flocked nails

Flocked nails.

It might be a new trend, I’m not sure if people will get on board with it. Caviar nails seemed to pick up so maybe flocked nails will too. I decided to give it a go myself. I used some Recollections brand flocking powder in the colour Calypso on top of Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos.

I like the technique and being a texture person, this was a great effect for some texture during the day. I’m usually running my fingers over my nails for whatever reason and this was an added bonus having the soft fuzzy texture. If you don’t like a matte look though, this look probably isn’t for you.

I also like how easy the technique is. One coat of polish in the nearest matching colour, or a complimentary colour, to your flocking powder. Keeping in mind that your polish will most likely be seen through the flocking powder to some extent. When doing your second coat, you sprinkle the flocking powder over the wet coat one nail at a time, tapping off the excess. Simple and nothing to fret over.

I had no issue when it came to showering or washing hands multiple times in the day, as you do. Just pat dry your hands and the flocking dries out quite quickly.

One thing I don’t like about this technique is the flocking tends to matt sooner than I was hoping. Meaning it gets all flat and the texture isn’t as appealing so you lose the initial look when it’s fresh. 

I would definitely do this look again for a night out or something different and fun. I would say it’s really a one day or night look because of the points I made above.

Manicure of the week: lawn. I’ve been wanting to try flocked nails for a while but not really enough to hunt down and buy flocking powder. Well, I have a bunch left over from when I repainted Groot, so I thought I’d give it a try. Now, it’s supposed to be pretty durable for about three days, and I used a good quality base coat, so we’ll see. And if not, no big deal because I didn’t buy anything new, and this actually took less time than my normal painting.


How to Paint Fuzzy Flocked Nails