Rapunzel wobbled as a cold breeze cut through her stream of warm air. The weather around her glade had been really funky lately, getting cold where it shouldn’t and even going so far as for some bits to accumulate snow! Another gust completely dissipated her ribbon of warm air, and she found herself pitching down. The wind whipped her hair every which way, effectively blinding her for a good few seconds. When she did manage to claw the unruly locks from her eyes, it was to see a very familiar set of shutters rapidly approaching.

Throwing her arms in front of her, she ducked her head and braced for impact. The shutters gave way with ease, and she rolled to a quick stop on the stone floor of her home. Popping to her feet, she shivered. Whatever was messing with her home, she’d have to make a note to completely and utterly destroy it once she’d warmed up some. With a wave of her hand a breeze snapped the shutters closed, and that was when she noticed it.

There was already a fire burning in the hearth, and while she knew both faces staring at her, one of them was utterly impossible. Equally impossible was the seemingly unending river of golden hair which trailed all over and across the room, leading inexorably back to that impossible person. Wide emerald eyes met wider yellow ones, and Rapunzel’s mouth fell open to match the shocked expression of her twin for a moment. Then she shook her head, eyes narrowing in confusion. “What. The hell. Is going on.”