floating strawberries

Floating Strawberries (closed)

Verde was in a large strawberry patch he grew himself. He crouched down, hard at work at finding the ripen strawberries for the start of summer. He did not mind the small number which was floating in a ball beside and behind him. He was holding them up via his telekinesis. Each one he picked was added to the slowly growing ball of strawberries. A few he munched on as he slowly went through each plant.

It was then he sensed a familiar ki. He looked up and over, spotting the bioandroid in the distance. He was quick to recall the fact he was “not in this universe” Cell. Bringing that up just made the conversation harder, so he was keen on avoiding it. After a quick scan of the rest of the patch, he figured it wasn’t worth the effort to find more and started walking in the direction of the bioandroid. “What brings you around these parts, Cell?” he asked when he got closer. He picked a strawberry from the ball that followed him and munched it.


Percabeth fluff

annie+perce’s wedding

💙 Everything’s beautiful silver with striking blue highlights
💙 The wedding took place at their home and where they grew up; camp half-blood of course ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ
💙 The reception was underwater (near Long Island beach), literally (the room is charmed so no one drowns, no worries)
💙 Percy wears a sea green bow tie
💙 Annabeth wears a short (but gorgeous) glowing laced dress with the most beautiful details and matching sea green gems
💙 Annabeth designed the outdoor pavilion
💙 The benches float over the strawberry fields
💙 Chiron is the priest
💙 Leo is the dj (McShizzle)
💙 Nico is the flower girl (no joke)
💙 Sally bakes a million of her signature blue cookies
💙 Sweet Percy cries while Annabeth walks down the isle
💙 The kiss is the canon-when-Annabeth-finally-saw-Percy-after-he-went-missing-for-months-judo-flip-semi-ritual kiss (aww/poor percy)
💙 Jason strikes lightning during the kiss 
💙 Frank is the ring bearer and transform into a bunny to deliver the “24 carrot rings” (pun suggested by Leo)
💙 First dance is of course “Under the Sea” sung by Poseidon himself
💙 Poseidon and Paul both dance with Annabeth
💙 Athena and Poseidon are forced to sit at tables together and Annabeth scopes them secretly chatting
💙 Reyna, Annabeth, Hazel and Piper break into this crazy battle/ninja routine in the middle of a dance and blow everyone away (mostly because they’re scared)
💙 THE ORIGINAL DUO - Grover and Percy break out in a syncro-bro dance
💙 Last dance is obviously “Riptide” ( @angel-of-death-diangelo headcannon)(^ヮ^)
💙 Each cabin gives a different specialty gift (which are all really impressive) whereas Leo gives them matching shirts that catch fire (but are fire resistant) and say You can trust us, at the front, and McShizzle was the best man at our wedding, at the back.
💙 Every thing is just so chill and happy and sweet and ahhh yes
💙 Had fun writing these headcannons, enjoy!


Close your eyes. Do you remember when things felt like magic? Go back. Before Trump. Before this impenetrable knot under your left shoulder blade because you spend too many nights editing photos and writing until midnight. Before heartbreak and death. Back.

You are two. You toddle down the hallway, one pudgy sweet hand against the wooden wall, one hand on your belly. Breathe. Feel. You have no idea that anything is not possible. Somewhere, you hear “Dress You Up in My Love”, because that is all anyone listens to: Madonna’s second album, Like a Virgin, came out last year, in 1984, and there is nothing but her. Anything is possible and Madonna is life.

You continue down the hall to the living room. The girls are laughing—Ruby Joy. Jade Moon. The second generation of the Alive Tribe—the quasi-commune-cult your parents were in when you were born. So much expressing and releasing. So much rebirthing. So much blue eyeliner. So much Madonna.

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Strawberry Champagne Float🍓🍦

#champagne #icecream #strawberry #drinks #cocktails #party

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This batch was made with love by Chef Steven (with the help of Chef Jasper and maybe Peridot)

Crystal Gems version here

Home World Gems version here

Connie: Mint Chocolate Chip and Fudge with Strawberry

Greg: Cherry Cola Float with Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Cream

Sadie and Lars: Doughnut Creampuff Sundae

The Cool Kids Cone: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry

Ruby: Strawberry and Chocolate Flan Pudding

Sapphire: Blueberry and Vanilla Yogurt

✨In Which Justin Cheats✨Pt.1

Enjoy anon! I’ve been away for a little over two months. I’m a photographer for Teen Vogue and this year I was assigned to capture music festivals around America. This week I’m covering Coachella and I’m back in my home state of California so I’m planning to stop by my boyfriend’s house to let him know the good news.

“Are you excited?” My friend and coworker Elena asks as our cab pulls up to Justin’s house, before I can answer our other coworker, James, interrupts,

“Have you seen that man’s junk in a pair of Calvins? Shit if she’s not excited she’s broken” this gets a laugh out of me and I lean in for an awkward backseat group hug.

“Don’t wait up for me! I’ll be at the hotel tomorrow afternoon at the latest!” I call slinging my bag over my shoulder and entering the gate code into Justin’s keypad,

“Get some slutttttt!” James calls from the window of the cab as they drive away and I shake my head as the gate pulls open slowly. I can’t wait to show Justin my new tattoo (though he’d seen it about a hundred times over facetime) and my intricate tan lines which I’d worked pretty fucking hard on over the months. A shiny white beamer sits in the driveway and I roll my eyes. Justin must have purchased another car. I rummage around in my pocket for my key and once it’s found I push open the large oak doors of his home.

“Baby! I’m home!” I call but the downstairs is eerily quiet save for the crackling of the vintage record player I’d given him for his birthday. I walk over to the record, intent to flip it over and that’s when I notice whose album it is. On the cover sits Selena Gomez naked as the day she was born with the words ‘Revival’ plastered across the cover. I gulp and flip the record over and her catchy vocals begin to play smoothly through the living room.

“Justin? Did you restart the record? You like it huh?” A severely confident girl’s voice asks from the kitchen her footsteps get louder and my heartbeat speeds up and before long I’m looking at Selena Gomez in my robe.

“Oh god, you’re back” she says, biting her lip nervously clutching two glasses of champagne. One of them, I notice has a strawberry floating above the foam. Just the way Justin likes. She moves past my motionless form and sets the champagne on a table behind me before coming back to stand in front of me.

“This is so awkward and… Well I’m not sure what to say” she’s taller than me so the robe shows her toned and tanned thighs off well and suddenly my shock fades to anger.

“You could get the fuck out of this house” I say calmly and she has the decency to look ashamed and maybe a little scared.

“Yeah. Yes. I’m so sorry you’re right I-”

“Sel where the fuck have yo-” a single tear slips down my cheek as I take in his shirtless, boxer clad frame.

“Avery, you’re back. Fuck baby I-I- I can explain let me-” he reaches for me and I push him away with all the strength that I have which is enough for him to stumble into Selena.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” I scream and Selena rushes into the kitchen coming back with a set of keys before exiting the house. I look out of the window and feel sick when I realize that the white BMW was hers. Justin tries to tackle me into a hug but I struggle so hard that we both end up on the floor him trying to soothe me while I kick and scream nonsense.

“How could you do this to me!” I wail beating his chest until my arms hurt.

“Baby! Stop you’re gonna hurt yourself stop please-”

“HOW LONG?” I scream pushing away from him and reaching for my cellphone, texting Elena and James through bleary eyes to come and get me the hell out of here.

“h-h-how long what Ave?” I scoff at the stupid ass expression on his face and slap him across his cheek he holds the spot with a hurt expression before tears begin to fill his eyes as well.

“A week after you left I’m so- I’m so fucking sorry Avery I-” he whispers shame evident in his tone

“all this time?” I say my voice cracking with the heavy weight of betrayal. Justin nods and he tries to reach for me again but this time I race for the door and he shouts after me,

“Avery! Avery come back!” He cries and I run as fast and as far as I can down the street before spotting the taxi I’d arrived in. Elena throws open the door and I jump in, no questions asked as Justin Bieber jogs a little distance before pausing and dropping to his knees. In the middle of the Calabasas street.

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Pixiekin here- one of my favorite things when i'm craving something that feels magical is an ice cream float with sprite, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry, plus a sprig of mint. It turns into a lovely light pink foam, and it's not quite like anything else i've ever eaten. you could probably even add sugar crystals or edible glitter to make it look even more other-worldly. It's one of my comfort foods, and i hope it helps someone else as much as it helps me.


That sounds amazing! I bet you could do that with all sorts of berry ice creams.


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Pixiekin here- one of my favorite things when i'm craving something that feels magical is an ice cream float with sprite, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry, plus a sprig of mint. It turns into a lovely light pink foam, and it's not quite like anything else i've ever eaten. you could probably even add sugar crystals or edible glitter to make it look even more other-worldly. It's one of my comfort foods, and i hope it helps someone else as much as it helps me.

What would Hinata drink?

A Haikyuu!! oneshot I wrote after getting inspired by this super cute fanart by @anyeka

Also on AO3

What would Hinata drink? Should I get him milk as well? But wait! Does he have any allergies I don’t know about? If he were lactose intolerant it would explain why he’s so short. He’s not getting his calcium. If that’s the case then it would have to be juice. What flavour though?

These are the pressing matters currently plaguing Kageyama’s mind.

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