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Wanted (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 10: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

hello everyone!!! i’ve made an update to wanted’s plan for chapters, i have one more after this that is going to be considered an epilogue to tie everything together! so it’s not over yet, but this is the last of the action! as always, let me know what you think!

words: 2,923

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Alone at the end of a dock stood an abandoned building, still stocked with the crates from a once booming business. It was the perfect place to hold secrets, and for those secrets to never escape the walls that held them inside.

It was the warehouse.

The moon watched over the water with its light seeping through holes in the roof and providing the only light in the night.

Sam was the first to wake. His eyes shot open in a panic; gagging and coughing from water that trickled around his face.

You woke shortly after. Your eyes opened slowly; shutting them once more from the shooting pain in the side of your head.

Small streams of moonlight peered through slats of wood in front of Sam’s beaten face. He attempted to sit up but soon realized he was laying down. He shifted and realized he was enclosed on all sides. He was trapped.

Circles of moonlight fell onto the concrete floor from the perfectly placed opening in the roof. You stirred in the chair you realized you were sitting in, feeling your wrists tight against the back of the chair. You were handcuffed. You were restrained.

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Reunion fic, with a twist

When Rose Tyler arrived at Torchwood that morning, the last thing she expected was to find the TARDIS sitting proudly in her office.

For a moment she couldn’t breathe and before she could rush the doors they opened of their own volition, revealing a console room she did not recognize. In fact, it didn’t even look like a room. It was more of a dark chasm with a floating walkway leading towards a single column of light that seemed to stretch infinitely in either direction. It terrified Rose.

Although she could hear the TARDIS’ soothing song in her head again, she hesitated to step within the doorway of the ship. What had happened? Where was the Doctor?

Rose felt something tug her inside the TARDIS against her will and she fought against the force, but to no avail. She was quick to grab the railing before she collapsed to the floor of the walkway. “What the hell?!”

“No need for foul language, my dear.”

Rose whipped around and found herself face to face with a man she did not recognize. “Who the hell—”

She froze as soon as she saw his eyes—they burned a brilliant gold and she could feel him inside her mind as if it was his rightful place.

It was the Doctor.

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Saw a band last night. The band. Our band. Our show.

The seat beside me was as dark as the leather on the lead singer’s jacket, and the 5,000 cap size venue felt like a ghost town without your presence. You were thousands of miles away while I experienced the music you yearned to see live. The music we drove highways listening to either low or maximum level. The music we sat in a parking lot across from a playground playing in the background of our first, second, and last fight. The music I cried to and you cried to and mother earth cried to as she rooted so incredibly hard for us. But, you weren’t beside me. Instead, a tall man who was drenched in musk and cigarette smoke stood in your place and never once paid me any attention. But, just because I couldn’t see you didn’t mean your spirit wasn’t there. I smelled you in the air as the odor of wine floated up the walkways. I heard you in the instrumentals that pushed and pulled like the tide. I saw flashes of you through the ever changing lights, so bright and erratic like their personal mission was to distract me from your thought. I painted your face through the lead singer’s, attaching your name to the curve of his nose and the cut of his jaw. His lips moving so gracefully pressed up against the microphone reminded me of our hard kisses, the ones that either led to our passions or goodbyes. I felt you in the thrum of the bass as it coursed through my body. I was trapped by you through the echoes banging against the venue walls, like the echoes of our backs against counters and floors and hearts pressed too close for comfort in sweat stained sheets. I pictured your bruises through the morphing colors of blue and pink and green in their backdrop, even subconsciously reaching to my neck for a love bite that wasn’t there. I even tasted you through the sweetly dripped lyrics being fed to me as the show served its courses of sound. When the encore began, my body electrified reaching for a stage bursting with energy hoping to somehow grab it and tuck it into my chest, feeling alive.. alive.. alive.. and I swore I saw your shadow in the silhouettes of the musicians. And as the lights dimmed and the vocalist ever so breathlessly thanked the crowd and closed the show, vanishing from the stage, I watched you thank me, bow your head in farewell, and disappear along with the band. The house lights slowly rising making the visible dust particles, the you particles, all around me dematerialize from view as you so often did. And then you were gone again.

I didn’t see a show last night. I’m not holding a ticket with a band’s name etched across the top. I saw you. I watched you. I experienced you. You were the headlining act to a tour I hadn’t a clue I was even attending.

Our band. Our Show. Your performance. Funny that.

—  Headlining Act: You

The Floating Piers

Artist Christo and his late wife, Jeanne-Claude, major installation is a 3km (almost 2 miles) floating walkway across Italy’s lake Iseo. The walk way is made up of  200,000 high-density polyethylene cubes and is covered in 100,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, which changes colors throughout the day to a shimmering gold and a reddish hue when wet.

Let's talk about Metroid stages.

‘Hoy there, folks! It’s Wander again, for one more Stage Select article.

So here’s the thing. Here are some of the stages Smash has had to represent Metroid:

Notice any trends? Yeah, acid/lava seems to be a big thing with Metroid stages. Even when the lava doesn’t actually interact with the players (like in Pyrosphere), you know it’s there. To be fair, there have been Metroid stages based around things other than lava:

…specifically, spinning the stage around. Preferably with some large monster in the background (and even one of these still has lava in it!). You know, Metroid is famous for its atmosphere; for its distinct alien worlds and memorable locales. We’re sure that it could lend some fantastic stages to Smash that are a bit different from what we’ve seen before. That’s why we’ve made a list! Yep, this time it’s a…

Metroid Stages!

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Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairing: Pavellan
Word Count: 863
This is all @earthprincewu‘s fault for feeding me Griffin/Dorian angst. Have some sad Dorian toward the end of Trespasser, when things aren’t looking so hot for our dear Inquisitor.

He was dying.

He would never admit it, but Dorian could read between the lines of Griffin’s stony silences. Dorian knew that the anchor was out of control – he’d had his suspicions since this whole mess with the Qunari began. He’d never found the nerve to actually bring it up with Griffin, not when they already had so many problems to worry about. Griffin hated exposing his weaknesses to other people. Everyone else always had to be taken care of first. That was why it was Dorian’s job to take care of him, to make sure he never neglected himself.

And he’d failed this time. Griffin was dying, and Dorian hadn’t even tried to stop it.

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Vedahaugane lookout

A 90 meters long concrete path leading the visitor away from the road and into the landscape. A double curve shape follows the terrain and leads towards a beautiful untouched valley dominated by high mountains and eternal snow. Jotunheimenmountains are in the distant.

The last third of the path hosts a wooden bench to enable people to relax and enjoy the magnificent panorama. The wheelchair friendly walkway is “floating” a few cm above the ground, supported by round columns to minimize the impact on the landscape and reduce the actual footprint of the construction. At the same time the intervention gets a light and reversible expression.

by LJB

When They Love You


 when you’re running your hands through his hair after long day of practice and performing and perfecting and the only sound he hears is the inhales and exhales of your breath against the television that he isn’t paying attention to, he loves you. when you’re denying your sleepiness because it’s 3AM and you’re wrapped in his sweaters trying to salvage his scent while he’s across the ocean in 6PM yearning for yours and talking senselessly because your voice is his lullaby and his is your wake up call, he loves you. when he remembers you leaving finger prints all over the window to the pet shop and the puppies mirroring your action and your cooing finally doing it so he’s got a fussy puppy in his hands on the way home from the airport for the smile in your eyes when you see the puppies but- god the smile in your eyes when you see him, he hopelessly loves you. when you’ve shuffled through a pile of chips to find his favorite ones and people are giving you weird looks because there are chips all over isle 6 and he can’t even be embarrassed because you’re still so determined to get him his absolute favorite chips, he loves you. when your arms are wrapped tightly around your dads crisp black suit and you’re walking - no floating down the walkway with vows written in your eyes like an ethereal gift from heaven that he’s been granted permission to cherish forever, he’s ready to love you forever


It’s when he comes home to you poking and prodding at a raw chicken and a lingering smell of something innocent be burnt and the guilty doe eyes you give him when you hear him chuckle as you try to explain with we always eat out and you’re probably tired of fried chicken so I tried to bake the chicken but I think I killed an already dead chicken so you order fried chicken again, he loves you. when it’s almost 2AM and he wants to murder the song he’s trying to piece together but a soft knock on the door and the smell of coffee stops him because you’re wrapping his favorite neck pillow around him and handing him his special coffee that only you can manage to perfect, he desperately loves you. when you’re trying to decide what kind of pillows to buy because cotton stuffed doesn’t seem to be doing the trick so he’s whacking you with goose pillows and your trying to shove silk down his shirt and end up getting kicked out so cotton stuffed pillows will have to do now, he loves you. when you whisper I love you in the dark with soft touches and gentle squeezes on tired bones instead of words after long days, he knows he loves you. 


 when he’s crawling into bed past midnight and letting the sound of your heart beat lull him to sleep and the scent of your perfume calm his erratic heart beat, he loves you. when his voice is barely escaping his throat and the recording booth is collapsing on him so the soft pinging of his phones and the sweet messages reminding him that he’s got a pile of his favorite noodles courtesy of you, including you, at home, he loves you. when his back becomes your favorite mode of transportation and your giggles are his favorite song on long nights and starry walks, he loves you. when he’s a thousand miles away and he can’t stop exchanging those ridiculous dubbed videos of yourself with each other even though he knows it’s past your bedtime and he’s on in five, he loves you. when he’s holding back sobs as he clutches onto you for dear life and you stroke his hair and promise him that we’re still learning and that it’s okay, he loves you unconditionally


when the stars spell your name in glitter and gold and the wind whispers your promises to each other in tender touches on the hood of his car, he loves you. when your hands are locked so tightly around one another in the dark with urgent I’ll be back soon’s and Call me everyday’s so there’s no room for emptiness between your exchanges because loneliness fills the gaps just enough, he loves you. when the roses in your hands mimic the colors of your cheeks as he shows up on your doorstep back from a very empty and very lonely month and you’re eyes light up like the first day he held your hands, he loves you. when the lights are too bright and the screams are too loud but your voice is like a mixtape that can’t be paused so he’s drenched in exhaustion but willingly drowning in your voice, he loves you. when there’s a little girl clinging to his leg and two little boys tugging at his hair while you’re hustling and bustling in a kitchen three sizes too small and sneaking glances at him that spell l-o-v-e, he knows he’ll always love you. 


when your screams mingle with his at an ungodly hour where it’s either too early or too late into a river too vast and too wide to contain all your frustrations so you settle for cracked laughter and gentle hugs to heal the wounds, he loves you. when the dancer won’t dance and his mind feels like it’s been left alone for too long but your gazing at him from the corner of the room like he paints the skies blue every morning, he loves you. when it’s Saturday the bed is still warm at 3PM and he’ll never forget the feeling of your fingers on his skin and the sound of his name on your tongue, he loves you. when you’re pouting because there’s no more bubbles in the container labeled Bubbly Bubbles for Bathing so some unknown force of affection makes it his duty to kiss the curl in your lips away, he loves you. when it’s the middle of fall and he really does love you too much to say no so he’s squinting into the dark hoping that some creature doesn’t scurry out from below and god he hates halloween, he still loves you. 


when you specifically told him to not touch the thingy but he still touches the thingy so now you’re sneaking out of a dimly lit store with sweaty palms and childish giggles and too much adrenaline in your veins, he loves you. when you feel insignificant against his chest but the look in his eyes are all the reassurance that you need because you’re the only significance in his life, he loves you. when it’s hard to fall asleep 4000ft in the air and his headphones can’t block out the distance between him and you and his heart aches, he loves you. when his dirty sneakers overlap your dirtier sneakers against the pale marble of some restaurant too fancy for your sneakers but just right for the shimmery dress you wore above them and he’s down on one knee letting you know that you’re getting married in these dumb matching sneakers, he loves you. when he’s letting the taste of your lips consume him so he can function for another day and you’re promising him he’ll function for eternity, he loves you


when his mom won’t stop cooing at you hunched over the stove and ushering him far away so you send him an apologetic look that looks rather unapologetic, he loves you. when you’re pretty sure its illegal to be at the park at this hour but he’s already spreading the blanket and you’re already munching on his food with the stars reflected in your eyes and no hint of remorse, he loves you. when its negative something degrees outside but hey the hot chocolate afterwards will be worth it so he’s willing to freeze his ass off as long as your kisses are the ones melting him, he’s in loves with you. when your hands are in his but they’re still tugging at his heart and your eyes are dilated and dazzling all the same, he knows he’ll never stop loving you. 

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