Stuck on the Go Train in Toronto

So today was an unusual event in Toronto where the rainfall was higher in two hours than it usually is in the entire month of July. Unluckily, my mum was stuck on the Go Train which she boarded at 5:30PM in hopes of reaching her station for just after 6:00PM. She called us not too long after and said that the train would be turning back and going to their start location because the flooding was so high that they could not reach their destination. Unfortunately, the train ended up being stuck right in the middle. Luckily (if one believes there to be luck), since my mum is currently 5 months pregnant she was one of the earlier people who was rescued onto a little rubber boat, to be boarded on a bus, and to later be picked up. She returned home at 11:30PM; spending around five hours on the train. It is unbelievable that it took them about 4 hours to even begin doing anything, such as saving the people trapped in the train. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but boy was a lot of time wasted.