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Have some Dannys. One of these pictures you’ve seen before, but it’s colored now. XD SO I posted about this one time forever ago and never explained it but I still think about it a lot so

I want a ‘floaty au’ where everything is the same, but 80% floatier. The reason for this being that Danny’s ghost aura omits enough energy that it automatically makes him, and things in super close proximity to him, like his hair, weightless. When Danny transforms he has an automatic ethereal breeze moving his hair around, and he has a hard time NOT floating (his tears float too jsyk). It can leak into his human half, but only when his emotions become more volatile, so it’s not usually an issue.


Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs

Ok… posting last one from the meme like this cause I thought it said “Outertale”…

And it wasn’t outertale o-o

Sorry! I misread!!! But here is the Outertale version!

[5 of 5 - Self in UT AUs]

Just… vest with fluff. And floaty hair! Goodness - and I bet I would be wearing my galaxy pattern Vans…

But yee that’s the last of them! I will turn on the asks now and any suggestions for this meme will be deleted! Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

(honestly I am surprised that no one said Underfell but *shrugs* might do that design on my spare time when I have time!)

I love how flippin’ cool my starbound character looks

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: I Would

6.1k words, G rated 

Fic by @torestoreamends, and art by @plati-arts.

Draco and Astoria visit the Manor for Boxing Day, and things don’t go very well. 

In Cursed Child, Scorpius talks about the moment when Draco defied Lucius and chose Astoria. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to write my version of that, and here it finally is, along with a beautiful illustration of one of the scenes by the amazing @platinasi, who inspired me to finally write this fic. 

Thanks to @bounding-heart for being my chief advisor on all things to do with the Malfoys, and thanks to @abradystrix for betaing. 

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My buddy @stefari just put up a whole bunch of originals in her shop to help replace her computer! The line work and attention to detail in her pieces is pretty amazing, and I definitely look to her work when it comes to floaty hair inspiration haha🍃😊 I have a few of her illustrations hanging above my bed! If you are looking to expand your art collection you should check out her page and her shop!
✨ @stefari 🛍http://www.stefari.storenvy.com✨
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I’m stuck in a never ending circle of redesigning my own redesigns… Anyway, Fury (again). Tbh no idea how titty armor works here. I call it magic. Same with floaty hair and the whip. I kinda wanted to give her that heavy-ish looking armor, just like War and Death’s, but without making her look too bulky.

The other is Banshee/Blind Rage - Fury’s special form which basically is a screaming flying mummy with it’s eyes covered. No legs, just more chains under the wrappings. Uses two heavy spiked chains with hooks attached to the ends. Banshee’s scream has a high chance to paralyze enemies within a certain rage.

Well, here’s that. ( •́ .̫ •̀ )



she is full of childlike wonder, always ready to have fun, and occasionally very pouty. she’s kinda small, between Garnet and Opal in size, and she loves being herself so much that she finds it difficult to unfuse– until the pressure of being made from two somewhat troubled gems gets to her. also, floaty hair!

she comes from the same underdeveloped AU as Orange Agate– perhaps the Gems have taken in Lapis and (a much more subdued) Jasper and are trying to form a giant mega fusion to fight the cluster??? or maybe i just like to draw fusions. :P it’s a mystery

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