This tree in St. Louis, MO was struck by lightning, causing it to burn on the inside.

Video: Jim Probst

Florida vs. Irma

How Hurricane Irma looks to the rest of the country:

How Hurricane Irma looks to Floridians:

How the rest of the country thinks we should prepare:

How Floridians actually prepare:

What the rest of the country is demanding:

How Floridians feel about the evacuation:

What everyone else thinks will happen to those who stay:

What Floridians actually do during a hurricane:

3.5 million Americans without power. Homes flooded. Everything lost. Dozens dead with the potential for more fatalities every day. FEMA running out of money as record storms slam the country and wildfires burn…

But President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is tweeting for the firing of athletes who respectfully kneel during the national anthem. LET THAT FUCKING SINK IN! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HIRE A TV PERSONALITY TO RUN THE COUNTRY.


alexherps The day after hurricane Irma passed through @rhettstanberryTaylor and I went out to search for animals displaced by the flood waters. We ended up finding upwards of 70 snakes in just a few hours along with some cool turtles and tons of other wildlife. Here’s a mess of pygmy rattlesnakes that were trapped alongside the shoulder of a busy road surely to be annihilated by mowers in the coming days. So instead we gave them a lift to some higher ground across the flooded areas away from people 👍
Floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal kill 1,200 and leave millions homeless
At least 1,200 people have been killed and millions have been left homeless following devastating floods that have hit India, Bangladesh and Nepal, in one of the worst flooding disasters to have affected the region in years. International aid agencies said thousands of villages have been cut off by flooding with people being deprived of food and clean water for days. South Asia suffers from frequent flooding during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, but authorities have said this year's floods have been much worse.

One of the disadvantages of an American-centric media is that we sometimes don’t hear of the atrocities happening elsewhere in the world. While we continue to pray for those in Texas, I was saddened to hear of this, as it’s not received nearly as much coverage.

Please pray for flood victims in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh


Awesome Himalayan River Gorge, near Darcha, Himachal Pradesh state, Northern India


as some of my followers know, i am from Houston and have lived there for the past six years. as many of you know, houston and surrounding areas have been hit hard by hurricane harvey and the damage is only getting worse.

one of my best friends cancelled her baby shower and is using the money to help people living in poverished areas. she has two trucks that are being loaded with supplies and sent out this weekend.

I have 3,800 followers on this account. if everyone donated a dollar….. i mean. please, guys. my friends are giving up their pets and evacuating their homes and seeking refuge and food and shelter.

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again, these are my friends and family in need. houston is extremely diverse and full of immigrants, POC, THOUSANDS of homeless people and veterans, multiple religions and orientations. any little action will make a huge difference. I have a friend who has been at the George R Brown convention center for 30 hours, serving food to families who have been displaced. my parents and brothers are unable to leave their house. my friend, her husband, 3 toddlers and 3 pets have been evacuated from their home and their in laws’ home. they have no other family in the area so they are going to be taken to a shelter. another friend is stuck at the hospital while her husband and three month old baby are trapped in their house. another friend is on a boat, rescuing people from around the city.

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