Look i drew it

Wheatley and Chell on a “sweater date" 

So I had the best idea for a date. A SWEATER SHOPPING DATE.

First you get coffee. Then you go to thrift shops and buy sweaters. Then you bring the sweaters home and wash them. While they are in the washer/dryer, you make out and stuff. Then, you take the sweaters out of the dryer and you put them on and you get all cozy and eat snacks and watch movies in your cozy clean sweaters! And you kiss a lot. The end.

This idea wins all the awards. <3 

Megan… Julian…. I am so sorry….

I wanted to practice drawing in other people’s styles, as well as more coloring practice, and also I really liked the idea of a gang of GingerWheats trying to act all big and bad. (I call them the Ginger Squad. Because I can, that’s why.)

Megan, I learned today that I cannot draw in your style at fucking all, which makes me sad because it’s such a cute style.

Julian, figuring out how to get your Wheatley’s hair color down using colored pencils was fucking ridiculous.

So, again, I am so so sorry… But I had to do it.

I haven’t drawn anything in a while, and I decided the best time to get back into it was after I’d imbibed a healthy amount of wine.


It suddenly occurred to me that Altley was the only Wheatley in the Misfit Baffleverse that’s had any schooling beyond sixth form, and I started musing as to what might happen if he tried to help GS with his homework. Since Floofley spent his adolescence in cryostasis, he’d need some learning, too.

Unfortunately, Wheatleys make for poor students and even worse teachers.

So i took some artistic liberties…. because the only bonkaman i’ve seen was just hands in shadow on that picture with Oodles Wheatley. But yeah.

Bonka and the Bonkaman belong to herself

Floofley is mine

Portal belongs to valve

man, that was a lot of hands to draw……. 

Babysitting, Pt 1

After discussing a bit of Altley headcanon with Megan, we started talking about the types of shenanigans Altley and Floofley would get up to. One word instantly occurred to me:


I really, really wanted to write a fic about it. So, I did. Well, started one, really. Um, please forgive me if a detail or two of Megan’s AU is off; this is my first time with the Johnson family. (Sorry if I fuck up, Megan!) To try and avoid confusion, I’m using last names with Altley (Wheatley) and Floofley (Johnson).

This will be just a bunch of silly fluff as I try to get my writing juices flowing, and also I want to see how Altley deals with children – specifically Mabel. This part is me just really enjoying the idea of Floofley and Chell getting one over on Altley, because I’m not happy unless Altley’s annoyed.

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