flood of 11

watching bojack horseman when u have any kind of experience with mental illness is a lot like being repeatedly punched in the chest and brain with an iron gauntlet covered in tiny knives

but like

funny and with some jokes about anthropomorphic animals

Chapter 145: Title

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Pg 1: Several images are shown: a bike outside a house, two people sleeping in a bed, Scarecrow (Hide) standing), a girl petting a cat.

Pg 2: A man sits at a computer with headphones on. The city of Tokyo flourishes.

Pg 3: Two people are shown at the top of stairs. The same people are shown again sleeping. The man sitting at the computer leans back and looks out the window.

Pg 4: The man sees a large eye staring back at him.

Pg 5: Kaneki’s tendrils break into the side of a building.

Pg 6: A helicopter is shown flying in the background. A woman is reporting and when she turns she sees an eye staring at her from the end of a tendril.

Pg 7: Exhausted men gather in an auditorium. Outside people see the tendrils snaking throughout the city.

Pg 8: Cars drive through the city. A tendril with an eye peeks around the corner and suddenly envelopes everything.

Pg 9: A large figure tosses humans around. A woman crouches to shield her child from it.

Pg 10: People look up to see tendrils above them. The city is completely surrounded and Kaneki’s form floods the streets.

Pg 11: People are shown screaming and being killed by the tendrils.

Pg 12: A dark tendril encircles a building.

Pg 13: The tendril is shown having eyes line it and a gaping mouth.

Pg 14: Kaneki’s form is shown (note that this figure greatly resembles the “ghoul” that Kaneki drew all the way back in Chapter 1 of Tokyo Ghoul).

Pg 15: A close up of one of the eyes is shown with a pixelated appearance.

Part ½

After reblogging @eventingarab ’s emergency horse care post for before a disaster (most of which consists of what most equine professionals in areas prone to disasters recommend), I wanted to share an after care post for horses.
DISCLAIMER: This is what MY vet recommended for US to do. Other vets or equine professionals may suggest a different protocol. If you disagree or don’t think what was recommended to me is correct, contact YOUR VET for their protocol. If you are not comfortable with something going on with your horse, CALL YOUR VET. I am in no way a professional, just simply passing on recommendations I was given.
Something’s to have on hand BEFORE if possible. This, of course is not a complete list, but is just some things I can think of.
1. Your horses current vaccination/vet report, your horses papers/bill of sale/way to prove they are yours.
2. Any medication they needed prior to emergency
3. Bute/banamine
4. Oral antibiotics
5. Iodine
6. Betadine
7. Thrush buster, coppertox, or your choice of thrush medication
8. Topical antibiotics
9. Vet wrap and cotton pads
10. Fly spray (flys and mosquitoes will be terrible after a flood)
11. Poultice pads, hoof packing, epson salts
12. Duct tape
13. Knife or scissors

You may not like polar bears, but you must pay attention to what happened to them.

“Before the flood” (free to watch till 11/6)

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Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms - Roundup of Tropical Storms:

There are no current tropical storms.


Thailand - Floods persist in seven southern provinces, with more than 900,000 people affected by inundations that have resulted in 22 deaths over the past 15 days. The northeastern monsoon that began on Nov 25 has brought flooding to 11 southern provinces: Pattani, Yala, Songkhla, Phatthalung, Trang, Satun, Chumphon, Narathiwat, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Surat Thani and Krabi.

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ᴛ.ᴏ.ᴘ | Lᴏɴᴇʟʏ Nɪɢʜᴛs |♤|
            ♫ If you talk about success, you could say 
                        where I am is success but
            Shall I be satisfied here and be fallen behind 
                        when I open my eyes?

Requested by: Anonymous. 

It came out of nowhere, the text that read in a series of crisp letters: I’m sorry I let you down.

You frowned slightly at the message, the number that the message came from unknown to you. Let downs were the natural order of things, you’d assessed a long time ago and now that you had a few years of adulthood under your belt, you couldn’t fathom who’d actually sent the text. There were so many that had let you down that keeping a list would’ve been unorthodox. So now, as you sat in a partially empty bar waiting for a friend who was running late, you mind raced to find who the source might be.

At the sound of someone clearing their throat, you rose you gaze to the figure taking a seat before you. Even with his disguise on you knew who it was—your heart knew who it was. He sat rigidly against the wooden chair’s back, his starched suit not a let down from his usual fashionista ways. He called out your name, lips curling up into a knowing smile. It was a smile that was reserved for you and one you hadn’t seen in years now.

“Seunghyun,” you greeted softly with a quirk of your brow. Though clearly frazzled, confusion managed to trump the butterflies. “It’s been a while,” he began.

And so it had. 11 years to be exact.

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The Great Flood
  • Genesis: 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.
  • Genesis: 7:12 And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.
  • God: [takes picture of earth covered in water]
  • God: [posts it on Tumblr]
  • Aesthetic

March 11th 1864: The Great Sheffield Flood

On this day in 1864 the Dale Dyke Dam in Sheffield broke, causing one of the largest floods in English history. 650 million gallons of water swept down Loxley Valley and through areas of Sheffield. The flood destroyed 800 homes and killed around 293 people, thus making it the largest man-made disaster to befall England, and one of the deadliest floods in history. Individual stories from the disaster are particularly tragic. For example Joseph Dawson found the currents too strong and was unable to save both his wife and two day old baby boy - the Dawsons’ unnamed child became the first victim of the floods. The destruction afterwards led one observer to remark that Sheffield was “looking like a battlefield”. Today marks the 150th anniversary of this tragedy, which is often forgotten in English history, and many Sheffielders will take this day to remember what once happened to their city.

Consider the difference in the examples of the John F. Kennedy assassination and 9/11. While you’ve probably seen only a single film clip of the scene from Dealey Plaza in 1963 when President Kennedy was shot, hundreds of television and amateur cameras were pointed at the scene on 9/11. Yet neither issue is settled for Americans; in one recent survey, about as many people said the government was concealing the truth about 9/11 as those who said the same about the Kennedy assassination.

Documentary proof seems to have lost its power. If the Kennedy conspiracies were rooted in an absence of documentary evidence, the 9/11 theories benefited from a surfeit of it. So many pictures from 9/11 flooded the internet, often without much context about what was being shown, that conspiracy theorists could pick and choose among them to show off exactly the narrative they preferred. There is also the looming specter of Photoshop: Now, because any digital image can be doctored, people can freely dismiss any bit of inconvenient documentary evidence as having been somehow altered.

This gets to the deeper problem: We all tend to filter documentary evidence through our own biases. Researchers have shown that two people with differing points of view can look at the same picture, video or document and come away with strikingly different ideas about what it shows.

That dynamic has played out repeatedly this year. Some people look at the WikiLeaks revelations about Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and see a smoking gun, while others say it’s no big deal, and that besides, it’s been doctored or stolen or taken out of context. Surveys show that people who liked Mr. Trump saw the Access Hollywood tape where he casually referenced groping women as mere “locker room talk”; those who didn’t like him considered it the worst thing in the world.


How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth - The New York Times

The spread of misinformation in a social network is a feature, not a bug. Maybe what people want to share isn’t the information but the emotional trigger. Maybe in a social context it’s no longer an information network but an emotional network.

It's Taylor Swift's Birthday! Here's 16 Times The Birthday Girl Gave Back

1) The pop star made a generous donation to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on behalf of her godson Leo Thames. Jaime King posted a shot of the letter informing her of the donation in her son’s name. “Tribute gifts are essential to patient care programs and services at Cedars-Sinai,” the letter stated. “They make the good work of the physicians, surgeons, researchers, and nursing staff possible and we are very grateful to receive them.”

The mom-of-two took to Instagram to thank her best friend and in doing so revealed that her young son was diagnosed with “Transposition of the Great Arteries AKA TGA” at 20-weeks old.

“He had a major heart surgery, that was terrifying, and traumatic for us as parents, for our family. Only a few of our best friends knew. I felt that I had to protect him in fear of the unknown, fear he would not make it. We felt isolated & confused. @taylorswift does so many selfless acts that go unnoticed because she does them silently, from such a great place of unconditional giving,” Jaime attached to the letter. “As the Godmother of Leo Thames for his birthday she gave an incredible donation to the people that saved his life Dr. Allistar Phillips and his brilliant team. It made us realize that silence cannot connect other parents & people going through these issues. TS knew that by giving back in this way would be the greatest gift one could give to us, to Leo Thames and to all of those with congenital heart issues. She came to the ICU to comfort us, to hold and bond with him with such grace & strength.”

2) Taylor is doing what she can to help the people of Louisiana. The pop star is donating $1 million dollars to the state after rain caused massive flooding leaving 11 dead and destroying 40,00 homes. The pop star released a statement encouraging others to help as well saying, “We began the 1989 World Tour in Louisiana, and the wonderful fans there made us feel completely at home. The fact that so many people in Louisiana have been forced out of their own homes this week is heartbreaking. I encourage those who can to help out and send your love and prayers their way during this devastating time.”

3) While staying Down Under in Australia with her boyfriend Tom-Hiddleston, Taylor Swift stepped out for solo trip to Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane. The 1989 singer surprised her fans, including Sam (pictured above) during the visit, which was orchestrated by Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia. The hospital thanked the Grammy winner for visiting on Facebook writing, “Thank you Taylor Swift for dropping by the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital this afternoon to give our patients and families a special surprise they’ll never forget.” They added, “They’ll never ‘shake off’ the memories you made tonight. To our lucky families who met Taylor, if you have any photos you’d like to share, we’d love to see them, so feel free to post them here.”

4) Christmas came early for cancer patient Delaney Clements. Taylor Swift paid a visit to her young fan in Colorado, while en route to Tennessee. The 13-year-old said it was the “most amazing miracle” having Taylor enter her room. Recalling the visit, she wrote, “I was just laying down taking a nap in my room when my mom said I had a visitor. And I thought it might just be another person coming to see how I was. Then suddenly the most amazing miracle happens… The Taylor Swift walked into my bedroom and spent the afternoon with me just talking and hanging!!!! I am beyond Blessed for everyone’s help and support!!!”

5) Taylor helped make one fan’s dream come true of hearing her sing at her Sydney, Australia concert. Jorja Hopes’ wish was to hear the “Bad Blood” songstress before she loses her hearing due to an inner-ear condition. Not only did the 12-year-old listen to every song, she got to meet Taylor. Her mom Melissa told Australia’s 'Today’ show, “It’s been a fairytale.”

6) Taylor donated 25,000 books to New York City public schools! Thanks to Taylor and the Scholastic Possible Fund, 1,000 age-appropriate books will be donated to 25 schools in need around New York City.

7) #ShakeItOffForJalene: Taylor encouraged fans across the world to participate in her and 4-year-old fan Jalene Salinas’ online dance party, an act that Jalene can cross off of her bucket list thanks to the pop star.

8) Taylor invited Kasey Andrew to her exclusive '1989’ listening party at her New York City apartment. While there, Taylor offered her words of encouragement after the fan reached out and shared her experience about a recent heartbreak.

9) Taylor pulled her '1989’ album from the Apple streaming service after learning that the company would not pay artists during the free three-moth trial. Taylor spoke and Apple listened, agreeing to make sure artists are fully compensated for their music.

10) #Swiftmas: Taylor purchased, wrapped and gifted many fans with personalized Christmas gifts over the holiday, to show her appreciation.

11) Taylor donated $15,000 to firefighter Aaron Van Riper after learning that he rescued his wife and young son from a nearly fatal car crash. After learning that she missed the London concert in Hyde Park of the “1989” tour, Taylor gifted fan Stephanie Be with tickets to her show in Dublin.

12) Taylor invited new bride and super fan Katy Harris backstage after she tied the knot in the parking lot outside of her “1989” tour stop in Philly.

13) Taylor sent a care package to a young fan that included letters, a painting and a check for $1,989 to help her pay her student loans.

14) Upon discovering that one of her dancer’s nephews was ill Taylor donated $50,000 to baby Ayden’s GoFundMe page to help pay for the 13-month-old’s cancer treatment.

15) Taylor Swift has proven that she is one of the most generous celebrities in the world! The pop star always find a way to give back to her fans, whether she is sending them personalized Christmas gifts, helping them go viral or donating books, you can always count on Taylor to save the day. Here is a round up of some of Taylor’s most generous moments.

16) The 1989 singer paid tribute to a late fan by making a sizable donation to cover her funeral costs. Taylor donated $5,000 on a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Katie Beth Carter, who died in an Alabama car crash over the Labor Day weekend.

Writing to her deceased fan’s sister, the pop star penned, “Kimi, No words could express how sorry I am for your loss. I know that you will keep Katie’s memory alive. Please know how much I am thinking of you and saying a prayer for your family. All my love, Taylor.”

Kimi shared a snapshot of the message and donation on her Instagram page. Attached to the image she wrote, “this…… I cannot believe this at all…..thank you so much, Taylor…. me and my sister are smiling so hard… @taylorswift.”

The sanctuary at Houston’s United Orthodox Synagogues took in 3 feet of water during a flash flood that hit Houston on April 18. The synagogue flooded 11 months earlier during a similar flash flood event.  

* * *

United Orthodox Synagogues, Houston, April 19, 2016


On this day in music history: March 30, 1967 - The album cover photos for The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” are staged and photographed in London. With the “concept of Sgt. Pepper” set, the next issue is what to put on the album cover. The main idea comes from Paul McCartney, who initially sketches some pictures of The Beatles in uniform receiving keys to the city by the mayor flanked by a group of famous people behind them. McCartney discusses his ideas with his friend, art dealer Robert Fraser who puts him in touch with graphic artist Peter Blake and photographer Michael Cooper. Once the wheels are set in motion, Blake gets right to work on the project. He asks the band what persons they would like to be in the collage behind them. They make their choices along with Blake. The bands roadies Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall go to various libraries around town and find prints of the various people in books, which Blake has blow ups made of, and then hand tints each one. A few of the subjects including Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi are not included in the final product. It will take Peter Blake and his wife Jann Haworth eight days to assemble the collage and other props for the actual photo shoot. The photo session takes place at Chelsea Manor Studios at 1-11 Flood Street in the Chelsea district of London. With The Beatles wearing their satin military styled band uniforms (designed by British theatrical costumers M. Berman, Ltd. of London), the photos for the cover, center spread and back cover are taken by photographer Michael Cooper. The cost of the staging and photo session comes to £3,000 (approximately $10,643.00 USD today), which in 1967 is considered an extravagant amount since EMI normally would budget album cover art at the time at around £50 (approx. $76.00). Upon its release, the album cover becomes an instant pop cultural icon, and among one of the most copied and parodied of all time. In 1968, Peter Blake and Jann Haworth win the Grammy Award for Best Album Cover Graphic Arts.

A Day In The Life - 30th March 1967: Cover shoot for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Prior to a late night recording session at Abbey Road, The Beatles visit Michael Cooper’s London photographic studio where the cover photographs for Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band are taken.

The shoot takes place at 4 Chelsea Manor Studios, 1-11 Flood Street, just off King’s Road in Chelsea. The studios opened in 1902, and Cooper established his studio from 22 July 1966.

The Beatles arrive in the late afternoon. The soon-to-be-famous collage, designed by Peter Blake and his wife Jann Haworth, had been assembled in the studio during the preceding eight days. In addition to the front cover shot, The Beatles also pose for the images used on the back cover and the gatefold sleeve.

The cover came about after Paul McCartney came up with the album title. He took some ideas to his art dealer friend Robert Fraser, who suggested they use Blake, Haworth and Cooper to realize the concept.

McCartney’s initial idea is to stage a presentation featuring a mayor and a corporation, with a floral clock and a selection of photographs of famous faces on the wall behind The Beatles. McCartney takes the list and sketches to Peter Blake, who develops the concept further. Further names are added and others fell by the wayside.

Jesus and Hitler are among John Lennon’s choices, but they are left off the final list. Gandhi, meanwhile, is disallowed by Sir Joseph Lockwood, the head of EMI, after he tells them they would have problems having the sleeve printed in India.