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Kiss Meme

I was tagged by @bi-otic-kaidan-alenko, thanks :)

RULES: List 10 fictional characters you’d like to kiss, then tag people.

(Gonna just stick with video games cause I’m one of those and it’d be way too hard to narrow it down to only 10 if I included any type of character)

1) Kaidan Alenko, Mass Effect (well that was obvious)

2) Miranda Lawson, Mass Effect (again really obvious but I have a thing for dark haired people that put the BI into BI-otics so oh well)

3) Morrigan, Dragon Age (I just love her tbh)

4) Alistair, Dragon Age (same as above, like these 4 were like the 4 horsemen of me coming to terms with my bisexuality tbh lmao)

5) Reyes Vidal, Mass Effect (who wouldn’t kiss this shady, nerdy bastard tho?)

6) Iron Bull, Dragon Age (I mean just look at him, come on.)

7) Dorian Pavus, Dragon Age 

8) Atlas, Bioshock (got to agree with bi-otic-kaidan-alenko here, especially in the burial at sea dlc with his suspenders and stuff like fuck)

9) Arcade Gannon, Fallout New Vegas (Come on people, 10/10 would kiss)

10) Serana, Skyrim (She’s such a nerdy, ancient vampire come on let’s be honest here)

I’m going to tag a few people but I’m drinking so sorry if I leave anyone out and sorry if you’ve done these before I’m pretty forgetful sorry haha

@mehutchinsane @normandystarlight @bagog @humblydefiant  @shotce @canceriancommunist @moscarelli​  ​ @papidanse  @javixr

Again no pressure if you don’t want to or have done it before, it’s just for fun :)

Summer Witch Activities and Aesthetics

🍋Enchanted Lemonade for energy and happiness

🌊Going to the beach, feeling the energy of the ocean, and taking some home with you in the form of sand, ocean water, rocks, and shells

🌸🍃Gathering or growing flowers, plants, and herbs

🌿👣🌾 Taking walks in nature, listening for the voice of the forest, and hearing whispers in the wind

🌻💛 Sunbathing, cleansing, and meditating

🔮🕯 Visiting flea markets to find antiques, treasures, tools, and sometimes divination/readings

✨of course, add on to this! (if you want..) what do you do in the summer as a witch?!✨

PSA to the Sheith fandom regarding the filter ‘-Keith/Lance’ on AO3

  We’re all pretty much aware that shkla.nce and Klnce floods the Sheith tag on ao3. To counter this, a majority of the shippers use ‘-Keith/Lance’ in the Search within results section to get the Sheith content that they want.

I’ve used the ‘-Keith/Lance’ once upon a time, until I got introduced to ‘-filter_ids:276512′ by the ao3 twitter account. The funny thing is to this day I still don’t know what those numbers stand for.

This is what the Sheith tag looks like unfiltered:

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funkstercosplay:  Next time on The Walking Dead….

@White folks, Imma need yall to get your own shit

Like literally, Black people make some shit up and yall are on it faster than flies on candy. We make up a word? Half yall white folks done flooded the tags with it. We do a dance and yall just NEED to fuckin participate RIGHT TF NOW. Rihanna does a hairstyle and there’s 72 white girls on twitter claiming they’re doing it better.

Like damn, yall are those kids who ask to play with other people’s shit before they even took the toy all the way out the box. Let the people who made the shit at least enjoy it for a second before yall put your noses in it.

Because let’s be clear, when yall start doing shit, it stops being cool. Black people only have to keep making new shit CONSTANTLY because yall ruin everything tbh. Like as soon as one of us does ANY-FUCKIN-THING yall are just waiting to pounce. And then we gotta watch our culture get half-assed and then thrown away by people who literally did nothing.

Maybe if yall spent less time vulturing the rest of us, yall could make up cool words and dances and outfits too.

(And lowkey, some of yall non-Black PoC are toeing the line)