studytochange  asked:

hey! im new in the studyblr community, you can send me some cool study profiles? and, i really appreciate that if u can told me some tips. im in love with this community ♥

hello and welcome! i sure can :D some great blogs include (but certainly aren’t limited to): @astrostudy, @asazora, @briellestudies, @busymarina, @caffestudy, @caffeineandcollege, @arystudies, @teacomets, @xiotetudes, @nag-aaral, @grangergrades, @gracelearns, @gryfhindor, @nerdist, @elkstudies, @studyfulltime, @studyplants, @genspen, @eintsein, @intellectus, @intelectum, @flowerylatin, @floernce, @katsdesk, @hexaneandheels, @studywithinspo, @etudestial, @vestiblr

as far as tips go, i suggest: using studyblr as a resource, keeping it active with a queue, not be afraid to ask anyone for help, and post what you want to/tag blogs who will reblog your content! 

anonymous asked:

Hey I just started a studyblr and I was wondering if you have some blogs I can follow? Thanks 😊

hello! :D i have a lot of recommendations, but i think i can suggest a lot of different types of studyblrs (maybe!): 

@busymarina, @arystudies, @cmpsbls, @elkstudies, @gracelearns, @asazora, @grangergrades, @floernce, @educatier, @studycxlture, @nehrdist, @briellestudies, @genspen, @lostlxmb, @studywithmaggie, @studydiaryofamedstudent, @studyfulltime, @studywithinspo, @athenastudying, @studyplants, @mishiestudies, @hayley-studies, @hermionegoals, @areistotle, @studyign, @stillstudies, @chic-studies, @sushi-studies, @mochi-studies, @mujistudies, @vestiblr, @katsdesk, @xiotetudes

ky-ou  asked:

Hi Rhianne ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ I've just recently joined the studyblr community (after week of ogling everyone's study posts). Btw, do you have any blogs you recommend folllowing. I'm literally following only 10 blogs as of now. Thank you!

hello there! oh man, i can give you so many blogs it’s insane. 

@365text, @briellestudies, @studyplants, @studydiaryofamedstudent, @studyfulltime, @study-ings, @studeity, @studie-s, @museforthemind, @ashleystudies, @elkstudies, @gracelearns, @ahristotles, @artisticeh, @ahrtstudy, @studysthetics, @studyign, @asazora, @etudestial, @revisicn, @haleystudies, @hayley-studies, @studytildawn, @studyrose, @genspen, @katsdesk, @grangergrades, @hermionegoals, @bellestudy, @milkystudies, @ryeou, @eintsein, @vestiblr, @astrostudy, @delthenerd, @academla, @intellectus, @akirassen, @alicethinks, @ruhffles, @busymarina, @saturdaystudying, @scholarly, @jessastudy, @softerstudying, @softlystudying, @gryhffindors, @gryfhindor, @flowerylatin, @floernce, @studybuzz, @j-christabel, @jamandtea, @jolie-journals, @caffestudy, @chic-studies, @cmpsbls

omg. okay so i might have gone a little overboard (and i still left people out wow. studyblr is huge and awesome??) but here is a short list of great people! there are so much more blogs. once you start following some studyblrs, more will show up on your rec pages so you’ll find even more! 

prismaticstudies  asked:

hi! I'm new to this whole studyblr and was wondering if you had any tips on starting out and maybe knew a few good blogs to follow? Thanks so much! xx

hello and welcome! 

here’s a post i made about starting out, and some blogs that i highly recommend are: 

@elkstudies, @gracelearns, @floernce@studydiaryofamedstudent, @studyign, @studyfulltime, @studyhards, @milkystudies, @etudestial, @asazora, @intellectus, @academla, @studyrose, @studyrelief, @studytildawn, @mediocrestudyblr, @revisicn, @astrostudy, @studyplants, @vestiblr, @artisticeh, @saturdaystudying and @haleystudies!

but really, i found all these blogs through the recommended lists on tumblr. once you start following some studyblrs, more will pop up there, so you can constantly be on the lookout for blogs you’d like! have fun!