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Flockie, I always want to hear your hilariously irreverent but always incisive take on things. There's a split between actions and words w/ SC, but how long do we hear them deny deny deny and not think that *maybe* they're telling the truth? And what roles do the entertainment industry/journalism/PR play in all this? Why do they say "obviously" we're not together when there's nothing "obvious" about it? I could go for days w/ these whys.

Since they’ve recently gone relatively super public after being super private, I’ll once again make a sweeping gesture toward Kit Harington and Rose Leslie from GOT. They were off/on for four-plus years and have only just recently decided that they are privately and professionally in a place where they feel like revealing more of their personal life together. 

It is extremely common for celebs to mislead us for a variety of reasons that range from privacy to PR to TPTB wanting them to be marketable in a certain way. A lot of what you read/see/hear is manufactured in some way and designed to be packaged and received very specifically. The idea is for the general public to accept the overall story and to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those who don’t. 

As always with these two, I find the denials to be entirely unnecessary. They are always heavy-handed and out of place. There’s a reason celebs don’t shoot down every single rumor about them; because it casts a huge spotlight on the topic and perpetuates the talk. So whatever they, the network or their camps are trying to accomplish, it’s ham-fisted and hasn’t worked so far, but it’s the only arrow in a quiver that, if everything is as they say, shouldn’t even be necessary to continually carry. 

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Where are we at here Flockie? BFF's sitting in a tree, but no k-i-s-s-i-n-g? Did Sam drive his DeLorean around the block and just drop Cait off?

I don’t know where anyone else is, but I’m where I’ve always been: the zen section of the Lido. I see what’s being offered and for me, it’s a polite pass. I’m not spending my currency on it or my energy worrying about it. Nothing has changed for me. It’s like watching a crappy magician who keeps saying, “Is THIS your card?” and has already cycled through the deck twice but still hasn’t gotten it right.

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What does that article mean, Flockie? I guess I mean what did you take from it? Did Sam and Cait break up and this stupid side show get created to cover it up or something? I'm probably reading/taking what you posted incorrectly (duh me) that's why I'm asking. Thanks for keeping up on things for us.

No, no, no, not at all! It’s just an example of what I’ve been talking about: public narratives exist. Manufactured relationships (or continuing marriages) exist. And they can be extremely extensive, elaborate and with any number of motivations and endgames. This is the extreme, but it ties into what I’ve been saying since the dawn of my time in this fandom - celebrities really do this. They really mislead the public, lie, manufacture stories to feed to the media and do it all in the name of career, privacy, reputation or because their bosses say so. 

The musts I might have known

I must dust the shot glass and tumblers

I must make my way to the battlements

I must thresh the grain

I must wander over the bridge to the garden

I must advance three steps and hurl my pilum

I must linger beneath the lamppost, the balcony

I must turn the soil over this Spring

I must heal the stricken townsfolk

I must look to the stars and imagine their workings

I must study this phrenology bust

I must instruct the classroom

I must gather heads on pikes

I must search ever wider for shoals of fish

I must lay the foundation

I must set the timbers

I must hold this position at all peril

I must find more flint for knapping

I must write the treatise that lands me in prison

I must graft this cutting on that tree

I must go over the top when the whistle blows

I must carry my lunch pail to the smoking mill in the valley

I must create for my muse

I must dig until I strike water

I must holler for more ammunition

I must gather in the sanctuary for vespers

I must tend to my flock

I must bury the dead in the field

I must con an all day sucker out of his dough

I must carry more fuel to the top of the lighthouse

I must keep my powder dry

I must balance the books

I must reap this year’s harvest

I must…

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Miss Flockie -- when you have a moment, can you take a look at Cait's last interview? We need your wisdom and humor. I know what I know and how Hollywood works as well. I don't want to be mad again but still be a respectful shipper. Any insight lovely? (

Oh, my babydoll. I don’t know that I’m the best person to ask. I’m just too zen about all this shit. I like my little bubble here and I’d rather have herpes injected directly into my eyeballs by a monkey with a seizure disorder than engage them or anyone they know directly. Denials don’t faze me. Could be the god’s honest truth or a smokescreen. Time will tell and since it’s not my life, I ain’t looking at my watch. I’m just having a good time and enjoying the love, devotion, reverence, respect, camaraderie and humor two pretty people bring out in each other. The rest is, has and always will be out of my control.

Forget about me writing my thoughts about the chapter like I’ve done for the past few months. This time I’m going on long rant because there’s no way I’m not addressing some of the stuff I’ve seen in the tags. I always try to keep this blog free of negative fandom stuff but not this time. My brain can’t compute some arguments and I feel the need to talk about them.

Warning for very long rant under spoilers, gore pictures of characters death, especially Hannes. And if you’re expecting character bashing you’ll find none.

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Evening, Flockie. How can people think no fraternization policies are a myth? Sorry, children, they'll continue to exist because it's all about protecting the $$$$. Fucking retail chains enforce (my sibling, tbh), even The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are told straight up, on day one. And is everyone forgetting the actors from NBC's "Grimm" coming out saying that the network allowed them to announce their engagement the LAST YEAR OF THE SHOW?

Wrapping one’s head around an industry like Hollywood is tough. Especially when so much of what we see is smoke, mirrors, half-truths, whole lies, and manufactured and packaged news. I understand skepticism. I understand trying to make sense of it all using the tools we have available, but sometimes those tools fall very, very short of the reality of the industry. We want to believe our faves are honest and good, and that they’re being well taken care of and respected by their employers, but it also creates blinders that block out anything below the surface, and only 10% of what exists is what we’re allowed to see. These people are in the business of storytelling and illusions, and absolutely use those tools to mislead and manipulate the public. When I give info about gossip media, I’m not talking out of my ass. I did it as a job and worked within that medium. I know how it works. I know to what lengths people go to hide things. All you have to do is watch scandals break to get the dirt.

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Hi Flockie, I would love your opinion on the following: I have a bad feeling about the "sandcastle" spotting of MM. This is so her innuendo MO. In Cape Town there are two hotels called "Sandcastle" and one of them provides safaris as well. Ok, que sera sera, I know, just wondered what you make of it. Would be such a pity when all the shippers, who are so happy now, get it on the chin again. I myself try to be as grounded and calm as possible and frankly, I don't think we've seen the last of her.

Sorry, boo. I got rose colored shipping glasses in my box of honey nut I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-ios instead of an MM innuendo decoder ring. Last I heard, the sand dune pics could have been an SA hint but geotags fickety fucked that right up. As far as her actually showing up there at some point: one, I’m counting on it and couldn’t care less and two, please see this post regarding how I feel about any and all attempts of selling them as a couple. xoxo

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Hello Flockie! A lovely Saint showed me "If it’s possible," and to your "Could they's?" I shout, NO! NO! NO! They. Could. NOT! I nominate this FB video as our GO TO resource for anyone, anywhere, anytime, who doesn't think Cait & Sam are together, or who listens to the noise 🙄 and believes it. What a week... WHAT A GREAT VIDEO. Miss you. Hope you're swell. — boyneriver xo 😘


I’m so happy you were able to enjoy the video even if you’re all about that offline life these days. xoxo

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Flockie, this is not a good look. Your gif says it all.

Whether you’re behind it looking at the back of someone’s head at a concert or in front of it with MPC and little or no knowledge of the possible whys, the optics are fucking terrible.