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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 90 review (+ theories)

This is it. 

We’re finally concluding the arc beginning with Grisha’s flashback at chapter 71 and ending with the basement’s discovery and the amount of deal-breaking contents, leading us to the last phase of the manga, with this month’s chapter as being the ultimate wrap-up.

Lasting 5 volumes, it would be wise to write an arc review in a separate post, since it covered the unfinished business left from the first volumes: taking back that portion of the territory surrounded by titans, the mystery between Grisha Yeager and the contents of the basement and eventually the truth behind this world. Too bad I wasn’t around when the first chapters have been published because it would’ve been fun to pick every theory around and check which ones were actually closer to the facts; remember people trying to guess the Beast Titan’s identity? Eren using the coordinate to invoke the wall titans during the battle?

But anyway, the point of this post is more about commenting the chapter in an itself and guess what happens next, as always. 

I’ll start by a general commentary: I had… mitigated views about this chapter overall. Not because it felt like a huge letdown for my birthday (because let’s face it, nothing can top Edgetolt) but because it just shows it’s a rather quick wrap-up when we’re preparing the final phase.

I’ll use the MangaStream translation while waiting for the CR scans. It’s not top-quality but the translations are usually on-point (and they seldom mess up bubble order or in this month’s case… PAGE ORDER).

This chapter can be decomposed into 4 phases:

  1. The truth about the titans
  2. Flocke
  3. The ceremony
  4. The timeskip
  5. The ocean and Eren’s resolve

I’ll detail my review under the cut:

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Flocked nails.

It might be a new trend, I’m not sure if people will get on board with it. Caviar nails seemed to pick up so maybe flocked nails will too. I decided to give it a go myself. I used some Recollections brand flocking powder in the colour Calypso on top of Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos.

I like the technique and being a texture person, this was a great effect for some texture during the day. I’m usually running my fingers over my nails for whatever reason and this was an added bonus having the soft fuzzy texture. If you don’t like a matte look though, this look probably isn’t for you.

I also like how easy the technique is. One coat of polish in the nearest matching colour, or a complimentary colour, to your flocking powder. Keeping in mind that your polish will most likely be seen through the flocking powder to some extent. When doing your second coat, you sprinkle the flocking powder over the wet coat one nail at a time, tapping off the excess. Simple and nothing to fret over.

I had no issue when it came to showering or washing hands multiple times in the day, as you do. Just pat dry your hands and the flocking dries out quite quickly.

One thing I don’t like about this technique is the flocking tends to matt sooner than I was hoping. Meaning it gets all flat and the texture isn’t as appealing so you lose the initial look when it’s fresh. 

I would definitely do this look again for a night out or something different and fun. I would say it’s really a one day or night look because of the points I made above.


I’ve always wanted to try doing GI Joe style flocking but every kind of flocking I saw without an electrostatic machine always looked far too flat and messy looking in comparison to how the flock fibres stood up on end on GI Joe.

I’ve tried several flock fibres but they were all failures. I finally found something called Static Flock which was used in Warhammer and model train sets for terrain but the fibre looked really close to my dolls’ flocking. So I ordered two colours hoping they would match my Joes with bald spots.

The “Patchy dead grass” colour was pretty close to the blond on my action man, but the Scorched grass colour was far too dark for my redheaded Ross Bob doll.

However I have been wanting to redo Spud’s nail flocked hair in a richer brown colour so I guess that worked out.

Basically, to make the flock work, you put some flock into a plastic container and shake it up really good so it builds up a static charge. Then when you sprinkle it onto the glue the fibres stick upwards instead of laying flat.

It’s not an exact process but the flock looks so much closer to the factory kind than my previous attempts so I’m super proud.

Entry 41: Carolina Parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis)

Once the only native parrot of the modern United States, the Carolina Parakeet was found as far west as modern Colorado and as far north as New York state.  The wetland forests along swamps and rivers were it’s favored habitat, creating roosts and nests in the hollows of large trees like the sycamore.

Flocks were as large as 300 birds as fed on the seeds of shrubs and trees, as well as fruits like figs and apples.  The Carolina Parakeet also consumed the invasive cockleburs, which contains glucoside, a toxic substance, and might have been poisonous to consume. Anecdotal evidence suggests domestic cats and other invasive species may have died due to hunting the bird.

Early colonial accounts suggest, like the Passenger Pigeon, the Carolina Parakeet was extremely prevalent throughout it’s range.  However, the clearing and settlement of deciduous forests of the south and east saw a sharp decline in their population.  Hunting of the bird, for use of it’s feathers and body in adorning women’s hats, put further pressure on their retreating flocks.  The final nail in the coffin is unknown, but some evidence suggests that poultry disease may have pressed them into extinction, despite no New World parrot ever being afflicted by the scourge.

The last known Carolina Parakeet died in the Cincinnati Zoo on February 21, 1918.  Unconfirmed sightings continued throughout southern marshlands into the mid-1900s.

Extinction Date According to the IUCN Red List: 1918

Manicure of the week: lawn. I’ve been wanting to try flocked nails for a while but not really enough to hunt down and buy flocking powder. Well, I have a bunch left over from when I repainted Groot, so I thought I’d give it a try. Now, it’s supposed to be pretty durable for about three days, and I used a good quality base coat, so we’ll see. And if not, no big deal because I didn’t buy anything new, and this actually took less time than my normal painting.

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How to Paint Fuzzy Flocked Nails