Oh well, let’s prepare a big post here~

Okay, okay, I see that some of you are really confused, I received more messages via chat of confused people that couldn’t find any signs that showed Frisk acting like they thought they were dead. I get this is difficult to notice if you don’t know the character at all, or maybe those hints were just too tiny and you couldn’t see them. So now I’ll proceed to explain:

- The first sign could be Frisk’s tranquility, how calm they were after falling down a hole. But that could be relative, after all, my Frisk is a really quiet kid. So I won’t count that one as a REAL hint.

- On page 8 we can see the first piece of evidence. “It can’t be THAT bad”. A talking flower just told them they are in a place where monsters, (those who kidnap kids and eat people), are after their soul. But “it can’t be that bad”, right? After all, what’s the worse thing that could happen? Death? Oh wait…

- Page 16. Frisk refused to do the tutorial properly. That could have been, indeed, because they are a nice kid that want to hurt no one. But this demonstrates that they weren’t taking Flowey’s indications seriously. It was a game and they could play it however they wanted to. It’s not like anything was gonna happen to them anyway, right?

- This lack of caring can also be seen during the battle with Froggit, more precisely on page 21. “You just don’t get close to a murderous frog and pet it”, said Flowey soon after that. Frisk wasn’t really aware of the danger, and didn’t care about their well-being, because they thought that they were already dead, they couldn’t possibly die again.

- On the extra image that came with page 34 we can see more of Frisk’s uncaring behaviour. It served them well, however, so we could say this way of thinking had something good after all. But however, Napstablook told them that their behaviour would cost them their life sooner or later. Which, of course, happened.

- On page 31, we can see Flowey shouting (again). Saying that Frisk should take the whole situation seriously. But Frisk can’t do that, because… they think everything is a dream, an after-life dream.

- This dialogue on page 32 is the closest to an early-revealing of the truth. What Frisk is about to say is “But why does it matter?”. Referring of course to the “I’m dead anyway, so who cares”, line of thought. If Frisk had been able of finishing their speech, Flowey could have proven them wrong, but unluckily Toriel’s call made it impossible. (And luckily for me, of course, because I love doing everything on the right moment, I am evil muahaha).

- On page 49, Flowey finally gives in. Okay, you don’t have to kill anything, but at least take this toy knife for self-defense. Frisk didn’t take it. Why? Are they not concerned about a situation where they could end up needing to use a weapon for defending themselves? Are they not afraid of dying? The answer is no.

- Another smol, smol hint on page 62. “You worry too much, Flowey”. 
Frisk thinks there’s nothing to be afraid of, and points out his, apparently, unnecessary worry.

- If you didn’t guess the whole situation in this page, page 80, then I dunno what to tell you, dear. Here, Frisk says it out lout.


Those are all the hints I gave. Yes, I know, most of them were too subtle to notice, so don’t blame yourselves, I just make everything too complicated, like the save points thing. Now we will see Frisk more focused on what they’re doing and they will actively care about what happens around them, because dying hurts a lot.

- Here on page 84 we can see how Frisk changes their uncaring behavior for another one, more worried and scared. Mostly scared, because they just went through a real trauma. Let’s not blame the child. Fortunately, they are really determined, so they will soon put their fears apart to do what they think is right!

Sorr for the long post and thanks for paying attention, if you didn’t I get it, long posts are not everyone’s big favourites!

See you soon on another update! :D

La conosco da 2 anni e mezzo, ed è da quando l'ho conosciuta che sono più felice,ovviamente abbiamo avuto i nostri alti e bassi ma le ho sempre voluto bene,come una sorella.
Lei c'è sempre stata per me e stessa cosa io per lei.
Con lei sto bene,rido sempre,so che posso fidarmi di lei,quando sto male lei c'è sempre.
La cosa che mi piace di più è che quando siamo insieme siamo noi stesse,non ci facciamo mai problemi per dirci le cose.
Grazie a lei sto passando l'estate più bella,la tratto come una sorella,se le succedesse qualcosa sarei la prima ad andare a consolarla e a farla ridere un po’ perché mi fa troppo male vederla soffrire,le voglio troppo bene.
Spero che l'inizio della scuola non rovini la nostra amicizia.