Imagine Floki being proud of Ivar for marrying a wonderful women and being an even wonderful father to their child Heidi


“I’m so proud of ya!” Floki cheered wrapping his right arm around Ivar’s shoulders and placing a kiss on the side of his forehead.
Both men laughed afterwards and Floki rested his head against the side of Ivar’s, “You’ve got a wife and even a child!” Floki flaunts, “Your growing up boy.”
Ivar chuckled at Floki comments, to here Floki speak so highly of him helped Ivar with his ego. Ivar never thought he would be married much less have a family of his own.
“How is the little warrior anyways?” Floki askes.
“Getting stronger each and every day.” Ivar smiled widely at the thought of his daughter becoming a powerful shield maiden.
“Father-” cried out a voice, Floki and him faced around to see the young girl running up towards them, stopping just a few inches away from her father the young girl wore a pout upon her face.
“Heidi what is wrong?” Ivar questions, “You were suppose to meet me and mama on the training grounds a few hours ago.” Heidi pouted.
Floki chuckled and ruffled her hair before facing Ivar, “Go and train the young warrior.” Floki says before walking off in the direction of his house, Ivar nodded and crawled after his daughter who lead him to the training grounds.
“Mama I got papa!” Heidi called out.
Facing away from the tree an axe in hand (Y/n) smiled sweetly at her husband and child, “I see that Heidi, good job for fetching your father for training.”
“Now mama can I show papa my trick?” Heidi begged.
“Yes dear.”
Upon giving Heidi the okay sign Heidi ran over to the tree where her bow and arrow lied, walking in front of her parents she took a deep breathe upon seeing them sitting by a couple of rocks.
“Ready whenever you are dear!” (Y/n) calls out.
“Ready!” Heidi calls back.
Pulling the arrow back against the thick string of the bow her eyes locked with the black raven that sat on a tree a couple of trees away from them.
Making sure her arrow was facing the raven correctly Heidi closed one eyes and squinted the other.
Nodding her head she waited for the words to leave her mother’s mouth.
Before the raven could fly over Heidi let go of the arrow it shot past the trees and leafs before planting itself deep within the raven pinning it against the tree trunk dead.
Cheers erupted from both Ivar and (Y/n) as they moved to their daughters side hugging her in congratulation for her perfect kill.
“Floki was right about you Heidi.” smiled Ivar, Heidi faced her father with an confused expression.
“You are a little warrior.”

Decorating the christmas tree // Ivar the Boneless & Floki // Vikings Headcannon 🥀🖤


Requested — “Hi.😄 Could you write something about decorating Christmas trees with Vikings? With Floki or Ivar, pretty please?”

Send requests or CHRISTMAS requests for imagines / preferences / headcannons 🥀🖤


- ivar would sit down carving new baubles with a knife and passing the already made ones to you to hang

- He would hang them in the bottom half while you do the middle section because you probably can’t reach the top

- You would give ivar his crutches to give him support and help with the top part

- You’d stand on a stall while ivar holds onto you

- And you’d both put the star on top


- unlike Ivar, Floki would take the top of the tree because he’s a tree himself

- He’d always be overjoyed with how the tree turned out to look

- He’d pick you up and put the star on top of the tree

- He’d just stand and look at it, starting to rearrange it, if he wasn’t satisfied enough

- And would carve little boat baubles to add on to the tree


Being with Floki would include

* treats his girl so well
* boat rides all the time
* he’ll bring flowers just because
* teaching you how to build and always encouraging to do more
* looking after you when it’s raiding time
* being a power couple in the eye of Ivar
* teasing Floki for his ways and he just rolls his eyes and smiles


“When Odin’s beloved son died, not only did people weep. But fire wept, and iron, and all the other metals wept. The stones wept, earth wept.”                                                                                         “Farewell, voyager. Farewell, my heart. Farewell, for now.”


“Your god? You believe him to be true?”
“Just as much as you believe yours.”
Her response left him stumped as he watched her sweep his floors. “Your god, what is he like?”
“He is… he is…” She sighed and stopped sweeping for a moment. “My god is like yours. Only, we do not answer to many but just one. He shines a light on us if we are worthy and we live our life wanting to be worthy.”
“You fear death?” He asked her, mind exploding in ways he had never thought of before.
“Of course.” She answered. “Do you?”
He looked away and bit his cheek. “No, I do not fear death. I embrace it, for when I die I will be feasting with my gods.” The more he asked about her lands and her people, the more he wished to touch her hair and show her mercy. It dawned in him to keep calling her slave, but, she believes in a false god and she not of his people, so, a slave is who she is.

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