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the diabolik lovers boys as roommates

ayato: actually an okay roommate? he talks about himself a lot, but he has no friends so you feel kind of bad for him. if you can handle his narcissism then he’ll be a good friend and roommate. if not, well, he always brings back takoyaki leftovers. 7/10

laito: cool roommate who always invites you out. he always has someone over. be prepared to walk in on him and his partner every time you return home. 5/10

kanato: prepare for your kitchen to become a candy/pastry vault. you haven’t seen a vegetable in weeks. if he feels like taking an outing with you he makes you go to build a bear and buy him a toy. doesn’t like it when you leave him alone so you two end up spending all your time together. 5/10

shuu: the chillest roommate ever. perhaps a little too chill. he once flooded the bathroom because he fell asleep and forgot to turn the tub off. for all his faults you can’t really get mad at him because he does not give a shit about anything you do in the apartment. 8/10

reiji: the most anal roommate ever. he won’t let you leave the house until you’ve made your bed. set a curfew. will lock you out if you break curfew. on the plus side he does all the chores and cooks really well. 3/10

subaru: you’ve seen subaru maybe twice the entire time you’ve lived together. he’s always hiding in his room and gets flustered when you want to talk to him about anything. he doesn’t know his own strength and he gets angry too easily, so you’ve had to explain to your landlord why your walls have multiple holes in them. on the bright side he always pays for repairs 6/10

ruki: the roommate who always seems to be in a sour mood and pissed at you even if he’s not. despite this, he’s quiet and organized and overall a good roommate. do not bring people over, though, he hates having strangers invade his space and will stand there glaring at your guests until they leave. 7/10

kou: your house is literally littered with candies and fan letters that his fans send. he makes you reply to all his fanmail. he’ll help out if asked, but last time you asked he made you hold three different lights to his face for two hours so he could take the perfect selfie, so you don’t ask anymore. 3/10

azusa: the sweetest roommate ever, except for his knife collection. he locks himself out a lot though and never carries his phone so you often come home to find him huddled in front of the door. a good roommate to cuddle and drink hot chocolate with. 10/10

yuma: a messy boy. leaves his clothes everywhere and expects you to do his laundry. it gets to the point where you end up doing it just so he won’t wear whatever’s on the floor closest to him. he turned your place into an indoor garden and when he’s away will leave sticky notes on exactly how to take care of the plants. on the plus side, he’s a good cook and will complement you often, especially if you take good care of the plants. 7/10

carla: much like ruki, carla always seems to be angry at you. the difference between him and ruki is that he actually is angry at you. why? no reason. the only good things about having him as a roommate is that he pays his rent and is pretty quiet. 1/10

shin: brings dogs home that he finds on the street and now your apartment is infested with fleas. has a tail that he chains to his belt loop? you once asked him where the furry convention was and he threw your mattress out the window. 3/10

kino: always on his phone. forgets to pay the electric bill. drinks juice right outta the carton. makes you make a hundred new accounts on different mobile games so you can gift him items. kino isn’t the worst roommate on this list per se, but he’s really pushing it. 2/10


yui: literally best roommate. plugs your phone in at night when you fall asleep. makes you breakfast and impromptu lunches for when you’re going out. if you’re rooming with her after rooming with one of the boys, you cry because she’s such a blessing. 20/10 best roommate

karlheinz: fucked your girlfriend on your bed and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. 0/10 worst roommate

Abandoned girl’s school in New York- The Bennett’s School for Girls fell into disrepair after a series of strange events occurred around the property: Bathrooms would flood on their own, classroom doors would slam shut and lock, leaving classes and teachers terrified and phantom screams were heard from within the walls. The head teacher fled and the school was abandoned, but many believe that angry spirits still call the place home.

it takes the smallest things
for the world to fall apart
one leak in a bathroom
a flood to those below it
two days without power
watching civilization erode
one moment of clarity
never captured again
we have all the pretty toys
so long as we don’t wonder

Dally and Sylvia headcanons/couples moments.
  • They were friends long before they became lovers.
  • In middle school, they both got expelled for flooding the bathrooms/
  •  They sleep in the same bed a lot, not even in a sexual way. They just feel safer together. 
  • “Move over, fraulein.” “Oh Dally, I didn’t know you speak French!”
  • Sylvia hates shaving her legs and hardly ever does, she likes rubbing one stubble-covered leg against Dally’s ass when they’re sharing abed. He flips out.
  • They have double dates with Evie and Steve. Sylvia and Dally make bets on who can “accidentally” trip Steve up the most times.
  • They rob places together and split the cash.
  • Dally doesn’t trust her not to cheat on him with Tim Shepard but he would trust her with his life.
  • Sylvia picks Dally up in her car. She always drives. It irks him.
  • The turning point in their relationship is when Dally gets in a really bad accident at the rodeo and hits his head really hard and Sylvia holds his head still in the backseat while Buck drives. Dally looks up and realizes she’s crying and it’s the first time he’s ever seen her cry.
  • At the end of the day, Sylvia would defend Dally into infinity and Dally would probably do the same.

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What about 1, 2 and 28? -odd anon

1). I answered this, but im indecisive between Tord and Khiel, but i think Tord would a little odd with a name Tom Tord White, so im thinking maybe Matt?? But you know what, fuck it. My middle name is Ni'yala.

2). Im afraid of closed spaces, gives me anxiety attacks. Also maybe when im surrounded by strangers??? Im also afraid of being alone sometimes, i have to have someone with me or, again, i hae anxiety attacks.

28). Haha so when I was an angry child of the age 8. I flooded the girls bathroom. On purpose. I was either angry at my teacher or just curious on what would happen and i put a paper towel in the sink, left the water running, and walked out. I was fucking MAD that day.

Ginny is highly logical

I mean, people say they don’t understand why Ginny would throw Tom Riddle’s diary in the toilet, but it makes sense.

All Ginny knows is that Tom is a being inside the book that can only communicate through ink. She probably thought that if she could force the diary to be wet, it couldn’t write anything and therefore be powerless.

She wouldn’t throw it in the Black Lake because the merpeople might throw it out (plus Ginny was probably taught not to litter). She doesn’t really know any spells to keep it submerged in water, so where do you go? The bathroom!

She didn’t want other people to find it and get sucked in like she did, so she took it to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. The bathroom that no one ever went to.

What she wasn’t expecting was Harry finding it.

So if Harry never went to go see who flooded the bathrooms, and didn’t already feel comfortable in the girl’s restroom, Ginny probably would have succeeded. Just saying.

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When Sehun burns down the dorm kitchen accidentally

Since this is a new blog I will do my first reaction like this! I hope you like it ^_^

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*Smells that something is burnt* ‘What’s this?’

*sees what has happened* ‘’OUR FOOD!!! SEHUN-AH!’’


*can’t stop laughing*

‘’Just wait till Suho or Kyungsoo sees this!’’

Chen / Jongdae

*Baekhyun posted a picture of the kitchen in the group chat*

*Won’t talk to Sehun for the rest of the week*

D.O / Kyungsoo

*gif says it all*

‘’That’s it I don’t even care anymore’’

Kai / Jongin

*Thinks it’s a joke*

*After seeing the kitchen* ‘’Noooo my beloved chicken!!’’

Kris / Wu Yi Fan

‘’He did what? What a pabo, how did he manage to burn down the kitchen?’’

Tao: ‘’Don’t talk like that, you flooded the bathroom last week.’’

Lay / Yixing

‘’But how am I going to cook from now on…?’’

*shocked for the whole day*


‘’Sehun did what?’’

Chen: ‘’He burnt down the kitchen.’’

*Doesn’t believe him*

Suho / Joonmyeon

‘’Are you guys trolling me again?’’

*After Chen shows him the picture*


*The smoke detector wakes him up*

‘’What the?’’ *not sure if he’s still dreaming*


‘’Sehun did what?’’

*Wants to laugh at the mess but holds it back*


*Doesn’t know what to do when the fire starts breaking out*

*After his hyungs complain and scold him* ‘’ I’m never going to cook for you guys ever again.’’

Baek: We don’t want you to either

Welp I hope you guys like my first reaction :D It’s a multiple gif reaction too! Send me asks if u want or maybe send some feedback!~ Annyeong~!

Overflow - Woozi

I had to write smth but where are the Woozi fluff requests XD This is short and silly ahaha hope you all like <3

Common sense wasn’t quite your thing. You were clumsy and tripped a lot, often walked into walls and doors due to not paying attention, tried desperately to find things that were right in front of you, prepared vegetables without peeling or washing them sometimes; you just seemed to lack it. And you boyfriend found it kinda endearing.

This was one of your worst moments, panic surging through you and making you feel slightly dizzy as you waded through the shallow water covering your floor and tried to scoop the clear liquid from your overflowing bathtub into your plastic jug and into the sink next to you. You didn’t notice Jihoon in the doorway of the bathroom as he returned from the studio, frowning at you.

“What’s happening?” he asked quietly, removing his socks and joining you in the flooding bathroom.

“I forgot I was running a bath and so now the water is going everywhere.” you pointed out the obvious in a desperate sounding voice, turning around and giving the brown haired boy a helpless look. “It won’t go away.” He chuckled and shook his head at you, patting your head gently before passing you and turning the tap off. 

“Maybe turning the water off and pulling the plug would help.” he remarked, still laughing as he pulled the plug and watched the water begin swirling around as it emptied. He put it back in once the water was significantly lower, turning back to you and running a hand through your hair, taking your hand in his free one. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” he sighed and pecked your forehead softly, hugging you to him. “You get panicked about the weirdest things. One of these days you’ll actually use that brilliant brain of yours to think.” he raised an eyebrow as he pulled away. “Didn’t you say you wanted a bath? This water will evaporate eventually, so I don’t think we should worry.” You nodded slowly, too tired to clean up anyway and stressed from the small ordeal that had you making a big deal out of what appeared to be nothing. “Mind if I join you in the bath?” he asked, already stripping down. You shook your head before pulling him into a kiss, rolling your eyes when you pulled away.

“What on earth would I do without you?” he merely shrugged with a grin stepping into the warm water as you removed your shirt. 

“Would you even still be alive?” he laughed as you settled against him, your back against his broad chest and come more water sloshing over the sides to make even larger puddles on the tiles of the floor. You relaxed further, letting yourself melt into his figure as his arms encased you.

“Who knows?”

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Idk, smth short, silly and cute like him I guess XD

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Then and Now

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: Confession. It’s sucha daunting word. It just dominates the airspace after you say it. Its three syllables puncture a room like a 30 gauge needle to a fingertip. Okay, I need to shake off this mindset if I’m going to do this.
Do what, you ask? Oh,it’s nothing big. I’m only planning to tell my fellow pea in a pod that I absolutely adore almost everything about him. People do this kind of thing everyday, right?

Present for @xdrawings-x, enjoy you dummy ~

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Chapter 3 of A Taste of the Forbidden Fruit may be updated later than usual. Today I got a new phone so we spent a long time there and then my bathroom flooded and my landlord showed up while we were still at the store and our apartment looked horrible because someone doesn’t like to clean when I am gone. Tomorrow I am spending the day with my best friend to mourn the loss of her dog. She was an amazing little girl who only spent 8 months on this planet. Rip Cami Jo. My friend was really attached to her because she breeds mini Aussie shepherds and this one was from her first litter and she helped deliver her.

Just a small reminder from your friendly neighborhood Prefect that sneaking out after curfew isn’t tolerated. As fun as living on the edge is, I can assure you that cleaning up the flooded bathroom on the second floor is not picnic for old Pennyworth. So if anyone has any idea what backed up the toilet so badly between 12pm and 8am, the input would be greatly appreciated. Also, it might make the vein in Professor Wayne’s forehead throb less which will be good for all of us come time for Potions class tomorrow.

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Do you only love Pippin because of Billy?

[I fell in love with Pippin the very first time I read the books. I was eleven, and I instantly knew this character was made for me, or perhaps I was made for this character. 
Adorable Pippin, who can’t be put into a tub without flooding the entire bathroom.
Sweet, kind Pippin, who believes that “handsome is as handsome does”.
Ever-hungry Pippin, who worries about food more often than he worries about his own safety.
Loyal Pippin Took, who would have went all the way to Mordor with Frodo if he would have let him. 
Young, innocent Pippin, who is all song and jest even in times of trouble and hurt and who has so much love and wonder for the world.
Admiring, wide-eyed Pippin, who marvels at Boromir’s strength and his ability to carry him through the deepest snow. 
Good, clever Pippin, who escapes the orcs and doesn’t give up hope for a single second. 
Brave, selfless Pippin, who swears loyalty to Gondor and saves Faramir’s life.
Annoyingly stubborn Pippin, who refuses to be left out just because he happens to be in his tweens.
Curious, inquisitive Pippin, who’s not afraid to ask a dozen questions at once. 
Fierce, strong Pippin, who doesn’t want to die, but comes to realise that some things are worth dying for. 
Grumpy, wary Pippin, who doesn’t want to sleep in a tree. 
Pippin, who grows up to fulfil his duties as a Thain and defend the Shire with fire and sword.
Flawed, imperfect, lazy, exhausting, hard-headed, gullible, most unwise Pippin Took, who loved Meriadoc Brandybuck so much they died together.]