flooded church

To look at him is to see a light-flooded church through broken stained glass windows. Loving him, well that’s driving your car over a bridge made of nothing but lightning and a prayer screamed at the top of your damaged lungs. There is no hope, you gave that up when you were four. What’s left is better. What’s left is love. Family, brother, need. Any word you could use to describe him without admitting how frail you are with him. How frail you have always been. From the first moment you saw him he picked your defenses clean and forced you to swallow the truth. 

You don’t want to be saved

Part of you thought he would lose that ability. You would grow used to him, and would be able to deflect him like anybody else. You can’t. Truth has been dying since flames consumed your mother. But you feel it with him. You feel safe with him. 

He looks at you, real emotion in his eyes. You wonder what it was that dragged him down and forced him into your orbit. Even without wings, he flies to answer your call. 



Imagine Steve Rogers Your Best Friend Dying And Wanda Comforting You

For Anon

It happened so fast.

One second you were walking with Cap into the Supreme Court and the next he was on the ground dead.

The day replays in your head every time you close your eyes to this day.

This day is the day you’ve been dreading every since Steve died.

His funeral.


You sit in the front pew and hold your breath to keep yourself from breaking out in sobs. Heroes and citizens are flooded into the church and you have to sit through each speech about Steve.

You’re last to go.

Your legs shake violently as you make your way to the podium. Steve is in a casket with closed eyes next to it and you can’t bring yourself to look at him.

“I-I knew Steve Rogers when we were both just ten years old,” you start with a trembling voice. “We became super soldiers together, we went into the ice together, and we woke up together. We did everything together. He was my best friend in every sense of the word. Steve is dead now, his honor is all that remains, his honor and his memory. I will always be grateful for the time we had Steve but that won’t stop me from wanting more time with him. I wish I had more time Steve. I wish we had more time.”

Your waterfall of tears prevent your from continuing. You lean heavily on the podium and sob. Wanda is quick to your side and embraces you.

“(Y/N) it’s okay. It will be okay. You’ll get through this,” Wanda murmurs into your hair.

“This sadness will last forever,” you wail and she starts to escort you to the back. You let her and collapse to your knees once you’re in a back room. “I-I can’t do this. I can’t do this!”

“(Y/N) you will get through this. You can get through this. Goodbyes don’t last forever, goodbyes just means I’ll miss you until I see you again and (Y/N) I promise you will see him again,” Wanda promises and holds your shoulder and you shake.

“I can’t make it till then,” you whimper and hiccup as you catch your breath.

“Till you seen him again you must treasure his memory. Keep it close and smile when you remember. Smile because he lived,” Wanda says sincerely and wipes your tears.

“Why’d he have to go Wanda? Why was he picked to die?”

“When your in a garden which flowers do you pick?” Wanda asks in turn.

“The best ones,” you sniffle.