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Another one-shot I wrote for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s second Writing Challenge. I honestly have no idea where I found the courage to actually post this, but there you have it, some priest!Negan smut… With a twist. 

Synopsis: Father Negan, the new priest in town, sparks the interest of Angelica, a girl who used to live there and is back only for the weekend.

Warnings: cursing, blasphemy galore, major priest kink, dirty talk, spanking, sliiiight name calling, unprotected sex.

Word count: 3379

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The sun was starting to set as Angelica pulled her ash blonde hair up into a tight bun and applied a thin layer of colorless lip gloss over her rosy lips.

She was staying at her aunt’s place for a few days and couldn’t believe her younger cousin Maria had persuaded her to go to church with her. There wasn’t much to do in this small town anyways, so she’d agreed to join her for evening mass, despite the fact that she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been in the presence of a bible.

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Could you tell us more about John Church Hamilton? I saw some people mentioning him here and his biography of his father. I'd like to know more about him (presentation, facts, essays... whatever feels best for you!)

Hamilton was born on August 22, 1792 in Philadelphia. He was the fourth son, and the eight Hamilton children. He was only eleven years old when his father was killed in the famous duel with Aaron Burr. In 1809, he graduated from Columbia College, and studied law. John Church served in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812, attaining the rank of second lieutenant. During this time he served as an aide-de-camp to Major General William Henry Harrison (later 9th president of the United States). He never engaged in any of field battles and resigned his position June, 1814. 

Sometime after his military career, he was married to Maria Eliza van den Heuvel (January 4, 1795–September 13, 1873). They had ten children: Alexander Hamilton (1815–1907), Charlotte Augusta Hamilton (1819–1896); Schuyler Hamilton (1822–1903), Mary E. Hamilton (1825–1887),  Charles Apthorpe Hamilton (July 23, 1826 – November 29, 1901), Adelaide Hamilton (1830–1915), Elizabeth Hamilton (1831–1884), William Gaston Hamilton (1832–1913), Laurens Hamilton (1834 – July 6, 1858), Alice Hamilton (September 11, 1838 – September 15, 1905).

Between 1834 and 1840, he sorted through his father’s letters and papers alongside his mother. He wrote a two-volume biography titled The Life of Alexander Hamilton, published 1840–1841–almost all copies were destroyed in a fire while in the process of binding. He then edited a collection of his father’s writings, The Works of Alexander Hamilton: Containing His Correspondence, and His Political and Official Writings, Exclusive of the Federalist, published in seven volumes in 1850–1851. Between 1857 and 1864, John Church published his seven-volume Life of Alexander Hamilton. In 1869, he published an edition of The Federalist. 

Hamilton was a member of the Whig Party and later a Republican, but never held an elected office. He once lost a run for Congress to represent part of New York City. July 25, 1882, John Church Hamilton died at the age of eighty-nine at Stockton Cottage, on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch, New Jersey, due to complications of jaundice and catarrh. His funeral was held at Trinity Church, New York. 

I know flying buttress is a term that always gets a giggle, but this architectural feature is fascinating - it’s a unique creation of Gothic architecture, and it’s symptomatic of the desire of medieval builders to flood their churches and cathedrals with light. Why? Because light was considered the best means through which humans could know God. Churches are almost always oriented so that the congregation faces east to worship - towards the sun, so that God’s grace showers upon them through the gorgeous stained glass. Medieval people wanted light to penetrate every corner of the interior space. But to get light into your building, you need to build high and keep the interior open and airy, and this leads to concerns with points of support. So builders developed solutions which are recognisable to us as the defining features of Gothic architecture - ribbed vaults, pointed arches and our dear friend the flying buttress, all of which allow you to build high and let in light while maintaining structural integrity. So there you go - the flying buttress was invented because medieval builders believed that the best way to know God and experience his benediction was through sunlight and geometric regularity - new architectural forms were invented to solve problems generated by theological philosophy.


Michael (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

Archangel in Abrahamical lore who is famous for striking down Satan in the war of heaven. He is worshiped the world over as a strong warrior angel, and is said to have a fierce rivalry with Samael.

During the time of Bach, Protestants celebrated a feast day for Michael on the 29th of September. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, however, that the angel was actually once the man known as Christ. This is also true to believers of the Seventh-day Adventists, who state that Michael commanded God’s army and helped Joshua conquer Jericho. It is considered that Michael is the one and only archangel. The Latter-day Saints tell that Michael is actually Adam who is the Ancient of Days and thus the patriarch of all humans. He, in turn, helped the Lord create the commanded God’s army and helped Joshua conquer Jericho. It is considered that Michael is the one and only archangel. The Latter-day Saints tell that Michael is actually Adam who is the Ancient of Days and thus the patriarch of all humans. He also helped the Lord create the world alongside Christ.

In the Esoteric viewpoint, Michael defeated Satan in the year 1879. Various smaller legends exist about Michael such as the tale of how he took Nebuchadnezzar to be defeated by Jerusalem, but after its capture fought against the Babylonians. He saved the three called Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from their death in a blazing furnace after they refused to bow to Nebuchadnezzar and a golden statue. Haman would often accuse Israel of terrible deeds, but it was the archangel who defended the country. The archangel reminded Ahasuerus of the fact that he was Mordecai’s debtor and once appeared before the priest Hyrcanus in order to assist him.

In the Qur’an, he is the other angel mentioned alongside Jibril in a small passage as an enemy of those who are enemies of God. He is also believed to be one of the three angels who visited Abraham with good tidings. Sunni Islamic tradition says that he will descend to the earth to bring a piece back to heaven. The Ahmadiyya sect states that he alongside Gabriel are beings known as Mala’ikah who obey only God. He provides nourishment for human bodies and souls and is responsible for doling out rewards to those who live a life of good.

Michael has various feast days such as the 29th of September known as Michaelmas Day. In East Orthodoxy, he shares a day with Gabriel on the 8th or 21st of November and one on September 6th. The Church of England’s date for his feast is the 8th of May. He was also the patron of many things including, Cornwall, chivalry, police and emergency services, soldiers, the Holy Roman Empire, Germany, the French Order of Saint Michael, the sick and suffering, mariners, various mountains, Brussels and the country of Ukraine and its capital city, Kiev.

The Orthodox celebration on the 6th of September because John the Apostle told that Michael would appear at Lake Salda when he left. When the apostle did go away a spring of healing appeared. One man was so grateful that his daughter had been healed that he built a church there. But the pagans grew jealous and attempted to flood the church by redirecting the river. They were stopped by Michael however, who appeared in a column of fire and struck the bedrock of the raging flood, diverting it away. In a local Cornish legend, he appeared to fishermen on top of Saint Michael’s Mound.

He was said to appear in a cave atop Monte Gargano in Italy and was given the feast day of 8th May for his assistance in the battle against the Neapolitiansm, but this would later be removed by Pope John XXIII. During a plague he appeared, sword In hand over the mausoleum of Hadrian because Pope Gregory had prayed for the end of the sickness.

In Normanic myth, he appeared to St Aubert and ordered him to build a church on a rocky island. This island would then be named Mont Saint-Michael in his honour. One day, a Portuguese Carmelite nun by the name of Antonia d’ Astonaco saw the angel in a vision where he told her of nine invocations to be prayed to him and God.

These nine prayers would become a part of the Chapel of Saint Michael. During the years of 1961 to 1965, four girls in the small village of Garabandal, Spain reported visions of Michael but these have yet to be officially confirmed or condemned by the Catholic Church.



Imagine Steve Rogers Your Best Friend Dying And Wanda Comforting You

For Anon

It happened so fast.

One second you were walking with Cap into the Supreme Court and the next he was on the ground dead.

The day replays in your head every time you close your eyes to this day.

This day is the day you’ve been dreading every since Steve died.

His funeral.


You sit in the front pew and hold your breath to keep yourself from breaking out in sobs. Heroes and citizens are flooded into the church and you have to sit through each speech about Steve.

You’re last to go.

Your legs shake violently as you make your way to the podium. Steve is in a casket with closed eyes next to it and you can’t bring yourself to look at him.

“I-I knew Steve Rogers when we were both just ten years old,” you start with a trembling voice. “We became super soldiers together, we went into the ice together, and we woke up together. We did everything together. He was my best friend in every sense of the word. Steve is dead now, his honor is all that remains, his honor and his memory. I will always be grateful for the time we had Steve but that won’t stop me from wanting more time with him. I wish I had more time Steve. I wish we had more time.”

Your waterfall of tears prevent your from continuing. You lean heavily on the podium and sob. Wanda is quick to your side and embraces you.

“(Y/N) it’s okay. It will be okay. You’ll get through this,” Wanda murmurs into your hair.

“This sadness will last forever,” you wail and she starts to escort you to the back. You let her and collapse to your knees once you’re in a back room. “I-I can’t do this. I can’t do this!”

“(Y/N) you will get through this. You can get through this. Goodbyes don’t last forever, goodbyes just means I’ll miss you until I see you again and (Y/N) I promise you will see him again,” Wanda promises and holds your shoulder and you shake.

“I can’t make it till then,” you whimper and hiccup as you catch your breath.

“Till you seen him again you must treasure his memory. Keep it close and smile when you remember. Smile because he lived,” Wanda says sincerely and wipes your tears.

“Why’d he have to go Wanda? Why was he picked to die?”

“When your in a garden which flowers do you pick?” Wanda asks in turn.

“The best ones,” you sniffle.


To look at him is to see a light-flooded church through broken stained glass windows. Loving him, well that’s driving your car over a bridge made of nothing but lightning and a prayer screamed at the top of your damaged lungs. There is no hope, you gave that up when you were four. What’s left is better. What’s left is love. Family, brother, need. Any word you could use to describe him without admitting how frail you are with him. How frail you have always been. From the first moment you saw him he picked your defenses clean and forced you to swallow the truth. 

You don’t want to be saved

Part of you thought he would lose that ability. You would grow used to him, and would be able to deflect him like anybody else. You can’t. Truth has been dying since flames consumed your mother. But you feel it with him. You feel safe with him. 

He looks at you, real emotion in his eyes. You wonder what it was that dragged him down and forced him into your orbit. Even without wings, he flies to answer your call. 

The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is a Serbian Orthodox church, the oldest intact church in Serbia and one of the oldest ones in the region, situated on a hill of Ras, the medieval capital of the Serbian Grand Principality (Rascia), near Novi Pazar.

It is part of the Stari Ras complex, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded in the 4th century while additions were made in the 7th and 9th centuries, after which it served as the ecclesiastical seat of the Serbian church, and as the baptismal church and state council site of the Nemanjić dynasty, until the last years of the 12th century.

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Serbia has a very rich medieval history, but its people need help in the present day!

If you want to help out at least reblog this. We had a very low media coverage. The damage is incalculable and we will feel the effects of this for years to come. Spreading the word is essential.

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