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Animal Kingdom - Take a Bow by Jeff Krause
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Aditya and Ketu, the storyteller and acolyte take a bow at the end of Rivers of Light.

And the tales begin...

Hey everyone I am a first year 3rd grade English teacher working at a private school in which the students never leave the classroom and the teachers are the ones that rotate. I know, it’s weird, it sucks. They say it’s to avoid problems when the students are in the hall but it just causes me to struggle more and the students to get extra restless!

Needless to say, it’s been quite a tough semester for me, not just because I’m new and still learning the ropes but because not having my own classroom just blows (sorry bout the description but it totally does and any other floating teacher will tell you exactly the same). You have to carry all your stuff around, you risk forgetting something , It’s harder to improvise (I’m not saying you should, but hey, sometimes things happen and you just need to), the students feel it is their classroom and you’re the one invading it therefore their behavior tends to be terrible, and it just makes it ten times harder to do anything.

But since the end of the first semester and after that long awaited and needed Christmas break I have done a lot of thinking and strategic preparation to make things go smoother during the second semester, and that’s what this tmblr blog will be all about. I’ll share my trials and tribulations as well as my success stories in hopes that I m able to help other floaters out there. If anything, at least so we don’t feel alone!

So stay tuned cause there are plenty more post to come!

To all teachers...What do you think?

So I’m planning on posting my first ever calendar set on Teacher’s Notebook for sale. I designed it to be set up on a 28x40 in. tri-fold display board. Since I’m constantly moving from one class to the next I thought this would be a nifty idea. That way I can bring it along and I won’t have to sacrifice calendar time with my kiddos. I’ve never sold anything online before so I’m a little doubtful about price. I was thinking maybe between $1.00 or $2.00. I don’t want to overprice it. The set includes:

  • blank calendar template (to be printed on 11x17 in. cardstock)
  • calendar numbers
  • the date
  • digital date
  • today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be
  • days in school
  • school days to go (my kiddos love counting down to the end of the year!)
  • days of the week
  • months of the year

What do you guys think? Is that decent pricing? Would you be interested in it?