floki and his boat

Preference - How they comfort you


Seeing Ivar gently putting his arms around you wasn’t a very familiar picture. You didn’t think he even knew your name.

“It’s going to be fine.” He whispered, eyes set into the distance while you quietly sobbed into his clothes.

Maybe you start to easily see real pain and desperation once you lived through it yourself. His words were directed at himself just as much as they were towards you.

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Imagine accidentally telling Ivar that you like him II

I’m really sorry, I’m a bit late. I was planing on posting this last night but something happened and I wasn’t able to. Hope you’ll enjoy. Still I apologize for all spelling or grammar mistakes.

That night was restless. Memories of what happened today were haunting you, not letting you to sleep. Lack of Ivar’s reaction and his blank face, like rope, wrapped around your chest and did not let you to breath. How could you be so stupid to develop feelings towards  Ivar the Emotionless?

Morning after sleepless night was -the morning-. Not only that you were about to go on your first raid, but you had to face consequences of you big mouth. Not to mention that you’ll be on boat with your father, Floki, Helga, Tanaruz and of course Ragnarsons. These fifteen  days will be nightmare.
When you arrived on shore of Kattegat, there was not a lot of people that you know. Most of them were warriors of earls who joined you to help revenge the Legend. Your father stayed to take care of one customer, so you had to come alone. You almost jumped out of joy when you noticed Floki near your boat. He was boarding supplies and weapons.
-Hi, Floki.- you said while grabbing one big box to help him. -Hey, Y/N.- He smiled, glad that somebody actually care to help him. Ubbe and Hvitserk should have done that by now but they were probably still sleeping.  -So, where are Helga and Tanaruz?- You asked to distract your mind with something rather than how boxes are heavy or  how you’ll survive fifteen days on boat with Ivar. -They went to gather some herbs in forest. In case somebody get wounded.- he explained.
Sun was getting higher in sky and shore was getting crowdier. You turned your head looking for you father. Instead you noticed five boys on one of the docks. Bjorn was shouting and wildly explaining something with his hands. -They could come and help us.- You snorted.  Floki made strange face expression. - They are sons of Ragnar. They are above this peasant work.- His sarcasm made you smile. You looked again in intention to figure out what Bjorn could be possibly be so angry for. But it was when you realized that pair of blue eyes were observing you. Uncomfortable feeling woke up in your stomach and your heart sped up.
Sharp pain on  finger made you snap your head back. Red, thick fluid was slowly running down to your palm and dripping on cause of you injury. Bunch of swords barely wrapped in thin layer of material. You bit your tongue not to curse. -You should watch what are you doing, Y/N.- Floki looked at you with amused grin. You raised your eyebrow at him. He obviously had something to say. -He came to me last night.-
Oh no. No. You hoped that Ivar would keep his mouth shut for once. -And?- you tried to sound not so interested as you were. -He asked me for advice.- Floki smirked. -About women. He asked what man should do if woman likes him. And when I ask him which girl is he talking about, he shrugged and said that he is only curious- You mentally sighed. -Why would you tell me that?- you tried to cover treble in your voice. Floki giggled.  -You know Y/N, telling Ivar that you love him is not so brave, but loving Ivar is brave.- Your heart dropped in your feet. -What are you talking about?- You narrowed your eyebrows. Acting was never your thing. -Floki is many things, but not blind.- With that, he jumped on boat.
-Y/N!- Hvitserk called. You turned around to face him. -Ivar wants to speak with you.- he pointed towards dock where Ivar sat alone now. -Why?- you asked defensively. -I don’t know.-
You could feel his gaze while you walked to him. You tried to ignore knot in your stomach that was making you sick. You had no idea how he could react. All these years of being around him only taught you that he is unpredictable. You could never guess his reaction. -Sit.- he commanded the moment you reached him. You hated when somebody tell you what to do, and he knows it, but now you were too anxious to care. You obeyed and sat next to him, still making some distance between you two.
Silence was tearing your soul and nerves and when you were sure he wasn’t going to tell anything soon, you snapped. -Ivar, you don’t have to feel obligated to like me just because I like you.- The thing that made you two so close is that you both attached hardly. People saw you as cold and selfish.- I know that is hard to develop love interest in someone.- You didn’t want him to feel pressure around you. That would hurt even more.
-I like you too.- -I know, it’s just…- You eyes widened. -Wait, what?- Your eyes met his ocean blue ones. - I love you, to be honest.- There was way too long silence before he continued. -I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that to you. You deserve so much better than me.- For a moment, angry, frustrated Ivar was gone. -There is so much wrong with me. And yet you fell for me.- Vulnerable. The word you could never connect to Ivar. And there he was. His face expression calm and his voice soft. If your injury didn’t hurt that much you’d say it’s a dream. -Why?- he almost whispered.
Then, everything happened fast. You were leaning in and your lips met. He was surprised a bit, but didn’t think twice when he kissed you back. His lips so soft and warm that made you forget everything around you. It was just you and Ivar. You pulled away to take shaky breath. -Do I need reason to love you?-


Being with Floki would include

* treats his girl so well
* boat rides all the time
* he’ll bring flowers just because
* teaching you how to build and always encouraging to do more
* looking after you when it’s raiding time
* being a power couple in the eye of Ivar
* teasing Floki for his ways and he just rolls his eyes and smiles