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funkstercosplay:  Next time on The Walking Dead….

Regular orders for Shukita prints are open! :”)

**Get 3 or more prints to get a free 4″x6″ print

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Heyyy I need more blogs to follow.

So here’s a list of things I like!

I’m going to start this with saying I like a lot of Anime, Manga, Video Games, and Art! I can’t list EVERYTHING but these are the main ones I can think of right now!

  • FMA (preferably the manga or Brotherhood. but any FMA really! I haven’t seen the original anime though. So some references would be lost on me.)
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Kuroko No Basuke
  • Free!
  • Romance anime in general??
  • Vocaloid
  • Pandora Hearts (haven’t read the manga here either. I’m too poor to buy mangas aha.)
  • Boku No Hero Academia (I haven’t read the manga so I’d prefer just anime?? but honestly spoilers aren’t too big of a deal so! either works.)
  • Tales Of Zestiria (PREFERABLY no Beseria spoilers because I REALLY wanna play it but I can’t afford to buy the game right now ;;)
  • ART BLOGS! Art supplies/tips, Original art or fan art of ANYTHING I MENTION HERE is very welcome!!! I have an art blog my self and I LOVE following other artists!
  • Akatsuki No Yona (please for the love of everything, I NEED more of this!!)
  • Mob Psycho / One Punch (Anything by ONE basically.)
  • Video games in general. I like being updated on video game stuff!
  • Animation!! I’m getting into doing animation and I’d love to follow others doing the same. Or who have already been into animation for a long time!
  • Owls!! I love owls. Any birds and animals really. But Owls, Cats, and Cockatoos are my favorites!

If I find any other things I want, I’ll reblog this and add them! Thank you if you suggest your blog or someone elses! ^^ 

hey guys quick warning announcement

if you’re in the mp100 fandom and are easily triggered by pedophilia content STAY AWAY FROM THE AO3 TAG FOR NOW

it seems some really sick people are planning to flood the tag with all kinds of toddler porn fic in the coming weeks and i urge you all to please be careful

we are trying to contact the site admins to try and put a stop to this but in the meantime don’t go in the tag


Fashionweek 1/??  VINO VASHARI

Spoilt human noble engie main, I wanted the armor to look functional but fancy? After being forcibly kicked out of the Krytan high life, he mainly works for the pact with whispers jobs on the side. 
im bad at writing things like these so here have the thingies:

Head: Reading Glasses
Shoulder: Rubicon Shoulders
Chest: Aetherblade Jerkin
Gloves: Aetherblade Armguards
Pants: Inquest leggings
Feet: Forgeman’s Boots
Back: Guild backpack (im STILL mourning the engi kit backpacks :((  )
Weapon: too many (shown: Balthazars pistol, HOPE) (not shown: Predator, HMS divinity)
Dyes: Iron, Antique gold, Lifesblood

Sometimes I think about Castiel being conflicted about having romantic feelings for both of the Winchesters.

Castiel getting sweaty palms and butterflies when he’s studying lore with Sam and being in awe of how brilliant the younger Winchester is and/or watching some kind of documentary with him about space and feeling his cheeks grow hot when Sam casually stretches out and rests his head on his shoulder.

Or Cas sitting out in the garage with Dean while he works on the Impala, passing him the tools he needs while listening to Dean singing out of key to whatever classic rock song he’s got playing on the radio. And if he has to excuse himself because the sight of Dean all sweaty and breathless gets him hard well…that’s his business.

But the Winchesters aren’t conflicted at all.

Besides, Castiel’s always been their angel and it all comes to a head one morning when Cas sleepily makes his way to the kitchen, lured out of his blanket nest by the smell of hot coffee and both Winchester brothers greet him with a kiss to each of his cheeks before settling at the table and waiting for him to process what just happened.

When he realizes that he doesn’t have to choose, that he can have this with them, he just kinda stands there with this dopey grin on his face.

“We love you, too, Cas, but your breakfast is getting cold,” Sam grins.
Castiel nods and takes his rightful place between both of the Winchesters.

i don’t want to be extra but if you all actually cared if bo was “okay” as much as u all flood his tag , you would actually do more research on him and see how in interviews he’s literally said his stage persona is such an exaggeration??? and he said he’s not suicidal and would never try to make it seem that way??? so please stop saying he’s gonna k*ll himself and that he’s not okay. like fr if u were truly worried about someone i’m hoping you wouldn’t mention it once in a tag and then never give it a second thought.


ASGORE’S TURN (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Funny thing, the Asgore on the right pretty much arrived to the photoshoot when it was all the Asgore cosplayers turn to be photographed <: I know the Underswap Asgore cosplayer sorta, hanged out with them and a bunch of others during the whole convention, they cosplayed Chara in one of the earlier photos, but I never caught their name or their tumblr, but I srs loved their cosplay it was so good and pretty like aahhhhh

Edit: the Underswap Asgore does not have a tumblr but they do have a facebook named jojocosplayandstuff check them out <:

Also the bro fist one is one of my faves~

If you recognize yourself in any of my photo’s and want to make yourself known then feel free to message me and I will tag you :D