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Sharky, from North Clwyd Animal Rescue, Trelogan, North Wales. Click here for more info on adoption or ways to donate.

“Hi there! I’m Sharky and I am a ten month old grey cat. I came to the rescue as my owner could no longer care for me. I am a very friendly boy. I only have partial vision so may be more suited to being an indoor only cat.”

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blair’s father had gotten her a bunny for her eighteenth birthday after years of begging, and here she is now.. already lost it. after a few hours of looking, she came up to the closest person around, her shy, small self already shaking from having to come up to a stranger. “sorry, hi, have you seen a bunny hopping around town at all? she’s big and kinda floofy. her name is buttons. she’s mine. and I can’t find her anywhere…”

smolbbylouis  asked:

i just love the niam dynamic bc i mean liam is all big and buff and can knock someone down with one hit if he wanted, but inside he's just a big floofy teddy bear, and niall looks and is a cinnamon roll but if someone hurts liam he will fight like a rabid chihuahua and get super worked up and end up looking like a smol marshmallow but in the end they just have each others backs and everyday is a whirlwind of giggles and cuddles g O 0 d B y e

This is a very nice summary of how I feel about niam!! 

They both have different energies that work really well together and balance each other out and wouldn’t hesitate to protect each other or do anything for the other *v*


Fluffing the floof 💗

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