floating teeth

The Signs As Monsters
  • Aries: Fast and deadly. They blend into the forest. Will kill you without making a sound. You won't see them until it's too late.
  • Taurus: Eyes like steel. Spikes stick out from their shoulders. They have a growl that makes your bones vibrate. You hear it before you see it.
  • Gemini: Red eyes and black feathers. They come come down from the sky in flocks and carry victims away in their claws. They hunt at twilight.
  • Cancer: They look like beautiful people, but their nails are too sharp and their hair is long and wild. They lure people to their deaths with their attractiveness and sweet voices.
  • Leo: Giant beasts that tower over the trees. Bright scales and rows of teeth. They have a ferocious roar that shakes the ground. They enjoy stepping on people but are careful to not hurt other monsters.
  • Virgo: Small but clever. With large violet eyes and grey fur. They will snuggle into your arms and then scratch and slice you with their claws. They always win.
  • Libra: Slithers in trees with glistening scales. They strangle passing humans and eat them whole.
  • Scorpio: Very very fast. You only see a passing shadow. If you feel a sharp pinch then you're already doomed. It only takes a few moments for the poison to set in.
  • Sagittarius: Bright eyes and gorgeous teeth. They float behind you and sing lullabies in a strange language until you fall asleep. You'll never wake up.
  • Capricorn: They decorate the forest with exotic flowers and grow vines from their tail. It will come at you from behind as you admire their work.
  • Aquarius: They look like humans with extra limbs. Too many arms and legs. Five eyes and no nose. Yet they move beautifully and aren't actually dangerous. People just fear them because they do not understand them.
  • Pisces: They move in packs and hiss at the moon. They have bright blue eyes and silver fur. They come at you from all directions.

★ Deimos… but as the Eldritch boy he deserves to be. ★


WOW that last post got a lot of notes. Anyways, here’s some digital doodles with a lot of weird negative space, and a half done pencil sketch of a human bill cipher. (i’ve seen a lot of very… pretty human bill ciphers, and he’s supposed to be unsettling (i think) so i went for unsettling. whaddya say kids, is it worth the effort to finish it?)

Omo Things I Lowkey Love (Outgoing Character Edition)

~A character grabbing themselves, hopping from foot to foot as they wait for someone to get out of the only available bathroom.

~Characters who always exaggerate how badly they need to go, so when it really <i>is</i> an emergency, no one believes them and they end up wetting themselves.

~Openly admitting that they are about to soak their pants.

~Crotch grabbing. ‘Nuff said.

~A character who is usually shameless suddenly becoming shy and reserved when they really need to piss.

~Outgoing character who is actually bladder shy and can’t pee in public.

~An outgoing character asking for the restroom because their shy friend needs to go and is doing a subtle potty dance next to them but still won’t admit their need.

~A character who will threaten to piss “on the floor”, “on the car seat”, “on another character” if they don’t get permission to use the toilet/get to a toilet, etc.

~A character who isn’t embarrassed if they wet themselves. They walk it off and shrug.

~A character that says things like, “I’m so full!”, “I’ve never had to go this bad in my life!”, “My back teeth are floating!”.

Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!“

Have you ever gotten really unsettled because of something you were drawing but then drew more of it because you were unsettled? That was pretty much me @ those teeth. Anyways… Here’s a more finished version of that human bill cipher! uh. I might have gotten carried away with it.

You walk by everyday after work. The store front completely unassuming, except for the neon sign. Sometimes, you’ll stick your hand in your pocket and feel the coins that jingle with each step and you’ll imagine the dreams that you could buy. 99¢ doesn’t seem like enough for much of anything and, one day, curiosity gets the best of you. 

When you walk in there is a smoke stained menu hanging above a register from the 1980′s. And the items are not what you expect. 

Marsha’s Mystical Downmarket Dreams 

  1. a soft summer day, in the middle of a field where not even the wildflowers know you
  2. fighting a wolf that is already dead
  3. stumbling upon a shoreline without sand, just teeth. thousands and thousands of teeth. 
  4. floating on clouds that are just a little too hard 
  5. making eye contact with your soulmate, never learning their name
  6. a winter morning where you wake up in the snow
  7. a first kiss that feels like the last 
  8. saying goodbye, but you don’t know to whom
  9. reconnecting with a friend you haven’t lost, yet 
  10. Falling 

                               *daydreams available upon request 

You wonder who buys these incomplete dreams. What kind of person would want to go through a dream like any of these? You are doubtful the dreams have a happy ending. They seem like nightmares, almost. Then, you realize: here you are, fingering the change in your pocket.

You approach the counter, throw down a handful of coins and the noise of metal on the plastic nearly startles you from speaking. There is no one around, but you don’t wonder about where the mysterious Marsha may be. Instead, you place your order with the ether, “I’ll have a number one please.”

An Unexplored Realm

Fandom: OUaT/Rumbelle

Rating: G

Word Count: ~2,250

A/N: written for the @rumbellesummervacation event.  AO3

“Is that it? Is that where we’re going?” Gideon sat up to peer over the heads of people in front of him and through the windows of the catamaran.

Belle craned her neck trying to see as well, but as usual could see no more than the back of people’s heads. Her son, who at age ten was already as tall as his father, could obviously see something she couldn’t, without even standing up. She half stood to take a quick look, seeing the pontoon come into view. It was a large white structure, rather like a houseboat, with two levels and canopies for shade. Even from this distance, she could see people moving from place to place on the deck.

“That seems to be it,” she confirmed, settling back into her seat.

“So when we get there, we’ll be in the Great Barrier Reef?” Gideon questioned.

A polo-shirted staff member heard the question as he passed by. “Mate, you’ve been in the Great Barrier Reef for the past hour, didn’t you know?”

“We have?” He stared after the man in wonder before spinning back to Belle. “Mom, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Sweetheart, I thought you knew,” she responded, still feeling a bit of a pang when he called her Mom. Gideon’s tenth birthday had brought about all sorts of changes… among them, the conviction that he was much too old to call her Mommy. She missed the days when his little voice would call out for Mommy a hundred times a day. “Weren’t you listening when we went to that seminar last night?” He gave her a blank look, so she elaborated. “The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on Earth, and the only one of the seven natural wonders large enough to be seen from space. That should have told you that we’d be in the Reef long before we docked at the pontoon.”

He rolled his eyes, a recent addition to his physical vocabulary, and one that she’d been hoping wouldn’t appear till he was a teenager. Just give me a couple more years with my sweet baby, please, she sent out a silent prayer to whatever entity might be listening. Just another year or so, before he’s so tall I need a ladder to hug him and he becomes moody and brooding and wants nothing to do with me.

“Mom, if I wanted to sit in a classroom and be lectured, we could’ve stayed in Storybrooke. We didn’t come all the way to Australia so I could sit inside and–” He cut himself off, his mouth staying open mid-word as he stared at something over Belle’s shoulder.

“Gideon, what–” She turned to look, and smothered a giggle.

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Yuuri/Chris Elevator Fic from M and Anon Ask Prompts

Yuuri was convinced that today was the worst day of his life. It wasn’t enough that he had overslept, it wasn’t enough that he was frazzled during his free skate. It hadn’t stopped when he had to skip lunch or when the bathrooms at the rink were closed. It hadn’t even gotten better after Victor sent him up the hotel elevator with Chris, saying that he wanted to stop downstairs and talk with Yakov for a few minutes. Halfway up to his floor, the elevator stalled between floors. Yuuri was bursting for a pee, and stuck in the elevator with Chris.

Yuuri whispered a few choice words to himself in Japanese, his leg jiggling incessantly. Chris opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a voice over the intercom. “Please remain calm, we apologize for the delay. We should have the elevator up and running again in twenty minutes or so.”

Yuuri muttered another few obscenities, his bladder throbbing inside him. He had waited so long already, having to piss since after his skate this afternoon. He had been full at the rink when he realized the toilets were closed, and had already been worrying about getting to his hotel room completely dry. Now, with another twenty minutes between him and a toilet, Yuuri was beginning to panic internally.

“Antsy?” Chris drawled, gesturing at Yuuri’s rapidly bouncing leg.

Yuuri shrugs, shrinking into the opposite corner of the small space, as far from Chris as he could manage. “The toilets at the rink were closed,” he muttered. “I need the bathroom.”

Chris smiled slyly, cocking his head. “Oh, so that’s a pee-pee dance, not you being claustrophobic? How cute.”

Yuuri flushed, looking away from Chris with a huff. “It’s not funny…”

Chris hummed quietly before pressing further. “Know what I heard helps when you need to go?” When Yuuri didn’t reply, he continued without prompting. “Getting yourself hard, maybe making yourself come.”

Yuuri turned crimson up to his ears, marching in place with a huff. “That’s not funny!”

Chris chuckled. “I wasn’t joking.” When Yuuri glanced up, he saw Chris looking at him with lidded eyes. “Will you make it upstairs?”

Yuuri ignored the question, averting his eyes once more as he crossed his legs. He would give anything to squeeze his cock through his pants, but didn’t want to risk any contact with his genitals after what Chris had said. What is he got hard? Chris would never let him live it down.

Yuuri could feel Chris’ eyes on him as he squirmed, bending at the waist and re-crossing his legs over and over. His bladder was screaming at him; he became suddenly aware that his back was aching from his full he was. He muttered to himself in Japanese once more as a dribble leaked from his slit, slightly dampening his boxers.

“You know, some people are into this kind of thing.”

What?” Yuuri snapped, another leak escaping him.

“Piss,” Chris answered with a shrug and a smirk. “Holding it in, and letting it out. You know, watersports.”

Yuuri groaned, crossing his legs in the other direction. “You aren’t helping, you know.”

“Sorry, mon ami. You look like your back teeth are floating.”

Yuuri ignored him once more as his boxers became wetter, gasping as he tried desperately to stop the flow. He didn’t succeed, however, until there was a noticeable patch on the crotch of his pants. Yuuri silently begged Chris not to see, but his intent gaze didn’t miss it.

“Mmm, it looks like you really won’t make it upstairs. Remember what I said, maybe if you come, then-”

“Please stop!” Yuuri felt tears pricking in his eyes as his bladder spasmed, another long spurt wetting the leg of his pants. He whimpered quietly, desperately trying to hold back, but it was in vain.

A quiet hiss could be heard as Yuuri’s bladder relieved itself on its own accord, before the piss began to splatter onto the elevator floor. Despite the shock and embarrassment, Yuuri found himself somewhat relieved as the tension in his lower belly finally began to dissipate, spreading onto the floor beneath him. He sighed, reaching out and leaning on the banister of the wall to steady himself, his knees growing weak.

Chris, who had remained quiet through Yuuri’s accident, finally spoke as the last dribbles dripped down onto the floor. “Yuuri, I-”

“Please don’t,” Yuuri muttered, tears staining his cheeks. “If you’re going to make fun of me, please don’t.”

“I’m sorry for joking with you earlier,” Chris murmured. Yuuri shuddered as a warm hand landed on his shoulder, squeezing lightly. “I didn’t realize it would get to you that much… Really, I apologize.”

Yuuri nodded pitifully, trying to stop the tears that continuously leaked from his eyes. “T-The bathrooms were closed, I… I didn’t think the elevator would break down. I thought I could get up to my room…”

Chris sighed, placing his free hand on Yuuri’s other shoulder. “It couldn’t be helped. You were caught in a bad situation.” Chris waited a moment before adding, “I won’t tell a soul, I promise.”

“O-Okay, thank you, Ch-”

It was at that moment that the elevator began to move, and Yuuri groaned. Chris removed his hands from Yuuri, moving back to the other side of the space. “I wasn’t kidding, for future reference. About it being easier to hold it when you’re hard.” Chris winked as the elevator doors opened to their floor, grinning at Yuuri. “Personal experience.”

Rode this stinker in a halter tonight to test a theory that came from his show. After talking it out with @eventingarab, it finally clicked that maybe the vet I’ve been using is wrong and he actually does need his teeth floated.

He was super forward and eager without any of the head-tossing issues we’ve been having (of course I couldn’t really collect him up to see, I just waited for him to relax and stretch down).

He’s got a visit with the dentist on Friday morning and I’m crossing my fingers that’ll help.

anonymous asked:

In terms of glitches, I've only ever encountered model glitches, especially in Fable 3. Characters stretching or warping in some odd way (or their faces disappearing so they're just. Floating eyes and teeth). But the one that sticks out as silliest was in one play through of F3, we were at Logan's trial. I pardoned him, and when the camera shifted to get his reaction, his model bucked around the pelvic section, overcorrected, then snapped into place. In short, I call it the Logan Air Hump Glitch

oh my god that is the best f3 glitch i’ve ever heard of

Jily HC

·      The marauders and friends all crashing at James’s house over the summer for about a week because most of them have shit home lives and honestly they miss each other.

·      All of them curled up in the basement giggling, slightly drunk. 

·      Everyone is yelling across the circle at each other but James and Lily soon fall into their own conversation. They do this a lot. The others notice but think it’s too cute interrupt.

·      James talking about how he thinks they bought too many Doritos.

·      Lily arguing that you can NEVER have too many Doritos.

·      “Fine. If we don’t have too many then you won’t mind eating this whole bowl in 5 minutes.”

·      Lily starring at medium size bowl of Doritos and feeling her stomach drop.


·      She just picks up a chips and shoves it into her mouth while making eye contact with James.

·      James being kinda taken a back by how forceful she is. But also wondering if everyone looks that sexy eating Doritos. 

·      As the five minutes go by James gets distracted by the conversations going on around him and doesn’t notice the Doritos bowl slowly being emptied into Lily’s mouth.

·      When she’s finished the last chip she just starts punching James in the arm because she fucking did it motherfucker.

·      But soon after she finishes her mouth just starts to hurt. Like hell.

·      In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea to eat a shit ton of chips when your wisdom teeth are floating it.

·      She curls into a dorito filled ball and just tries to fall asleep.

·      And James feels so bad because he didn’t think she would do it (but god damn it was hot watching her) and now she’s in pain and it’s all his fault.

·      Him slowly rubbing her back as she drifts off to sleep, making sure everyone stops yelling.

·      When Lily wakes up the next morning James is smiling in her face, a box of ice pops in hand.

·      “to fix the mouth I broke”

·      and all Lily can think is how cute and sweet he is and how there’s another way he could fix her mouth.



I saw this post earlier today and my friend suggested someone draw Team Lads as the Powerpuff Girls and I took the challenge!

Watching Achievement Hunter and Game Grumps are typically my jam (aside from binging shows on Netflix or listening to music) while I’m working on art.

So I’m pretty happy to finally make some fanart dedicated to some of my fav Youtubers.