Quasi una fantasia à la compagnie, Marseille

Je présente une toute nouvelle pièce à la compagnie,

Issue du projet Floating particles ou plutot avec cette écriture : floatingParticles, car cette pièce est un programme informatique en cours de production. Je n’en dit pas plus pour le moment. Le programme en question sera mis en ligne après le début de l’exposition et il sera ouvert à toute les contributions, détournements et autres usages divers.

vernissage (performance de Mathias) mercredi 30  novembre à 19h

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floatingparticles asked:

I like thrift stores because you can find really good deals there. Salvation Army is half on Wednesdays, fuck yeah, I can get like 5 shirts for the price of one thing at some stores in the mall. I found this badass fur jacket for four dollars once. Four dollars! I hate the mall, even if I can afford it.

Yeah, I know thrift stores can have sweet stuff you can’t find anywhere else/good deals. But being forced to shop there when I just wanted my own, new clothes as a kid has really soured the entire thrifting experience for me. It’s difficult to explain. It’s sort of like mentally separating myself from being poor at this point. Like, as long as I shop where non-poor people shop, I can pretend I’m not poor for a while. I dunno if that makes sense, haha, but there it is. It’s a mostly illogical mental thing.

Also I really, really hate the Salvation Army and don’t want to give them my money, so I personally won’t shop there no matter what the deals. My roommates are really into shopping there, though. Sometimes they find cool stuff (and one of them has collected like, 5 $10 fur coats at this point, haha)