, he was truly, actually shocked. It wasn’t often that he got to be the one to put that expression on Robert’s face, it was always the other way around.

“This is amazing,” Robert dropped his shopping, coming to stand in front of Aaron, appreciatively running his eyes up and down Aaron’s suited form. “Did you wear this especially?”

“I know how you like me in suits,” Aaron smirked, hands coming to rest on Robert’s hips, holding his husband close.

“I like you better out of them,” Robert said, eyes wide, expression practically dripping in lust as he leaned in, pressing the barest hint of a kiss to Aaron’s lips. Kissing Robert, even now, years on from that first one on the roadside, still had Aaron melting into Robert’s grasp, his spine tingling at the contact.

He hoped it would always feel that way.

“I’ve got to give you your present first!” Aaron protested as Robert trying to subtly move them toward the couch, intentions clear.

“Later,” Robert shook his head, pulling Aaron down on top of him, the two of them squashed together on the couch, hearts racing. “You can do it later.”

(Later, they sat on the kitchen floor, eating cake and drinking champagne straight from the bottle, Robert’s face fixed into a grin about a mile wide, declaring it was the very best birthday he’d ever had.)

(Later, Aaron would finally him his present, a weekend away in Edinburgh and a train booked for early the next morning.)

(Even later, Aaron would take his husband apart piece by piece, reduce the older man to a whimpering mess as he tried to pour all the love he felt into his every kiss, every touch.)

(Even later again, when they finally made it to the train, Aaron would sit, Robert’s hand tightly grasped in his own as the train hurtled to Scotland, and he’d feel the kind of happy he never thought he would.)

(Completely unadulterated, uncomplicated, this is exactly where I want to be for the rest of my life happy.)

King Of Broken Hearts

Request: “hello! i’ve just read ‘guilt’ and it was so good omg i’m such a slut for angst so can i please have a woozi angst? thank you!! (-:” -Anon

Royal!Woozi AU

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Woozi (Jihoon) x Reader

Word Count: 2228

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fic request: robert and joseph shamelessly flirting.

 Ask and you shall receive! Hope your don’t mind the slight Robert/Joseph/Mary!

               “Mary, Mary, quite contrary.”

               Some would say it takes balls of steel or a lack of a moral compass to hit on your best friend’s husband. For Robert, it just took a fifth of jack and opportunity. Like Mary’s birthday party. Chris was nowhere to be seen, but that wasn’t surprising. Probably upstairs watching youtube. Christian and Christina were reciting a poem for their mother who seemed more interested in the blackberry wine she was drinking that the creepy little “present”… and Chrish… well… actually, where was Chrish?

               Robert looked around for the little rugrat and spotted him through the door to the kitchen, sitting on the floor covered in cake they hadn’t cut yet. Good kid. Good kid.

               Better yet, he spotted Joseph smiling with concern at the recitation and grinned before walking over and standing halfway behind him. “You know, the poem’s about Mary, the Queen of Scots,” he said matter-of-factly, making Joseph jump. God. You’d like he’d get used to it by now.

               “How does your garden grow?”

               “Oh stop with your stories,” Joseph muttered, but he had that smile on his face that told Robert to keep going.

               So he did.

               “Of course, the garden is her reign over her Scotland. Though, she didn’t do much ruling. She’s was like, six days old when she was made queen and sent off to France to learn how to spread her legs for a king,” he explained with a shrug. Joseph was turned towards him now, a hint of curiosity in his eyes. “She wasn’t all that good at it seeing as he died a year later and they didn’t have any kids.”

               “With silver bells, and cockle shells,”

               Robert snorted a bit and smirked at Joseph with waggling brows. “Silver bells are the Catholic church, of course.  They always loved her and claimed she was the true Queen of England and Scotland. As for cockle shells- “ he licked his lips and looked Joseph over tellingly, “it’s a play on the word cuckhold because it’s rumored her second husband… well… he preferred men.”

               Joseph colored and looked at his kids again. They were so little. Of course they wouldn’t know a thing like that! Hopefully they never would. He dipped his head as turned to escape into the kitchen. No. No. That was over! He was better now. He had to be better for his family.

               “And pretty maids all in a row!”

           Robert caught Mary’s eyes. She had that look like she knew he was up to something. All he could do was smile and wink at her before slinking off into the kitchen after Joseph who was now fussing over Chrish and trying to wash him up in the sink.

           “I take it you didn’t like my story?” Robert asked innocent and leaned against the counter beside the sink.

           Joseph looked over with red cheeks and pursed lips before shaking his head and focusing on getting Chrish clean. “Do I ever like your stories? No. But you tell them anyway.”

           “Oh, no!” Robert laughed and shook his head. “You’re the only one who’s got a problem with this, you know. Mary and I don’t mind sharing. What are friends for, after all?”

           “Then how about you bother her with your stories,” Joseph suggested tersely. Then after a moment his good Christian morals seemed to get the better of him and his bristles deflated. “You know I don’t want the kids to find out. It would ruin their lives.”

           Robert rolled his eyes and took Chrish from Joseph’s hands to set the baby down on the floor. His clothes had been taken off but he was wearing a diaper so he should be good. Chrish happily toddled out of the room to where the party was going. Robert used this as his chance to lock his arms on either side of Joseph, capturing him between himself and the counter. Joseph ducked his head and smiled despite him.

           “Stop that. Anyone could come in,” Joseph complained. But Robert translated that roughly to ‘Kiss me, please, dear god, just kiss me’ and he always did the lord’s work. He pressed scratchy kiss to Joseph’s neck and felt the other melt against him.

           Joseph’s arms snaked around Robert’s neck, holding him close as he sighed and closed his eyes like his sins would disappear if he didn’t look at them. “You always do this to me. It’s Mary’s birthday. Shouldn’t you be seducing her?”

           Robert laughed against his skin and pulled back just enough to kiss Joseph’s mouth as one hand pushed roughly through his perfect blonde hair. He broke it again, this time to say, “who’s to say I can’t have both? Done it before.” He reminded him with hot breath rushing over his face. “What do you say? Wanna give Mary a birthday present tonight?”

           Joseph stared for a moment before smiling again. “God forgive me, for I’m about to sin,” he said before pulling Robert close again and crushing their mouths together.

           If anyone saw them? Well, at least they didn’t say anything.